He sat down at his desktop and began disassembling his Desert Eagle and LAR Grizzly. The Desert Eagle had a stainless steel finish while the LAR Grizzly was pure black with a custom crimson trigger. Cautiously unloading the .50 AE magazines, he placed the empty cartridges and bullets in a box. As he grabbed the ammo in his right hand, he slid a bowl under his hand and dropped the bullets. Examining the bullets one by one, he picked out several bullets and dropped them into the cartridges. He was an S-Rank butei(armed detective), as he had successfully completed 99 cases without one failure. Veering away from his bench he fumbled around for a box of illegal .50 AE hollow-points AKA expanding bullets and intricately placed them on a ledge next to the table top lamp. Repeating the examination of bullets he dropped the hollow-points in a crimson cartridge indicating they were only to be used with the LAR Grizzly. He repeated this with a box of incendiary ammo placing the bullets in a silver cartridge to be used by his Desert Eagle. Standing up, he yawned; his skill with the two, magazine-fed handguns had caused him to be feared by the criminals of the underworld. Laughing at this very thought, he took his 16-year old body and jumped on the bed. Tomorrow was going to be a long day for Kinchi.