Queen Ella looked affectionately at her daughter, who was playing happily with her puppy. One year old, golden locks framed a smiling dimpled face. Ella picked up Odette, bouncing the tiny toddler on her knee. Odette reached out one of her chubby hands and patted her mother's face gently. "Mom...my." she struggled to say the word. A smile broke out across Ella's face, and she laughed, unbelievably happy. Suddenly, a frown crossed her face, and she bent over, coughing uncontrollably. After a moment she pulled back her hand, and was filled with fear at the sight of blood...

A newly filled grave,

Covered with roses;

A choice not made,

A fate not chosen.

'Til death do we part,'

A phrase well spoken;

The time spent together,

A love-filled token.

King William stared at his wife's grave, feeling more powerless and broken than he had ever felt in his life. After the long hard fight for his sick wife, he had lost. The battle and his wife. A hand clutched his tightly, and a now two year old princess's face was filled tears. "M-Mommy?" he picked her up and held her close, not knowing how much time he had left with her either. So he would make good use of the time he did have.