*Ricky's P.O.V.*

Today looks like a beautiful morning but my question is "Will today look like a beautiful day?" the clock said "6:30 a.m." I turn around to see Amy sleeping peaceful and quietly until John came in…


"John we're up." Amy said

"What's going on buddy?'' she asked

"Hungry!" he said

"I'll feed him, you take a shower…" I told her, she nodded and got up out of the bed. As I did the same

''Okay, John what do you want?" I asked

"TOAST" he said with excitement

"Okay toast it is." I said

*Amy's P.O.V.*

OMG today looks beautiful, the sun is out, flowers are blooming and I think I will were my navy dress with some black flats. I finally chose my outfit for today at school; I went to the shower.

*Ricky POV*

After I got dressed Amy was getting her and John things together for the day

''Okay we got everything '' she asked

"Yeah, we should but let's just go. Let's get John to the nursery." I told her

"Okay" she said holding John's hand

*Grant High School*

"God! Does it take her hours to come'' Madison asked annoyed

''Madison just wait remember they do have John to take care of and plus we have 20 minutes until classes start." Lauren said

"I can't wait much longer it's just eating me, I want to see this new girl.'' Madison said walking back and forth in the girl's bathroom

"Let's just leave and see if she's out in the hallway" Laruen said

Laruen and Madison left out looked everywhere and still didn't this so called new girl

"Laruen look, there she is" Madison said pointing at the new girl

"She's the new girl, she look like Danneel Ackles" Madison said, Lauren just glared at her

"You know all of the guys here are going to try and tap that, right?" Lauren told her

Lauren and Madison just continued to stare at her while she made her way to the counselor's office then Amy came with Ricky

"There's Amy…"

*Amy's P.O.V.*

Ricky and I just walked into the school and good thing that I was even close to my locker because of them that are now calling me

"AMY!" Lauren called me

"Oh No" I said

"What?'' Ricky asked

"Madison and Laruen equal more drama" I said, I told them to wait one minute

"I got to head to class" He said then kissed my cheek started walking away

"That's it…no real kiss?" I asked, he came closer to me pulling on my waist with one hand and the other hand on the locker, with both of my hands wrapped around his neck

"Why, did you want a real kiss?" He whisper seductively making me want to drown

Yes" I said simply when Ricky kissed me, this kiss was powerful, tasteful and sexy, our tongues was in love with each other just by the way lock, all in one

''Happy now?'' He asked

''Much" I said

''Good because I have to go to class'' he said, then walks away. Meanwhile Madison and Lauren came up to my locker

"Amy we have to tell you something'' Madison said

"Tell me then" I told her

''Okay, you know how everyone is talking about a junior coming to school.'' Lauren said

''Really? Why?" I asked shockingly. Grant High hasn't had many new students in years

''A girl but there is some bad news.'' Madison said

What? She has a baby? Or is she pregnant?'' I said

''No'' They both said

''Oh no… She and Ricky had sex before didn't they?'' I asked getting angry

"I don't know about that but—'' the new girl cut her off

"Hi, I'm new and my name is Charlotte and I think this is my locker." Charlotte said

"Oh um sorry for blocking your locker" Lauren said pulling Madison and Amy into the restroom

"Damn, why didn't you tell me she looks like Danneel Ackles" I asked shock

"We thought she looked like her too" Madison said

"Let's just leave; the lease I could do is be nice to her, because her locker is right next to mine." I told them walking out

"What the hell, Oh screw being nice" I said looking at Ricky and Charlotte flirting and smiling

See this is what I'm talking about all of the boys will want her" Lauren said

"Yeah, but not Ricky, he's mine" I said walking towards them

*Ricky POV*

Charlotte came up to me starting small talk and she seems sweet and chatty, but Amy came in… Shit!

"Hey enjoying the party without me" She said

"No just getting started" I said playing along putting my arm around her waist

"Charlotte this is my girlfriend Amy '' I told her

"Oh your with her, enjoy it while it last" she said, I could feel Amy anger when she squeezed my hand

"What hell are you talking about?!'' Amy yelled

"Umm, Charlotte we have to go to class." I lied to her

"Okay, Bye Ricky" Charlotte said seductively

"Bye Ricky... Bitch" Amy mocked seductive, rude tone. I had to see where the nearest classroom was and then it hit me…band room

"Ricky where are we going" She asked

"Band Room" I told her. When we got there I locked the door

"Amy what was that" I asked her

"What was what?" she said

"You and Charlotte'' I said

"I took it offensive, what I don't look like the girl you shouldn't be with, oh well that bitch need to get a clue. I saw her flirting with you'' she said getting heated

"Jealous much?" I asked her

''So what…Sue me'' she said

"You need to stop getting jealous when girls try to talk to me… you know you mean everything to me." I said

"I wasn't jealous" she told me

"Amy come on you know I love you and nothing is going to get in the way of that'' I said looking right into her eyes

"I know, I know I just got scared, I love you too Ricky…Boy I would love to kiss you but people are banging at the door, it's ruining the moment" She said and we just started to laugh and ran to the back door of the Band Room

''Let's go'' I told her grabbing on her waist

''Go where?" she asked

"Out, just out of school" I told

"Really, like ditch school"

"Yes Amy"

"Okay" I kissed her then took her hand then when out the door