Yes, I'm still alive. I know I haven't updated anything in a very long time, but my old computer got stolen and it's very frustrating to lose half a dozen half finished chapters at once. That and I need to watch more David Tennant Doctor Who episodes before I can keep writing The Lost Doctor. All I can hear in my head is Matt Smith. Anyway, enough excuses. This is just something I thought up one day when I was bored. Probably not my best, but it's a start. Standard disclaimers apply.

Commander Shepard, former Alliance marine, former Spectre, took a step back to admire his handiwork. He was sweating profusely and grinning ear to ear when he heard the voice of his quarian fiancé.

"What…is that?" Tali asked, walking up the hill. From what she could see, Shepard was standing in front of a crash site, except there wasn't any sign that the wreck ever flew.

Shepard frowned slightly as he looked over his shoulder at her. "It's a house," he said as though it was obvious.

Tali's jaw dropped as she reexamined the structure. She was torn. On the one hand, after everything Shepard had done not just for the galaxy, but for her personally, including negotiating a peace between her people and the geth, returning the quarians to Rannoch in the process, he was now trying to fulfill her father's promise to build her a house on the homeworld. On the other hand, the house itself was the most horrid, shoddy structure she had ever seen. "I…uh…don't know what to say."

Shepard was about to reply when they heard a loud groan coming from the sad attempt at a house. They turned just in time to see it collapse. When the dust cleared, there was nothing left but a pile of rubble. Tali brought her hand to her visor, very grateful that Shepard was a far better soldier than construction worker. She looked over at him, expecting him to be upset over his utter failure in construction.

Shepard, however, was smiling. "Well," he said, shrugging as he turned to Tali, "it was worth a try." She sighed as she opened up her omni-tool. "What are you doing?"

"I'm contacting a construction company." She looked back at the ruin of a house. "And a demolition company. The house itself is a lost cause, but I kind of like the location." The couple looked over the rubble to the shore and Rannoch's amber sun dipping below the horizon.

Hope you enjoyed it. I think I might try writing more oneshots. At least with these I always know how they're going to end. What do you think?