An aged Nightmaran with long golden horns sat outside her small hut, gazing at the moon. There was going to be a lunar eclipse soon, and that during that time, her powers would be charged. She knew someone was looking for her tonight. She didn't know who it was, but she knew they were scared and worried. She would do anything in her power to help them.

A shadowy figure stumbled out of the shadows. When it stepped into the faint moonlight, the aged Nightmaran saw who it was. It was a short, young male Nightmaran with short, blue and white horns.

"Amulet." He stammered, "I need your help. Amulet didn't turn her head away from the moon.

"I could sense you were coming, Nyaro." She said. "I'm surprised one of Wizeman's sons would need my help. After all, Wizeman is the ruler of Nightmare.

"Well... The reason I came was BECAUSE I'm one of Wizeman's sons." Said Nyaro nervously. "And I don't think he'll approve of what I want you to do."

Amulet was quiet for a second before she said – "What exactly DO you want me to do?"

"Change me." Said Nyaro. "I want to be different to who I am. My brother, Byte is going to be the prince of Nightmare, do you know what he thinks of Master Wizeman? I can't let him rule Nightmare! That'll be awful, who knows what he'll do? He'll probably start with exiling me from Nightmare, then he'll probably make Jackle second in command. Can you imagine that? One who thinks he's so fantastic, the other with some sort of mental issue, we'll be invincible!"

Amulet slowly turned to look at him. "You do know that is a very complicated thing to do?" she said.

"Well, that's why I came now. Your powers will be charged now, right?"

Amulet gave a slight laugh. "Yes, but even I can't make the spell perfect. You'll change, but you will be cursed for life. You need to promise never to disobey Wizeman. You need to follow Wizeman's instructions exactly as he says. For the rest of your life."

"And if I don't?" asked Nyaro quietly. "What will happen?"

"Your past self will chase you for all eternity until it destroys you." Said Amulet simply. "Not the nicest thing to happen."

Nyaro shuddered. "I promise." he said quietly. "I really do."

"Understand this may go completely wrong and backfire on you." Amulet continued. "You may not become the prince of Nightmare. I'll have to change you and your brother's names for this."


"I'll name you two after the dragon and dragon slayer of the time before even Master Wizeman."

At that moment, the moonlight died into darkness. Nyaro looked up to see a thin, circular outline where the moon was a second ago. When he looked back down, all he saw was a glimmer of sparkles.

A few seconds later, the darkness cleared and Amulet stood in front of him. She raised her hand. Her persona flashed twice and Nyaro was thrown back onto the ground. He lay there and didn't get up.

Amulet turned away. It was done. The moment the sun would rise, both Nightmarans would have changed. One would find his true self and the other would be who he feels is the best for himself and everyone else.

The moment the moon would set, Blaze and Reala would be born.