"When Utau and Chey say something at the same time."

"When the twins say something at the same time."


"The prestigious school for the rich and beautiful stood grand and tall. Towering over all."

"Well hey! That rhymed!"

"Ouran High School. It threatens all of the lower classes. Intimidates them. Telling them they suck and won't go far in life... Only people with enough motivation, smarts, and not to mention money, can get in." A emo-looking, short*, fluffy black haired girl with dark almost black eyes that seemed to be swirled with a beautiful shade of green continued to narrate, ignoring her friends comment.

"...Then how did WE get in **Chey-nay-nay?" asked her bubbly blonde haired, emerald eyed companion, her head tilted in (slight) confusion.

Sweat dropping the fluffy one's head turned to her best friend, "I have no fucking clue how I got in, Utau. No fucking clue. But YOU completely understand." Chey-nay-nay, or ***Chey started to walk from their spot by the gate and towards the school. Which was more then likely the size of a small house or apartment complex.

"And why is it pink of ALL colors? PINK! Why not brown? Or white?" Utau asked while catching up, and making sure to put hatred into the damned disgusting color.

"Maybe..." Chey started to say, but was interrupted when Utau's blonde brain finally received what her friend said.

"WAIT!" Utau yelled, making Chey stop.

"What do you mean you understand how I got in?" The blonde one asked, glaring and pointing like at Chey like the closet monkey in Family Guy.

Sweat dropping once more Chey gave Utau a small smile, "Well you may act like an air head and a blonde,"

"Hey!...I am a blonde..." Utau pouted with her arms folded across her chest. Making her look rather cute.

"And you may be a dumb ass,"

At that the airheaded, dumb ass, blonde glared daggers at her friends.

Chey just smirked at that and continued walking with the 'airhead' right behind her.

"But your extreamly smart. Idiot. You have a eidetic memory. Your like, no, ARE a fucking genius! Smarter then Einstein! Hell, for all we know you could be Yoda's reincarnation!" She exclaimed waving her hands in the air as she started running around in crazy, makeshift circles.

All her praise made Utau slightly blush. "B-b-but your smart too! Your really smart too!"

Scoffing Chey grab her hand and pulled her to the school.

"Yeah? Well compared to you I look like a damned..."

But she didn't get to complete her sentence before the sound of high-pitched excited screams broke the air.

"What the..." Utau started.

"Hell," Chey continued.

"Is that?" They both said whilst looking at each other in utter confusion.

Shrugging they followed the screeches with interest. Soon they found themselves staring at a heard of yellow buffalos with six extremely handsome men and...a girl? Dressed in the males uniform? What the...well...Chey didn't have much room to talk. She was fine in men clothing too. They seemed to be just hanging out and talking to the guys...outside...under a huge white tent...like the ones you see at outdoor weddings. It had vines dripping of it, holding passion flowers of all kinds. They got closer, trying to see what all the commotion was about. In order to get a slightly better view the two climbed a tree to sit on a low hanging branch that had the perfect view of the show.

From what they could tell they girls were swooning due to the fact that two auburn haired, golden eyed twins were holding each other Their lips that close to touching.

That close.

Others were fawning over a cute little blondie with the most adorable brown eyes. He was spinning around while throwing a stuffed pink bunny high into the air. just as the bunny was about to land in some random cake (to the two it appeared out of nowhere) a tall black haired and dark eyed man caught the rabbit and gave it to -the now suddenly on the verge of tears- blond. He patted the small ones head in reassurance. Making the buffalo squeal, and the blonde happy again.

"What the..." Utau once again repeated.

"Fuck" Chey ended, changing the obscene word.

"Is going on?" the both ended...again...but slightly different then the last time.

Going on with the observing the saw the milk chocolate haired and eyed girl serving tea her group of ladies. Who, by the way, where all blushing madly with unnatural hearts in their eyes.

Next was another tall, but not as tall as the other..., black haired pepper eyed man. How seemed to be observing everything as well, for he had a black binder. For some reason he caught the girls eye. Or, when It came to Chey, his binder.

"Dude," They said, turning their heads to each other in excitement. Joker like grins plastered across their faces.

"I think he as a Death Note!" They giigles. Their grins, if possible, grew even bigger at the thought.

As they were trying to figure out how to see if it was really a Death Note four words caught their attention.

"Lets play a game!"

At that all their attention was on the auburn twins. Who were posing in front of their little cluster of yellow cows...*cough cough*...ladies...

"The 'Which one is Hikaru' game."

"Hmmm..." Mused Chey.'

"So thats their names huh." Utau stated more then asked as she laid down on the branch, kicking her legs in the are while her hands held up her head. If she had a tail it would be swishing back and forth.

Suddenly the two grinned Cheshire Cat grins.

"Hey U-U?" Chey mischievously purred.

"Yes?" She answered, her eyes still on the scene of the ladies wondering who was who.

"Want to play to?"

"Hehe," Utau giggle cutely as she sat up, crisscrossing her legs and placing her hands in her lap and looked at Chey, "Sure!"

Taking a deep breath and cupping their hands over their mouths Utau yelled first,

"Hey Kaoru! You have a spider on your head!"

Then Chey second, "Hikaru, you fucking bastard! You owe me money!"

Everyone under the tent stopped what they where doing to look towards the area where the believed the absence language came from. What they saw where two figures covered by a shadow sitting in a tree.

Kaoru started to swat at his head, panicking and yelling for someone to get it off. While his twin turned to the tree and yelled at the figures.

"I do not owe you money! I don't know who the hell you are!" He then turned to his brother, grabbed his hand, pulled him close, and titled his head up to look at him. "And there is no spider, Kaoru, so calm down. Kay?" He slightly whispered, but made sure he was loud enough for everyone to hear.

Going along with the act Kaoru looked away and blushed. "I'm sorry, Hikaru. Thank you."

Just as the girls where about tho forget the rude interruption laughter filled the air. Everyones eyes returned to the trees.

"Okay...so that ones Kaoru and that ones Hikaru. I think I can remember that. You?" Utau said as she looked at her hardly-breathing-due-to-the-laughter-and-the-pain-caused-by-the-laughter Friend.

A amused voice was heard over the seemingly nonstop laughter. Causing the girls and the twins to fume in anger. You could practically see the steam coming out of their ears. Maybe several bombs went of inside each of their heads? This just caused Chey to laugh harder. If that was humanly possible.

Hikaru and Kaoru turned to each other and eyed one of the cans of commoner sodia they were drinking. The smirked. Dumped out the remaining contents and set their plan into action.

"HEY!" Kaoru shouted.

"LOOK OUT!" Hikaru shouted too.

"Huh?" Both girls turned around just in time to see something shiny flying towards them. Before any of them could react the can whizzed past Utau, creating a breeze that made her long locks fly everywhere when suddenly...



The can impacted with Chey's forehead, sending her slowly falling backwards, anime style, out of the tree.

"Ahh! Chey!" Utau jumped out of the and kneeled down at the girls side.

"Hey Chey, CHEY! Speak to me! Hey are you okay?"

"...nah...Pretty bird eaten startz." Was the only response she could get out of her.

"Oh." Utau said in surprise, but then she smiled. "Good to see your swell then."

She then started to poke at the growth that was forming on her friends forehead with interest...and with a stick.

"Oi!" A voice said from behind them.

Utau turned around to see the two twins smirking evilly at them, yet, with some slight anger and amusement.

"Who the hell,"

"Are you two?"

Standing up Utau could see that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was behind them. Either very angry, amused, confused or neutral.

Utau was about to answer when she felt a hand cover her mouth and nose and another snake around her chest.

"None of your damn business."

'Hmm...apparently Chey got ahold of her self.' Utau thought, while trying to look at Chey from the corners of her eyes. 'And boy does she look mad." You could basically see the black aura around her. It just screamed murder. '...wait...why can't I...?!'

All the angered cows quickly turned fearful and hid behind the hosts.

"I think it does make it our business," Kaoru stated.

"If you owe us a apology." Hikaru ended.

It seemed not one noticed the poor blonde struggling against the hands covering the only places that allowed air to get into her lungs.

"An apology? For what? If I recall correctly it is YOU two idiotic dip shits that owe US an apology for kicking a fucking can at us!" Chey stated to yell at the ones who angered her. "For all I care you two can go fu..." She dropped her own sentence. Her eyes grew to the size of plates, and her pupils the size of a pea. Her face showed nothing but pure disgust.

"UGGGG!" She suddenly whipped her hand away from mouth of the almost purple Utau and shoved her a a confused Kaoru.

"Fuck! What the hell was that for! You licked my hand. What? You suddenly have a hand fetish? You butt-munch!" Chey yelled at Utau as she was held her hand, furiously trying to find something to whip the saliva off it. She spotted a sweating dropping, slightly confused and disgusted, yet amused Hikaru looking at his younger brother who was trying to stop the blonde girl from passing out. Spotting the evil look his new found tormenter was giving him he started to back away, pointing at the fluffy, black haired girl as she extended her hand, a sigh that she intended to use him as her own personal towel.

~Let the games from hell begin!~

*A/N~ Short as in hair in short. Fluffy as in hair is fluffy. You know how peoples hair look fluffy and feathery and...yeah...

**Chey-nay-nay is pronounced 'Shade' without the 'de' so its 'Sha' or if you watch the second lord and master Shane Dawnson you know how its pronounced...Yo! Name is Shanaynay!

***...Again... Chey is now pronounced Shai or Shy...