Title: Give Me A Chance
Pairing: Faberry
Rating: PG- T
Summary: Rachel needs to follow her heart. Will she listen to it? Quinn knows what her heart wants and is ready to go after her heart's desire. But she is also willing to step back if need be.

Part One

Quinn felt like she had been running forever. It was important that she made it. She had to make it. Quinn Fabray was going to stop Rachel Berry's wedding. Nothing could stop her. Yes, she told Rachel she supported her, and she does but she can't support a wedding she doesn't believe in.

"RACHEL!" she yelled as she flung the doors open.

Rachel turned to look at her. "Quinn?" she questioned. Her eyes meeting Quinn's.

"You can't marry him, Rach. You can't marry the man who only asked you to marry him because he felt like he had nothing good in his life. You can't marry the man who fed you meat and lied about it."

Rachel interrupted, "He never…"

"Yes, he did, Rach. I overheard him telling Kurt. That is why you were so sick that night. You can't marry the man who bought a Jewish Vegan a pig for Christmas. You can't marry the man who knows nothing about you. He doesn't even try."

Finn was getting angrier by the minute. "Stop right there!" He shouted.

"I'm not asking you to marry me," Quinn continued. "I'm just asking you to realize that you are bigger than Finn. You are bigger than Lima. You are Broadway. You will have many people fall in love with you."

"No, I won't," Rachel replied softly.

"My God, Rachel do you not see how beautiful you are? You have the quarterback asking you to marry him. You have the head cheerleader head over heels in love with you. You will meet people at NYADA who fall in love with you. You are Rachel Berry."

"Wait… the head cheerleader?" Rachel asked.

Quinn smiled. "Yes."


"Quinn, please wake up," Rachel begged. She had been sitting by Quinn's side ever since Sue got the call.

A phone rang. "Sorry Rachel, cheerleading coach can't turn off her cell. Ever." Sue answered her phone. "Sue Sylvester, here."

There was a pause. Finn was nudging Rachel insisting they get on with the ceremony but her eyes wouldn't leave Sue's face.

"Quinn Fabray?" Sue nearly choked on the words. "Are you certain? I'll be right there." She hung up the phone. "Quinn was in a car accident. I must go."

Rachel sank to her knees. "I… no… no… not Quinn." She stood up. "I'm going too."

"Rachel! What about the wedding!?" Finn called as Rachel ran out the door.

"Not Quinn," Rachel whimpered as she kept running. Everyone else followed her out the doors. She looked at Sue. "Why did they call you and not her mom?"

"She asked me if I would be her next of kin when her parents kicked her out. When Judy took her back she was afraid she would be kicked out again so she never changed it."

Rachel nodded. She had to get to Quinn.

"Can you hear me Quinn? Finn is pissed that I ran out on the wedding. What was I thinking? Marry him? Really? I wish you were here to tell me you told me so. I mean you are here… but… Quinn, please wake up. I need you."

Hiram and Leroy Berry watched their daughter from outside Quinn Fabray's hospital room. They had never seen Rachel Berry looking so broken before. For the past two weeks they spent every day praying that Quinn Fabray would wake up and smile because they were certain until Rachel saw Quinn smile again she wouldn't. She even refused to sing. As they watched their little girl pour her heart out to Quinn, they realized Rachel was never really in love with Finn.