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Chapter #14: Omens, Pranks and Memories

Urd woke up after a having a very good sleep despite the fact that she had gone to bed at a very late hour of the night, she was very surprised to see that it was early in the morning after glancing at the clock on the wall to see what the present time was, dawn had only just arrived so everybody else would likely still be asleep and wouldn't wake up for a few more hours. Nevertheless, the second class goddess decided to get out of bed since she was well rested and wide awake, she could wander throughout the house and outside in the yard for a breath of fresh air and enjoy the tranquil setting while it lasted until everybody else had awoken and risen from their beds. Urd was about to leave her bedroom when she paused to look at herself in the mirror, her mind suddenly recalled the evening's events which had occurred between herself and Michiru inside of her bedroom and she smiled happily as she remembered some of the teenager's remarks when he had confessed how he had found out about her half demon heritage along with how he felt and saw her after making that discovery.


"You're as strong and fearless as Inuyasha, you're as kind and gentle as Sango and you're as beautiful as each and every other deity I have ever met, all the fun we've had together proves you're a great person and anyone would be blessed to have you for a friend. That's what I see when I look at you Urd…a-and I hope that one day when you look in the mirror, you'll see all of that staring back at you too."

End of flashback…

Urd's tender smile grew wider as butterflies fluttered inside of her stomach along with the warmth she felt last night which had healed all of the hurt and pain she had been forced to live with her whole life, the memory of being held in the arms of the kind hearted Kururugi boy made the deity's heart fill up with love and affection, Urd suddenly found herself wondering what she could do to repay the Shikigami user for his many kindnesses even though she knew that the young Japanese boy wouldn't feel that she owed him anything. The second class goddess admired herself in the mirror for a few more moments, giggling at the thought of seeing Michiru's priceless red face once again in response to her flirtatious advances or to showing off her beautiful body to the blushing teenage boy, the memory of that exquisite kiss that they shared together last night suddenly entered Urd's mind and then she grinned deviously like a Cheshire cat.

I probably shouldn't do this, but who knows when the two of us will get to have such an opportunity to share another kiss together.

Urd just couldn't resist the temptation, so she darted out of her bedroom and down the hallway as quietly as possible to avoid making noise that might wake everybody else in the house, she found herself outside a moment later until she suddenly came to a halt.

Wait a minute; Inuyasha and Miroku are in the Temple with Michiru too! The last thing I need to do is get caught or wake any of them up, I'd better be extra careful before I wander inside, especially since Inuyasha has a superior sense of smell and hearing among his other advantages thanks to being a half demon. I know, I'll levitate in and out so I won't make any noise what so ever, that'll work.

The second class goddess then levitated into the air and roamed about as free as a bird without making a sound before she quietly entered the spacious interior of the Temple where she spotted the three male occupants laying still and asleep on the smooth wooden floor five or six feet apart from each other, Inuyasha was on the left and Miroku was on the right while Michiru was in the centre of the spacious temple, Urd approached the unconscious Kururugi boy and hovered above his sleeping form while she positioned her head above his own so that their faces were a couple of inches apart.

"Oh Urd..." Miroku mumbled quietly in his sleep, hugging a large pillow against his body as though he was having a good time with the goddess presently in the Temple, interrupting Urd and causing the deity to glare with disgust at the unconscious monk for talking aloud in his sleep and imagining her with him in one of his lecherous fantasies. The second class goddess nearly lost her temper completely and was only seconds away from using her powers to cast a lightning bolt down on the monk until she realized such an action would cause Miroku to scream out loud and wake the other occupants up so Urd reluctantly had to ignore Miroku's mumbling in order to remain calm.

Yuck! As if I would have anything to do with that lecherous piece of garbage! Dream on Miroku because you'll never get your perverted hands on my beautiful body or Sango's for that matter either, I'm amazed she hasn't dumped you or found someone else to be with yet.

Urd then turned her attention back to Michiru and stared lovingly at the sleeping boy's face before slowly lowering her head down until her lips pressed down on top of his, the gorgeous goddess savoured the sensation of the tender kiss and her eyes automatically closed shut for a brief moment while she moaned ever so softly until the need for air made Urd retract herself from Michiru's face. Pausing briefly to observe and listen for any response from Michiru or the other unconscious occupants, Urd was relieved to see that she had succeeded in her plan, the three guys appeared to be still asleep and Urd was satisfied that her intrusion would go undiscovered.

Thank you again Michiru, you've made me happy in more ways than you'll ever know, sweet dreams until we see each other again.

Urd levitated outside and halted in the middle of the yard between the house and the temple, she couldn't contain her giggles any longer as she felt more butterflies in her stomach than she had before now that she got to have another kiss with the Kururugi boy who had found his way into her heart even though he was unconscious and unaware of this incident of course. Urd took a brief moment to admire the bright pink and orange colours in the sky caused by the sun rising in the east, she hugged herself and imagined that Michiru was holding her in his arms while his hands were on her waist, Urd felt perfectly at ease right now and everything else around her was completely ignored or blanked out until her little fantasy came to an end.

Oh well, I'd better head back inside and have a bath while its still vacant, everyone in the house and the temple will be lined up to use it once they all wake up in a few hours.

"Morning Urd." Inuyasha said after sneaking up behind Urd and giving the unsuspecting deity the scare of her life as she shook momentarily in response, the half demon wore a grin instead of laughing at the goddess's expense which made Urd restrain herself from using her magic to get even for surprising her just now.

"It's not nice to sneak up on people Inuyasha, especially a goddess like myself." Urd pointed out after recovering from being surprised.

"Sorry Urd, I wanted to talk with you when I noticed your presence, but I had to wait until after you went outside so we wouldn't risk waking up Michiru and Miroku." Inuyasha replied, the mention of him noticing Urd's presence inside of the temple and of Michiru's name made the second class goddess worry whether or not the half demon had seen what she had been doing in the temple recently.

"What do you want to talk about?" Urd asked calmly, hoping that Inuyasha hadn't seen her kiss Michiru or pry into the matter either.

"I woke up after I caught your scent as you entered the temple and when I heard Miroku call your name in his sleep, I just had to look and find out what was going on…and you can imagine my surprise when I saw you hovering above Michiru." Inuyasha explained calmly while wearing a casual expression on his face to put Urd at ease since he knew how worried she'd be at being found out after she thought she had been quiet and careful enough not to get caught. "I'm not going to pry into what I saw, nor am I going to tell anybody else for that matter either, my only concern is for my best friend Michiru. Its obvious that you, Peorth and possibly Lind each have feelings for him and care for him a lot. He's a good person, better than most people from what I've seen and heard, especially from goddesses like the three of you."

"Is that all you have to say?" Urd asked curiously, wondering where the half dog demon was going with this conversation.

"No, I know what its like being in a bind where more than one person is romantically interested in you or where you and someone else are both attracted to the same person." Inuyasha answered, while referring to his own personal experiences involving himself, Kikyo and Kagome along with those which involved himself, Kagome and Koga. "Just promise me you'll try to resolve your dilemma peacefully when the time comes to deal with it so that none of you are hurt at the end, you're goddess so I expect you and the other goddesses to act as such and treat Michiru and each other fairly. Do that for me and I'll promise to keep what I saw and heard to myself. Are we clear on that Urd?"

"Crystal clear Inuyasha, you don't have to tell me that I need to treat Michiru fairly, I intend to treat him fairly since he's treated me fairly despite the dilemma we've found ourselves in…among many other things." Urd replied, feeling better now that this was out of the way.

"Hey, I'm just looking out for my best friend, its what best friends do so I said what I had to say." Inuyasha pointed out before changing the subject to clear the atmosphere in order to give himself and Urd something to laugh at. "Oh Urd, if Miroku makes any more unwanted remarks or unwanted advances towards you, just say the word and I'll give that perverted pain in the butt a good beating as punishment."

"I'm a goddess and I can take care of myself Inuyasha, but if I ever need to entertain myself at the monk's expense, I'll give you a shout." Urd stated proudly with a humorous grin on her face.

"Sounds good Urd." Inuyasha replied.

"I'm going inside the house to have a bath and prepare for the new day, you'd better bathe too once I'm finished so you can beat the crowd once everybody else wakes up in a few hours." Urd stated.

"I don't need one of those yet." Inuyasha pointed out before adding. "I'll stay and watch over Miroku so he doesn't peep on anybody."

"Sounds good, see you later Inuyasha." Urd replied before adding a suggestive remark. "Oh, you should tell Michiru when he wakes up that the washroom is vacant so he can have a bath to prepare for the day before everyone else lines up to use it, I don't mind if he happens to accidentally walk in on me while I'm still bathing."

"As funny as that would be to me and as much as you would enjoy that Urd, I'm going to pretend I didn't hear the end of that sentence." Inuyasha countered with a humorous grin, seeing Urd wear a disappointed look in response for ruining the deity's fun for the morning. "Like I said before, I'm just looking out for my best friend which is what best friends are supposed to do. You don't like it? To bad for you."

"You certainly weren't looking out for Michiru yesterday when you tricked Miroku to go spy on Mara while she was having a bath yesterday morning." Urd pointed out, recalling yesterday's incident and all the commotion and humour that followed. "Besides, its not like I don't have anything that Michiru hasn't already seen before, so there's no harm being done as long as he's the only person who walks in on me."

"I didn't have time to tell Michiru the truth since he had run off to stop Miroku from spying on Mara and besides, I wanted to see if Miroku would be stupid enough to spy on her in order to figure out what she was doing here so early yesterday morning. It all worked out in the end as we both know, you figured out that Mara had messed around with all of your potions which is why Michiru was transformed into a little ten year old kid for a short while and you were able to change him back to normal." Inuyasha replied before adding a sarcastic remark. "If Michiru's really seen all of you Urd, wouldn't he be the one talking and daydreaming about you in his sleep instead of Miroku?"

"Just because Michiru doesn't talk in his sleep doesn't mean that he isn't dreaming about me." Urd answered before suggesting. "If you're so manipulative Inuyasha, maybe you should ask Michiru if he did dream about me once he wakes up, then you can tell me later."

"If you're trying to make me help you improve your chances at claiming Michiru for yourself Urd, I'm afraid you can't, not while Peorth and Lind are both hovering behind you with those furious looks on their faces anyway." Inuyasha cleverly countered with a grin, causing Urd to go wide eyed and turn around to look behind her only to find that the half demon was pulling her leg. "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Made you look."

"Nice talking with you Inuyasha, thanks for keeping this and what happened in the temple to ourselves." Urd said gratefully.

"You bet Urd, I'll see you at or before breakfast this morning." Inuyasha replied.

"Later." Urd replied with a humorous smile, deciding it was best not to try getting even with Inuyasha since the half demon had been looking out for her and Michiru along with the fact that he promised not to tell anyone about her sneaking into the temple to kiss the unconscious Kururugi boy. Having Mara as a rival when it came to causing mischief was more than enough for the second class deity to deal with already, the last thing she or Mara needed was to include Inuyasha in their feud. In addition to pulling Urd's leg a moment ago, Inuyasha had already proven himself a prankster by manipulating both Michiru and Miroku to go track down Mara while the female demon was bathing yesterday morning, then there were the later incidents when Inuyasha and Skuld had tricked Miroku into eating some cursed cake followed by magnet fruit which transformed the unsuspecting monk into a girl and got Miroku struck with Otaki and Tamiya.

Inuyasha returned to the temple and laid down on the floor to relax in order to enjoy the peace and quiet while it still lasted, he briefly glanced at Michiru, then at Miroku who had stopped mumbling in his sleep much to the half demon's relief.

I can't wait to see the look on Miroku's face once he realizes that Urd's already lost her heart to Michiru, that'll give the monk a huge wake up call, maybe then he'll wise up and behave himself properly from then on or else no woman, human or goddess will want him.

Meanwhile inside of the house…

Lind awoke in the bedroom she was sharing with Peorth and could tell that it was early morning even though she was still indoors and without a watch to tell the time or a window to look outside and see the sunrise, after stretching her limbs for a moment, the voluptuous Valkyrie laid still on her futon to enjoy the peace and quiet for a little longer before getting up to begin the new day that lay ahead of her.

"Oh Michiru..." Peorth whispered softly while on the verge of regaining consciousness, interrupting Lind's thoughts and drawing her attention. "...I'm ready to reward you with my true customer service, stay right there and I'll give you a little kiss...mmmmmm..."

"MMMMMMMMM!" Lind replied after suddenly finding Peorth's lips pressed against her own as the first class goddess wrapped her arms around the surprised Valkyrie, fortunately the moment lasted only a couple of seconds until Peorth finally woke up from her obvious semi conscious state of day dreaming. "Honestly Peorth, if you can't keep your hands and lips to yourself while you're day dreaming in your sleep or while you're half asleep, you can go find some other place to crash for the night!"

"Aww don't be mad Lind, it was just a little kiss." Peorth said innocently after she released Lind from her embrace, since she and Lind were both best of friends and very close, it was easy for the two of them to forgive each other for any minor offences or accidents.

"I'm going outside to train and spar for a while." Lind said while standing up to leave. "You can daydream about Michiru while I'm away."

"Later Lind." Peorth replied before going back to sleep in order to return to her daydreams of a certain young Shikigami warrior.

Lind slid the bedroom door shut before leaving to go to the downstairs area of the house in order to wake Sango up since she and the demon slayer had agreed to train and spar with Michiru together and teach the Kururugi boy their combined fighting skills, upon her arrival, the Valkyrie found Sango had already awoken a short while ago and had just changed into her combat attire.

"Good morning Sango, I came down to wake you up so we could both start our training session with Michiru this morning, but it appears as though you woke up before I did." Lind pointed out while speaking softly enough to avoid waking up Kohaku, Kagome and Shippo.

"Morning Lind, thank you anyway for checking in on me, I was just making sure Kohaku was alright before I left." Sango replied before gathering her Hiraikotsu and turning to follow the other warrior woman up to the main floor of the house, making sure not to accidentally hit the walls or ceiling with her massive boomerang weapon. Both female fighters went outside and wandered across the yard to the temple where Michiru was still asleep, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the cool morning while the sun rose up slowly from the east.

"Where's your halberd Lind?" Sango asked curiously after noticing that the Valkyrie warrior wasn't carrying her favourite weapon.

"Right here." Lind answered as she magically summoned her combat weapon out of thin air with her divine power. "I also brought my arsenal of smaller weapons such as throwing knives and other such devices, I want to teach Michiru how to fight with or against other weapons besides the ones he's already familiar with, but that'll be for later after the three of us have warmed up and exercised first."

"Wow, it must be nice having magical abilities or superhuman strength, I've always envied Inuyasha and the others for possessing such advantages which is why I train and spar every day so I'm strong enough to fight and to carry my own weight like they do." Sango said.

"Don't be envious Sango, not only are you stronger and more skilled in combat than your average human being, you can also carry your own weight and look after your self without relying on the help of others unless the situation exceeds your limits." Lind pointed out. "Inuyasha loses his half demon strength along with all his advantages when ever there's a moonless night which makes him as normal as you are, I'd even say he's more vulnerable than you are in such a state since he doesn't possess any of your skills as a demon slayer. Most of the others can't carry their own weight from what I've learned either, especially Miroku or Kagome who have to rely on others to bail them out of trouble or help them out with their problems. I'm sure Michiru admires you for being self reliant and exceptionally skilled which is why he wanted to train with you in the first place so he wouldn't be such a burden to Inuyasha and the rest of your friends during the early days of his travels with you throughout Feudal Japan."

"Really?" Sango replied, feeling rather unprepared for receiving so many compliments, especially from a deity of all people which made her reflect on all of her experiences with Michiru and all the times Miroku or Kagome were in a bad fix. "I never thought about it like that."

"Don't dwell on such thoughts now Sango, this morning, we're going to be exercising and sparring with Michiru." Lind said as the two of them approached the temple, they headed up the short flight of stairs and wandered quietly inside where they saw Inuyasha wave good morning to them, Michiru and Miroku were still asleep on the floor. "Good morning Inuyasha, Sango and I have come to exercise and train with Michiru this morning."

"Morning Lind, morning Sango ." Inuyasha replied out before adding a sarcastic remark as he grinned. "I hope neither of you mind waking Michiru up yourselves."

"No, we don't mind at all." Lind replied, ignoring the big grin on Inuyasha's face while she knelt down to wake up the sleeping Shikigami user. "Michiru? Wake up Michiru, Sango and I are here and you agreed to get up early in the morning so we could all train together."

"Hmm?" Michiru mumbled quietly, making Sango smile humorously at how peaceful her Kururugi friend looked right now until he eventually opened his eyes and found Lind looking down at him. "Lind? Oh, its morning already. Sorry for making you and Sango wait on me like this."

"Its alright Michiru, I expected such a possibility given how late it was when you finally went to sleep last night, we saw each other after you had left Urd if you recall so it was best that you got as much rest as you did before Sango and I arrived this morning even though its still early." Lind replied forgivingly while her young mortal student was hauling himself out of his sleeping bag, she noticed he had changed into exercise clothes the night before so he'd be ready to go as soon as he had woken up. "At least you're already clothed for this morning's exercises so now we can get going."

"Did you remember to put some sunscreen on your back this morning Lind?" Michiru asked curiously after his eyes fell on Lind's upper back which was exposed in her combat uniform, his reminder made Lind flinch as she suddenly realized she had forgotten to do that.

"N-No, I completely forgot." Lind reluctantly answered, mentally scolding herself for not remembering, for she would have asked Peorth to put some sunscreen on her back on her behalf before she and Sango came out here to meet with Michiru had she remembered, but at least she did remember to pack a bottle of sunscreen with her inside of the bag she carried which contained her arsenal of weapons. "There's some sunscreen inside of my bag. Would you mind putting some on my back for me again just like you did last time Michiru?"

"No, not at all Lind." Michiru replied as politely as possible so he didn't sound as though he was taking advantage of the situation, not that he needed to worry since the Valkyrie knew his intentions were good along with how much she personally admired and respected him.

Lind dug out the bottle of sunscreen from her bag and handed it to Michiru before she turned around to show him her back so he could apply the sunscreen, unlike the previous occasion when the Kururugi boy had to apply sunscreen to her yesterday, Lind was more used to the situation since she was now familiar with Michiru's gentle touch along with the fact that it was early in the morning so only Sango and Inuyasha were present to see Michiru applying sunscreen on her back instead of midday during the first occasion yesterday.

"Sorry Lind, but since its early in the morning, this is going to feel a little cold." Michiru warned after squirting some sunscreen into his right hand from the small bottle, waiting to hear the Valkyrie's consent before he touched her back or did anything further.

"Its alright Michiru, I'm ready so you can go ahead." Lind replied, eager to get this over with so that she, Sango and Michiru could carry on with their morning exercises and training together, she stiffened momentarily when she felt the cold sticky substance contact her skin while Michiru gently used his right hand to apply the sunscreen to her upper back and pulled the fabric of her uniform away with his left until the brief task was finished.

I'm glad its early in the morning or else Peorth would be up and about, I could just imagine her accusing me of deliberately neglecting to put on any sunscreen so that Michiru would be forced to do it for me just as he did yesterday, she can be such a tease sometimes.

"What are you staring at Inuyasha?" Michiru asked curiously after glancing briefly and noticing his half demon friend staring at him and Lind with a humorous grin on his face.

"Nothing, nothing at all." Inuyasha replied before turning away, biting down on his tongue to avoid laughing, Michiru and Lind were both lightly blushing and he couldn't help but laugh at the fact that his Kururugi friend had several gorgeous goddesses romantically interested in him even though Lind herself hadn't verbally expressed any such intentions or made any advances on Michiru like Peorth and Urd both had. However, that remained to be seen and since Michiru had already found a place in the hearts of the other two deities in only a few days, Inuyasha deduced it wouldn't take long for the Shikigami user to do the same with the Valkyrie warrior standing in front of him.

"Oh Urd." Miroku mumbled out loud for the second time in his sleep, interrupting the peaceful silence and drawing the attention of everyone else presently in the temple towards himself, the four friends wore looks of disgust on their faces before turning away and refocusing their attention elsewhere.

Sango's expression of disgust faded until it was replaced by a look of hurt and sadness which didn't go unnoticed to Inuyasha or Lind, Michiru was still busy applying sunscreen on Lind's back so he didn't need to look at Sango, nor would he have done either for fear of making her more uncomfortable and upset than she was already since it was considered rude to stare in his opinion anyway.

"All done Lind." Michiru said, allowing Lind to turn around and face him now that the task was finished. "Here's your bottle of sunscreen."

"Thank you Michiru." Lind replied gratefully, taking the bottle and stuffing it inside her bag, one look at Sango's face told the Valkyrie that the three of them should get exercising in order to take the demonslayer's mind off of Miroku which is what Sango needed right now more than ever. "Sango? Let's go outside, we'll start off with a nice jog so we can get our blood pumping and circulating, then we'll stretch and exercise before we spar and learn how to use these other weapons which I brought with me for you and Michiru to train with."

"Alright, sounds like a plan Lind." Sango said in agreement, eager to get started with this morning's session as well. "Ready Michiru?"

"I'm always ready to spar or exercise with you Sango." Michiru answered, earning a smile from Sango while he rested his left hand on the handle of his Flower Bloomer sword which was sheathed and strapped to the left side of his waist. "Lind? You lead the way, Sango and I will follow after you."

"You three have fun, pretend that you're hunting after Naraku or something, I'll stay here and watch over Miroku." Inuyasha said.

"Sounds good Inuyasha, catch you later then." Michiru replied before he followed after Lind and Sango to go out for a morning jog.

Inuyasha then turned to glare angrily at the unconscious monk, forming his hands into fists and cracking his knuckles while he inwardly fumed with fury, the lecherous monk still managed to offend and hurt Sango even though he was merely talking while daydreaming in his sleep. As much as the half demon would like to kick and pummel Miroku right then and there, he knew that he'd only be asking for trouble from Kagome since he would need a legitimate reason for doing so and the last thing he wanted was to be subjected to Kagome's sit commands even though she'd undoubtedly want to pummel Miroku right now for hurting Sango as well. Unable to sit still any longer, Inuyasha decided to leave the temple to go watch Michiru interacting with Sango and Lind in order to resist giving in to the temptation of pummelling Miroku, he leapt high in the air and landed at the top of a tree which gave him a bird's eye view all around so he could watch his friends from just about everywhere.

"What's that sweet smell in the air and where is that buzzing noise coming from?" Inuyasha asked as his superior senses kicked in, his eyes eventually spotted the source of the noise and the smell and a humorous grin crossed his face as an idea entered his mind. "Ah."

Meanwhile up in heaven…

Alastor sat outside on the veranda of his heavenly bungalow which was most common for bachelor deities to own, even one who held political connections and access to the Divine Council, or once held which was how the deity still felt since the immediate aftermath of yesterday's meeting. As disappointing as the meeting had been from Alastor's viewpoint, it didn't terminate his position or status as a both a politician and a warrior, there were plenty of deities who held such duel positions in order to provide suggestions or ideas so that the Almighty One and the Divine Council could examine every problem from someone else's view or vantage point in order to devise the best workable solution. The only drawback to this system however was it was easy for deities to make enemies and rivalries with each other, especially when one had points or prestige to win or lose, politics has always been and would always be a pigsty where people dug up dirt on one another in order to derail each other's attempts to "climb the ladder" regardless of an individual's best efforts or intentions.

"Those simple minded fools, they think a mere peace treaty is powerful enough to keep demon kind in their rightful place beneath us, real power is only what demons truly understand and respect given how they use overwhelming power and fear to manipulate and intimidate others." Alastor pondered out loud to himself while reading a sacred scroll which was unravelled on the table in front of him. "No matter, at least I've learned that the lot of them have no stomach for getting their hands dirty and more importantly, that Lind is watching over the young Kururugi boy in order to train him. I wonder why she was reluctant to tell me that when we talked yesterday…"

Ring! Ring!

"Ah, that must be the mail deliverer." Alastor deduced before rising to his feet and walking back inside to go answer the front door, upon opening it, he was met with a very young male deity about the same age and height as Skuld who was holding a parcel for him to take.

"Good morning sir, I was instructed to deliver this parcel to you which you requested and its marked urgent so it arrived early, its labelled fragile so be careful when opening it." The young male deity explained while holding up a sacred scroll on top of the parcel for Alastor to see, it was customary for young deities to have jobs like this in order to gain work experience and to build up their resume for more demanding and difficult careers that they would later take on in the future as they grew up and matured into adulthood. "Sign here please, thank you for your business and good day to you sir."

"Thank you and good day to you too." Alastor replied politely before accepting the parcel and shutting the door so he could return to the veranda where he could unwrap the parcel and watch the peaceful scenery of the heavenly environment which surrounded his home. A minute later, the male deity was seated comfortably in his chair and his attention was focussed on the parcel he was carefully unwrapping, a small metal case made of unknown alloys was revealed and carefully stored inside were an arrangement of rare and special potions or elixirs each contained inside a small glass vile. "At last, I finally have what I need, now its just a matter of waiting for events to unfold. As long as I have to wait, perhaps I should briefly go down to earth to visit Lind and while I'm there, I'll also have to take the opportunity of seeing what Michiru is made of in order to determine whether or not he's truly the Shikigami warrior all the goddesses and Valkyries claim him to be. Although his skills at wielding his Shikigami powers are important, seeing where his moral beliefs and loyalties lie will equally be important, then and only then can I decide what my next move is if I'm to accomplish my goals successfully."

Alastor closed the metal case and unfolded a divine scroll to access Michiru's profile from Yggdrasil once again to familiarize himself on Michiru's history, etc. Much to the male deity's disappointment, there were no details about Michiru's Shikigami powers, these were classified top secret and securely guarded with utmost secrecy and confidentiality by orders of the Almighty One himself which was no surprise. Of even greater surprise was the fact that the profiles of Michiru's ancestors which Alastor had searched earlier; namely Utsugi and Kakuju were also obscure with only the most basic details about their lives and family history along with that of Kururugi village as a whole as well. Anyone else from Feudal Japan who was possibly involved with any of the three Shikigami users that Alastor tried looking up had only minimum information which was of no use to the male deity or which was already known publicly throughout the last five hundred years.

"That's most peculiar, after roughly five hundred years, Michiru Kururugi's identity and personal profile history are finally made available and yet there's no specific information about his Shikigami powers. Why would the Almighty One suddenly allow Michiru's identity to be made accessible to divine public after all this time? I can understand the necessity of keeping the boy's magical abilities a secret, that's obvious enough, I can even understand making the Kururugi boy's identity available now that he's alive and living on earth and to help Yggdrasil cope and operate normally again without running the risk of another system crash." Alastor pondered out loud, trying to find out the answers to the questions on his mind. "There has to be another reason why the Almighty One ordered these actions taken, even the files on Utsugi and Kakuju have next to nothing of importance, its as though all the information has been tampered with so that any important data was removed long ago prior to their profiles being uploaded on to Yggdrasil. Its common sense that Shikigami magic can be used to travel through time, that's how Utsugi summoned Michiru from the Modern era to the Feudal era with the help of Naraku, even a human being can figure out that much if they were presented with enough evidence. So what's really being hidden and why? If Naraku were still alive, I'd wager he'd have some of the answers to…Naraku. That's it! That's who the Almighty is really worried about."

Elsewhere in heaven…

Inside one of the many luxurious looking employment offices which resembled the beautiful stone marble buildings and temples of ancient Greece or Rome with some added futuristic technology in the eyes of humans who ever saw such a place, several young goddesses sat comfortably together at a round table, all three of them were busy doing daily computer work on Heaven's Yggdrasil system. Since the Yggrasil system monitors the history and misfortune of each and every human being on earth along with all events and activities on earth as well amongst many other important tasks, Yggdrasil's size, reach and complexity exceed far beyond the capabilities of any single deity to evaluate or grasp which is why many such teams of deities are required as employees to work on and monitor such a highly sophisticated and sensitive surveillance system. The three deities in question were younger than Belldandy and the other deities Michiru had met and befriended with the exception of Skuld who was younger than the three of them along with the other deities as well.

If anyone was standing on the opposite side of the round table so that they could see the faces the young teenage goddesses, he or she would observe Chrono sitting on the left followed by Ere sitting to Chrono's left in the middle and Ex seated to Ere's left on the right side.

All three goddesses were elegantly dressed in business uniforms composed of dark purple gowns that came down to their knees together with white blouses worn underneath a matching sleeveless coat with short capes that came down around their upper bodies to protect them from the elements should they find themselves outdoors in foul weather, although the weather in heaven was always perfect, it didn't hurt to be prepared for the worst just in case any of these young female deities found themselves travelling abroad for what ever reason. The coats were dark purple with a little light purple and well and not all coats were exactly the same, each goddess was allowed to choose a particular brand or style of coat to suite her need or liking. Chrono had blue eyes with light brown hair, most of which was cut short, leaving the remaining long strands of hair on the sides of her head bound up in two buns with the ends of those long hair strands hanging like ponytails, her innocent voice made her sound a little younger than she actually was which made her look like a real cutie to any young boy who happened to see and hear her.

Ere had blue eyes with long black hair coming down passed her shoulders, most of which was tied in a long ponytail at the back of her head while two locks of her hair ran down each side of her face. Ex had ash blond hair which was cut a lot like Peorth's hair was, short all around except for the very back where the remainder of her hair which was long was secured in a single lock running down her back until it reached her waist. All three goddesses also had the familiar blue facial markings close to their eyes and on their foreheads as well, although they had only been employed for a short duration, they all had a long and prosperous future ahead of themselves. It was early morning and the trio of teenage goddesses had arrived a short while ago for the daytime shift, allowing the night shift employees to leave and enjoy their time off of work. Yggdrasil was monitored around the clock by many deities who were of different rank with different security levels, but Chrono, Ere and Ex were still teenage goddesses so the three of them were employed during the daytime hours since the night shift was mainly filled with older and more experienced deities than themselves.

"You look like you're more tired than you usually are Chrono." Ere mentioned out of concern for her fellow deity. "Not enough sleep?"

"I was exercising and practicing martial arts until it was really late, I got so into it that I lost track of time and even though I still had eight hours of sleep, those eight hours felt more like only two hours." Chrono answered softly before letting out a big yawn.

"You really shouldn't push yourself so hard, if you keep this up, you'll be too worn out and won't be able to come to work." Ere warned.

"But I have to push myself hard, it's the only way I'll be able to become a Valkyrie warrior one day, Valkyries train hard and long so I have to prepare myself and my body in advance in order to survive all the tough training that I'll have to go through once I'm accepted as a new trainee." Chrono replied in order to defend her actions, although she was tired out, she was still awake and rested enough to work.

"Speaking of preparing yourselves, have either of you had the chance to look at the profile of a certain Shikigami warrior yet?" Ex asked curiously, immediately getting the attention of her fellow co workers as they turned their heads to look in her direction.

"Ex, you know you're not supposed to say that unless you've somehow found a picture or photo of Michiru Kururugi which is practically impossible so stop teasing us already." Ere responded, but when Ex wore an excited look on her face instead of verbally apologizing, the other two deities suddenly realized with wide open eyes and mouths that the ash blond goddess wasn't joking around or being a tease.

"You mean after all this time, you finally found a photograph of the famous Michiru Kururugi?" Chrono asked in astonishment.

"More than that, his identity along with his family history and personal information have finally been made available to the divine public, I only just found out yesterday evening after finishing work." Ex explained after she had logged on and begun her daily work of monitoring Yggdrasil, she also clicked on Michiru's profile so she could see the Kururugi boy's photograph on a separate magic scroll while working.

"Wow!" Chrono stated excitedly as she gazed at Michiru's photograph after looking up his profile. "He's so handsome! He's a lot younger than I thought, but he still looks like he's around our age if he were a deity or if we were young mortal women living down on earth."

"If only he were a deity, then he'd be living and working here in heaven with us, then each of us could meet him face to face." Ere added.

"No need to worry you two, all honourable human beings such as Michiru are admitted to Heaven and Valhalla so there will be plenty of opportunities for you and many other goddesses to make a move on him." Ex replied, reminding her fellow co workers of what would eventually happen once Michiru's mortal life on earth had ended even though none of the goddesses felt that they could wait that long.

"Ex?" Chrono asked curiously. "What's this strange insignia down in the right hand corner of Michiru's profile? Is that supposed to exist?"

"Oh that, it's a special insignia reminding anyone reading or accessing Michiru's profile that a lot of highly confidential information was removed in advance before being made available to the divine public, the same thing happens with many profiles stored within Yggdrasil." Ex explained. "However, some profiles have different symbols for their insignia, that's why the one relating to Michiru's profile looks like a red star shaped pentagram just like the magic one that appears when ever Michiru ever uses his magic Shikigami powers."

"Neat, I guess that makes sense." Chrono replied casually, causing a loud beep to ring on her magic holographic console when she tried clicking on the insignia only to find that she didn't have the authority to access the highly confidential file which had been removed.

"Chrono, you know you don't have authorization for accessing that file so don't waste time clicking on it, that loud beeping noise is annoying." Ere stated after hearing the loud beep coming from Chrono's console. "All of us have work to do today so let's get on with it."

"You took the words right out of my mouth Ere." A voice said suddenly, causing all three goddesses to turn around in their chairs.

"Lord Odin!" Ex/Chrono/Ere all said simultaneously in astonishment, they hadn't expected a surprise visit from such a distinguished deity who was also a member of the Divine Council and a special advisor/assistant to the Almighty One. "G-Good m-morning to you sir."

"Relax ladies, good morning to all of you as well, I just came by to introduce you to your new supervisor." Lord Odin replied, holding his hands up to tell the trio of young goddesses to relax and sit back down in their seats, he then stepped to one side in order to introduce the young male deity who had accompanied him. "First class Deity Lysander, allow me to introduce you to second classes goddesses; Ex, Ere and Chrono."

"How do you do sir." The trio of goddesses replied politely in unison again.

"How do you do." Lysander replied politely, he had short black hair and was a little older than the junior goddesses seated before him, but he was slightly younger than many other goddesses such as Lind or Belldandy to name a few. His ears were pointed which gave him the look of an elf or possibly even a demon if one went that far, but otherwise, he had a handsome face. Lysander wore a white uniform similar to Lind's since it designed for combat even though the male deity wasn't a member of Heaven's battle division, white pants with thick boots attached at the legs, a white kimono which was slightly altered to look like a handsome dress shirt and a long trench coat worn over top. The trench coat had a poncho around the shoulders and was thick at the top to cope with bad weather, but was light everywhere else like a cape which allowed its wearer to remove the garment in a flash in order to fight in combat more easily.

"Be nice to your new subordinates Lysander, if they ever got angry and walked out, we'd find ourselves in a crisis." Lord Odin warned.

"Really?" Lysander replied while eyeing the trio of teenage goddesses with interest even though his expression remained unchanged.

"No, seriously, you can depend on these three ladies." Lord Odin explained. "I've done so more times than I'd care to admit. Sorry to leave so suddenly, but I have another important meeting with the Almighty so if you have any questions, you'd better ask them now."

"I think we'll all be fine for now, but if anything serious should arise, I'll inform you immediately." Lysander replied before shaking hands with the wise old deity.

"Very well then, good bye and good luck to you, good luck to you as well ladies." Lord Odin said simply before departing from the office.

"Good bye Lord Odin." The three goddesses replied before turning their attention to Lysander who was now acting as their new superior.

"Ahem." Lysander cleared his throat before stating. "I've been reassigned to act as your new supervisor now that Lord Odin is going to be needed at the Divine Council on a much more regular basis, Lind was originally chosen to take his place given her skills as a Valkyrie warrior and her status as a first class goddess. However, she's busy watching over a certain Shikigami warrior whose name I will not mention, so that's that. Lord Odin highly recommended the three of you for your skills and performance records even during a crisis like the recent one that befell Yggdrasil which is also why I've been assigned to act as your supervisor. Do any of you have any questions?"

"What's your position or what was your position before you were reassigned here?" Chrono asked curiously.

"I'm a warrior, but I'm also a private investigator and analyst for top secret matters." Lysander answered. "I report directly to Lord Odin, Lind, and even the Almighty if necessity requires such an action. Any other questions? Very well, please carry on with your work then."

Back down on earth…

"Wake up you worthless excuse for of a monk!" an angry voice bellowed loudly, causing Miroku to wake up in alarm.

"No!" Miroku cried worriedly with widened eyes as he looked at who had woken up. "Not you again! What are you doing here?"

"I am here to punish you for your unforgivable acts of lechery you filthy human! How dare you fantasize about my Urd and call her name in your sleep you lecherous lowlife!" The furious fox demon disguised as Troubadour yelled loudly again in response. "There's only one form of punishment for the likes of you! Bug summoning song! Bugs and bugs and bugs and bugs and bugs and bugs and bugs!"

"N-No! P-Please don't do that!" Miroku pleaded as he trembled for fear of being covered from head to toe in numerous giant insects just as he had been the very first time he had angered Troubadour by asking Urd to bear his children on the day of his arrival to the house.

"More bugs more bugs more bugs more bugs more bugs and bugs and bugs! Shippo continued, all while trying to keep the monk's attention fully focused on himself without revealing that it wasn't really Troubadour standing in front of Miroku right now. "More bugs and bugs and bugs and bugs…"

"Huh?" Miroku cried as he was yanked backwards by an unknown person or force, turning full circle to look around for who ever had pulled him back so suddenly. It was only after he finally regained his balance and footing that the monk felt an object against his back which had been stuffed inside of his clothes while he had been yanked back by collar of his kimono, a loud buzzing was heard all around him as a horde of angry bees suddenly swarmed all around him after emerging from inside of the hive which was inside of his robes. "AHH! Get away from me! Stop stinging me! Ahh! There all over me! Get them off of me! Ahh! Help! Inuyasha! Michiru! Help! Ahh!"

"That's what you get for having perverted thoughts and lecherous fantasizes about my Urd!" Shippo yelled loudly as Miroku fled from the temple with the swarm of angry bees still attacking him since the bee hive was still inside his kimono behind his back which he hadn't realized yet. Once the panicking monk had fled from the scene and was running around outside looking for someone to save him, the young fox demon transformed back into his normal self. Inuyasha, who stuffed the bee hive down the back of Miroku's kimono while the monk's attention was focused on Shippo, had masterminded the entire thing from the beginning and enlisted the young fox demon's help to pull off the clever prank on Miroku in order to discourage the monk from fantasizing about Urd even though Urd herself didn't ask him too. Besides, after Miroku's many offences thus far on top of hurting Sango this morning just by uttering Urd's name in his sleep, Inuyasha believed he had good cause to punish the monk again which also gave him and Shippo something to laugh about today.

"Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Shippo/Inuyasha laughed simultaneously before peeking their heads out of the temple to see how far Miroku had run away and how long it would take him to figure out that he had a bee hive behind his back inside of his blue robes.

"That'll teach Miroku to think twice before he fantasizes about lechery again, he won't even be able to daydream anymore without remembering this incident." Inuyasha remarked, after he and Shippo had finally stopped laughing together. "You were very convincing as Troubadour Shippo, you disguised your voice and your appearance perfectly, hearing Miroku complain and beg for his life was priceless."

"Thanks Inuyasha, but the whole thing was your idea and Miroku would have probably caught on quickly if you hadn't stuffed that bee hive down the back of his neck inside of his blue kimono." Shippo replied while grinning evilly. "Still, it was pretty funny fooling Miroku and making him flee for his life like that, and the best part is I recorded the whole thing on Kagome's camera so we can watch it all over again."

"Awesome!" Inuyasha said while grinning with delight. "I already know a lot of people who will enjoy seeing that video footage."

"I'm still recording Inuyasha so you'll have to wait until I'm done before you can show anybody, Miroku's still on camera after all." Shippo pointed out while aiming the appliance at the fleeing monk, zooming in on Miroku as much as possible to see him up close in person.

Miroku kept trying to outrun the horde of angry bees until he saw Lind exercising with Sango and Michiru over by the house, causing him to turn and race over to the trio of warriors, Lind summoned her halberd out of nowhere which she had magically stored away while she didn't have need of it and held it out horizontally with the spear point and axe head aimed at the oncoming monk.

"That's close enough monk, we can all see and hear you from there." Lind said commandingly, causing Miroku to stop six whole feet from where she was standing so that Sango and Michiru were both far enough away to avoid being harmed by the horde of bees which still swarmed all around Miroku despite his vain attempts to drive them away by waving his arms at them. "You're interrupting our early morning exercise Miroku, please say whatever's on your mind so we can resume our activities in peace, you have twenty seconds."

"T-Troubadour woke me up a-and sang his bug summoning song! Argh!" Miroku whined while waving his arms around frantically to drive the bees away, he still hadn't figured out the fact that there was a bee hive on himself. "That's why all these bees are attacking me! Ahh!"

"Troubadour? But none of us have seen him since he was here the night before last when he summoned his Golden Nightingale, besides, he wouldn't have any reason to visit again and sing his bug summoning song." Michiru asked in response, trying to think of why Troubadour would be here until his thoughts dwelled on Urd. "Miroku? Did you say or do anything inappropriate to Urd this morning?"

"N-No! Of course not!" Miroku countered while jumping around like a monkey, still trying to drive the bees away from himself. "I haven't seen Urd since last night, you were there when I saw her Michiru, before you dragged me away by my ear! Don't you remember that?"

"How can I forget? You're the one who asked Urd if she would…" Michiru recalled, thinking for a moment that the monk wasn't telling the truth until he stopped himself from finishing his sentence, remembering that Sango was standing right beside him so he didn't want to say anything that would hurt her feelings. "Never mind last night, you must have said or done something this morning or else Troubadour wouldn't have used his bug summoning song on you if he was even in the vicinity as you claim he was, those bees buzzing all over you look nothing like the huge insects that he'd normally summon."

"Miroku called Urd's name out while he was daydreaming in his sleep, that's probably what made Troubadour angry enough to sing his bug summoning song." Lind deduced, causing Sango to wear a sad look on her face once again, Michiru glanced momentarily at Sango before turning to glare angrily at Miroku for making Sango feel hurt a second time this morning.

You will never learn will you Miroku, don't look to me to save you from those bees because you deserve their company and their wrath.

"Ahem, if you're all done talking about Troubadour." Miroku whined impatiently. "Will one of you please help save me from these bees?"

"Well I suppose I could Miroku since you said please, but only because we clearly can't resume our exercises while you're standing there whining like a little wimp." Lind pointed out before raising her halberd until the tip of the spear point was aimed directly between Miroku's eyes. "Turn around and stand perfectly still with your arms held up and out to each side, don't move or else you might lose your life."

"W-What's that supposed t-to m-mean?" Miroku asked fearfully, dreading what the Valkyrie was going to do since he wouldn't be able to see with his own eyes, but he wanted to rid himself of this merciless horde of bees more than anything else right now so he reluctantly did as Lind had ordered and waited for what would occur next even though it was torture trying to stand still while the bees still stung him.

With one perfect swing, Lind used the sharp spear point of her halberd to slice the back of Miroku's kimono clean in half without injuring the monk at all even though he still felt some pain on his back from the weapon striking his body really fast, the back of his robes were sliced from the top all the way down to his waist which allowed the bee hive to freely fall out and land harmlessly on the ground without breaking. Unfortunately, while Lind had succeeded in separating the bee hive from Miroku by slicing the back of his kimono, Miroku's kept jumping and moving around which caused his recently torn robes to loosen a lot before they fell to the ground which left the lecherous monk standing naked for everybody to see.

"Ow! What'd you do that for?" Miroku whined again while turning around, displaying the front of his nude body. "Are you trying to kill me?"

"Miroku, would you please go away and put some clothes on?" Michiru asked sternly, having turned away in time to look in a different direction so he wouldn't have to look at the nude monk standing seven feet away, Lind and Sango hadn't looked away in time though.

"My apologies Michiru, but I don't have any other clothes, remember that I'm from the Feudal era so I don't have lots of spare clothes and other luxuries like you and Kagome both do." Miroku rudely remarked, although he didn't have a bee hive stuck on himself anymore, he was still being stung by bees and now that he wasn't clothed like he was before, he was more vulnerable to their relentless attacks.

"Then go in the house and have yourself a bath while I finish training! I'll see if I can find some clothes for you afterwards!" Michiru shouted angrily while he continued to look away, his patience was running thin and this pleasant morning looked as though it was going to be ruined now that the troublemaking monk had upset Lind and Sango's exercise session with his unwelcome presence. "Did you not hear me Miroku?"

"B-But I can't go inside to have a bath with this swarm of bees attacking me, they'll infest the whole house." Miroku protested.

Of all the human beings to see up close in the nude, it had to be the lecherous monk Miroku, now I loathe him even more than before.

Lind reacted swiftly without warning, she'd had more than enough of the monk's complaining and of his presence for one morning, especially now that he was nude and standing only six feet away from her. She stabbed the spear point of her halberd into the bee hive and hurled it like a javelin so it flew high into the air until it landed far from where everyone was standing, the weapon imbedded itself into the thick branch of the very tree where it had originally been hanging from until Inuyasha had removed it for his little prank earlier this morning, the round bee hive was impaled by a smaller thin branch after making contact with the tree and was left suspended in place after the halberd magically vanished and then reappeared in Lind's hand after the Valkyrie had summoned it back to her again.

"There, now that their home has been relocated to that tree, the bees should return to their hive. Now do as Michiru asked and go inside the house to have a bath before I lose my temper, get a move on Miroku!" Lind stated firmly as she swung her halberd horizontally to deliver a hard spank to the monk's backside with the flat side of her axe blade, leaving a huge red mark where her weapon had struck.

"OW! OW! Okay! Okay. I'm going inside already!" Miroku whined after being spanked four or five times in the butt until he finally did as he had been asked and wandered around the three warriors before running up the stairs to the porch of the house without even thanking Lind for saving him from the horde of angry bees or for removing the bee hive hidden inside of his kimono, the Valkyrie then retrieved the monk's blue robes from the ground with her halberd and hurled her weapon at the house in order to return them to their rightful owner.

"And take your robes, you filthy lecher!" Lind yelled from afar, causing Miroku to pause momentarily in his tracks once he arrived on the porch deck. "Now that that's out of the way and that the monk's finally left us, maybe we can resume our exercises this morning."

"AHH!" Miroku yelped loudly after the halberd struck the wall beside the door he was just about to open, nearly walking into the path of the oncoming weapon which missed him by only a couple of inches, the spear point was imbedded in the wall at the same height as his neck and the axe blade presently pointing at him had miraculously missed slicing his throat open only by the narrowest of margins which may have been Lind's intention when she had hurled her weapon at the unsuspecting monk she had just scared the daylights out of.

Michiru stared wide eyed with a mixture of awe and fear after witnessing what had been a very dangerous close call, while he admired Lind for her strength and experience as a warrior, it was moments like this where he had good reason to fear her skill with weaponry.

Whoa! I'm glad I'm not where Miroku just was, Lind's halberd nearly struck him in the neck! Note to self, never get on Lind's bad side.

"Sango?" Lind asked after she and Michiru turned to face the female demon slayer who was strangely quiet. "Are you alright Sango?"

"Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry Lind, I was lost in my thoughts after Miroku happened upon us and then you freed that bee hive hidden behind his back when you…" Sango apologized until she couldn't reach the end of her sentence when she blushed red with embarrassment for having the misfortune of catching a glance of the nude monk before she could look away and although she felt angry and hurt by Miroku's many misdeeds, the young warrior woman still couldn't let go of her deep feelings that she had for him…at least not yet anyway.

"Its alright Sango, you don't have to apologize or say anything else, Miroku should be apologizing if any apologies are owed." Lind said.

"That's for sure, given his long history of misdeeds, especially his most recent misdeeds in this era as opposed to the Feudal era." Michiru thought out loud. "In all honesty, I don't know how Miroku does it, he must have an inexhaustible amount of self confidence to do all the things he's done without any fear of the consequences he'd have to face afterwards or of the humiliation and embarrassment from being seen naked. I'd rather die than find myself standing in front of other people without any clothes on, I'd feel ruined after such a fate."

"While I can understand your point of view Michiru, you're giving Miroku far too much credit, that monk feels no shame or guilt for any of his misdeeds and he also happens to think with what's between his legs more often than with his brain which is unfortunately most of the time." Lind responded, trying to make the Kururugi boy understand that he shouldn't envy Miroku for possessing more confidence than himself even though it was only natural for Michiru since he was a young man and there would always be people who envied other people for one reason or another. "More importantly, Miroku has lived in Feudal Japan where it's a great deal easier to commit crimes and get away with them without being punished or held accountable for such actions as Miroku so justly deserves and as a consequence, he has no fear or thoughts of what he'd have to face before or while he misbehaves or commits an act of thievery. You and Sango on the other hand, are morally minded individuals who strive to work hard and act honestly while treating others respectfully and equally without cheating or giving in to evil intentions such as greed. But enough of that talk for now, let's finish our stretching exercises so we can move on to weight lifting, your blood should be pumped up by now and your muscles should be ready for working."

"Pardon me Lind, I thought we were going to learn new forms of combat and spar together like Sango and I normally do." Michiru replied.

"That's for later Michiru, building up your strength and stamina along with the muscles throughout your body takes priority over everything else, those are the first lessons I learned and the first steps that I took during my training as a Valkyrie warrior." Lind explained, holding her halberd horizontally in front of her while using magic to summon what looked like a set of heavy weights on either end of her weapon which were held in place so that they didn't slide or move even when the weapon swayed off balance in the Valkyrie's hands. "You've learned a lot and developed into an experienced warrior thanks to Sango's teachings along with fighting many battles throughout the Feudal era even though you've mainly fought using your Shikigami powers, you've also seen traditional combat with most handheld weapons commonly used on the battlefield, but you still have much to learn if you want to fight with or defend against other weapons which you've not yet encountered before. War is always evolving, weapons and tactics change over many ages, but the lessons and objectives are still more or less what they were many centuries ago. I'm sure even you can understand that since you live in the modern era and have access to so many sources of information from different ages and different countries throughout the human world."

"I'm sorry for questioning your teachings and methods Lind, it wasn't my intention to sound rude or disrespectful." Michiru apologized.

"No need to apologize Michiru, there's nothing wrong with asking questions, that's how people learn and progress throughout their lives which allows humans to progress and evolve together as a whole." Lind replied while levitating into the air so she was about six feet above the ground with her body perfectly level, making her look as though she was flying even though she wasn't going anywhere, the Valkyrie held her halberd horizontally in front of her with her arms extended so she could look down at Michiru and Sango who stood on the ground below her. "Now that I've balanced my halberd with some weights on each end and I've suspended it above your heads, lets see how well each of you can do some chin ups, being able to lift yourselves up is very important in the event you're caught in a jam."

"What's a chin up Lind?" Sango asked curiously. "I've never heard of a chin up or seen anyone perform a chin up before."

"Michiru?" Lind instructed. "Would you be so kind as to show Sango a demonstration of what a chin up is and how its performed please?"

"Sure Lind." Michiru replied as he positioned himself underneath Lind's halberd, reaching up and grabbing hold of the long handle with his hands shoulder width apart while his thumbs were pointing away from each other. Then he lifted himself off of the ground until he raised his head higher then the halberd handle so that he could momentarily position his chin over it before lowering himself back down again. "That's what a chin up looks like Sango, its called a chin up because the aim is lifting yourself high up until you get your chin up over the bar before lowering yourself back down again, don't let go of the bar or the handle until you're done or else you'll hurt yourself."

"I understand Michiru, thank you for showing me what a chin up is and how its performed." Sango said gratefully with a wonderful smile.

"Alright, both of you stand two feet apart and grab the halberd above you, we'll see how many chin ups you can perform." Lind instructed.

"Which spot would you like to stand on Sango?" Michiru asked, turning to the female fighter standing next to him. "The right or the left?"

"I'll stand on the right." Sango answered as she and Michiru both repositioned themselves underneath the halberd with their faces looking up at Lind who waited for the two close friends to begin. "Good luck Michiru, let's see which of us can do the most chin ups."

"You're on Sango." Michiru countered humorously with a grin, he always liked seeing Sango's competitive side while he trained with her.

"While I don't mind a friendly competition amongst friends, I don't want either of you overexerting yourselves so early in training, we still have a long way to go after all." Lind cut in while looking down on her young mortal companions. "Just try doing ten chin ups for today."

"Okay Lind." Sango and Michiru answered simultaneously before laughing together. "Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

"Alright, then, let's begin." Lind ordered, observing Michiru and Sango perform chin ups together while hovering in the air above them.

"Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Shippo laughed out loud after capturing the priceless scene of Miroku fleeing indoors from far away, he then finished recording and turned off the digital camera. "That was awesome! I can't wait to show Kagome and the others this film."

"Not so loud Shippo, you don't want to alert Lind and the others." Inuyasha replied before pulling the young fox demon back inside of the Temple so that both of them wouldn't be seen by Lind, Sango or Michiru. "Thanks again for your help, you'd better return Kagome her camera before she wakes up and wonders its missing."

"You two having fun?" A female voice suddenly spoke out from behind them, causing Inuyasha and Shippo to turn around really fast.

"Ahh!" Shippo cried, only to realize it was Urd who was levitating behind him and Inuyasha, changed into new clothes for the day after having finished her bath a short while ago. "Oh, its only you Urd."

"I thought it wasn't nice to sneak up on people Urd." Inuyasha pointed out with a humorous grin, using Urd's words when he had surprised her earlier this morning. "I have to hand it to you, I usually sense anyone sneaking up on me, but you got the better of me."

"Only because I levitated through the air without being seen or heard and also because you were so busy laughing while watching Miroku that you weren't using your nose, otherwise, you could have easily sensed my presence like you did earlier this morning." Urd pointed out before eyeing the digital camera in Shippo's possession. "So, are both of you going to show me that video of Miroku whining like a girl?"

"Yeah." Inuyasha/Shippo answered together in unison, both of them knowing full well how much the second class deity would enjoy it.

Shippo replayed the video on the digital camera while Urd and Inuyasha watched closely on either side of the young fox demon.

"Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Urd laughed out loud with Shippo and Inuyasha, seeing Miroku scared by Troubadour, attacked by angry bees followed by being driven away by an angry Lind was absolutely priceless. "Thank you so much you two, I needed a good laugh."

Meanwhile in the Feudal era at the outskirts of Kaede's village…

Lady Kaede had risen early to go for a short walk to enjoy the morning air before starting her daily routine which begun with making a brief inspection of the crops followed by gathering the vegetables that were ripe for picking so that they could be used to prepare her morning meal. After walking throughout the empty paths throughout the village since the other villagers were still asleep and not yet awake, the elderly woman wandered down the path which ran around the fields and led to the edge of the forest where the Bone Eater's well was located. In a short while, she entered the clearing and came upon the stone structure covered with wooden beams at the edge of the well and looked down its shadowy depth until she saw the bottom, wondering when Inuyasha and the others would return.

"Hello Kaede, its been a while." Kikyo said politely after visiting the elderly woman who was once her little sister fifty years ago.

"Kikyo?" Kaede replied, not expecting a surprise visit from her resurrected sister. "Its nice to see you again. What brings you here?"

"I'm looking for Inuyasha's friend, the young man named Michiru, Michiru Kururugi." Kikyo answered. "Have you seen him since the three of us last saw each other on that day when I came to tell you Utsugi had taken the shard of the sacred Jewel following Naraku's defeat?"

"I'm afraid not, the young man you speak of was mysteriously returned home again after Utsugi died which was a few days after the three of us met here at the Bone Eater's Well according to what Inuyasha and the others told me upon their return." Kaede explained.

"Utsugi died?" Kikyo asked in surprise, she needed to know more and asked Kaede to explain further. "Please tell me everything that happened between when the three of us parted ways and when Michiru returned home following Utsugi's death, I need to know Kaede."

"Alright, alright Kikyo, let me think for a moment." Kaede replied, recalling all she had been told while watching the resurrected priestess with curiosity and suspicion since it wasn't often that Kikyo was shocked or surprised given how disciplined and formidable she was.

Kaede accurately recounted all she had learned and been told of by Inuyasha and the others upon their return after arriving back from their journey over the course of a fortnight, a journey beginning with going out to look for Michiru since the Kururugi boy had suddenly wandered off alone to search for Utsugi by himself which then led the company of friends to Kasasagi Town where they learned Michiru had been hired by the village headman to hunt and destroy a demon creating havoc in the surrounding area, they eventually found Michiru exhausted and defeated from battling the demon in question and arrived on the scene to aid him until the enemy was vanquished a short while later. The demon's corpse gave off a scent similar to Naraku according to Inuyasha's sense of smell, everyone retraced their path back to Kasasagi Town to inform the village headman that the demon was defeated and that the danger was now over. With no other clues to go on, everyone then traveled to the wolf demon's territory to ask Koga if he had any idea of where Utsugi could be found, the wolf demon suggested that they go to Mount Houoh where they discovered a secret path leading into a hidden valley which had only recently been unveiled.

After following the hidden path which had been hidden for who knows how long, Inuyasha's company encountered groups of Hitogata a.k.a. living dolls whose faces bore a remarkable resemblance to Michiru's before they came to life and attacked everyone. A few battles later, Inuyasha's company arrived at the outskirts of a village called Kururugi village which had its own Shrine, both of them shared the same name as Michiru's family name. Much time was spent exploring the village and questioning its inhabitants for information, everybody was surprised to discover that Grandma Kakuju was once the former priestess of Kururugi Shrine and that she had left Kururugi village over ten years ago to go searching for her husband shortly after instructing the village priest to create a barrier to prevent outsiders from entering the valley and to stop the Hitogata from getting out of it. Inuyasha along with Michiru and the others decided to look for Grandma Kakuju at Shiyosai village first since it was closest to Asagiri Island where Utsugi had last been seen shortly before the big battle against Naraku so it was a good idea to start searching a location where they could find answers or clues related to more than one of the three persons of interest.

Sure enough, Grandma Kakuju was found amongst the fishermen at Shiyosai village and when Michiru begun questioning her about Kururugi village and the Hitogata, she became evasive for a moment until Michiru mentioned Utsugi, KaKuju then deduced that Utsugi was probably the one who broke the barrier to keep outsiders from entering into the valley. The old former priestess asked if everybody could take her back to Kururugi village since it would be faster and safer to travel together instead of alone by herself, but sometime later just as they were travelling through the valley, misfortune struck when a giant Hitogata suddenly attacked them by surprise. In an effort to protect Michiru who was in danger of being the Hitogata's first target, Kakuju rushed between the two of them and felt the full force of the Hitogata's Shikigami attack. After everybody banded together to defeat the formidable foe, Grandma Kakuju was dying from being mortally wounded and so she decided to reveal the truth about how and why she created the Hitogata along with Utsugi who was also a Hitogata himself and the reason why Michiru was likely summoned back to the Feudal era by Utsugi with aid from Naraku, Michiru held the poor woman's hand while kneeling beside her while everyone else watched and listened closely.

Now that Kakuju had finished explaining herself, she asked Michiru to give the amulet she possessed to Utsugi on her behalf and also to try persuading Utsugi that sacrificing another's life, especially a descendant's life for his own selfish gain is wrong. Grandma Kakuju died a few moments later, leaving a saddened Michiru, but the Kururugi boy recovers himself and vows to carry out Kakuju's last wishes. Michiru and the others went to the Kururugi cemetery located in Kururugi village and found the grave where Utsugi had been buried and decided to bury Kakuju beside it so that they can be together. Afterwards, Michiru and the others search the area directly north of Kururugi village and encounter Utsugi, the Hitogata uses his Shikigami powers to try extracting Michiru's soul from Michiru's body and Michiru himself falls unconscious on the ground while everybody is powerless to intervene. Thankfully, Michiru wakes up and discovers that his life was saved because Grandma Kakuju's amulet which he had been carrying on himself protected him and Utsugi's plan was thwarted. Utsugi is momentarily confused at his failure to use the secret art of soul infusion in order to transform himself from a Hitogata into a human being, but then he suddenly flinches in pain when the tainted shikon jewel shard hanging from around his neck which he had recovered on Asagiri Island following Naraku's defeat glows black and merges with the Shikigami master's body.

Everybody watches in anticipation wondering what will happen next when Utsugi's body suddenly transforms into Naraku, it soon becomes apparent that Naraku faked his own death, knowing Utsugi would take and use the tainted shikon jewel shard Naraku had left behind at the end of the battle so that the demonic foe could take over Utsugi's body in order to gain Utsugi's Shikigami powers for himself. During this dark turn of events, Utsugi then sacrifices his soul within Naraku so that his Shikigami powers are extinguished and the crystallized rock creating the protective barrier surrounding Naraku are both destroyed, making the evil enemy vulnerable enough so Michiru along with Inuyasha and his other friends can have a fighting chance. After a long and dangerous battle, Naraku is eventually defeated, Utsugi's body reappears where Naraku once was and Michiru discovers that his ancestor has become a human being thanks to successfully using the art of soul infusion using the shikon jewel shard along with Kakuju's soul which was actually taken instead of Michiru's soul shortly before Naraku's reappearance. However, Utsugi himself is mortally wounded and wants to die as a human being so he can rest in peace rather than live as an ageless Hitogata under Naraku's control. Michiru kneels beside Utsugi while the two kinsmen share a few words and remarks with each other before Utsugi requests that everybody bury him in Kururugi cemetery. A saddened Michiru agrees and Utsugi dies, everyone else watches in silence while they wait for the Kururugi boy to mourn and recover.

A short while later, Utsugi is laid to rest in the Kururugi cemetery and a magic aura of light appears all around Michiru, leading everybody to deduce that the Japanese student is being returned home to modern Japan from where he had been summoned from to begin with. Everyone can see the anguish and sadness on Michiru's face since he doesn't want to leave all his friends behind after having so many adventures with them together, Sango rushed a few paces forward and suddenly feels the heartbreak at being separated from the young Shikigami user she and the others had met a couple of months ago, but there's nothing she can do to stop Michiru's departure so she reluctantly overcomes her own sense of loss with tremendous inner strength and bids her friend goodbye. Michiru replies that he enjoyed travelling with everyone and he'll miss all of them very much, he reminds Kagome to look him up in the modern era once she returns to her own home so they can meet again someday. With only a few moments left to spare before his mysterious departure, Michiru tells Sango that he'll miss her most of all, that he'll treasure every moment that he spent with her for the rest of his life and that she'll always have a special place in his heart no matter what happens. The magical light surrounding Michiru creates a blinding flash which causes everyone to close their eyes, when the magical light finally fades a moment later and its safe to look again, the space of ground where Michiru had once been standing was empty and their Kururugi friend was gone.

"That was the last anyone saw of Michiru, once he was gone, Inuyasha and the others returned to this village to carry on with their lives now that Naraku was finally defeated for good this time." Kaede wrapped up while Kikyo listened intently with her full attention. "I'm happy that everyone could use the bone eater's well to travel to the world where Kagome and Michiru both reside, it must have been sad for all of them to part with Michiru after having so many adventures and experiences together, they should be back in a couple of days as I said before though. In the meanwhile, I'm afraid that there's nothing either one of us can do except wait patiently for everyone to return here."

"I see, that is unfortunate, I was hoping I could talk with Inuyasha and Michiru about some important matters." Kikyo replied with a sigh.

"You're welcome to stay here in the village until Inuyasha returns from visiting Michiru in the world that Kagome comes from, Kagome and Michiru come from the same world so Inuyasha or Kagome can deliver a verbal message or a letter on your behalf to Michiru if the important matter is urgent, they should only be gone for a couple of days." Kaede suggested, hoping Kikyo would accept her invitation.

"I'm sorry, I have another matter to investigate, please inform Inuyasha upon his return that I was here and that I'll return again soon." Kikyo replied, although the other matter could wait a while, the resurrected priestess didn't feel as though she belonged among the living, even amongst people who still chose to treat her with kindness such as Michiru had done. "Goodbye until we meet again sister."

"Goodbye Kikyo, have a safe journey." Kaede said, watching Kikyo depart until her sister disappeared into the forest before the elderly woman resumed her daily activities in the village.

Kikyo wandered through the forest while she was deep in thought...

Its been months since I was brought back from the dead and yet I can remember that event so clearly as if it was only yesterday, so can I recall that tragic incident which Naraku set in motion in order to tear Inuyasha and I apart and turn us against each other fifty years ago.

My soul was taken to heaven so I could rest in peace, I was soon told the truth of what had really happened that day when I died along with many other events I was unaware of during my mortal existence which were also connected to Naraku and the sacred Shikon jewel, then I was told to prepare for the day when I would soon be brought back to life by that demon witch Urasue.

Although I was reluctant to face Inuyasha again and find myself in the world of the living, I realized I had been given a chance to track down and defeat Naraku. I've had to walk down this tragic and treacherous path all alone, but perhaps its for the best, I can travel throughout the lands in search of clues and jewel shards while Naraku's focussing his attention on Inuyasha and the others, though I shouldn't expect to come any closer to success just because of that alone.

That young man named Michiru, he's greatly admired in heaven even though the Almighty's trying to hide his identity, though I can understand the need to protect someone from harm by hiding knowledge of their whereabouts and so on. Unfortunately, I wasn't told the whole truth for reasons I don't fully comprehend, but now I have a chance to find that out and the only way to do that is by talking with Michiru and Inuyasha so that we can all find out the answers together...if both of them ever returns to the Feudal era that is.

Author's Note: Its been ages since I last updated, my deepest apologies to all those who have been waiting for so many months. Its difficult enough to write when one doesn't have the level of skill and experience that they'd wish for, and its even more difficult to write when real life gets in the way and brings you more hardships than it does happiness. Moving on, I had originally wanted to include more events in this chapter, but some scenes ended up being longer or took longer than I had thought and so I reluctantly had to scrap more events that occurred in both the Feudal era and the Modern era so those will have to be included later on at another time in the story. Although I've wanted Michiru to revisit to the Feudal era for a long while now, there are still lots of characters and events to see in the modern era so I've decided to have Michiru and the others to return for a day or two for a break much like how Michiru and the others took a break from travelling the lands and spent a whole day relaxing in the Inuyasha SOTCM Game. With all the events and battles I have planned, there's no telling how many breaks there will be or how often they will occur, but I hope that will make everything go more smoothly in the future.

Greymon Leader Batz flashpoint: Yes, Michiru is definitely very lucky, but one mustn't forget that the reason why so many goddesses are romantically interested in him is because deities judge humans differently than humans' judge themselves. So while Michiru would claim that he's only acting treating others as respectfully and equally as he possibly can unless they deserve otherwise, he has no idea how much admiration and respect he's earned for his actions and kindness towards others. Nor does Miroku understand, nor will he ever understand how inexcusable and unacceptable his lecherous actions and manipulative ways are in general, let alone in Heaven. Michiru is considered to be one of a kind because in these modern times, there are almost no heroes or high achievers to idolize or aspire to become. So imagine how all the goddesses must feel to look down on earth and see all that is happening along with all the people. Its no wonder why so many humans are suffering from misfortune, pain and hardship, but only a few are deserving and needy enough to receive assistance from a goddess which is why Michiru was able to summon Peorth down from heaven even though it was by accident.

Let's face it, Urd considers herself to be the Goddess of Love and given her flirtatious personality, (when ever she's in the mood of course) I think Urd was likely to have a pair of bondage cuffs somewhere in her bedroom since she's so knowledgeable about all the dos and don'ts when it comes to love, passion, etc. Since there were a few tearful moments between Urd and Michiru when the Shikigami user confessed how he felt about her even though he had discovered her half demon heritage, I just had to add some humour between them before they parted ways even if that said humour provided some fan service along with some naughtiness in Urd's bedroom. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter, I'm not great, but I'm doing okay even though all I doing is working, reading or trying to write fan fiction.

J4RRE77: I apologize for not replying back right away like I normally do when ever we chat online and for taking forever to write out a chapter that doesn't really include much, I decided last week that the best thing to do was to just end it and move on so it could be uploaded. Anyway, moving on. Koshian is a member of Michiru's family (in this story) and its his house that everybody is staying at so I had to include him for some scenes even though he's a minor character, but he won't be seen again once he leaves to go on his pilgrimage so you don't have to worry about that. While its true that he did see Belldandy along with Holy Bell, he only knew enough from what he could deduce from his observation and beyond that, he couldn't figure anything else out. He certainly had the opportunity of asking Belldandy for answers, but he chose to keep quiet about what he had discovered and saw no need to question her about her divine powers.

I thought it couldn't hurt Koshian to see Michiru using Shikigami powers, if he kept quiet about Belldandy's powers, then he'll definitely keep quiet about Michiru's powers and I also thought such a scene would give Koshian some joy to know that Michiru would be in good hands once he departed on his pilgrimage and that knowing his nephew had made new friends who are also goddesses will make him happy. I also did it because Koshian will never appear again in the story and I felt he needed to take all those memories and discoveries with him, Koshian will have already snuck out and left quietly at first light while everybody else is still asleep, Koshian is also leaving so that Michiru can build his relationship with the goddesses without having any family members get in the way of that as I'm sure you've already figured out. Its also important to remember that because Koshian will never appear again in this story and as a result, he won't see Michiru ever again until such time after this story is over.

Since the training is getting too repetitive, I could skip it altogether and carry on with Michiru, Lind and Sango going to bathe and wash up afterwards unless of course one session is important because Lind is going to teach Michiru how to throw and dodge throwing knives or something deadly like that.

I don't know what tastes Sayoko has so I just guessed, I've seen her drink before and since she can hold her liquor and out drink a lot of people, I thought Saki was likely to be among her favourite alcoholic poisons. I wanted to see another side of Sayoko instead of the self centred side that we see most of the time so that's why I added that scene along with the fact that Sayoko doesn't get much screen time either. I know Sayoko is jealous of Belldandy and of any other goddess for that matter simply because Belldandy is better and more beautiful than her, but let's face it, rich people are always jealous or hateful towards others who surpass them for what ever reason. Like you said in your scenario when Sango and Urd were talking about Miroku, a man (like Miroku) looks at a goddess and becomes completely obsessed and attracted to her in such a way that no one else and nothing else will erase that goddess from his mind and even though that goddess doesn't like the person in return, nothing will change how that person yearns and feels for her. The same can be said about how Sayoko envies and hates Belldandy simply because Sayoko feels as though her own status is threatened by the first class goddess.

Raidentensho: Glad to know you're still reading and enjoying this story despite how long it takes me to write out and update each chapter.

OrionPax09: No problem, I should be the one to apologize for taking so long to update my story and for taking nearly two full months to leave you a review for your latest chapter too. Yes, I especially enjoyed writing out those scenes, Miroku gets away with far too many misdeeds and it was truly hilarious reading about him suffering while he was temporarily transformed into a woman so he'd feel helpless and out of place at the same time.

Inuyasha and Mara have the biggest appetites and stomachs out of everybody currently living in the house and given how much of a prankster Mara likes to be, it felt fun to have both of them in on the joke together, especially when Shippo and Skuld both got angry and had to be restrained by Miroku and Kagome.

Yes, I fully agree, Kagome really needs to think before she says sit in order to avoid hurting Inuyasha or causing a huge mess. Bad enough that she frequently abuses her power over the subjugation beads, but the fact that they can react on her word even if she just happens to say it accidentally is always a serious problem and no one knows this better than Inuyasha. I'm surely tempted to have either Michiru or one of the goddesses use magic to remove those blasted beads so Kagome can't use them ever again even though that would create verbal conflict amongst everybody, however, it won't take long for others to see just how often Kagome abuses those powers of hers. On a brighter note, once she's denied the ability to abuse Inuyasha like that, she'll have more time to spend developing her own spiritual powers so that she's on the same level as Kikyo which is a duty she's seriously been neglecting for far too long which I tend to address.

One reason I wanted Koshian to see that Michiru possesses magic Shikigami powers is so he'll be proud of his nephew and know that Michiru is in good hands given that he's in the company of many gorgeous goddesses since the old priest is going on another pilgrimage and won't be appearing in this story again. As a member of Michiru's family, it was only right that I give Koshian a proper send off even though he technically isn't seen when he departs at first light to leave on another journey of self discovery and enlightenment, he also won't get to see his nephew Michiru again until after the events of this story have occurred and been told so that's important as well. Besides, if Koshian kept his mouth shut about discovering Belldandy's powers, there's no reason to think he wouldn't do the same for Michiru as well, especially since he and Michiru are both members of the same family so that alone is self explanatory right there.

I have to admit, I felt sorry for Inuyasha during this scene because as you said, he's not used to living in an environment without any dangerous foes to fight against even though he's tried very hard to adapt to such a huge change. At least he's willing to be honest about how he feels despite the fact that his remarks unfortunately set off the boiling pot of a temper inside of Kagome's head, as much as their arguing ruined the evening for a short while, it could have been a lot worse considering that Kagome yells sit nine times out of ten when ever she's furious with Inuyasha for one reason or another and especially when that reason involves Kikyo.

Yes, Michiru truly has no idea how he's managed to fill the hearts of Peorth, Urd and Lind with joy, admiration and affection. Nor do most of the others either which is all to the good. Later on, once Miroku makes an even bigger ass of himself, that's when the goddesses will come out and reveal just how important it is to act respectfully and responsibly towards others and so on, something Miroku and Kagome seriously don't understand at all. While Miroku is more of a lecherous pervert who cons people out of their hard earned valuables, Kagome is just the self centred spoiled princess who whines when ever she doesn't get her way and runs away to avoid taking responsibility since she clearly doesn't have the desire or the skills for sucking it up and getting the hell on with real life.

I would side more with Inuyasha as well as I'm sure Michiru would too, but he couldn't show favouritism towards Inuyasha without making Kagome even more angry than she was already so I thought the best course of action available was to just lecture both of them at once on equal terms so that neither one of them would feel that they were unfairly treated in order to discourage them from arguing amongst themselves again. I hope that with Michiru and the goddesses present, Inuyasha will be given the benefit of the doubt along with the support and guidance he deserves and sadly wasn't receiving in the main Inuyasha series, this will also show Kagome that her faults and flaws aren't invisible or overlooked to those around her and if she wants to remain a trustworthy friend in their eyes, then she seriously needs to turn over a new leaf or else she'll end up all alone like Miroku with no one to live with or love in life.

I'm also amazed Naraku never took advantage of Kagome and Inuyasha arguing on multiple occasions, if he was able to turn Kikyo and Inuyasha against each other, its truly a wonder that Naraku never acted considering that a lot of the work has already been done for him. But then again, Naraku usually doesn't do anything or plan something unless he has something to gain from it so the only conclusion that I can come to is that he had more important things to attend too or that him suddenly showing up to attack would have ending the argument between Inuyasha and Kagome right then and there. Yeah, Michiru's intention as a friend was good, but he should have thought the matter through a little more carefully before letting Inuyasha punch him. I'm sure it was only because of his own Shikigami magic and that Belldandy was present that Michiru let Inuyasha have a free punch at him at all, otherwise the pain would last a very long time.

Sadly, Mara is made to be the comic relief villain in the Oh My Goddess anime so I felt it was a good idea to have Michiru show her some kindness considering she's managed to be nice herself even around many goddesses and Michiru's friends which she normally wouldn't do since its her job to disrupt the goddesses on behalf of all demon kind along with Hild who has yet to make her grand appearance in front of everybody. I was always interested in the Hell mail order catalogue and what items could be ordered from it so I imagined Michiru would be curious as well, though that will have to wait until later after Michiru's revisited Japan's Feudal era first.

I felt like the build up before Michiru's actual confession was the calm before the storm even though Michiru's worrying much more than he has too about Urd's reaction as we eventually found out and of course, its only natural that Urd takes advantage of the opportunity to be a tease and a flirt considering that both of them are alone together in her bedroom late at night. After all, Michiru's already shown kindness to Urd and helped to cheer her up during a moment of sadness on more than one occasion, so Urd's trying to show her gratitude which isn't really far from the truth considering how much Michiru's worked his way into her heart in only a couple of days much like how he's also done with Peorth. Although Urd had been praying and waiting for so long for someone to accept her, she probably wasn't expecting for her prayers to be answered so it was no surprise that Urd broke down crying out of relief and happiness when she learned that the kind hearted Kururugi boy seated next to her still wanted to be her friend and treat her respectfully just as he had been before discovering her half demon heritage, never mind all the healing warmth and touching compliments Urd received following Michiru's confession which makes Urd feel differently than she did before about the young Shikigami user. Given how many tears there were between Urd and Michiru, I felt it was the perfect opportunity for World of Elegance to make an appearance since her presence would help lift the spirits of Urd and Michiru much more quickly and having the photo session was fun and memorable too.

Since Michiru gave some leftover food to Mara, it was only fair that he gave some leftover food to Sayoko as well, especially since Sayoko gave him a drive earlier today along with the flowers and Saki as an apology in order to make amends for the incident which Toshiyuki caused. Sayoko also doesn't get very much screen time like the other characters from Oh My Goddess anime so that's another reason why I wrote another scene which included her presence.

Now that Urd's free of her painful burden which had weighed heavily on her heart for so long, she's overcome with happiness so its only natural that she'd want to flirt around with the young teenager who accepted her and her half demon heritage in order to show her gratitude towards him while getting a free laugh at Michiru's expense as an additional bonus. Fortunately, Michiru managed to resist the temptation of giving in to Urd's advances on this night and respectfully decline as politely as possible and getting to have some last laughs together was a fine way to conclude their evening together. Let's face it, Urd is the only other goddess besides Peorth who's not afraid to flirt a lot. "If you've got it, flaunt it." as Urd likes to say. However, I'd say that Urd is undoubtedly the naughtiest which is why I thought her having a pair of handcuffs or bondage cuffs is believable and not far from the truth.

Well to be fair, Urd was changing clothes before going to bed and just happened to be fully undressed when she heard footsteps coming down the hallway getting closer and given all that had happened in her bedroom just moments ago, she obviously still had Michiru on her mind which is why her emotions overwhelmed her caution when she jumped to the wrong conclusion and slid open the door thinking Michiru had returned to reconsider her offer of letting him spend the night with her only to see Miroku standing outside instead. Miroku's a lecherous pervert and since goddesses are considered even more beautiful than mortal women, so its no surprise that he said what was on his mind without thinking beforehand since he flirts with any attractive female whereas Michiru would keep his hormones along with any dirty thoughts or temptations in check and to himself out of respect. Michiru and Urd have been through a lot so far these passed few days, the last thing either of them need is for Miroku to cause more trouble which he's already done a lot since his arrival to the modern era, giving Michiru good reason to give him an earful of remarks while dragging the lecherous monk down the hall by the ear in the process which Miroku richly deserves.

Yeah, that's another reason why I feel sorry for Mara, being a comic relief character is bad enough, but being blackmailed and intimidated by Hild is bad too especially since Hild is the ruler of all Demon kind. Hild is always evil, even just a little during the rare occasion when she acts nicely towards Urd or anyone else, she always has an ulterior motive hidden when ever she wants or does something which makes her all the more dangerous because she's cunning and tremendously powerful. You've every reason to worry about Hild being interested in Michiru, Hild is the ruler of Demon kind after all who possesses more power than Naraku ever did. Things will get complicated, even more than you realize, I hope you can look forward to finding out why as events continue to unfold throughout the story. You're right about Miroku having his morale shattered from envying Michiru for the unexpected lifestyle that the Kururugi boy will be rewarded with in Valhalla along with all those Valkyries signing up to be his housemaids, palace servants, etc. All of that will eventually be revealed to Michiru along with everybody else as well, but only after Miroku sinks to a lower level from committing yet another bad deed. By which time, Sango will have given up on the disgraced monk and chose Michiru as a romantic partner for life.

Belldandy was happy that Urd was finally freed from carrying a ton of emotional pain and hurtful memories because of her half demon heritage and so hearing from Michiru that everything turned out well in the end made her feel grateful to the Shikigami user since Belldandy couldn't take such a heavy burden away from Urd herself despite being a first class goddess with a kind heart. Since Michiru talked with Belldandy about discovering Urd's half demon heritage along with other concerns on his mind, it was fitting that she express her gratitude to Michiru for making Urd feel better, she gave him advice and reassurances when ever they both talked together on other occasions as well when ever Michiru found himself burdened with concerns or problems so it seemed like the best way to end the evening along with the chapter as well.

My apologies again, I had intended to include a trip to Nekomi Tech in this chapter, but it got longer than I thought and after weeks of achieving so little at a time, I just decided to end the chapter with what I had written already and simply move on to the next one so cramming events together wouldn't be so difficult and mind boggling. You have a point, Inuyasha won't be bored and his spirit will be lifted enough to show interest again in what the modern era has to offer, same goes for the other feudal era characters as well. A quick visit is just what everybody needs to take their minds off the bad incidents that have occurred during the short visit to the house where Keiichi and the goddesses are living. Hild may be scheming something, but at least she knows how to restrain herself in order to coexist with the goddesses down on earth even though Deities and Demon kind are traditional rivals competing for contracts with human beings.

Although many adventures still await Michiru and the others in Feudal Japan, this is still technically the calm before the storm since no demonic foes have emerged yet and life in the Warring States era appears unchanged for the time being. Ah yes, the harem ending, that's probably going to be my biggest writing challenge of all since writing about romance between characters has always been difficult for me. Romance involving two lovers is tough enough, but a harem, that's a whole different level altogether which conflicts with all moral values and principals Michiru's undoubtedly been taught and expected to believe in. Fortunately in this case however, goddesses aren't completely bound by the same moral beliefs as human beings are which will make this endeavour a little easier for the Shikigami user to cope with in the days ahead when the time finally comes for him to address the issue.

Yes, its always depressing when one person has to chose amongst more than one love interest and anyone left out on the sidelines is left alone with a broken heart so having a harem is really the only way around that in this case. That's something I sincerely wish wasn't true, if I had complete control over my own life or fate if you want to call it that, I would be doing so much better than I am now and I wouldn't be alone either. Sorry, lost control of myself for a moment there, at least stories are fiction and we have more control over them than we do with our own lives which is why so many of us live our lives in the realm of fiction and fantasy because the real world is no longer what we hoped it would be as is real life in general for the vast majority of us. Thank you for your lengthy review, I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter even though not a whole lot occurred in it despite how much time I took to write it out.

Bucio: Replying to your chapter 12 review. No need to apologize, its very easy to overlook a chapter if you didn't know that the story was updated with a new one, nor should you feel badly about any spelling errors since those are common even for those typing online in their first language. I'm impressed with your skills since English isn't your first language, I always wished I could read, write or speak multiple languages. But sadly, that's not the case, the same can be said with many of my dreams, goals and wishes.

Glad to know you agree with myself and with many other fans as well, Sango deserves to be with someone who is worthy of her, many fans and I were unhappy that Sango was paired with Miroku in the Inuyasha series. Such a shame that the Inuyasha SOTCM Game wasn't the basis for the actual Inuyasha series and that Michiru along with the other characters created only for the game weren't included in the anime either. I already have enough endings to write out including the harem ending so I'm sorry to say that I must respectfully decline your idea of have Michiru paired with two women for additional alternate endings. However, I can tell you in advance since its already been decided that everybody will end up in heaven together since most of the characters will have already lived out their lives in Feudal Japan so by the time the others leave earth and go to Heaven, everybody else will have already gone there a few centuries ahead of them and will be waiting to greet their friends with a warm welcome.

I'm still undecided on whether to pair Skuld with Shippo or Kohaku since both of them are possible candidates. All of them are still young with all the curiosity and innocence that all young children possess, although who ever isn't paired with Skuld can be paired with Rin instead if that sounds workable. Shippo seems to get more attention than Kohaku does simply because he's a member of Inuyasha's company whereas Kohaku has unfortunately spent most of his time as Naraku's captive and minion. However, perhaps Kohaku would be better off with Rin since both of them are human and close in age whereas Skuld is a goddess and Shippo is a demon, both of whom age much slower and will live longer lives than humans would.

Yes, Michiru certainly has found himself in an unexpected situation; having several goddesses who will eventually become a love interest. Lind isn't flirtatious like Peorth and Urd both are, but because of her status as a Valkyrie warrior, she already has learned a great deal about Michiru from his Feudal era adventures despite never having seen his face or met him in person until only recently a few days ago. As a result, that's why she admires and respects him so much along with the fact that as a goddess, she judges Michiru differently than he or any other human being would. Peorth may have seen it as her primary duty to grant Michiru a wish after being summoned down to earth by him at the beginning, but now she's learned to put that aside in order to build a relationship with him so that her wish of finding and falling in love with someone who will love her in return will be granted as well. Urd may have just been friends with Michiru at the start, but after getting to know him a little more and being cheered up by him during a moment of sadness on two different occasions, she's also begun to develop romantic feelings of her own towards the young Shikigami user who has found his way into her tender heart.

Belldandy becoming someone who Michiru can talk too, trust and seek advice from is turning out to look like a big sister role for the first class goddess which works well even though they've only known each other for a few days, but then again, Belldandy's kind and gentle personality along with the fact that she's a goddess always work wonders which make everyone admire and look up to her. Yeah, Skuld being like a younger sister that Michiru never had sounds close to accurate, though its also true that Skuld doesn't have many friends since she's so young apart from Keiichi of course. Also, considering that Skuld had her own episode while she was a teenager and she had romantic feelings for Keiichi even if only for a brief amount of time, its also possible that Skuld might also have feelings for Michiru too since he saved her from Toshiyuki and comforted her afterwards.

Michiru is the shy type who's afraid of hurting others and being hurt in return which is why he's trying to treat everyone equally while making sure not to make the mistakes that Kagome and Miroku are doing in their deteriorating relationships with Inuyasha and Sango. After all, its bad enough to offend other people, offending one or more goddesses would be considered even worse and that's putting it lightly. Nevertheless, despite Michiru's inexperience at socializing and interacting with the opposite sex, at least he can take comfort from the fact that the goddesses understand his uneasiness and are patient enough to give him time to adapt to the idea of having so many new female friends in his life despite that some of them still flirt with him and make romantic advances from time to time.

Glad you liked the tender moment between Michiru and Peorth, since Peorth followed Urd's advice about slowing down her usual advances and put aside the matter of granting Michiru's wish, it was only fair from Michiru's viewpoint that he also made an effort to try changing a little for the better of their relationship despite his uneasiness about it given his lack of experience at socializing and interacting with girls along with dating, etc. I enjoyed writing out that scene and felt that they deserved such an opportunity after all that had happened since the last time they had together was back in chapter 5, Michiru can feel good about himself since he's finally found himself a girlfriend and his gradually learning how to interact with women while developing his own special relationship. Peorth of course can feel satisfied with the progress she's made thus far and can look forward to many more special moments with Michiru who's her boyfriend and client.

Inuyasha loves a good fight, probably more than anything else in the whole world and since there aren't any demonic foes to beat up in the modern era, the only alternative available is to take part in sparring sessions. Given how powerful Lind is as a Valkyrie, its only fair that Inuyasha and Michiru team up to fight the formidable female fighter as a team, but unfortunately they couldn't use their swords to their full potential or else there could have been a lot of damage and destruction caused despite the presence of many goddesses who would have used their powers to repair everything and heal anyone who had accidentally gotten injured as well. On the other hand however, it gave readers a rare example of Michiru and Inuyasha fighting as a team without relying on Shikigami magic or on the destructive abilities of Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga which we're already familiar with, such an experience can be of great value during a real fight in the event when neither of those advantages are available to them at the time.

Yes, that's always one of the worst spots a guy can have the misfortune of finding himself in, Zues didn't want to make enemies of Hera, Athena or Aphrodite which is why he got out of it by making Paris choose in his place. Unfortunately, that resulted with the tragic events of the Trojan War which I thought would work to help Michiru explain why he couldn't choose between Urd and Skuld since he values the friendship he shares with each of them even though both of them are very beautiful despite being different in age and appearance. Fortunately, Belldandy entered into the conversation before either of her sisters could say something more and intervened on Michiru's behalf so he could leave and avoid the troubling dilemma he had found himself in. Belldandy is always looking out for others and always knows what to say and do for the good of everyone, but she probably doesn't like lecturing her sisters even though necessity required her too because of how their actions were putting Michiru under even more stress than he has to deal with already, giving Urd forewarning that Michiru has an important matter to discuss with the second class goddess was also nicely added afterwards as well.

Glad you liked the interaction between Inuyasha and Skuld, I thought it worked well not only because Inuyasha is Michiru's best friend, but also because seeing Skuld reminds Inuyasha of how he once was during his young childhood when he wasn't as strong as he is now which is also why he was looking out for her here too. Too bad that many of Inuyasha's good deeds go unnoticed to most people around him, especially Kagome who has a bad habit of only seeing his flaws and frequently complains about them instead of helping Inuyasha to improve himself in order to overcome them over time. Transforming Miroku into a woman was fun to write about and he truly deserves it after all his long list of many misdeeds, now he'll finally get to experience a dose of his own unwanted lechery, and having Inuyasha asking if "she'd bear his children" was the perfect way to rub it in "Mikuru" face. But I couldn't stop there, having Mikuru eat some magnet fruit with Keiichi's two muscular friends from the Auto Club was also humiliating for the lecherous pervert which I'm sure everybody enjoyed reading about. It all worked out perfectly so that Miroku was punished and Michiru didn't have to keep his word about dragging the misbehaving monk back to Feudal Japan which means Skuld and everybody else gets to stay and enjoy having fun together. All the deities must be laughing at Miroku, an appropriate way to answer the monk's prayers for help if you ask me.J

Yes, Alastor is certainly a deity to be concerned and suspicious of, I tried to make him act like someone who isn't afraid to milk the system for his own selfish gain. The Almighty really had to intervene during that meeting in order to break up those who were arguing and remind everyone of the necessity to honour and respect the peace agreement made between Heaven and the Netherworld, but unfortunately, words alone won't be enough to keep Alastor in check. As I'm sure you've already deduced, Alastor is romantically interested in Lind and will eventually see Michiru as his rival for the Valkyrie's affections, he already views human beings with contempt since he's a powerful deity who doesn't have to deal with the same hardships and daily troubles that humans have to endure on earth.

Its summer vacation after all, Michiru and his friends have to occupy themselves somehow so it went well for everybody, except for "Mikuru" of course. Once all the fun and games were finished, it was nice for Lind and Michiru to have a brief moment together considering that Lind arrived later in the story compared with the other goddesses so she deserved such an opportunity and unlike Peorth and Urd who are both flirtatious and overly forward, Lind is more conservative and elegant just like Belldandy which is probably why Michiru finds it easy to open up a little and talk with her about his doubts and concerns among other things weighing him down. Because Lind already knows a great deal about Michiru from his feudal era adventures, its easy for the Valkyrie to understand his position which makes it easier for her to respond with a series of kind words and reassuring remarks while she gives him a hug to help him relax, rewarding the unprepared teenager with a glimpse of Lind's softer side that she wouldn't normally show to anyone else. This in turn makes Michiru feel better on the inside and raises his confidence enough to try living up to become the type of person all the goddesses and Valkyries believe him to be even though he's already earned their admiration, respect and affection from them including Lind.

No need for apologies, I a leave long and detailed review like this after reading a great chapter for a story I enjoy very much. It goes a long way to reward the author for working hard to write such work and encourages them to write more and give them ideas to use for future events later on in the story. Thank you again for leaving a lengthy and rewarding review yourself along with your thoughts and ideas about certain characters or events, although long chapters and reviews are time consuming and difficult to write, both are worth the effort in the end, speaking as an author and as a reader. Thank you as well for wishing me good look and encouraging me to write more for this story, take care until we chat online again and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Bucio: Reply to your chapter 13 review: Again, no need to apologize, I should be apologizing for taking forever to update the newest chapter which sadly didn't turn out as quickly or as entertaining as I would have liked.

Until the lecherous monk is transformed back into his normal male self, anyone with an axe to grind is taking full advantage of Miroku's humiliating predicament, all the humour we've enjoyed at his expense doesn't remotely come close to counting as a justifiable punishment for the total number of Miroku's misdeeds and wrongdoings. That's a very good idea of yours to have a potion or food spiked with potion to transform Miroku into a girl again to keep him under control or to punish him again for not controlling himself and his lecherous urges, after all, he gets away with these things far too easily in Feudal Japan whereas he'd be caught, cuffed and sent to jail for life had he lived in Modern Japan. Michiru has standards and knows when enough is enough which is why he stepped in to aid Miroku when he did, the same can be said for any other situation involving other people as well if you catch my meaning, Lind has standards too so its only natural that she takes notice of Michiru's actions even though he's aiding someone who doesn't deserve it. Rubbing all those humiliating photographs in Miroku's face would be more than enough to get on the monk's nerves and make him think twice before saying or doing something rude or inappropriate again.

Inuyasha and Mara both have the biggest appetites and stomachs out of everybody in the whole house, Mara also likes pulling pranks on people and it was fun for him to be in on the joke for a free laugh, Inuyasha really needs more joy in his life so that's also a good reason why he's becoming a good prankster himself just like Mara and Urd both are. I think when I used spell check, my computer must have made the change accidentally and I wasn't aware of it until you spotted it, it happens when there are so many errors to fix. Koshian already saw Belldandy with her Angel Holy Bell in the Oh My Goddess realm and didn't reveal his discovery so its no surprise when he reacts the same way when he witnesses his nephew Michiru using his Shikigami powers in the presence of several gorgeous goddesses, Koshian won't be appearing in the story again so I thought it best that he be given a proper send off and have the knowledge that his nephew Michiru is in good hands and has a bright future ahead of him with many gorgeous goddesses to share it with as well.

I can sympathize with Inuyasha since he's lived a very dangerous life since he was a child and lost his mother and later Kikyo, the only two people in his life who have cared for him and shown him kindness, he's a half demon after all and half demons are treated with contempt by ordinary humans and demons alike. He's only gradually learning more in order to improve himself so spending even a couple of days in Modern Japan would feel so alien and out of place for him and Kagome complaining about his flaws yet again don't help his uneasiness or the general situation either. Although Michiru intervened to break them both up, he didn't like doing it and chose to treat them equally even though Kagome's more at fault than Inuyasha is because of her short temper and low tolerance for hearing Inuyasha mention Kikyo's name. Nevertheless, it was brought to an end much to everybody's relief so that dinner and the evening weren't ruined.

Everybody was having so much fun together in only just a few days so its no surprise that the goddesses worry about Michiru returning to Feudal Japan with his friends to help search for the rest of the Shikon jewel shards that still have to be recovered. I agree with you about having Keiichi along with Belldandy and Skuld stay at the house while everyone else goes to visit the Feudal era for the reasons you mentioned, but later on, I still plan to have the three of them travel to the Feudal era as well. Lind will want to accompany Michiru now that she's helping to train him along with the fact that she'll want to protect him from danger now that his identity has at last been made public up in Heaven and Valhalla. Peorth will want to join Michiru since he's her client, but even more so because they're gradually becoming a romantic couple despite the long road and all of the bumps and turns that the two of them will encounter along the way. Urd will want to go with Michiru as well because he's the only person in the whole world who's shown her kindness and accepted her for all that she is even though deities and demon kind view half goddess/half demon hybrids with contempt, after Urd's break up with her ex-boyfriend Troubadour, the second class goddess has decided that Michiru is the person she now loves and wants to spend her life with.

I've felt that Mara is a comic relief villain which is why we get so many laughs at her expense in the Oh My Goddess anime, since she's been acting nice in the company of the goddesses instead of causing them trouble like she usually does, its only fair that Michiru reward her for her kindness by giving her some left over food to take home to her rugged apartment. I was always interested in reading through Hell's mail order catalogue to see what sort of strange antiques and magical items are available in it, so I thought Michiru would be interested as well and it would give Mara something to boast to Hild about since taking interest in what demons have to sell or offer and make herself feel good since Mara needs some good fortune in her life given all she's put up with from Oh My Goddess. Hild will be testing Michiru once she makes her grand appearance at the house for everybody to witness, that event is only a few chapters away, learning that the famed Shikigami warrior has earned the affections of her daughter Urd will be an unexpected surprise for the ruler of Demon kind. Hopefully Urd will step in and help keep Hild from doing anything too forward or dangerous considering how powerful she is, I don't want Kagura and Kanna to become minions for Hild, I want them to go to heaven once they die, especially Kagura since she's resented doing Naraku's bidding and even tried escaping from him or helping Michiru and the others in the hope of gaining her freedom in exchange.

Sayoko gave the flowers and Saki as an apology in order to make amends and even gave Michiru a free lift with her car so I thought it worked to have Michiru show his gratitude and repay Sayoko for her kindness by saving some left over food for her as well. Since Michiru was preoccupied with his long and delicate talk with Urd, Belldandy saved him the trouble of delivering the food to Sayoko by taking it to her herself, Sayoko appreciates Michiru's gesture and accepts the food which she decides to eat shortly afterwards, she can also feel better about herself as well after receiving a compliment from the Kururugi boy she met earlier during the day. I don't want Sayoko to travel to the Feudal era, it would be far too dangerous for her and besides, I'll have plenty of good and evil characters to write about once the battles begin.

That sequence of events was difficult to write out and it started off with some simple chit chat so Michiru to engage in conversation with Urd while he gathered his thoughts and prepared to confess what he had discovered, but afterwards, it all turned out at the end despite the amount of tears from both of them and they got to hug and hold each other before and after for comfort and strength. Getting to have a photo session with Urd along with her Angel World of Elegance was fun for both of them and a way to move forward together as friends who are now closer than they were beforehand. Urd breaking down briefly was natural and then she felt so much better once the heavy burden had been taken away from her, after the photo session, World of Elegance showing her affections so suddenly is definitely a sign and an omen of how much Michiru means to Urd along with her strong feelings of love which are beginning to blossom from within the depths of her heart which she has only for him and him alone even though she's aware of Michiru's newly formed relationship with Peorth.

Urd is very flirtatious and isn't afraid to be upfront about her feelings or of doing something naughty which is why she acted how she did because she wasn't ready for the special evening to be over and she didn't want Michiru to leave after healing her emotional pain and accepting her for all that she is including her half demon side. Although Michiru understood this too, he had to do what was best and politely decline out of respect for Urd as a person and out of respect for Peorth whom he's started a relationship with. Inuyasha's the only person amongst Michiru's friends who can sense what a person is because of their energy, scent or aura given his heightened sense of smell among his other superior senses which he inherited from his full fledge demon father. Michiru couldn't discover Urd's half demon heritage without Inuyasha telling him and since Inuyasha would probably keep quiet about such a thing out of respect for Urd who's also half demon like himself , the only other alternative for Michiru making the same discovery was for him to learn about Urd's weakness for Enka music and remember how Mara also has a similar weakness herself even though her reaction is different and the music in question that she reacts with is also different as well.

Michiru had to make his escape somehow, luckily, he succeeded and managed to share a few more laughs with Urd in the process. Afterwards when Urd was changing to go to bed, she still had Michiru on her mind and her heart was undoubtedly beating uncontrollably for affection which unfortunately caused her emotions to overwhelm her caution and that's why she made the mistake of opening her bedroom door thinking Michiru was returning to see her only to find to her dismay that Miroku was the one standing outside instead. Then the shrieks, lightning bolts and screams followed, causing Michiru to race back and find out what had happened. After dragging Miroku away by the ear while giving the monk a few more verbal remarks out of frustration, Michiru manages to wrap up the late evening by briefly talking to Belldandy and telling her how his talk went with Urd, Belldandy showing her gratitude towards Michiru for helping Urd in a way that she never could was nice and then they both said goodnight before going their separate ways and off to bed.

Poor Mara, she was having a great time in the company of the goddesses along with Michiru and everybody else, something which normally wouldn't happen since Mara sees the goddesses as business rivals competing for making contracts with humans on earth. She just came home after having a fun day and a delicious dinner, and Hild has to ruin it for her by blackmailing Mara to give up the left over food Michiru gave to her in order to save the lives of the three rats who are Mara's loyal subordinates. But at least she earned points from Hild by revealing that many of the goddesses will be travelling to Feudal Japan in order to accompany Michiru along with the unexpected bonus of Michiru showing interest in Hell's mail order catalogue which could also lead to something profitable in the future. Hild will probably be happy for Urd now that her daughter has found someone that has accepted her along with her half demon heritage, but knowing the ruler of Demon kind, Hild will undoubtedly take advantage of this in someway or use this knowledge to her own advantage.

Given all the stress Michiru's been under in this chapter, having the ending involve another brief scene in Heaven with many gorgeous goddesses and Valkyries was simply too good to pass up, especially since all of Michiru's good deeds have now influenced the size and appearance of his palace. Having all the heavenly women stop their daily training exercises and race down to submit their names to the employment office to ensure that they'll be servants and housemaids once the famous Shikigami warrior arrives to claim his glorious new home filled with all the luxuries one could guess, never mind the sheer number of beautiful female deities who will be waiting to welcome him and provide all the pleasure mere mortals can't begin to imagine. According to what J4RRE77 told me, noble warriors admitted to Valhalla can have multiple wives and lovers who are more than happy and willing to share a great warrior amongst themselves. I understand how this will be viewed with disbelief by Michiru given how young he is along with how he's tried to uphold moral values and principals throughout his life, so for the alternate ending which will feature the harem, Michiru will reluctantly have to bite the bullet. In Valhalla, do as the Valkyries do. Even if Michiru respectfully declines the advances of other deities in order to remain faithful to Peorth/Urd/Lind/Sango/etc. They'll still be happy just for having the opportunity of serving an honourable young man and being able to make his new life in the realm of the deities a truly pleasant experience which is one of the primary tasks that Valkyries do.

Although it will be a couple of chapters more before the story's setting changes to Japan's Feudal era, I'm building up the story little by little and adding omens or clues in between events for each chapter until evil foes show up and the fighting can begin. Some of which will occur in heaven and on earth, in Feudal Japan or Modern Japan depending on the circumstances and so on. Alastor's plans will take some time to develop and materialize given that he's up in heaven and surrounded by fellow deities, but things should move quicker once Michiru and his friends revisit the Feudal era, the traitorous deity cannot simply overplay his hand or betray the Almighty on a whim after all. Yes, I plan to have the story provide a different ending for Inuyasha as a series, one which I hope will be believable and satisfactory to myself and to readers such as yourself. I for one was disappointed with Inuyasha the Final Act for a number of reasons, Sango being paired with Miroku and Naraku being vanquished by the Shikon jewel instead of by Inuyasha in battle to name a few.

I already have plans for Kikyo so giving her a mechanical body is out of the question, I also plan to give her a bigger role in my story since I felt she didn't get much attention in the Inuyasha series despite her importance as a character as well as a priestess and as Inuyasha's former love. I've never watched The world of Nanoha, nor have I heard of it either so I'll have to decline your request for writing an Inuyasha cross over with that anime. I love Familiar of Zero and have long fantasized about putting Michiru in place of Saito since the world he's summoned too is filled with magicians along with their familiars, mystical creatures, ancient castles and everything else belonging to a great fantasy or anime. Unfortunately, I'm busy enough as it is with writing the stories I'm currently involved with, but once I finish one story, I'll start on that one if I feel I can spare time for writing it as well. I would ask that I be given a free hand in writing it though, especially when it comes to pairing characters together in romantic couples, I should also point out that I've only seen the first season of Familiar of Zero because none of the other seasons have been made available in English dub on DVD yet or so I last checked anyway. Kirche, Siesta and Miss Longville along with all the other female characters will surely make Michiru feel nervous until he adapts to his predicament along with the new world and all it has to offer once he's summoned there by which ever female magician casts her spell on the special day of the sacred summoning ceremony.

Wow! This must have taken me the better part of the whole weekend to type out, but it was worth it and its only right that I as an author respond to this long and details review you've so generously given me after taking a tremendous amount of time to type out and submit it. Thank you again, you've been very kind and very encouraging. I'll try to have the following chapter done more quickly next time, this one took six and a half months to complete, way too much time for just one chapter. Oh, happy Halloween to you when it arrives too.