Part Two

Quinn looked at Rachel. "I love you Rachel. I think I always have."

"Then why don't you tell me?" Rachel asked.

Quinn stared at Rachel. "What do you mean, Rach? I am telling you."

"Please wake up, Quinn."

"Rachel, I love you. A thousand times I love you."

"Please wake up. I need you," Rachel pleaded.

"I am awake. Rach, what…" Quinn looked around. No one was there but her and Rachel. "Where did everybody go?"

"Where did who go?" Rachel asked.

"Your wedding party. Your guests. Finn."

"It is just us here, silly," Rachel laughed grabbing Quinn's hand. "Who would I marry?"

"You were going to marry Finn."

"Why would I do a silly thing like that?" Rachel laughed.

"I don't understand."


Rachel sighed. "Quinn , I need you to wake up for me. Please. I've been thinking a lot. I mean what else am I going to do while I sit beside your hospital bed and pray that you will be alright."

Rachel looked at Quinn hoping Quinn's eyes would open. "Okay, I guess this means you want me to tell you what I've been thinking about then, does it?"

Santana and Brittany stood at the door. They were about to enter when they heard Rachel talking. They decided to let her talk. Both girls knew Quinn better than anyone. They were certain if anyone could wake Quinn up, Rachel was the one who could do it.

"I was so stupid, Quinn. Why couldn't I see? If I wasn't so blind this never would have happened." Rachel took Quinn's hand in hers and rubbed her thumb over the back of Quinn's hand. "The first day I saw you in high school, I thought 'My God, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.' I didn't think anything of it, Quinn because you are. You are so beautiful but you are much more than that. I was so focused on Glee because it was all I had. No friends. Just a magnificent voice. When Mr. Schuester got Finn to join Glee I was excited. I was infatuated with him. He was the quarterback. I thought we could have that fairytale romance, you know? Then he told me he was dating Quinn Fabray. Cheerleader Quinn Fabray. I always wished I was pretty like you. I can't believe it took me this long to figure it out. You tortured me Quinn, you called me names, ordered people to throw slushies at me. It was Hell but I never hated you for it. Everyone else it was easy to blame them for what they did, hate them for what they did but not you. I couldn't understand why I kept coming back to you. Wanting your friendship. Needing your friendship. Craving your friendship. I thought we always fought over Finn because he was so amazing but he wasn't. He isn't." Rachel sighed. "I feel terrible. It was never about him. I convinced myself it was. I was even willing to marry him because surely all that time spent fighting over him was because I was in love with him but it was never him. It was always you. When Sue said the car crashed, I felt my heart break. I felt completely destroyed. Only you could do that to me. I love you Quinn." Rachel wiped her tears.

Santana clicked a button on the device in her pocket.


"Can we just lay in this field forever?" Quinn asked laying on her back and staring at the clouds.

Rachel giggled. "No, Quinn. We need to live."

"As long as I am with you I am living."

Rachel smiled. "Then wake up."

Quinn frowned. "I am awake, Rach."

She looked around. The field was gone. They were standing in the hallway of McKinley High. Quinn dropped to her knee. "We are too young for marriage, but I pledge myself to you. I promise that one day I will propose. Do you pledge yourself to me?"

Rachel grabbed Quinn's hands in her own and pulled her up. "Always. Just wake up."


Santana walked into the room holding Brittany's hand. "Hey, Berry. How is she?"

Rachel looked up with her tearstained face. "The same." She kissed Quinn's forehead. "I'm going to grab a coffee so that Santana and Brittany can spend time with you. I'll be right back." She turned to the cheerleaders. "Would you like anything?"

They both shook their head. After Rachel left, Santana turned to Quinn. "Q, I hope you heard everything that the dwarf said. You need to wake up and claim the girl."

Brittany smiled softly. "Yea, Q. Rach is totally in love with you and everything she said made sense. I mean we didn't mean to eavesdrop but we couldn't help but hearing."

"Quinn! WAKE UP! Get your ass out of this bed, before I kick it!" Santana threatened. When she received no response she fought back the tears that threatened to fall. "Please, Q," she whispered. "If not for us, do it for Berry."