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Summary: Barbie. That's what always came to mind when he thought of Jenna. Perfect grades, perfect hair, perfect body, perfect everything. Perfect. But then... there was Isabel. Messy hair, high tops, Kaiju-crazed. To Duncan, Isabel wasn't perfect; she was better. AU DuncanxIsabel one-shot.

(This is strictly based on the movie, not the comic.)


It was peacefully quiet inside the kaiju's new home, apart from the weather lady on the flat screen television. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of the weather lady talking about the 89 degree Fahrenheit weather and the sound of the television static as the channel changed. The girl changing the channel, Isabel, sighed as she stood up from her spot on the carpet before throwing herself onto the black leather sofa that Duncan had made himself comfortable on. With one leg up, Isabel made herself comfortable by resting against the arm of the sofa and reached over to pick the television remote again. As she had done before, she began changing the channel to see if anything was worth watching. Nothing interesting was showing, except for the corny black-and-white movies shown on the older channels, or the cartoons for toddlers. At least that was something she could get some mild entertainment from. At first she had decided on watching the older black-and-white films, but decided against it and settled with the news.

Not that the news was any better.

"Hey Isabel, I'm hungry. Want some grub? I think my mom has some leftovers in the fridge." The blonde male, Duncan, sitting on the carpet floor, asked. He rubbed his stomach with a cheeky smile to indicate his hunger. The brunette girl nodded, watching him as he stood up and hastily walked over to the kitchen. He scavenged the pantry for something that would be suitable for an afternoon snack—not too filling, but something that would help with his hunger. His mother was a huge fan of collecting canned foods, and for the few seconds he had spent searching for food, he had become annoyed with the fact that all he saw was cans. Canned meat, canned corn, canned vegetables, canned everything. If the apocalypse were to happen, at that very moment, Isabel and himself would be good to go. They'd probably last months, maybe a couple of years if they were careful on how much they consumed.

Just how many cans does my mom need?

Duncan continued to look through the various items in the pantry until he noticed two untouched grape soda cans sitting on of the shelves. He smiled as he grabbed the drinks for him and Isabel to drink while they ate their delicious meal of half-eaten turkey sandwiches.

Finally, two cans that'll actually be worth opening.

He closed the door to the pantry before walking across the kitchen to the fridge, where he'd find the meal that would temporarily calm his hunger, along with Isabel's. Duncan scanned the items in the fridge and moved a few containers around until his amber eyes landed upon the plastic container full of the leftover turkey sandwiches. He slowly reached inside the fridge to grab the container, and after grabbing it, he set it aside on the counter. He re-organized the containers he had moved and shut the door to the fridge with his foot. Smiling, he reached over to a cupboard and grabbed one of the few bowls from inside. He walked over to the sink and opened the cabinet from underneath. He quickly scanned the cabinet before grabbing a bag of charcoal. Carefully, he opened the bag and poured some of the black, wooden residue into the bowl. Satisfied with the amount of charcoal, Duncan placed the bag back in its original place. He picked up all the snacks and beverages and waltzed back into the living room where Isabel eagerly waited for him to arrive with her sandwich. She smiled as Duncan placed the snacks on the glass coffee table, popping a piece of charcoal into his mouth as he plopped on the empty space beside her on the sofa.

The two friends ate their snacks in peaceful silence, watching as the anchorman began talking about a recent bank robbery. Duncan slowly munched on a piece of charcoal until his eyes landed upon Isabel's delicate face. He had suddenly forgotten how to chew. He watched as she swallowed her food and reached over to grab her soda from the coffee table. Making sure to look away every once in a while, he admired her—he admired how she chewed her food slowly, and how her hair swayed when she reached over to grab her drink. She picked up her sandwich in such a gentle way, and she was careful to wipe her mouth after putting the sandwich down.

Duncan smiled. He was fortunate to have a Kaiju-crazed fan/friend like her. It wasn't every day that he met someone who took an interest in things like that.

Of course, she wasn't like any other girl.

By any other girl, he meant Jenna, the girl he had been crushing on for the longest of time.

Jenna was… she was your perfect girl.


Duncan really liked how the word perfect rolled out of his mouth as he thought of Jenna.

"Looks like someone's fantasizing about a certain someone, huh?" Isabel teased him a slight smirk. Duncan shook his head at the sound of her laughter.

"N-nope. I was thinking about making the perfect coal-flavored sandwich. Yum."

Isabel laughed a little harder, "Yeah, sure. Whatever you say, Duncan." With that said, she took another bite of her sandwich.

It could be said that everyone liked Jenna because of her perfect-ness. She had the perfect grades, perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect body… She was just perfect. Maybe it was because Duncan was crushing on her and put her on a pedestal, but it seemed like everything about her was perfect.

Too perfect.

If someone were to ask Duncan to name at least one of Jenna's flaws, he wouldn't have been able to. He thought she was absolutely perfect in every single way. There was nothing under the visible eye that he couldn't deem a flaw—she was perfection at its finest. Though he liked to view her as a goddess at times, there was an alternative to which he saw her as…


That's what always came to mind when he thought of Jenna. Perfect grades, perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect body. She was perfection… and so was Barbie. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, just like Barbie. Barbie could be anything she wanted to be, and so could Jenna. If Jenna wanted to be a nurse, it would happen. If she wanted to be a model, she could without a doubt find an agency. If she wanted to become a teacher, she'd be the best teacher to walk on the planet. Although Duncan never wanted to admit it out loud, he believed that she was the real-life walking Barbie. Jenna looked like a Barbie, acted like a Barbie, and even dressed like a Barbie. All the perfect-Barbie like qualities, what else was there to say?

She was just another Barbie that could be found on the shelves of the toy section.

It was then that Duncan was brought back to reality at the sound of Isabel laughing at the television.

"Haha, so that's where the banana peel joke comes from! I thought it was impossible, only for comedic effect…"

Duncan looked at the television to see she had changed the channel to the black-and-white movies; someone had just slipped on a banana peel. Classic. But when Duncan looked at his friend again, he didn't see the same Isabel he had just seen laughing at the stupid television joke. He began comparing the Barbie to the girl sitting next to him… What was Isabel? Jenna was perfect, of course, but nobody could be as perfect as her. So if Jenna was perfect, then just how much did Isabel compare to her? Was Isabel Barbie's friend, Teresa, the one who accompanied Barbie to the mall? Was she just the bystander, the one without a name? Duncan stopped himself before things became overly complicated—besides, Isabel wouldn't be caught dead hanging out with someone like Jenna.

But the question still lingered, what was Isabel?

The skater-girl? The punk? The rebel? The goody two-shoes? The outcast? An outcasted Barbie?

Once again, Duncan stopped himself mid-thought.

Isabel isn't a perfect Barbie, there's no way…

And taking another glance at the laughing Isabel, it all became clear to him.

To Duncan, Isabel wasn't perfect; she was better.

Isabel didn't have the fashionable hairstyle; she had the hairstyle that girls dreaded and would say "That was so totally 3 years ago," the hairstyle no girl would ever wear in public, and Duncan liked that. She wore ripped jean shorts, and striped polo shirts with high tops. Girls at his school like wearing frilly dresses, skirts, heels, make-up, and they carried large expensive purses around. Isabel didn't, and she'd faint at the sight of a dress. Isabel was just... well, Isabel. Isabel expressed who she was and she didn't care what others thought about her. As long as she was comfortable with herself, nothing else mattered and Duncan liked that about her. He didn't want a whiny, rich girl who was perfect in every way; he wanted a girl who was free and confident about herself, and didn't care about what others thought.

Even though she had her flaws, it was okay to have all those "imperfections," it was okay because they made her better than perfect.

Besides, did it really matter if she was perfect or not? She was the best friend he couldn't live without. In a large crowd, Isabel would be the one he'd never stop looking for… Jenna was just another pretty face.

Yeah. Just another pretty face.

Duncan liked the sound of that. He smiled to himself and began listing all of the reasons why he liked Isabel. All the while, Isabel laughed at him and his dream-like expression while he zoned off.

"Uh, Duncan?" Isabel asked, repeatedly poking Duncan's shoulder. He shook his head, once again, back in reality.

"Huh, yeah?"

"Um, there's nothing else to watch on T.V. besides this one Barbie marathon going on. Do you want to turn the television off and go outside? We could go to the park or somethin', I dunno. Or maybe we can rent a movie?"

Duncan smiled again, before shaking his head slowly. "Actually, let's watch the marathon. It might not be so bad."


To all the Firebreather fans out there, this is strictly based on what I've seen in the movie, not the comics. I've yet to read the comics, sorry!

This idea had been bugging me for quite some time, so I just had to post it. This story idea came to me while I was watching the Firebreather movie on Cartoon Network, and this stupid Barbie commercial appeared, "Barbie can be anything you wanna be." Kind of a weird story idea, I know. But if you think about it, Jenna does kinda seem like a Barbie. Am I the only one who thinks this?

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