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The Shikigami user and the Gorgeous Goddess

Chapter #1: Being in Very serious Trouble

Up in Heaven, sitting comfortably in a chair finding any possible means available in order to pass the time away was Peorth; floating around her were various books of DOBON which she had borrowed without permission from Skuld. Ever since her brief stay on Earth, the inappropriately dressed Goddess had been thinking endlessly about her encounter with Keiichi and Belldandy; as well as Urd and Skuld all of whom lived together under one roof on the same property. The grudge which she had against Belldandy all because of a misunderstanding between an incident in the past involving the two of them was now gone and forgotten, but there was one little matter she couldn't get out of her mind; that matter was Keiichi. While it was true she had tried to seduce him as a means of encouraging him to ask her for a wish, she gradually developed feelings for him despite the fact that his heart was already lost to Belldandy which Peorth eventually found out after so many attempts to take advantage of him. Although she had put aside her own personal feelings to repay Belldandy for the grudge she had held as well as the fact that she also loved Keiichi, she still couldn't get around the inescapable truth that she secretly desired to have the same opportunity that Belldandy had come across; to fall in love with a young man who's heart belonged to her and her alone and for him to love her back with nothing to come between them or threaten to pull them apart. This of course was what she desired after reading through Skuld's collection of DOBON when she managed to figure out her own feelings, for she saw herself as the third member of the love triangle who was left alone; one who had to sacrifice her own personal feelings so that the boy she secretly harboured feelings for would be free to pursue happiness with the girl he already loved from the beginning.

That was how the goddess saw herself anyway after she had returned from Earth after she had personally declared over the phone that her contract had been fulfilled and she had granted her client's wish, at least she could feel good about performing a good deed to make up for the trouble she had caused as well as for holding a grudge against someone for no good reason. But that was all in the past, now she was free from all guilt and regret; her mind was now focussed on taking the opportunity once it was within her reach. The only problem of course is that she now had to wait for a phone call, and then she had to meet her new client so she could determine whether or not they were the type of person she was looking for; she secretly hoped that she could find someone who was just as honest and truthful as Keiichi. Until the phone rang, Peorth was forced to spend the day working on the Yggdrasil system to monitor it for any bugs or glitches; it helped to pass most of the time until there was no more work to do which forced the impatient goddess to find other means to entertain herself. Peorth would read through Skuld's issues of DOBON during her free time, one book after another and in between reading each volume; she'd create a beautiful red rose and pick off each of its pedals while playfully predicting whether or not she'd receive a phone call. But her patience was running thin as usual and she had only one more volume left to read after her little pedal picking prediction game had come to an end, it was a mental battle of wits to overcome her own personal stress; a battle she couldn't lose since she was a first class goddess with an unlimited license as well as a reputation to uphold.

"It will, it won't; a phone call most definitely will come!" Peorth said to herself, sighing because there was only one rose pedal left and that fate decreed she would not receive a telephone call. "I sincerely believe it, I'm sure I'm going to receive a phone call any day now no matter what; BUT IT'S TAKING TOO LONG! HOW CAN A FIRST CLASS GODDESS SUCH AS I WHO HAPPENS TO BE THE NUMBER ONE GODDESS OF THE EARTH HELP CENTER NOT HAVE ANY CLIENTS? Oh the pain of having to wait endlessly for a phone call is too much torture for a divine and delicate beauty to take! But I suppose I can wait a little longer given that it's been so long since my last call, and when I finally do receive a phone call; then everything will be great again! AH! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!"

Meanwhile down on Earth where the mortal humans live, Michiru was busy reading a book which he had hoped to give him some clues about how to use his Shikigami powers worked; but there wasn't really a lot of useful information to use. Three weeks had gone by since Michiru was summoned home from Japan's Feudal period and it was now the first week into Summer vacation, school was temporarily over and wouldn't be of any worries until four weeks later and so there was nothing Michiru had to worry about; Naraku was dead and gone as he remembered because of the battle he and his friends had defeated him in shortly before he had returned home which meant that all of his friends were doing fine. The Kururugi boy had been in touch with Kagome about a week or so ago and had found out she was unable to go visiting anywhere do to the homework she missed because of her absence from school, luckily Kagome didn't really have a whole lot to do which meant she would be able to visit in just a few days; not a big deal or a long wait for both of them. But unfortunately, Michiru secretly wished that he could she all of his friends from Feudal Japan; it was sad only Kagome and Inuyasha could visit him in his world and than Miroku, Sango and Shippo couldn't because they didn't have the power to travel through time using the Bone Eater's well. Suddenly the Shikigami user's train of thought was interrupted by a call from his mother coming from downstairs.

"Michiru, could you come downstairs please?" his mother called from the kitchen.

"Coming." Michiru said, marking the page of his book before rushing downstairs. "Yes mom?"

"Sit down Michiru, lunch is ready; your father and I have something to discuss with you." his mother said.

"What is it?" Michiru asked, taking a seat with his mother sitting to his right and his father on his left of the round kitchen table they were all about to eat lunch together at.

"Your mother is staying here to replant the garden and do some sowing for the first half of the summer, on the other hand; I must be going on a business trip and will be gone for a while." his father explained. "I know that it's summer vacation and how much you've been looking forward to having a break to relax, but I've got an important job for you to do while I'm gone; a job which I had intended to do myself until this business trip came up without warning."

"I'm sorry Dad, I'm afraid I don't quite understand." Michiru replied, being confused and puzzled. "What's this job? And why do I have to do it?"

"You remember your Uncle Koshian?" His mother asked, getting a nod from her son. "We wanted to invite him over to visit us so he could spent part of the summer here, but we've been trying to call him for a while and his cell phone doesn't answer; we've come to the conclusion that he's probably gone off on one of his long trips and we also haven't received any mail from him either which has made the two of us worry about him even though there's probably nothing wrong."

"What are you saying exactly?" Michiru asked, hoping to get straight to the point.

"We want you to go over to his house and spend a week or two there to make sure everything is in order and also to watch over it until either one of us returns to watch over it from then on, watching over a home is a great responsibility which you yourself will eventually have to be prepared for once you've grown up so this will be an invaluable learning experience; you can also do what ever you'd like as long as you make sure to look after everything while you're staying over there." Michiru's father answered, making the Kururugi boy's eyes widen with shock. "Well what do you look so surprised for? You're going to be staying there for only two weeks at the very most!"

"And if there's anything wrong or if you need my help, it'll only take an hour for me to drive over and see you." His mother added reassuringly with a comforting smile on her face. "It'll be alright Michiru, I'll help you pack your clothes and get you some groceries to take over so you won't starve while you're over there; you'll be just fine so please don't worry."

"Okay, I understand." Michiru reluctantly replied.

It was no surprise why Michiru wasn't very happy about this whole affair, there were only four weeks of summer vacation left and he was now going to be stuck staying for half that amount of time at his Uncle's residence; away from home and away from his friends. But in his family, everyone had to make sacrifices for the greater good and it was now his turn; regardless of his own personal feelings. And so after lunch was over, Michiru's parents began helping their son pack up an assortment of clothes along with all other necessities needed for everyday living so that he could live alone for two weeks at his Uncle's house; until his Uncle or his Dad returned to take over the task once one of them had finished their trip. Once most of the packing was done, Michiru's mother went out to buy some groceries for her son to take with him while Michiru's father finally began packing for his business trip which had suddenly been scheduled without warning, hence the surprise and why Michiru now had to take charge of watching his Uncle's house instead. While his parents were busy with these tasks, Michiru was in his room packing up his own personal belongings in order to keep himself entertained since he would be forbidden from leaving the house unless he went out for a short walk or something like that; his research materials for studying Shikigami magic as well as some modern day devices such as a walkman, cassette player and his cell phone along with some tapes and discs with music and songs recorded on them for him to listen too.

An hour and a half later, Michiru's mother returned home and helped her son pack up his luggage into the car so she could drive him over to his Uncle's place; his father had given him the spare house key that Uncle Koshian had placed in their care so that they would have access to get inside during his absence. The three of them drove together for an hour until they arrived at the address of their destination, Michiru had not been prepared for a sight such as this; the property was an immensely large piece of land with a house and temple built at the centre of it and all within the safe confines behind a tall stone wall. It was strangely similar to his own home where the Kururugi shrine and Cemetery were both located, though this was an hour's drive away and in a different town; there was something unexplainably heaven like about this place. The three of them unpacked their vehicle and helped bring Michiru's luggage and groceries up to the main entrance where they unlocked the door, they were about to walk inside together when Michiru's father glanced at his watch and then looked at his travel schedule papers; his scheduled departure time had almost arrived and he was not at the airport yet.

"Oh my word, look at the time; I'm going to be late for my flight if we don't hurry back." Michiru's father complained in frustration.

"Alright then, I'll drive you back now so we don't lose anymore time; Michiru's got everything he needs already so he'll be able to bring everything inside on his own without any trouble right?" Michiru's mother said, getting a nod from her son before they shared a hug together. "I know you'll be alright here by yourself, all you have to do is call and I'll be here in an hour or so if you need me for anything; I love you Michiru."

"I love you too Mom, drive safely and don't rush to the airport no matter how late Dad is okay?" Michiru replied with a hint of humour.

"You know I'm very proud of you and I appreciate you taking on this task for me while I'm away, I'll see you once I return and then you can be free to do what you wish for the rest of the summer; that's a promise." Michiru's dad said with a proud smile as he also gave his son a hug once the boy had gotten out of the first one. "Goodbye Michiru and take care."

"Bye dad, don't work too hard on your trip." Michiru replied as they shook hands while saying their goodbyes.

Michiru stood by on the porch waiting for his parents to get back in their car, and then he waved farewell as he watched them drive away; for it would be two weeks until he would see them again. Although his mother would still be at home, he wouldn't phone her unless there was any trouble and he also wanted to make his father proud by watching over this place on his own without any help; at least he could stay up as late as he wanted since he would be living here by himself for a while. Or at least that's what he thought before he would later find out that fate had something different in store for him, which he would start to suspect as soon as he entered inside the house and noticed one unique appearance after another. Michiru opened the door and brought inside all of his stuff so that everything would be sitting on the floor inside, but before exploring the house and the yard around it; he first had to put all the groceries his mother had bought for him inside of the kitchen were they could be properly stored. Upon entering the kitchen with the first two full bags, the Kururugi boy came to a halt as his eyes beheld the scene in front of him; the room was completely clean without any sent of odour or food inside of it which raised the question of whether or not his Uncle's house was left unwatched or unmanaged.

One look inside of the fridge confirmed that there must be someone living here because of the fact that it wasn't empty and that the food and drink inside was perfectly fresh and not spoiled or rotten like it would be if the house was left empty for weeks at a time. The Shikigami user began to get an uncomfortable feeling inside of himself, he now suspected that there was someone living here and that it most definitely was not his Uncle Koshian; it had to be someone else given how clean he had found the inside of the kitchen to be. Just to be safe and avoid giving away his presence, Michiru neatly placed all the grocery bags inside the fridge and hid his own luggage inside of an empty cardboard box which he placed in the corner of the living room so that anyone entering wouldn't be alerted. As Michiru cautiously searched the rest of the house room by room, one floor at a time; he came to the shocking discovery that there was more than one person living inside of this place. He was tempted to call his mother and father right now to inform them of what he had come across, but they were both on their way to the airport and he dared not interrupt them while they were driving together; so he reluctantly decided to wait until after his mother had returned home.

While he would wait until he was sure when she would eventually return home afterwards, Michiru would explore the rest of the house and then look around the yard for anything else unusual and out of place so he would have a full report to make over the phone once he had all the answers he needed. But as he looked into the bedrooms, he changed his mind and decided that searching the yard wasn't necessary; for he had found enough evidence to prove his suspicions were correct. Not only did he confirm that there was more than one stranger living here, but he also confirmed that there were some belongings and possessions here that he knew his own Uncle didn't have; this was indeed a very serious matter he had come across. But the big question was where these people were? It was summer break and school was closed, surely they would all be taking advantage of that and stay home to relax, even though this house wasn't really their home; at least from Michiru's viewpoint under the circumstances he was presented with. Suddenly, his hearing picked up the noise of a shutting door coming from downstairs; someone must be entering the house and he now had to find out whom.

Michiru had kept on his footwear just to be on the safe side if he needed to run so he hadn't left his running shoes by the front door, otherwise the intruder would have found out about his presence before he could see who they were. The Kururugi carefully walked around ever so slowly in order to keep quiet, hoping to catch up to this mysterious intruder who had entered the house; they must be alone because they would have been talking with someone if they weren't which told Michiru that he was now playing a game of hide and seek against only one opponent for the time being anyway. Once Michiru arrived back downstairs, he was puzzled that the person who had entered didn't to the kitchen or to the washroom; which only left him to wonder what they were doing here to begin with. After a few more moments of sneaking around, Michiru's luck had paid off and he finally caught a glimpse of the person he was stealthily sneaking up upon.

The intruder looked like a young woman possibly in her late twenties if Michiru dared to even guess her age and was dressed in a dark black cloak, and since she was snooping around the storage shack where all sorts of glass jars and containers were kept; this only helped to make Michiru believe that she was a thief about to commit burglary. She had long blond hair which made Michiru want to see her face just to see if she was pretty, but that would only give himself away and escalate the situation by alarming the burglar who he also suspected must be harmed with a weapon as well; but this female was no human being as Michiru would soon find out in just a few moments. He decided to catch her in the act by photographing her with his cell phone so he would at least have some evidence gathered in case he was caught spying on her, and if things got out of hand; he had his Shikigami powers to rely upon which he felt positive she wouldn't suspect or even know about.

"Ah, here we are; finally one of Urd's secret potion ingredients." Mara declared, grinning with delight as she stared at the glass jar which she was holding triumphantly in her hand. "Now I can concoct the necessary potion I desire which will give me the power to summon evil demons of darkness and tip the scales of balance between good and evil so that evil will prevail and rule over this earth forever! Uh? Who are you?"

Michiru had kept quiet and peeked just around the corner so that only his head and right arm were visible, but Mara had managed to catch seeing his reflection off of the glass jar she was looking at so intently; the Kururugi boy had taken her picture as soon as she turned her head and saw him which sent Michiru racing away to run for his life. He had heard her talking to herself and he was sure that this person wasn't an ordinary human as he first thought her to be, this was confirmed not only by her talking about evil demons; but also because of the curious red markings on certain points of her face which made him wonder if she was in fact a demon herself. This was probably going to turn into a fight, and Michiru would definitely have to use his magic; but he wanted to get outside first to avoid damaging the inside of his Uncle's house since he was responsible for watching over it for the duration of two weeks.

"Don't think you can get away from me human boy!" Mara shouted evilly with a grin as she chased after Michiru who was racing down the hall and into the living room where he leapt over the couch and grabbed the TV remote to throw at her as a weapon.

The remote control device struck her square in the face, stunning her for a few moments and made the demonic female opponent halt in her tracks as she rubbed her forehead; Michiru stopped at the front door and waited for her to catch up so he could successfully lure her outside so he waited patiently for a few seconds and gathered every ounce of mental control to face this enemy since he was now in the modern world without Inuyasha or any of his other Feudal era friends here to help him which meant he was on his own. Mara finished rubbing her head until most of the pain from the impact had gone away, but now she was made and the ire in her blood red eyes only made her angry face look even more scary; not to mention the vampire like fangs she bore inside her mouth which made the Shikigami user realize his fate was now worse than he had originally thought before hand.

"Do you honestly think a measly piece of human equipment like that can possibly inflict harm upon a superior demonic being such as me? Mara asked in a fit laughter until she accidentally stepped on the remote, turning on the television which just happened to be playing a channel featuring live hard rock music; the loud volume filled the room and mysteriously caused her to dance uncontrollably. "NO! HOW COULD A MERE HUMAN POSSIBLY OUTWIT A DEMON SUCH AS ME LIKE THIS! AHH! MAKE IT STOP! AHH!"

"You have got to me kidding me…" Michiru said softly to himself as he stepped closer to get a better view of the ridiculous situation he was now witnessing, his eyes widening with shock and disbelief at not being able to find out why Mara was now dancing against her will to the hard rock music which was playing loudly on the TV; it didn't make any kind of sense to him especially after all the demons he had fought against in the Feudal era. "And I thought I'd seen everything. Well, it looks as though you're enjoying yourself so you can stay here and dance all you want until the police arrive to arrest you; then you can explain to us why you broke into my Uncle's house."

The Shikigami user kept his eyes on Mara who was still dancing against her will to the hard rock music as he pulled out his cell phone from his pocket, he even took several more pictures to show her ridiculous state which he was sure Inuyasha and the others would get a kick out of seeing once he told them this story, but now the funny thoughts were gone and it was time to contact the police; he would also call his mother once everything else was straightened out first so she wouldn't have to worry about him once he told her of this news. But before Michiru could even dial the number, the front door suddenly shot open; hitting him in the left arm at the elbow and striking his funny bone which caused an uncomfortable jolt in his limb. Upon turning around, the teenager was surprised to see a little girl even younger than him walking inside; she had long black hair and also had similar markings on her face even though they were blue instead of red like those on Mara's face. The innocent looking little girl was clothed in a white long sleeved shirt along with a dark blue dress which went down to her knees and after looking at Michiru with her eyes widening, the little girl emitted a high pitched scream which alerted Michiru that the people whom he thought to be staying here had now just come home and had mistaken him for a burglar; this was not good and it would be a miracle if he could get out of this mess alive and without any trouble.

"BURGLAR!" Skuld yelled in alarm, procuring two strange shaped explosive devices out of nowhere and hurling them at Michiru who could only dodge and run. "BIG SIS! HELP!"

Upon hearing those words from the little girl, Michiru knew he was in deep trouble now; there was no way of sneaking out quietly out of this one. He would have to make a stand and fight or else make an attempted escape which was now probably impossible because of the fact that he was outnumbered and alone, he was racing down the hallway as the screaming child kept her offensive by continuously throwing bombs at him; he began to wonder how this person was raised given how young she was and the fact that she could handle explosives so well by herself. Upon reaching a turn in the hallway, Michiru headed down in order to get to the side of the house where he could arrive at the porch and outside; but he soon found himself caught off by another person who had blocked his escape. The Kururugi boy didn't fancy retracing his steps unless dodging bombs was less of a threat then what this new person had up their sleeves to use against him, besides; he wanted to pause and recover his energy as well as to try and figure out as much as he could about each person in case he really was forced to try and escape.

This person was an older woman who looked like she was in her late twenties or very early thirties, she had long grey hair which was nearly as similar as Inuyasha's even though it wasn't as shinny or bright; her tanned skin and well developed figure coupled with her long legs would definitely attract a crowd of young men including Miroku if he ever lived in this modern day and age. She was dressed in a long sleeved dark purple shirt which was made like a tank top, leaving her well developed waist exposed and hung to all the curves in her upper body, it even revealed her shoulders as well as a tiny bit of her immense cleavage which made Michiru wonder of that was the sole reason why she chose to wear that article of clothing in the first place. Below her waist, she wore what looked like a simple skirt which hugged her bottom and was tight enough to show off her curves and still allowed freedom of movement reaching just above her knees which showed off her long attractive legs as well. Michiru mentally scolded himself for thinking dirty thoughts that Miroku would constantly think about, but he was only a young teenage boy so it was normal regardless of how much he tried to deny it; he had a bad feeling that this woman in front of him was reading his mind judging from the look she was giving him as she examined him with her eyes.

"And where do you think you are going young man?" Urd asked with a playful tone of sarcasm in her voice, making Michiru's bottom lip tremble slightly as he slowly backed up. "Well aren't you going to answer or are you just going to stand there like a scared goose?"

"I don't want any trouble." Michiru stated, hoping that reason would prevail.

"Oh no, we're not letting you get away!" Skuld shouted, throwing four bombs at Michiru all at once. "Dodge these!"

"Shikigami! Please help!" Michiru shouted, calling on his Shikigami magic and throwing a fireball in the direction of the oncoming explosive projectiles and blowing them up before they could reach him as he rushed back in the direction he had come, catching Skuld by surprise before she could use any more bombs.

"That kid has magic powers!" Urd stated in disbelief as her eyes widened, she raced after him in effort to catch him and find out the cause of all this fiasco and was even more surprised to find Mara still dancing inside of the living room to the rock music playing on the television set. "Well well, I thought something funny was going on her and now I know why."

Michiru would have gone out of the front door and left right away if Skuld had not sprayed him right in the eyes with a gun she had recently invented to shoot soapy water, this forced the now temporarily blinded teenager to rush to the washroom and wash his eyes out so he could at least regain his eye sight which he needed if he was going to survive this ordeal; Michiru got inside and turned on the cold water. After soaking his hands and fingers, he proceeded to wipe out the suds of soap which had gotten stuck inside his eyes until he could eventually she again. As he was finishing, the huge mirror on the wall began to glow brightly and his eyes widened in awe as a beautiful lady with white angle wings literally flew out of the mirror before him, she had very long pale blond hair and a warm cheerful face which made her look so innocent and caring; her outfit was a simple orange skirt with hung just above her knees and she also wore a coat which almost matched the colour of her hair. But Michiru couldn't admire her for long as his mind was at war with itself given the predicament he was still in, he was so shocked and so unprepared for such a supernatural occurrence that Michiru fled from the washroom and began dialling his mother's phone number so that she would pick him up as soon as possible. However, Michiru's fingers had lost control and he unknowingly dialled a completely different number instead; a number connecting him with the Earth Help Center.

"Hello there, thank you for calling; you have just reached the Earth Help Center!" a voice answered over Michiru's cell, making Michiru stop in his tracks and look at the number he had just dialled. "It's your lucky day; you have just been selected and approved to receive assistance from a goddess! Please wait one moment and I shall be there shortly to help you in any way you need!"

"What?" Michiru asked in shock, as a bright light shot forth from the screen of his cellular phone and another beautiful lady emerged from it like magic; this was too much for the Shikigami user to take in just under an hour and he was already starting to lose consciousness. "How could…?"

"Well hello there, please allow me to introduce myself; I am the goddess Peorth and I am at your service!" Peorth declared with a giggle as she gracefully emerged from the light and floated down with ease, not even touching the floor or anything in the room; she was floating in mid air just like a fish would under water. "I am a first class goddess, second category; unlimited license! I am from the Earth Help Center and I have been summoned here to…are you alright?"

Michiru's sense of hearing had faded away almost as soon as Peorth had made her appearance, his eyes were not only widening; but they were also glued to the captivating beauty who had just descended on him. Peorth's outfit was way too revealing though Miroku wouldn't have any objections against it had he been in Michiru's place instead, it looked like something a female dancer would wear at a strip club or something; at least that's as far as Michiru dared to guess after taking one look at it as his face blushed a dark red. Peorth's outfit looked like a small black tank top with no sleeves which only covered her chest and showed off her attractive waist and stomach which were both exposed to the naked eye, only a black piece of clothing which looked like the lower part of a two piece bikini swim suit covered her lower area and showed off her well developed posterior which was partially exposed; the remainder of the outfit was an abnormally looking orange piece which was made up of straps and ribbons all making the shape of a bow as if it had been part of a maid outfit or something along those lines. Her dark brown hear was cut short around the sides of her head, but at the back; it was incredibly long and was tied in a ponytail which miraculously didn't cause any nuisance to her. But regardless of her choice of clothing or her beauty, Peorth was too much of a sight for the poor Shikigami user to handle; his senses had already began to shut down one after another as his remaining energy drained from him until he clasped on the floor from unconscious. Peorth and Belldandy simultaneously brought their hands to their mouths in worry for the boy; they were equally shocked to see each other again; as were Skuld and Urd once they arrived on the sight a few moments later.

"It seems that Mara had snuck in here while all of us were out and on our way back from watching a movie together, I managed to interrogate her after she begged me to turn off the TV; but I'm afraid I can't explain this poor boy's inclusion in all this." Urd stated looking curiously at the unconscious Kururugi boy who now lay fast asleep on the floor. "I don't know why, but he seems to possess magic powers; I've ever seen an ordinary mortal performing real magic until today."

"He seemed so frightened when I appeared out of the mirror in the washroom, but I guess it's only natural since he's just a boy; let's laid him on the couch to rest in the living room while I go prepare some tea." Belldandy said, helping Peorth to carry Michiru back to the living room. "Urd, he dropped his cellular phone on the floor; could you keep it safe until our guest wakes up?"

"GUEST?" Skuld reacted sharply. "I caught him inside our home without our permission, he destroyed my beautiful bombs and he's suddenly our guest?"

"They would have exploded anyway since you threw them at him; he simply reacted in self defence." Urd remarked with a chuckle. "Imagine that, a mere mortal defeating Mara and Skuld both in one afternoon just minutes apart from each other."

"WHY YOU…" Skuld replied with a glare.

"Please Skuld, that's enough; I'm sure this poor young man had a perfectly good reason for being inside this house in the first place." Belldandy declared, eager to bring the matter to a close. "He did prevent Mara from stealing one of Urd's potion ingredients and we should be grateful for that, we should at least hear what he has to say when he wakes up and then we can all decide what to do afterwards; Keiichi will be home soon after spending the day with the auto club so please tidy up the house before he arrives."

"Well I must say I've never heard of a client with magic powers before, oh this is too much for me to take; did you see how he was captivated by my everlasting grace and beauty?" Peorth said, completely in her own world as she made multiple poses to get ready to reintroduce herself once Michiru had awakened.

"More like shocked and traumatized because of your perverted party outfit you air headed gutter girl." Skuld said.

"Well I never, I don't complain about your cloths Skuld so you shouldn't complain about mine; though I could say a few comments about your intentions which are nothing more than child's toys." Peorth countered with a grin. "I've told you before you will never be able to grant wishes if you keep playing around like a little girl, and you still haven't learned or improved from the last time I mentioned that to you."

"Alright that's does it you big slut, I'm going to introduce you to my Texas Murder; and I'm going to give you a make over you'll never forget!" Skuld threatened with a vengeful glare in her eyes.

"Now now girls, calm down; you don't want to disturb our guest while he's sleeping." Urd warned, trying to set an example while Belldandy was in the kitchen. "We're going to have a lot of explaining to do when this poor boy wakes up, so we'd best keep quiet and relaxed so we don't frighten him or else he could be forced to use his magic and I for one don't want to cause any interior damage to this house; does everyone understand?"

Both Skuld and Peorth nodded in agreement, besides they were also curious to find out what the Shikigami user was doing in their home; especially after discovering he also possessed magic powers. Peorth was eager to get to know her new client and she didn't want to frighten him like he had already been before her appearance, he looked just as innocent and handsome as Keiichi had been and she felt positive that fate had finally given her the opportunity she had been looking for. Skuld was eager to see if the boy had any interest in her other inventions whether or not they were used for destructive purposes or not, this was also a chance to prove that she could at least help a person without having to grant wishes so that she could prove Peorth wrong. Urd and Belldandy were especially curious, they wanted to know what this young boy was doing here in the first place and why, surely there must be a matter of some importance since he possessed magic powers; but they would have to wait until he awoke before the cycle of asking questions and providing answers could begin.

Author's Note: I'll admit that the beginning isn't spectacular or anything along those lines, but it was all I could think off since my time was limited and Oh my Goddess isn't an anime I know as well as others. Since Michiru only exists in the Cursed Mask game and since Peorth hardly makes an appearance throughout the anime Oh my Goddess, I think its only fair that each of these characters be given the chance to pursue a relationship together; I know it seems odd but that's just what my mind told me when I came up with this cross over. Yes Peorth is a little too forward and Michiru is just as shy and nervous as Keiichi, but I think after her appearance in the anime; Peorth could learn to take things slowly in order to help Michiru open up and get used to having a girlfriend which he was clearly embarrassed about at the beginning video of the cursed mask game. All reviews are welcome as well as any advice, ideas or suggestions that anyone wishes to bring to my attention in order to make this story a better one; please enjoy the story and thanks for taking the time to read and review it.