April 19th

Dear Diary-sama,

A lot has happened in Ikebukuro the past few months, starting with Masaomi-kun's sudden leave with Saki-chan. The gang wars died down, though the Yellow Scarves and Blue Squares didn't completely disappear. Neither did the Dollars, of course. If anything, they've grown even more with Orihara-san still sending out invitations. For the longest time it's just been just Anri-chan and I, and while she's one of my closest friends, things have been awkward since that incident and we haven't talk much since then, so it's been overwhelmingly lonely without Masaomi-kun.

After all, he's been my best friend since elementary school. Even when he moved, we kept in touch online. A short time after leaving with Saki-chan he kept in touch with me over the Dollars' forums (he never outright said it was him, but it had to have been), but that slowly died down until he finally showed back up in Ikebukuro.

I was happy to see him again, I really was, but I'm afraid I wasn't very nice to him, for you see, I was still upset that he had left without a word to anyone and I didn't want him getting re-involved with the gangs like I knew he would. So I told him I didn't want to see him anymore... Just like Heiwajima-san did to Orihara-san, I told Masaomi to leave Ikebukuro and I didn't want him to get involved in anything in this town or around it ever again.

So he left.

I couldn't say I wasn't more than a little hurt, but I'm sure he was as well. Really, it's hard being without him. He was always a big part of my life and things just weren't the same without him either. There was a hole in my chest that couldn't be patched by just Anri-chan or anyone else at Raira Academy alone. Honestly, it almost felt like my life would never be complete without him. Does that sound too melodramatic? But it's true. That's how I felt.

At least until I met "her". And then everything changed…