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"You know what line was stupid from that movie."

"What?" Dean asked as he took a bite of his sandwich

Stiles licked at his lip, "Anakin, you're breaking my heart."

Dean chocked a bit on the piece he was chewing. The hunter shook his head, fist slamming down on the table as he swallowed the piece in his mouth, "Hell yes, it was so stupid."

"But but!" Stiles yelled, "the part after where they were fighting, so awesome."

"Yes, it was all sorts of awesome."

Stiles nods, "Yeah with the lava and the jumping," Stiles then drops his sandwich and makes a swinging motion with his hands as if he was swinging a light saber "and the wooosh!"

Derek sighed from his spot on the floor as he watched Dean and Stiles converse. The two, Derek noticed has a lot in common. Stiles was a messy eater, Dean was a messy eater. They both talked with their mouths full and inhaled their food like a hoover vacuum. Not to mention the arm flailing. Oh yeah, they were like the best of friends. Derek scowled at the thought. And he was sure he emitted a growl when Dean reached over and shoved Stiles' lightly.

Cas was looking over at him at that and then back to Dean. "Uh Dean," he called out.

Dean sighed, "What Cas?"

"The werewolf just growled."

Tattle tale was the one thing that ran though Derek's mind. Dean was now looking at them and Stiles had turned his head slightly. Derek bit at his lip when Stiles looked over at him. The teen was giving him a look. Derek felt his wolf whine at the look and damn he felt bad himself. Curse the wolf being part of him. Well at his moment that is, because what the hell was Derek feeling all disappointed for. "Derek," Stiles said in a tone as if he was talking to a child.

The Alpha scowled, "I'm not a child Stiles," he all but growled. He wasn't about to give in, because after all he was a werewolf. He was an Alpha for God-freaking-sakes.

"I'm not saying you're not," Stiles huffed, "but why in the hell are you growling."

Derek crossed his arms over his chest, "Nothing," he mumbled.

Cas looks over at Derek, head tilted to side. Derek, unfortunately didn't know an Angel can also tell when someone is lying. But Cas lets is slide because Stiles is now fully facing the werewolf. "Derek," Stiles says, "you know, you can leave if you want-"

"No!" Derek cries out quickly, because there is no way in hell he is leaving Stiles alone with a hunter.

Stiles sighs, "Okay," he says, eye brows raised, "are you going to be okay?"

Derek huffs but nods as he clenches a fist. As long as he doesn't touch you is what he thinks. Stiles is still looking at him waiting for an answer so he nods again and says, "I'll be fine Stiles."

Stiles leaves it at that as he turns his attention back to Dean. And like that, they both pick up where they left as if the interruption hadn't happen. Derek groans as he continues to watch the pair in front of him. Derek doesn't know how long he's been sitting there. He's pretty sure it's been an hour or two.

Within that hour Derek's pretty sure he can watch Star Wars and he'll know every part before it happened. He's all but happy when Dean and Stiles shift subjects. The two are on their, third sandwich and are now discussing music. Dean sighs and it's then that he notices the feeling of anger in the air.

The lycan's eyes shifted towards the Angel who was still sitting next to him. Cas had his hands in his laps and was staring at Dean as well. The Angel shifted again and Derek tensed when he felt the anger emitting from supernatural figure. "Hey," Derek whispered, "you need to calm down."

Cas' eyes darkened, "I am," he growled.

Derek rolled his eyes. The Angel just growled. Damn Stiles for being right because it looked like they had some things in common. Other than the fact that they were both Supernatural creatrues. "You're also lying, I'm a werewolf. I can feel and smell your anger."

"How?" the Angel asked as he turned his head facing the Alpha Wolf.

Derek sighed, "My senses are heightened."

"I don't understand."

"You're an Angel, can't you sense things?"

Cas nodded, "I can actually."

Derek placed his hands on the floor as he pushed himself up, "Look, I have a feeling these two are going to be here for a while."

"Okay and your point?" Cas said, head tilting to the side in confusion.

The Alpha sighed as he threw his eyes to the heaven, which seemed fitting for the situation he was in the room with an Angel after all. If Dean and Stiles were comfy and it looked like they were, he wasn't about to spend his day on the kitchen floor watching them talk about who was better. Metallica or AC/DC. And Derek knows the answer to that question. He wants to answer the question, which means it's his cue to leave. "My point," Derek breathed, "my point is, I'm going for a walk or something anything so I don't have to hear those two go on and on." Derek takes a deep breathe because he wants to hit himself for asking what he's about to ask. But if you look at it, Stiles did tell him to make friends with the Angel. "Would you like to come with me?" Derek asks.

Cas glanced over at the hunter and the teen, "I don't know if I should leave, is it," the Angel took in a deep breath, brow furrowing as he wracked his brain on what he wanted to say, "Is it appropriate to leave?"

"They did tell us to get to know each other," Derek pointed out.

"Yes," Cas simply says.

"So we should be okay."

Cas nodded as he stood up, "Will they be okay?"

Derek glances over the pair. Stiles is all caught up in talking to Dean to even notice that he's moved. He feels his wolf bristle because Dean is reaching over and touching Stiles again. He clenches his fist tightly before slowly uncurling his fingers. Yeah, he decides, he needs to go because he's sure that if Dean touches Stiles again he'll snap. He takes a deep breath and nods, "Yeah, your friend's a hunter, he'll be okay and besides, I'll know if something is wrong."

"How?" Cas asked as they walked out of the room

"It's complicated," Dean answers. It's not really complicated but he's not about to have a touchy feely session with an Angel. And plus he doesn't want anyone else to know, and he doesn't want to admit it himself. Because when Dean is leaning closer to Stiles again, Dean finally understands why he's all territorial.

Cas took one glance at the kitchen when they reached the front door, "Should we?"

"Stiles!" Derek yelled voice booming "I'm going out and I'm taking the Angel with me."

"Have fun!" Stiles yelled back.

"Later Cas," Dean yelled.

Cas licked his lip, "Dean?" he called out.

Dean sighed, "I'll call you if I need you. Now go."

Cas scowled, hands forming a fist. Derek rolled his eyes as he shoved him out the door. Oh yeah it looked like they had a lot in common. So maybe this shouldn't be that hard. He just needed to make it a rule, no touchy feely moments at all what so ever. Or so help him.

"You and Dean have the same relationship I have with Stiles."


"He orders you around, you hate it, but you do it anyways."


Derek laughed, "You threatened him, I'm sure, but regardless, you'll do anything to help him?"

"Yes," Cas answered, "I would, like I said, I would do anything for Dean."

"Humans, I tell you," Derek said as he began walking down the driveway.

The Angel stepped in besides him he followed the lycan to the Camaro. Derek slid into the driver's seat and motioned Cas to get in. Cas sighed but opened the door and slipped in. Derek started the car and reversed out of the drive way, "So," Derek said, "Angel huh?"

Cas nodded, "Yes."

"You'll forgive me if, I'm a bit apprehensive to believe that."

Cas turned to him, head tilted, "Just like Dean, you have no faith."

"I lost that when my family was taken from me," Derek whispered as he tightened his grip on the steering wheel. Curse him for breaking the rule already.

"I'm sorry," Cas whispered.

Derek let out a sigh as they rode in silence. Oddly, the silence is toxic or excruciating. "Why does Stiles call you a sour wolf?" Cas asked breaking the silence, "I don't understand it."

The Alpha laughed, "It's an expression, if I'm being unreasonable or like, how do I explain it, if I'm just being difficult and negative he calls me a sour wolf."


"Does Dean call you anything?"

Cas shrugged, "He probably has."

Silence fell over them as Derek took the path that lead to his house and it was silence again There wasn't any tension in the car it was as if both were comfortable with silence. They weren't bothered by it at all. Derek pulled up to his house. The Hale house was in the process of being rebuilt. "Where are we?" Cas asked as Derek threw open the driver's door.

"My house," Derek said as he exited the vehicle

The Angel eyed the house with a frown, "You live here?"

Derek laughed, "I'm staying with Stiles for now. My pack is helping me rebuild my house."


"Yes, werewolves have packs, I'm the Alpha of the Hale Pack," Derek explained as he leaned against the hood of the Camaro, "The Alpha is the boss of the pack, the leader."

"I think I get it," Cas said as stood off to the side, "So why are we here?"

"I figured, you being an Angel and me being a werewolf, the discussion of movies and music is out of the question."

Cas eyes darken in confusion but nods anyways. Derek rolls his eyes a grin following, "So, we're both Supernatural creatures, we should just talk about that."

"Ah, well that makes sense."

Derek nodded, "And we're out here because, well, no one else comes out here so I figured we could just let loose."

"Hmm, well…"

"Unless, you got another idea?" Derek asked, "because I don't know what else to do. Stiles and Dean want us to get along."

Cas nodded, "If it's okay."

Derek shrugged, "Hey, if it isn't we'll blame it on Stiles and Dean and say they told us too."

The Angel contemplated the idea but nodded as a smile formed on his lips. "Okay, sure."

Derek lips at his lips, "So," he says trailing off, "I'm actually curious to see what powers you hold?"

Cas doesn't answer, well verbally anways he just simply flicks his wrist and Derek lets out a yelp as he flies through the air and feels himself hitting a tree. He groans at the impact and falls to the floor with a thump. Cas just watches with interest as Derek picks himself up, "You know," he breaths, "You could warn a person!"

"My apologies," Cas says.

Derek shakes his head and laughs. Yeah, no problem, he thinks, being friends with Cas is no problem.

Cas is making a fist, "Should I go again?" he asks.

Derek laughs, "You're lucky I heal quickly," he answers.

The Angel tilts his head to the side, "You can heal yourself?"

Derek nods, "Yes."


Derek rolls his eyes as he reaches both arms up and stretches them,"Go again," is what he says.

Cas nods and Derek is speaking again, "I'm coming at you this time though?"

"I can stop you," Cas says with confidence.

"Try me," Derek says as he charges at the Angel.

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