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"Honestly, you think you know someone and then they go and get pregnant!" Dean Delmona fumed about this over lunch at the university. Professor Layton almost tripped over his own two feet as he entered. He had been grading papers and decided that for once, he would eat in the staff lounge, but upon entering he decided that he would rather eat in his office instead. He turned to leave but was noticed by Dr. Schrader. "Ah, Hershel" he said in a forced tone. "Come in, come in, we were just focusing on the irresponsibility of Mr. Delmona's Granddaughter." This time he really did trip over his own two feet. Trying to maintain his dignity he got up and sputtered "g-granddaughter? You mean the very granddaughter who always gives him those challenging puzzles?"

"The very same" He nodded with a grim look on his face.

"If you don't mind my asking Mr. Delmona, I understand if you do but…"

"She did it with some… some ruffian she met at a party! She's not even out of high school yet, and I suppose it's safe to assume that there was alcohol at this party!"

"…I'm terribly sorry for this. I do hope she makes the right decision out of this"

"As she better if she hopes to avoid more scandal!" He burrowed his brow for a moment apparently deep in thought then sighed and said. "I suppose I've seen this coming."

"Why, whatever do you mean Mr. Delmona?"

"I haven't paid attention to the signs."

"…signs? What signs are you talking about?"

"Well… It started about three months ago, she began to act differently. I guess the three giveaways were:

She began wearing more makeup and shorter dresses.

She began going out at odd hours, and would get defensive when you began asking her about it.

Finally, her friends would come to our house or call and ask about her when she clearly stated that when she went out it was to study with a friend."

The bell rang and he got up, stared at Layton and Said "Hershel, you know the young lady you're caring for?"


"Yes, Promise me, that you'll pay attention to these signs and act if you notice them"

He was surprised but he tipped his hat and replied "I will."

As he left for the lecture he was giving, he thought "Flora would never do something like that."

But a more reasonable, more protective voice deep down inside him asked

"Would she?"