*Adrian's P.O.V.*

I hopped up from the bed realizing I fell asleep on Amy; she could be doing anything right now.

"AMY!" I looked in the kitchen

"AMY!" I looked in the back room, then it hit me; the bathroom

"AMY! AMY!" I heard water running she's probably drowning herself. "AMY"! "AMY!" I tried to open the door and it was locked, I tried to kick it open but I stumped my toe, but I banged on it a hundred times

"Grace, wake up Grace…Grace!"

"What! What's happening?"

"Amy is locked in the bathroom"

"SO" Grace said like it wasn't a big deal… but it was

"So? She's probably…"

"Fine!" someone said behind me, I turned around and saw Amy with a towel over her body and hair was wet, so she was in shower. I feel completely stupid

"I'm fine, I just took a shower and I'm fine… Go back to sleep" she said in a creepy way, I wonder what was her deal

"Amy what's going on?" I asked her

"Nothing just trying not to cut myself like I did minutes ago, right?" she said, I think she did or took something while we were sleep because she changed into someone else, wearing all black (well she been wearing all black, but I mean why now) we're not going anywhere at midnight

"Are you okay? Seriously are you feeling well?"

"Yeah… I know it's been only a few days but I'm tired of this shit. So it's time for me to do something about it, so I can sleep for one night. I just want to sleep, then I'm my old self again" she is crazy. Amy went to the closet and grabbed something I never would image she would touch

"Amy…You…You do know you holding a gun."

"Yep and I'm going to shoot Bob with it later on"

"Where did you get that from?"

"Your daddy's underwear drawer"

"WHAT!'' she started to laugh and I was crying on the inside

"I'm kidding; I stole it from my dad's old drawers when we cleaned out the garage a few months ago. I kept two of them ever since"

"Amy I don't think this is a good idea"

"Oh none of this was going to be a good idea, just a better one and look here's the other gun. Are you in or what"

"Let me wake up Grace."

*Ricky's P.O.V.*

"It's Time" I said to myself, I grabbed my gun and my keys then headed out the motel door, to my car. My phone rings I've been waiting for this last text message all week

- Meet me at Northern Mall's parking lot, let's finish this…Son

"I'm ready"

*Charlotte's P.O.V.*

"I'm ready" I told Alaya

"For what?''

"To eat, I've been waiting to eat forever" I said trying my best to walk down the stairs quietly

"Didn't you just have a big corn beef sandwich, 10 minutes ago?" she said following me

"Yeah but I want a pickle" I said going to the kitchen, getting a plate and a big jumbo jar of vlasic's pickle jar

"Did you want one?" I asked her

"No, I'm going to stick with a salad" she said grabbing a plate from the cabinet and the salad with the toppings from the refrigerator

"Okay suite yourself" I told her taking another bite from my pickle

"So if don't mind me asking, what do you want to name your baby"

"I don't mind at all, well if it's a girl I'll name her Nevaeh you know heaven spelled backwards. Now if it's a boy I'll name his Liam" I told her

"That is so cute"

"Wait I hear someone coming" Alaya and I turned off the lights and stayed quite for a minute listening to someone's conversion

"I can't see, Ben" Some girl whispered

"Just grab my hand. So are you coming over next time" I heard Ben asked

"Depends on what you're doing." The girl said I felt sick to my stomach; utterly sick I turned the light back on and threw up everything I ate, in the kitchen sink. This is what I hate about my pregnancy; on top of that I got caught

"CHARLOTTE!" Ben yelled loudly and angrily turning on the lights

"Hey brother how goes it" I said cleaning my mouth

"How goes it? Really? Were you listening in Jaylnn and I conversion?"

"Oh so this is Jaylnn, wow Ben as told me nothing about you. He has a wife and baby"

"Okay Charlotte, you may go back upstairs…now be gone" Ben said

"Fine, come on Alaya. Oh and Ben you know I'm telling right? I just thought you should know; Nice meeting you Jaylnn" I said then going up the stairs to my room

"You're not even going to clean up your mess!?" Ben asked

"You clean it up, and take that Jaylnn with you!" I yelled from up the stairs

*Ricky's P.O.V.*

I pulled up in the Mall's parking lot, stop the car and stepped out in the dark night waiting to kill the man.

"SO! YOU READY TO END THIS SON!" Bob yelled from a far distance

"I'm ready, and never was I your son" I told him, he walked closer to me and then I pulled my gun to his face

"Whoa! You think you know how to handle that gun, Ricky"

"Maybe" I said

"Okay" Bob pulled out his gun to my face, I started to smile

"You think you know how to handle a gun like that" I asked him

"Maybe" he said we both started to walk in circles

"So you think you're a man now, because you have a son and a little easy girlfriend. And now you're trying to challenge me; that a pretty big step" he said

"Question. Does Amy still have those scars and bruises on her body? I swear she acted like you when you were a kid" he said I really wanted to shoot but something was holding me back inside

"Let's talk… well since you're not saying shit let me say a few things. No matter what you do or said, or feel you will always be like me, maybe not now; but later on you're going to feel that rage your probably feeling now and start doing some crazy things."

"Never" I said

"Really don't tell me that you never thought about putting your hands on Amy or maybe your son"

"Shut up!" I said angrily holding the gun tighter in my hand

"I know you felt that rage to have a drink or to smoke, but mostly you do have that rage to hit Amy"

"Shut up! You don't know anything; you don't know how I feel. YOU NEVER DID!"


"DON'T PUSH ME BITCH" I told him

*Amy's P.O.V.*

"Okay, thanks Dad" Adrian said hang up her cell phone, while Grace and I sat in the car waiting. I couldn't wait to find Bob so I could kill him

"Okay, girls. So my dad couldn't find Bob anything where from his phone records, but he did say that Ricky's phone did have one last text message from a (n) unknown caller."

"Well what did it say?"

"Um… 'Meet me at Northern Mall's parking lot, let's finish this…Son' "Adrian said

"Northern Mall? That will take minutes from here, what if someone is dead by then"

"Well that's why people speed" Adrian started the car, and then speed about 60 mph and she was hall-assin too

*Charlotte's P.O.V.*

"I hope he isn't cheating on Adrian, he better not be cheating on Adrian" I told Alaya I heard the front door close I power walked down the stairs and pushed him into the door


"Are you cheating on Adrian?" I asked him

"What no"

"Then who the fuck is Jaylnn"

"A close friend from Rehab, Charlotte"

"I doubt it, why was she in your room. What does coming over next time mean? Ben…What DOES IT MEAN WHAT DOES IT MEAN!"

"SHHHH!" he said covering my mouth with his hand, and he know how much I hate that so I licked his hand

"Eww! Charlotte! That's nasty" He said

"Well you know how much I hate that. So who is Jaylnn and why will there be a next time?"

"Look preggers, Jaylnn is a friend we been friends since Rehab so there is nothing going on. She needed a place to crash so she just came here to sleep and then we talked."

"What does 'next time' mean Ben?"

"To talk, she's coming over next time to talk and stuff"

"What is 'stuff'?

"What's up with all of these questions, go play with your little ONLY friend, and stop wondering about mine, Okay?"

"Fine fuck your mistress, but don't say I didn't tell you so when Adrian wants a divorce; because I'm telling you now"

"Whatever" Ben said then went to his room

*Amy's P.O.V.*

I'M WONDERING IF THE GUY I LOVE IS DEAD‼! I'm freaking out. Be cool Amy, Be cool; deep breathe deep breath.

"Amy Let's go." When I heard Adrian say those, I'm still thinking is this real or is I dream. Oh lord I sure wish I was

"Okay Grace wait here for Ruben" I told her getting out the car and putting my hair in a ponytail and setting my gun

"Cool good idea, I'll send out a signal"

"Fine" Adrian and I stayed close down in the bushes to each other not wanting to draw attention to are self

"OMG, Amy look" Adrian was pointing to two men pointing guns at each other

"Oh hell no!" I said too loud, and I drew attention to myself. I had no choice but to go down there were they were and be a part of the battle putting my gun towards Bob's face, w/ Adrian following me with her gun. Swear to god I felt like we were in a gang

"Well well, seems like this party just started" Bob said smiling

"You feel like someone Amy?"

"I don't know ask me in a few more minutes." I said

"Got crazy, huh?" Bob said pointing the gun to my face

"Cone on Amy give me the gun" Ricky said

"Nope" I said still looking at Bob

"You think you know how to handle a gun like that" Bob said

"Bob you sound a little too good about yourself, its 3 against 1"

"Oh Amy baby, working alone is what I do ask my son"

"Let me show you" he said one gun shot was fired from Bob's gun and shot Adrian in her right leg

"AH!" Adrian screamed I tried to walk closer but Bob caught me, causing me to drop my gun far away from the group. He had his gun to my head and his arm around my neck

"Amy! Don't fight it! Drop your gun son" Bob yelled

"Ricky I'll shoot your little one here in the head if you move" Ricky dropped his gun

"Ricky don't listen to him. Get your gun and shoot him DEAD!" I said still in Bob's grip. Ricky was frozen with the gun on the ground. Bob grabbed a pocket knife and stabbed me in the side than threw me on the hard ground, stepping on my torso causing more pain. I could tell Ricky couldn't take no more because he tackled Bob and they started fight I crawled to Adrian she was growing cold and I started to cry even harder. I heard sirens thank god the cops were here

*Ricky's P.O.V.*

I tackled him causing knocking him back a few steps and knocked the gun out of his hand. He grabbed me by the neck and slammed me on the ground he tried to reach for the gun but both of our hands were on the gun going all around in circles for the gun, and then there were sirens and 3 gunshot sounds. I felt myself going down and Bob going down with me. Oh shit I'm hit, in the arm and Bob was shot in his back I saw the gun right next to me I grabbed it and pointed it to Bob

"Richard…If you…you shoot me, you'll feel like shit the next day and for the rest of your life. You'll…feel… the guilt and…pain; because my blood is running in your vines…You'll see me when you…look at yourself"

"Never" I said calmly then shot him in his cold blooded heart

*5 minutes later (Adrian POV)*

I'm in the back of the S.O.S truck getting check out in the leg. I was told I had to be in the hospital for a whole 2 days and that I also needed rehab for my leg. And where the hell is Ben

"Adrian!" Grace called out

"Over here" I said she came over panicked and worried

"Thank god you're not dead, I have ruthless news"

"God that bad?" I asked


"Then what is it?" I asked

"You father and the other cops are arresting Ricky for murder"

"Oh my god!"

*Amy's P.O.V.*

"Oh my god! He didn't do anything!" I kept saying to the cops but no one was listening to me. Ricky was cuffed and stuck in the back of the squad car, I in the car to see him

"So this was the plan? Leave me for a week, kill Bob and then go to Jail for it?" I asked Ricky

"If I say yes would you'd leave it alone?" he asked I just stared at him

"Look don't worry about it, I'll find a way to get out of this"


"Amy you'll see I'll be home it no time"

I sighed and folded my arms

"Ruben is helping me, really they just want answers" he said

"Welcome to my happy ending." I said sarcastically

"Come on Amy, trust me on this"

"Of course I will"

"Were you serious or sarcastic?"

"No, I'm serious. I'm with you every step of the way; I love you" I moved closer to him then kissed him very passionately