Bonus Chapter:

One week after the proposal and the truth coming out, Mikado realized something very problematic. Masaomi's was registered at Raira as Kishimei Mina instead of Kida Masaomi. Meaning that if he graduated, his diploma would only be good if he went through life continuing as Mina. Mikado was certain that wasn't what his husband would do and the thought of Masaomi either ruining his education or going through high school again made Mikado feel horribly, horribly guilty.

Thinking about it, it didn't even make sense that Mina had gotten into Raira without transcripts from her past schools. Mikado did a little digging to find that underground operations and foraged papers were involved. Oh boy… Masaomi really had gone all out. He couldn't blame the boy but it created a big problem for his future. Had he really planned to give everything up for Mikado? Sighing, Mikado devised a plan that included a few favors of his own. He would sort things out.

Raira Academy Graduation

Masaomi sat in the folding chair on the school lawn, gently fanning himself to ward off the heat. Though he was thankfully in a skirt instead of the boys' uniforms, which were much hotter. He was extremely happy the end of the year had come. Mikado may have known the truth, but he was enrolled as Kishimei Mina in the school records, therefore he had to be Kishimei Mina until school ended. It was tough but after the graduation he would finally be done with it. Back to pants and his sweatshirt.

The ceremony was tedious. It started off well with Mikado's valedictorian speech but when they started calling everyone up one by one to get their diploma, things took a turn for the worse. It was so boring!

"Kida Masaomi."

Finally! Masaomi stood and took three steps before he noticed what went wrong. He was going by Mina… They should have called Mina. That meant one thing.

Suddenly pissed, Masaomi stormed up the wooden steps of the stage, ripped his diploma from the principal's hand, and grabbed the mic before anyone could shoo him off stage. Turning to face his peers he called out, "I could have been wearing pants!" A hush fell over everyone. No one knew how to react to that, even the school officials. By Masaomi was far from done. Gripping the mic tightly in his hand, he started ripping at the buttons on his uniform.

"You all knew who I was this whole time? And you didn't tell me? This whole time I've been in a skirt because the school had be enrolled as Mina but I could have wear pants?" Enraged, he yanked the skirt off and threw off the shirt, leaving himself in the padded bra and pink, frilly panties. Then the bra was removed too as he threw it to the ground and stopped his foot while glaring out at everyone. "Do you know what hell I've been through because I thought no one knew? But this whole time I could have been wearing pants instead of that skirt!"

By this point people were slowly getting over their shock. At least the students were. Mikado had stood quickly from his seat and was making his way over to the stage as the student body burst into laughter, many of them easily recognizing Kida Masaomi.

"Why are you all laughing?" Masaomi shouted, throwing a hand up in the air to show his annoyance. "It's not funny!" Someone pointed to his panties and he glanced down, twitching violently. "I forgot I was wearing these, okay?" He was starting to turn red. Thankfully by that point, the resource officers at the school had snapped out of their shock and rushed to the stage to get him down. He went willingly and Mikado met him at the bottom of the stairs, looking flustered and guilty.

"M-Masaomi-kun, the student body didn't know!" he blurted as he trailed after Masaomi and the officers towards the school office.


"I only told the president of the school! I'm so sorry!" Everyone was getting a kick out of the scene. The crowd was still laughing and even the resource officers were snickering. Mikado bit his lip and repeated, "I'm sorry! I knew you couldn't use the diploma as Kida Masaomi so I told the president so that he could at least change the name on your diploma. I didn't know he would change the name on the roster. I'm so sorry Masaomi-kun!"

It was the most memorable graduation Raira had ever seen. Homemade videos of Masaomi throwing off his bra and shouting, "I could have been wearing pants!" happened to be the highlight of many web shows and was even mentioned on the local news. Masaomi would never live it down but Mikado would never live it down that it had been his fault.

"IZAAAAAAAYAAAAAA-KUUUUUN!" The enraged cry filled the streets of Ikebukuro. There was a cloud of dust that cleared crowds of people as Orihara Izaya raced around a corner and took off down the sidewalk, giggling like mad. He was quickly followed by Heiwajima Shizuo, the blonde carrying a stop sign with his flushed face twisted in rage. "What did I tell you about doing that in public?" With a cry, the stop sign was thrown, but of course Izaya deftly dodged it.

They were travelling along familiar roads towards Raira Academy, but neither really bothered to notice. Shizuo was too busy ripping up mailboxes, road signs, and street lights in an attempt to crush his crush.

"You know you liked it~" Izaya sang as he stopped and turned to face Shizuo with a grinning face, his flick knife out in his hand.

"Like hell I did! Die you fucking bastard!"

Both knew it wasn't meant but to everyone else, it was a clear threat as Shizuo rushed forward, grabbed another sign, and continued taking swings at the smaller man. Izaya dodged two, ducked under the third, and had his lips pressed against Shizuo's before a fourth could be dealt. His knife was pressed against the blonde's neck but it went unnoticed.

The kiss was light or loving. It was rough and passionate and Shizuo soon found himself swept away in it. In front of everyone there was a second make out scene and which the two quickly found themselves hold each other with tongues clashing. Izaya broke for breath and like time they stood there panting a moment before Izaya glanced over Shizuo's shoulder and burst out laughing.

"Wh-What the hell you fucking fl— Whoa." He was cut off as Izaya spun him around and pointed to the Raira graduation. Masaomi was up on stage in nothing but pink panties. The stop sign dropped and the two loving enemies burst into laughing, using each other for support.

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