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Stiles slowly reached for the drink in front of him, hands grasping the plastic cup as he took a gulp of soda. The brunette is sure he's gone insane, pretty sure. He reaches up and runs a hand through his buzz cut hair, from the back he goes to the front and runs it down his face. He takes a deep breathe, exhales it, takes another deep one. Stiles is reaching for his drink again but stops short, "Okay," he breathes, "so, let me get this straight."

Stiles turns his attention to the person on his left, "Dean Winchester," he says and the person nods. Stiles turns his attention to the person to the right, "Cas?"

Cas nods.

The bruntte exhales again, "So, hmm, just give me a minute."

Dean rolls his eyes, he's tired of this. Fifteen minutes now, they've been sitting down at the kitchen table. And the whole entire fifteen minutes, Stiles spent it, staring into space, eyes darting around the room, and the teen had finished two glasses of soda. He is done, they've got a werewolf to catch. "Look kid," Dean starts, "I don't have all day."

Stiles glares, "Yeah well, excuse me, you just hit me with a shit load of information."

Dean lets out a growl, and Stiles is sure that could compete with Derek's. Not all the way though, Derek was more threatening. Cas reaches over and places a hand on top of Deans, "We aren't going to get anywhere if you're going to be hostile," he whispers.

"Okay," Stiles says, "So you're an Angel?"

Cas nods, "Yes."

Stiles bites at his lip, worrying it between his teeth. Yeah, I've gone insane, he teen thinks to himself. Werewolves, he's sure exist, he knows they exist because he helped take down Peter Hale. But Angels. No freaking way. On that note, does every does every Hunter known to man have last name that somehow freakishly relates them to their job. Like the Argents, silver. And this guy, Winchester, gun. "Um, how do I know that this isn't some elaborate hoax?" Stiles asked.

Yeah, Dean has had enough. The hunter reaches across the table and grasps the front of Stiles' shirt and drags him across the table. Well this is awfully familiar is what Stiles is thinking when he feels his head being slammed down onto the wood. "Dean!" Cas cries out in disbelief as he reaches over and separates the hunters fist from the material of Stiles' shirt.

"Well," Stiles huffs out, "I was going to offer you food, but I guess not."

Dean releases Stiles' shirt and throws himself back in his seat. Stiles grumbles, lets out a mocking cough as he fixes his shirt. The teen then sits down and crosses his arms across his chest. "Okay," he says, "okay I believe you."

Dean is now opening the manila folders again and is showing Stiles photos, photos that Stiles has seen already. Well shit, the brunette thinks to himself. The photos were the people that the Alpha killed. There is also a photo with the deer with the spiral on its side. "Do you know anything about these?" Dean asks.

Stiles sighs, "No."

"Look," Dean growls, "I've had a long day, and I really, really don't want to spend it with a seventeen year old who won't answer a question correctly, NOW, I'm going to ask you again, do you know anything about these pictures."

"What makes you think I know something about them?" Stiles asks in return.

Dean groans as he runs a hand over his face, "Some people in town said you would know."

"Ah, so you just assumed that if you came here and asked me that I would just be all gong ho and talk about it with you!" Stiles cried, hands flailing, "besides the killings stopped, so you can just leave now, thank you very much!"

Cas is now the one standing over the table, hand reaching over to touch Stiles' head, because, well he too has had enough. Cas has his fingers inches away from Stiles' forehead when the front door bursts open causing everyone to jump. Stiles' eyes shifts towards the entry way where Derek is standing, hands in tight fists and Stiles sees the lycan's green eyes tinged red. "Derek," Stiles cried out.

The next few moments happen in a blur. Derek is barging his way into the kitchen, growls reverberating from his chest. Stiles is up as well as he crowds the Alpha against the kitchen counter, hands pressed on Derek's chest. Dean has his gun pointed at the werewolf and Cas has his hands at his side, ready, just in case.

"So you do know about the killings?" Dean barks, finger reaching up to cock the gun.

Stiles' breathing catches in his throat, "Whoah, WHOAH!" he yells, voice escalating.

Cas has seen enough, his right hand comes up, eyes twitching a bit as he flicks his wrist and Stiles finds himself away from Derek and pinned up against the kitchen wall. Derek's eyes flash red, a threatening growl echoes through the room, human teeth changing into canines, claws coming forth as he rushes towards the Angel. Dean's fingers press against the trigger, the noise from the gun causes Stiles to shut his eyes as he yells the lycan's name.

"You idiots!" Stiles yells as he struggles against the force that's holding him down, "let me go right now, right now!"

Derek lets out a painful groan from the floor as he pushes himself into a sitting position. "Stiles?" he asks, voice etched with pain.

"Derek! Dude, please tell me those were just regular bullets!"

The Alpha nods as he grips his right arm which is already starting to heal, the bullet only grazing him. Stiles lets out a breathe of relief but it catches in his throat when Dean is hovering above Derek, gun cocked and aimed at Derek's heart. "Don't. Move." Dean threatens.

"You guys are making a mistake!" Stiles cries out frantic.

Cas eyes Stiles. The Angel tilts his head, his blue eyes stare into Stiles' brown ones. Stiles inhales sharply. "Dean," Cas says, voice smooth.

"What?" Dean asks, eyes flicking to the Angel for a quick second then back to Derek.

"He's telling the truth."

"What!" Dean yells as he fully looks towards the angel. Derek shifts a bit and Dean is on him again, "I mean it!" Derek orders, "Don't. Move. Or I swear the next bullet is going in your head."

Stiles breathing catches again as he begins to thrash from his position against the wall. The teen's breathing coming in fast, his heartbeat rising. "Stiles," Derek breathed, "Stiles calm down!"

The teen doesn't listen as his chest starts rising and falling rapidly. Cas released his hold on Stiles, the brunette landing on the floor with a thud. The Angel steps back alarmed, "Dean," he says, "something's wrong."

Derek growls, "You idiots," he spits out in anger, "you caused him to have a panic attack!"

"What!" Dean yells out alarmed.

"Get that gun out of my face," Derek growls as he pushes himself up from the floor. Dean wavers a bit and Derek rolls his eyes. Fuck this shit, is what the lycan thinks as he shoves the hunter to the floor and is bounding towards Stiles.

Dean and Cas watched with wide eyes as Derek carefully picks Stiles from the floor and into his lap. Stiles' breathing slows down and evens out, the teen's hands gripping at Derek's jacket. They lapse into silence. "Stiles," Derek breathes as he bangs his head into the wall, "you're going to be the death of me, I swear to you."

"Sorry," the teen mumbles in apology.

"So," Dean says, slowly as he lowers his gun, "I-I'm an-"

"Idiot, who should've listened," Stiles states finishing Dean's sentence as he stands up.

Dean's eyes glared, "You and Sour Wolf here would get along fantastically," Stiles says he makes his way towards the fridge, hands gripping at the handle as he throws the door open.

"I'm not a sour wolf!" Derek roars.

"How is he even a sour wolf that makes no sense at all?" Cas asks

Stiles' eyes widen as he lets out a laugh, "Oh man, I like you, you're awesome."

The Angel scrunches his eyebrows in confusion as Stiles begins pulling things from the fridge. Dean totally forgets the fact that he's in the room with a werewolf as he eyes the food that's being placed on the counter. He could just let that pass. In fact he might just let it pass, because one he hasn't eaten in hours, and two they could sit down and talk, which is the least he could do, after all it was his fault he did cause Stiles to go into a panic attack. "So," Stiles says as he shuts the fridge, "now that the drama is out of the way, I'm pretty sure we can handle this like adults and talk about this..hmm?"

Derek scowls from the floor, "I'm not talking to anyone in here."

Stiles grins, "Well darling, you're talking to me right now."

Dean laughs, "Oh man, that's great," the hunter snaps his finger then points it to Stiles, "I like you kid."

"So," Stiles says, "We're talking then I assume?"

"Yes," Dean answers as he pulls up a chair, "besides it's the least I could do, after the shit I just pulled."

Stiles just nods, "Alright, cool, I'll take that as apology then?"

"I.." Dean trails off, "Can you make me a sandwich?"

"I can," Stiles answers with a nod.

"Then yes, that was me apologizing," Dean says, and he means it too.

"Dean," Cas says as he steps forward, "Do I have to stay?"

The Alpha opens his mouth to ask the same question to Stiles but the brunette seems to be reading the wolf's mind because the brunette is pointing a knife in Derek's direction, "Yes, you're staying," the teen orders.

Dean laughs at Stiles' antics, the hunter turns his attention to the Angel. "Yes," Dean answers as he reaches over and pulls out the chair, "Sit."

The Angel sighs, "I really don't want too…"

Dean rolls his eyes, "What did I tell you man, relax."

Stiles laughs, "I tell that Derek all the time."

The Alpha who is still sitting on the floor rolls his eyes, arms crossing over his chest he lets out an angry huff. "Shut up Stilinski," he growls.

"But Dean, we should head back to Sam," Cas suggests.

"No can do, Stiles is making food and like I said I owe him."

"Dean, I, you, know my people skills are rusty and I certainly am not going to sit here watching you and a teen converse."

Dean shoos the Angel to where Derek is, "You know what, go make friends with him, you guys seem to have a lot in common."

Stiles laughs as Derek's eyes widen in protest, the wolfs green eyes glaring into Stiles. "You do," Stiles states, "your people skills are rusty too Derek."

The brunette brings two plates over and a soda for Dean and sits across the hunter. "Thanks," Dean says he takes hold of his sandwich.

"Mhmm," Stiles says.

Cas is still standing when both Dean and Stiles start eating. Dean rolls his eyes, "Cas," he says, voice gruff, "Sit down."

The Angel's eyes darken, but he lets out a huff as he marches his way over and sits down next to the werewolf. Both Supernatural beings watch as Stiles and Dean converse loudly. "This is ridiculous," Derek growls, "I'm a werewolf and I'm being ordered around by a teen."

"Hey," the Angel says, "I'm an Angel of the Lord and I'm being ordered around by human."

"The question is why?" Derek asks in a whisper, even though he already knows the answer.

The Angel eyes Dean at the kitchen table, "I'd do anything for Dean Winchester," he answers. Which is true. He has a profound bond with the hunter, and since the Angel raised Dean from perdition there has always been this gravitational pull that brought the two together, creating a friendship between Hunter and Angel.

Derek has a similar answer. He doesn't like to admit, but has grown to attached to the quirky teen, "Yeah," he breathes, "I get what you're saying because I would do anything for Stiles."

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