Not Everyday






It wasn't everyday that you fell in love with Kurt Hummel.

Blaine Anderson wasn't exactly the brightest, or the most popular kid in William McKinley High, but he sure was the most dapper. Being a gay student was tough, but he still had plenty of friends and is in the football team. His friends were Finn Hudson, Noah Puckerman (if you said his real name, you weren't in his good books. He liked being called Puck), Mike Chang and Artie Abrams. He enjoyed going to school each day, and he liked being near the top of the social heap.

Putting everything aside in his life, Blaine didn't get slushied, only got a anti gay comment once a fortnight, and walked tall in the hallways. He'd had plenty of girls ask him out, but he always explained the situation, leaving the girl in question really embarrassed. He's had enough of girls. It's time to find a boyfriend.

Undoubtedly, falling in love with the only other gay kid in the school was the best way to go. It wasn't very good if the boy you fell in love with was your best friend's step brother. And was in glee club. Every time Blaine Anderson walked past the sign up sheet, he always wanted to stop and audition for glee club. Sure, Blaine Anderson couldn't dance, but he sure had a great voice.

And each day, he would get closer, and closer, and closer to Kurt Hummel, and then? Then what?

Blaine Anderson knew what he wanted. And he wouldn't stop until he got it.

He turned swiftly around, and walked down the hallways in passion. He would get Kurt Hummel! He would go into glee club! He would show the anti-gays that he was a leader and he was a stud.

Being gay didn't mean you had to be excluded. Blaine could see that clearly now.

He stopped by his locker to take off his football jacket. When he signed up for this, he wanted to feel as if he wasn't the faux facade that he put on each day. He quickly tied up his bowtie and ran to the sign up board not far away. Of course, there was a line of people trying out for Cheerios, and Blaine ran past. He looked at the sign up sheet. New Directions gleamed in gold up the top of the sheet.

Before signing it, Blaine checked that Azimio or Karofsky wasn't anywhere near. He then picked up the pen, hand shaking as he wrote his name on the sheet. Blaine Anderson. There! He had to stop himself from putting Blaine Hummel.

Oh, how he wanted that name!

He placed the pen back down, and turned around to face...

Kurt Hummel.

Blaine gulped when he saw the boy staring at him. "Who are you?" He asked, one eyebrow raising attentively. Blaine breathed heavily before talking.

"Blaine. Blaine Anderson."

Kurt gasped. "But, you're that football guy! You're popular! What are you doing trying out for glee club?"

Blaine shrugged. "I don't know," He lied, "Finn's been pesting me." Kurt's frown fell and he broke out in a smile.

"Well, okay then. I will be at your audition. What are you going to sing?"

Blaine racked his brains for a good song to sing. He found the perfect one instantly. "Teenage Dream, by Katy Perry."

Kurt grinned. "Well, I don't know who your teenage dream is, but he's a lucky guy," Kurt purred. Blaine gulped and Kurt just grinned. "I will see you at your audition, then." Kurt turned away and walked down the hallway. Blaine turned around and started walking back to his locker. Before...


"There you go, loser!" Azimio called with Karofsky laughing his head off. Shit.

His first slushie, his first crush. One bad, one good. Why was life always like this?