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Honesty: Prologue

England slumped down on the chair of the Student Council office as he fanned himself. "Bloody hell of elections...why won't it just be done with?"

England was the current student council president of the Gakuen Hetalia, the rule-maker and initiator. It was his duty as he believed to maintain peace and order in the campus but later on realized he was a one-man army. Thus, he made a decision of assigning secondary heads to lead the world groups based on their locations, such as Europe, Africas, Americas, West Asia, East Asia, SouthEast Asia and Oceania regions.

"Strange why the Asians had to separate each other...but I guess it would be much better for them not to fight over each other too much and their cultures most likely clash...good thing Europe was easy to deal with...but where would Russia or Turkey fit in? I wonder..."

Taking a bunch of folders he found on the desk, he flipped through several of the registration forms and profiles of the candidates. It was still ongoing but luckily for him, the other groups had done it by themselves. One group involved a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer that was fixated to their region but as for Externals, Sports, News and Academics, they can be a mixture.

"Let's see...that bloody hell of a frog is running for the Externals head...America and Mexico against each other for American Region...India for West Asia, Egypt for Africa...oh? China wants to lead the Eastern Asians and Germany on Europe?...Switzerland wants to become the treasurer for Europe...Cameroon wants Sports head, lots of the Africans headed for Sports...Japan for News Head, he is having fun there...and who's this on the Academics head against Greece and Iceland? (somewhere, someone sneezed. Who?)"

Giving up on seeing the list of more candidates, he just stuffed the rest up on the corner of his desk and once again slumped on the chair. Looking over his memobook, he noticed he had an appointment in a few minutes. "Any time soon." he told himself as he took out his pocket watch before noticing a soft knock emitting from his door. "Come in."

Thailand's head emerged from the crack of the door once it was open "Ah, I hope I'm not disturbing you, England. Am I on time for our appointment?"

"Quite on time, my dear chap. Do come in." he told the Land of the Free as he gave a nod and opened the door.

"Mr. England. I would like to introduce you to my small staff, as you had per asked me to do." Thailand gleefully remarked as he ushered the rest of his team into the room. England looked up in recognition to the chosen members of Thailand's primary staff "My vice-president from here on is Vietnam, Treasurer as Singapore, I believe you know each other."

"Yes. I've been under him already, as I told you, Thailand." the young girl answered immediately and huffed as Vietnam just patted her gently on the back.

"Well, it has been quite a while, Singapore." England remarked as he fumbled through the papers he held in his hand. "It is a pleasure to be able to work with you. I hope you all will be able to handle everything for the South-east Asian affairs."

"We will gladly do so, Mr. President." the three answered and bowed in respect to their leader but then England gave a small comment.

"What about your secretary? You haven't-"

"SORRY I'M LATE!" the door was slammed open as a loud boisterous figure ran off to them, panting and groaning something about alarm clocks. England looked up to see a young girl with dark chocolate eyes and brown flowing hair, although it was pretty much a mess due to the running. "I'm really so sorry, Thailand! I thought I was already on my way here but then I woke up in bed and realized I was just dreaming it up and I was late and I-!"

"Piri, it's all right. I was just going to introduce you. I did save you to be called last as I had thought this would happen, with you and your usual ways "

"So mean! But...thanks!" she remarked in relief and took a handkerchief from her bag and wiped the sweat off her brow while trying to relax. Vietnam went over to her little sister and gave her a bottle of water while Singapore just shook her head in annoyance as she grumbled something about tardiness and manners.

"Well, I might as well introduce you then. Mr, England. This will be my secretary, Miss Philippines. I'm sorry she had been late for today's appointment. She has these days where she's late and all but she has an extraordinary sense of timing, as you see now " Thailand remarked as Philippines made her way over to them, a bit refreshed and her apparel much neater than when she first entered the room.

"Pleasure to meet you, Mr. President! I'll be the ASEAN's secretary starting from now on. I hope we can get along!" she remarked and bowed as well before returning a proud smile on her face.

England stared a bit at the young girl before also answering "Thank you Miss Philippines, I hope to see you all work hard for a better school year. You had been chosen by Thailand himself, so I might as well expect greatly from you to deal with anything regarding South-east Asian affairs. If you have any questions or anything of the matter, you may consult me or to your head, is that clear?" he asked as the three lined up beside Thailand.

As the three left, onto which he heard a lot of grumbles and lectures from his former charge to the Philippines as she explained her reasons again onto why she was late while Vietnam just tagged along with them while still remaining her cool, England then gave his comments to the Thai.

"Well, I see that they are pretty much well-skilled to be part of your staff, Thailand. Though I might ask a bit on-"

"You shouldn't base it up on first glances, Mr. England. Philippines works much better than she looks." Thailand cut him off, knowing how and what his mind was thinking of right now.

England gave a sigh as he slumped back onto his seat and stared at the Land of the Free "Tsk. I wasn't thinking of her in particular. But, I might as well ask then "

"My dear friend, I wasn't actually the one who chose them, all of us had our own vote to see whom we wanted to be part of the staff. The others agreed Vietnam would act also as a great leader, an older sister everyone looks up to. Singapore's good when it comes to business and math. She's best when it comes to handling financial affairs."


"She is pretty much the most amiable among us and can easily handle diplomatic relations, as well as some paperwork. She's fluent in both English, Spanish and Malay. Currently, I heard she was learning Korean and Chinese, as well as some other European languages. She is quite the fast learner." Thailand remarked.

"I...see..." England exclaimed in surprise.

"You might as well see them for yourself. But I see you're pretty much interested in the young Filipina." Thailand remarked as he made his way to the door. "She's quite cute too, I wonder if you've taken a liking to her?"

The Briton rose from his seat and glared at the leaving Thai "That's not it! I'll watch over them and see about it, Thailand. Thanks for the time..." he grumbled as the Thai bowed in respect and closed the door behind him but he could hear a faint snicker and laughter as he left. Once he was sure he was gone, he sat back down and stared at the documents about the student profiles of Thai's selected crew.

Flipping over the names, he took the file attached to one particular girl and mumbled "Philippines...maybe..."

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