"Yes Lady Rhine." And with that, one of the new attendants that now services the food, was gone from my room, taking back the tray of food with him. I know I should've snapped at him, It just wasn't like me. But, I really didn't want to be bothered today. Or tomorrow. Or even the next month.

All I wanted to do, was curl up in my bed and cry myself to sleep. Or at least cry till I couldn't anymore. I wonder if you can really run out of tears? Or do they just keep pouring down like a waterfall? Never ending, and always making you wonder how they could still have water, after all that time.

Either way...It won't change the intense, clenching, pain that is rippling through my heart.

Jenna is gone. Dead. And probably right below my feet being experimented on, like a dead fish being cut apart. That though alone made, my already nauseated stomach, clench in another wave of sickness. I knew it wouldn't be long before I have to make a beeline for the bathroom. I've been crying too much, and I haven't had anything in my stomach in the last two days. Since...What happened with Jenna.

I knew Vaughn had to have something to do with it, somehow, someway. From what I've heard, and seen from Rose, it took almost a year for it to kill her. And Jenna was too young to get the virus.

It just couldn't happen like that...And Vaughn has always had it out for Jenna.

Which made my stomach, again clench. I hated the thought that if it was because of me that it happened. Her covering for me, so I could see Gabriel. Or going to see if he was alive, and being caught by our "Lovely" father-In-law.

I never found out what happened after that. But, I knew it was enough to shake Jenna up. More then I knew she would admit or share with me.

But now she can't tell me anyway.

And that thought alone was enough to make me break into a weeping fit. The tears that poured down my face, kept coming. My vision was no longer clear, even though it really wasn't a moment ago either, and my face burned like a sunburn. I couldn't contain the sobs that burst out from my chapped lips.

Or maybe I just didn't care to do so?

"Sweetheart?" Was the only thing I heard through my intense sobs, that, and the door being opened and then shut. I didn't have to look up to know who that voice belongs to. My green eyed husband. The man, I should've been furious at. But, I couldn't bring my heart into it.

My mind, and my heart weren't on the same terms as each other.

"Y-Yes?" I couldn't help but stutter through the thick lump in the back of my throat. Not to mention it felt like thousand of little sparks of fire when I tried to speak. I guess two days of screaming in agony, and weeping beyond limits would do that.

"Oh, sweetheart...I know you two were close, but I'm getting worried. I've been told you haven't eaten since yesterday morning." I hear Linden say, and then, I felt a shift on the other side of the bed. I knew he was going to try to comfort me, even though he wasn't the best at it.

He wasn't even close to Jenna. Their relationship was just purely sexual. No emotional attachment.

Unlike, Linden and I. Who owns a part of my heart. Him, Gabriel, Jenna, Cecily, Rowan, my parents, even Deirdre and Bowen, own a piece of it.

They all held one piece, small or huge, in their souls. And it was pieces that make up my heart.

But...Jenna took hers, where my parents took theirs. Hopefully in a peaceful, happier place.

Unlike the living hell that is in this mansion. The Ashby mansion.

More like a bird cage.

That only Jenna and Rose got to escape from. Only by death.

"Rhine?" That is when I snapped out of my thoughts, only to be brought back to reality. Where my cheeks are stained with tears, and my eyes are even more out of focus then before. I knew I must have been bawling my eyes out, even when I was off in my own world.

And I didn't even notice that I was now in Linden's arms, and he was stroking my hair with such care, such gentleness, that I couldn't help but give into the touch. In this vulnerable state, I wasn't much for putting up a fight to anything. Which could be a real danger here, with Linden and Vaughn.

But that didn't stop me from sobbing, and screaming into Linden's chest. Letting out all the rage, and heartbreak that I've been bottling up all this time. From losing my parents, and then being taken away from my brother. To losing Rose, and now, Jenna. My only incredibly close sister-wife I had.

"Shhh, it's okay." I heard Linden coo in my ear, as he pulled me closer to his body. It was warm, and comforting to have someone now.

Maybe I didn't have my head on straight, maybe it was the alcohol I had earlier.


I thought of one way to numb my pain.

And one thing Linden has wanted.

I leaned up, and I pressed my lips passionately against Linden's. Who, in turn, kissed back just as passionate. But shyly.

I knew this night would change everything.

I just didn't know how much yet.