Title: Birthday Surprise
Rating: G
Summary: Yuui is in for a surprise.
Author's Note: Originally written as a birthday present for a friend a year ago. As much as I am partial to Kurogane in both the Tsubasa and Horitsuba fandom, I have to say Yuui is my favorite Horitsuba character.

Today was Kurogane's birthday, but he didn't actually announce it. Fai kept singing about it last night. Besides, Yuuko practically announced it to the whole school earlier that morning. Kurogane was not happy about it and pretty much fumed about it during the entire staff meeting.

When Yuui heard about it, he decided to make a cake for the occasion. He carefully made sure to use as little sugar as he could and to not use any dairy products. He was aware about Kurogane's lactose intolerance and objection to sweets, unlike his brother who would purposefully present the P.E. teacher with sugary treats far too often.

After adding the last of the icing, Yuui was satisfied. With cake in hand, the cooking teacher swiveled out of the kitchen. He was far in a good mood, whistling the "Happy Birthday" tune along the way to the P.E. office. Yuui really hoped that Kurogane would be nice enough to eat even just one slice.

As soon as he reached the office, Yuui opened the door. Bad mistake.

Just as he opened it, Fai was throwing his arms around Kurogane and smashing his lips against the others. Kurogane must not have noticed Yuui was there if he willingly pulled Fai closer to him. Yuui's jaw dropped, not even noticing that his hands had let go of the cake.