Nightmarish Nightmarans of Nightmare

Jasmine felt hot, then cold, then hot then cold, then hot, then cold ect. Then she had that sort of feeling you get when your body falls asleep, but you are actually still awake [Author's Note That's never actually happened to me, by the way, but I can tell it feels weird].

She wasn't aware of anything around her, except probably Reala yelling "Holy Wizeman, that can kill her!" and NiGHTS yelling "Shut up, you stupid old moggy!" and then suddenly, she started to feel a lot taller.

When Jasmine felt brave enough to open her eyes, she saw that she was in fact, a lot taller and her drab, boring poo-brown and vomit-yellow school uniform had been replaced by a frikken awesome red winter coat (the kind with fake/real animal fur on the inside that makes environmentalists drop dead) and she was wearing black and red leggings. She had long, curvy white and pale blue tiger-striped horns.

"I give you Jasmine, the Nightmaran of plants!" NiGHTS announced, "...And flowers... And... And..."

"What do you mean, 'The Nightmaran of'?" Asked Reala, who was hovering in the one of the corners, holding a locker door that had been ripped of its hinges above his head.

"I don't know, figure it out, pea-brain!" NiGHTS retorted.

"Well I give you Jasmine, the Nightmaran who was on fire!" Reala shouted.

"I love the Hunger Games!" Jackle squealed, "Let's light her on fire, now!"

"In your dreams, b****! Come on, Jasmine, ATTACK!" NiGHTS turned to Jasmine, "Jasmine?"

"I'm right here." Said Jasmine.

"Sorry. Attack?"

Jasmine raised her eyebrows.

"Please attack?"

"Of course!" Said Jasmine happily, "Now how do I?"

NiGHTS face-palmed herself, "I don't know!"

"You don't?"

"Well, sort of, I just-" NiGHTS fumbled, "Can you just work it out?"

"I'm still here!" Reala shouted, waving his arms about like a demented hummingbird. "Hello? Does anyone see me? When can we start fighting again?"

"Now, Purple Dream!" NiGHTS summoned a harmless-looking purple cloud to float in front of Reala.

"Whoops." Said NiGHTS, looking a bit embarrassed, "That's the spell I use to make my bed, my sincerest apologies, brother."

"I love clouds!" Jackle squealed, jumping up and down on one, "It brings back memories! Like the time Ree dropped me on my head as a baby and the time I choked on my elbow!"

"You don't even have an elbow." NiGHTS pointed out.


"For the last frikken time, all because I made you sleep in your locker doesn't mean you live at school!" Reala spat, "And don't break- Damn it." Jackle had flown out of the closed window, shattering the glass everywhere.

"One second, can I have a bathroom break?" Asked NiGHTS.

"NO!" Reala yelled, "We've had too many distractions, I want to fight you!"

NiGHTS sighed, "Fine, fine." She muttered, "Have it your way."

"But NiGHTS, how am I supposed to fight if I don't know any attacks?" Jasmine asked.

"Make them up, of course!" Said NiGHTS, "It's very easy, all you need is one adjective and one noun. You add them together and voila, you've got yourself an attack! I guarantee, it's got a 20% chance of working!"

"What happens if it doesn't work?" Asked Jasmine.

"Run for it."


"Got it?"

"Er, Broken... Glass?" Jasmine tried. It had absolutely no effect. "Dead Cloud?" Nothing. "Angry Juice?" Nothing. "Hungry Olive?" Nothing. "Scary Apple?" Nothing. "Green Chair?" Nothing. "Wriggly Haze?" Nothing. She stamped her foot in frustration, "This sucks!" She spat. At once, the ground around her shattered and the bits flew at Reala's face. Instead of falling (what will happen if you tried this), Jasmine found herself floating in midair. "Cool!" She exclaimed, "This is fun!" She willed herself to go forward, she went forward. She willed herself to go back, she went back. She willed herself to shoot upwards and hit her head on the ceiling, she shot upwards and hit her head on the ceiling.

"I worked, it worked!" NiGHTS sang, hopping from one foot to the other and pumping her fists in the air, "Awesome, I'm really awesome! I'm really, really awe-"

"Darkness Pledge!" Reala snarled, he had recovered from the shock of having the ground attack him and was zipping all over the place, trying to dodge Jasmine's possessed... Er... Shards of the ground. NiGHTS shut up and flinched, but Reala's attack didn't do anything.

"What was that supposed to do?" Asked Jasmine.

"Call upon my-" Reala began, but he broke off when the ceiling suddenly fell in and a male Nightmaran (Jasmine used her power of common sense to figure out that Nightmaran = Creatures like NiGHTS, Jackle and Reala) with red Jackle-style horns, wearing a black tunic came falling in after.

An ugly Nightmaran followed, "Thou called the great warrior, Ree-Ree?" He asked Reala.

"Why is my nickname longer than my real name?" Asked Reala.

The ugly guy thought for a moment, "I have no idea in the brain of mine." He said at last, "The fair maiden with the beautiful eyes suggested it-"

"I should of known." Reala spat, "Remind me to kill Sphere after I've killed NiGHTS, Ember and this... Human thing."

"Ember?" NiGHTS asked, looking at the Nightmaran (the one who needed a really long link to describe his clothes) lying unmoving on the ground, "Oh s***, what did you do to him, you ugly old moggy?" [Author's note: If you know what a moggy is, please tell me]

"Why should you care?" Asked the ugly moggy.

"He's my bleeping friend, YAAAARRRRRRRRRRR! TAKE THIS, DIAMOND BEAM!" NiGHTS screamed, her diamond flashed (the CLEAN type of flashing) and created a laser beam that cut open a wall and the lockers connected to it, the ugly dude flew up and down to avoid being cut up.

"Thou shalt not attack me in such a foul manner, you wretch!" The ugly dude spat, "That terrible weapon has thee!"

"What the hell is he saying?" Asked Jasmine.

"No idea." Said NiGHTS, "I never even knew he spoke Old English."

"By troth, I do!" Said the ugly dude.

"Who the heck are you?" Asked Jasmine.






"Alright, no need to shout." Jasmine said, "Let's fight! ~Squiggly~Line~Attack~!" No need to describe what that attack did, the name says it all. Black squiggly lines shot out of her hands and slithered across the floor like snakes. Then they coiled themselves up to make pictures of flowers and kittens. "What the-?"

"Not all attacks are as you expect young one, fierce like a raging storm." Obliviate said, "You still have much to learn before you can embrace your skill..."

"I doubt he knows half the words he's saying." NiGHTS muttered Jasmine giggled.

"... And like my father, old as a weathered book sitting in a dusty library..." Obliviate continued.

"You can tell he doesn't usually speak like this." NiGHTS continued, "Notice how he's trying to cram as many similes and metaphors into his sentences as possible?"

"... And my even older grandmother, a decaying book with even more mouldy pages..."

"Your face is decaying and mouldy!" A female Nightmaran with blue horns flew down, the only time Jasmine had seen someone that angry was when Liam Painful, Nile River and Harry Unstylish emptied a jar of cockroaches into Ms Mooring's handbag. This Nightmaran had pretty blue horns and was wearing those designer clothes you only see on the popular girls in your school (you know them, the ones who hang out in that one big mob and are always talking about how 'hot' Justin Beiber and One Direction is). She looked like she'd have a very pretty face, but her face wasn't that pretty at that moment, because she was so angry and she was screaming abuse at the top of her voice. People who do that don't tend to look that pretty.

"Ugly f***ing b****!" She screamed, "That's Ember you just bashed up you C*** with a s*** for a face! You're uglier than a two-headed toad!"

"Thou doesn't need to rub it in." Obliviate sniffed, "Very rude is thee."

"I don't think she cares." Said Reala, "I don't care either. We're outnumbered."

"One is a rookie and the other is unconscious." Said Obliviate, "What worries thee?"

"Who's unconscious?" Asked the Nightmaran Jasmine guesses was called Ember, he was lying on the floor, only his eyes moving.

"Alright, one is a rookie and the other is in no shape to fight." Obliviate rephrased, "Is thou pleased now?"

"I don't like being called weak." Ember grumbled.

"Shut up." Said NiGHTS, "We don't need any distractions."

"I don't care if someone's at death's door or not!" Reala spat, "I say we're outnumbered!"

"I don't care if we're outnumbered." Said NiGHTS, "I say we're picking a fight in public in front of humans!"

Reala scowled, "Like I care about that, there's a chance of us being beaten, we're moving this fight!" He waved his clawed hand and a massive black and red portal opened up out of nowhere and sucked everyone inside it.

"What do we do, now?" Jasmine shouted.

"Scream." Ember called back.

And together, all the good Nightmarans started screaming at the top of their lungs.

[New Paragraph Thingy]

You may be wondering what Jasmine's first sensation was when they landed. You'll probably be expecting her and the Nightmarans to land in a lush meadow of green grass and flowers, and for her to just inhale the lovely scent. Or you might expect her to land in a dark fortress in the middle of a dark forest in the darkest part of Nightmare. Well, whatever your thoughts were on what she first though, I'm going to disappoint you. Because when she landed, Jasmine tripped and landed flat on her face, having the wind knocked out of her. So there it is, her first thought was "Ow". A bit of a shame, really. It could of been, "Where the hell am I?" Or "Why the heck aren't Reala and the ugly dude Oblivious or whatever bashing us up?" Or "What are those creepy bald things with halos doing here? Are they going to save us? No they aren't, they're running away. Why is Obliviate running after them with cutlery in his claws? Why is Reala screaming at him to eat dinner later?"

"Hoo, hoo!" A brown owl wearing a vest and classes came flapping out of nowhere. At the sight of this abnormal creature, Jasmine screamed and dived behind NiGHTS and Stream. "Hoo, hoo!" The owl repeated, "Help, another Nightmaran, I'm going to be eaten with a side of Nightopian-"

"AAAHHHHHHHH!" Jasmine screamed, "I'm going insane!" She closed her eyes, "I'm not talking to a bird, I'm not talking to a bird, I'm not talking to a bird..." She opened them and screamed when she realised that she was talking to a bird.

Stream cast her a sympathetic glance, "I'm sorry." She said, "Owl annoys everyone in every way possible." She explained, "Seriously, "He's the world champion in annoying both visitors and dream creatures."

"She's not going to eat me, is she?" Owl asked timidly. For a wise looking animal, he surely was an idiot.

"I think you should be more worried about me!" Reala snarled. He would of looked more intimidating if a fleeing freaky dream thing hadn't looked behind it while running away from Obliviate and crashed into Reala's butt, sending him sprawling. "F***ING THING!" Reala spat, grabbing the Nightopian and throwing it to Obliviate, "Take that to the palace, I'm eating it for dessert!"

Obliviate caught the creepy bald thing and sank into the ground. Reala turned around, "Right." He began before he realised he was outnumbered 5 to 1 (if you include the badly injured Nightmaran, the Half-Maran who had no idea what she was doing and a useless owl). He swore as loud as possible and flew away.

"I like him, he's silly." Said Jasmine, "If he weren't evil, we might be friends."

"What about Owl?" Stream asked, "He's silly, right?"

"Yeah, but he's stupid as well." Said Jasmine, no one in their right mind would ever want be friends with him."

NiGHTS smiled warmly, "Well in that case, welcome to the team!"

"So she's not going to eat me?" Asked Owl.

"Shut up." Said NiGHTS.

"I'm still here." Said Ember.

"Oh yeah, let's get you back home." Said NiGHTS.

[New Paragraph Thingy]

NiGHTS led them to a cave in a valley far away from the prying eyes of the overly-cute Nightopians. The entrance was very narrow and Jasmine was surprised no one's horns got stuck when they walked in. Inside the cave, there was a couch, a wardrobe that they used to clean the cave up when it got messy (by 'cleaning up' I mean shoving everything into the wardrobe so you can't see it), a bookshelf (where Owl could become even nerdier than he already was) and several blankets and pillows on the floor that Jasmine guessed the Nightmarans slept.

"Here we are." Said NiGHTS, dumping Ember on the couch, "Cool place, huh?"

"What happens when it snows?" Asked Jasmine, "I mean, don't you get cold?"

"We have a door, you know." Said Stream, "But you can't see it because it's invisible. It lets Nightmarans, visitors and Nightopians in, but keeps the cold and heat out."

Owl sighed, "Yes, although I think our hideout at the DreamGates were better. You had access to many other worlds, most in which you end up walking straight into an enemy's lair, but those were the good 'ol days..."

"Owl, we still end up walking straight into an enemy's lair." Ember pointed out.

"Well yes, but we were more organised back then." Owl sighed, "We became less organised ever since we met you."

"Hey come on, he's not that bad." Said Stream, "At least we still run blindly into danger in style!"

Owl just stared at her as if he'd never heard anything so stupid before in his life. Finally, he turned to Jasmine and in an attempt to change the subject said, "You can change back into a human now."

"Oh, ok." Said Jasmine and she just did that.

Once she was back as the average girl with long black hair and brown eyes, Ember sighed, "I think you look hotter as a Nightmaran." He murmured and received a whack on the head by Stream, "I mean, Stream looks the best, you're runner up in Nightmaran hotness. Owl is the lowest ranked because he's definitely not hot."

"And he's not a Nightmaran." Said Stream.

"Oh yeah, that too."

"Ignore Ember." Said NiGHTS, "He's always like that."

"Er... Ok." Said Jasmine, "So can you explain where we are and what the hell those weird bald things outside are and why you're living in a cave?"

"Hoo, hoo!" Went Owl (he thinks he's the most important of the group so he thinks he has the right to act as the leader and answer all the questions first) "Hoo, hoo!" (He usually makes that noise when he doesn't know what to say. It makes him sound sophisticated and as if he knows what he's doing). "Hoo-"

"Oh shut up, will you?" NiGHTS sighed, "Jasmine, you're in the Dream World. No not DreamWorld, the amusement park, I mean the place you go when you dream."

"Funny, I've had 12 years of dreaming and I still haven't come here yet."

"Yeah, I know. It's weird." Stream agreed. "Those weird bald things with halos are called Nightopians. They're pretty much useless unless you count eating them. Yeah that's right, we eat them." She added when she saw the look on Jasmine's face. "Most Nightmarans eat them. Nightopians aren't very bright creatures, you know. Just charm them with some music, lead them straight to your lair and eat them. Even when their friends have gone missing, those little guys still think of us as The Friendly Nightmarans."

"And we live in a cave because we're outlaws." Ember finished, "We used to work for the creator of the Dream World, Master Wizeman. He still amazes me, I mean, he's evil but he created creatures like the Nightopians that do nothing but sing, dance and provide dinner for us. Reala is Wizeman's second in command AKA - son. NiGHTS was the first Nightmaran to turn against him, she took refuge at this place called the DreamGates where Reala kept on trying to abduct her and take her to Wizeman. It was quite funny, really because he booby trapped everywhere before he realised that the traps will never work unless he was standing right in front of her. Well, they actually worked a few times but Reala made the mistake of flying away after he caught her, giving her time to escape."

"Told you he was silly." Said Jasmine, "I like silly people."

"Any other questions?" Asked NiGHTS.

"Yeah, why doesn't Reala wear pants?"

Everyone was silent and at last Stream said – "I have no idea."

"Any sensible questions?" NiGHTS asked.


"Shame on you. Come on, let's show you the DreamWorld!" NiGHTS enthusiastically shot straight upwards and hit her head on the cave's roof. "Ow."

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