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Naruto will know about his heritage and will embrace it.

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The Legendary Sannin might be involved earlier than they have to.

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"COME HERE YOU" a voice shouted, dispelling the silence that had enveloped the Village Hidden In The Leaves.

Sounds of laughter could be heard, as two of the villages Ninja seemed to be chasing a blonde haired child, with fox like whiskers on his cheeks.

"COME BACK NARUTO" one of the two ninja shouted. There was a strange red mark on his face and a lot of paint on his clothes.

Shikaku Nara looked at the two ninja chasing the blonde haired Naruto.

He sighed.

Even if the kid was troublesome, he had to admit, even the Chunin's couldn't catch him. Credit where credit is due, he thought to himself.

'Troublesome' he said to himself, shrugging.

The kid, Naruto Uzumaki was a hell raiser, Shikaku couldn't understand why the kid was so bent on troubling the whole village with his antics, no matter how funny, and then again he wondered how can having paint on your uniform anger anyone so much.

Troublesome, he thought, just like my wife. Something like this probably would have angered her too. He began walking home, he had promised Shikamaru that he would start training him in the clan techniques today, and yet his son hadn't been all that interested, content on watching clouds all day.

Shikaku smiled. The kid was just like his father.


The Third Hokage looked into his crystal ball and sighed. Naruto had been like this since he could remember, even though he had to acknowledge his speed. After all, they still hadn't caught him.

He reminds me of Kushina, the Hokage though ruefully. The same youthful energy, the same trade mark temper, and even the mannerisms, and yet he was the spitting image of his father. The Fourth.

He shook his head again. The attack had taken Minato's life, and had ruined his too. His wife had died, killed by some mask wearing individual, and had forced him to pick up the mantle of Hokage again.

He had thought he could retire, in peace, having done his job and go back to painting, but Minato's death had made sure he couldn't do anything again. He would have to wait for another successor, since Jiraya would never accept the responsibility and Tsunade was missing.

He looked at the orange book on his table, the one Jiraya had sent him. He had to admit Jiraya was really talented with perversion, after all he had taught him that invisibility trick. He laughed as he began reading, crystal ball forgotten.


After all those years, nothing had changed.

Jiraya was far too old to run about now, at least in his opinion. He looked at the Hokage monument, and sighed. Minato had been his student, all his life he had thought himself to be a failure, he couldn't win the attention of his teacher, he couldn't win Tsunade's love, he couldn't bring Orochimaru back, but Minato had been his one achievement. He could have said proudly that the Fourth Hokage was his student.

He smiled, remembering when Minato had told him that Kushina was pregnant, they had seemed so happy then, and he was proud too, his student had decided to call his son


Jiraya looked around, trying to find the source of the voice, and there it was, right in front of him, a blonde kid with fox like whiskers running away from two ninjas, one of whom had red paint all over his face.

The kid himself was what shocked Jiraya, he was the spitting image of Minato, the same blonde locks, even the same smile.

"HA HA HA" the kid shouted. "YOU WILL NEVER CATCH ME..IDIOTS" he said.

This made Jiraya's job easier. He smiled as he suddenly jumped into Naruto's path. This did not faze the kid, he just slid through Jiraya's legs, however that was not gonna faze him, as Jiraya managed to grab him by his orange jumpsuit.

"HEY" Naruto shouted. "Let me go. NOW"

The two ninjas had caught up to him by now, and Jiraya let Naruto go, however Naruto did not give up.

"HA" he said. "You guys don't faze me" he continued as he began performing a hand seal.

What is the kid doing, Jiraya thought just as Naruto cried out "SEXY JUTSU"

The blonde boy transformed into a blonde woman who was naked, smoke covering her most sensitive parts.

Jiraya stared, wide eyes due to the shock.

The two ninjas were unaffected. Naruto noticed this and transformed back. Much to Jiraya's disappointment.

"Got you, finally" one of the two ninjas said, smiling. They suddenly turned to look at Jiraya.

"Oh my god" the other one piped up.

"Lord that you?"

Jiraya smiled.

"Yes. I am Lord Jiraya, the Toad Sage and legendary super pervert"

The ninjas looked at him wide eyed. What was Lord Jiraya on about? Super Pervert? They had heard about him being eccentric, but that display with the jutsu Naruto had displayed. That was something really puzzling.

"I'm sorry to jump in" Jiraya continued. "But I would like to take the kid with me, I have to talk to him"

"Make sure to knock some sense into his head Lord Jiraya" the red faced ninja said to him. The kid had been causing too much trouble for anyones good, maybe a dressing down from one of The Sages would help him.

Jiraya nodded. He was going to do more than knock some sense into the kids head though, he wanted to raise Naruto, in the image of his father, The Legendary Yellow Flash.

This was going to be interesting.


The kid was looking at him in awe. Who was this old hack anyway, he had been totally weirded out by that display of Jiraya's upon seeing the sexy jutsu, that was not supposed to work on someone of his alleged power.

And then he began shouting as it seemed to him to be the only prudent thing to do.

"Hey old man, let me go home"

Jiraya laughed, he looked like his father and acted like his mother.

"I will let you go, after I get you something to eat. After all I have to talk to you"

"What do you want to talk to me about you pervert. Don't ask me to transform into a girl again"

Jiraya laughed again.

"Something important"

"No one ever talks to me in this village. They avoid me like I'm the plague Why would you be any different old man?"

Jiraya sighed. All the Jinchuriki were forced to live like this. It made him feel bad for the child. Even though Sarutobi Sensei had managed to quell the villagers, it only had seemed to be a cause of great distress amongst them, and Jiraya felt really bad for the child.

"Lots. Let's see, if you are like your father...maybe you like ramen too. I'll take you to Ichiraku's. How does that sound?"

Jiraya could see Naruto's face light up. He was going to find out who his father was, and apparently he liked Ramen just as much as Naruto himself did, with the bubbling excitement of a three year old, Naruto began jumping his way towards the Ramen store.


"ONE MORE" Naruto shouted. Jiraya just sighed, this was the kid's tenth bowl. This kid could really eat, he had already surpassed his father's record in this aspect.

"Naruto" he said. "You can eat some more, after I'm done talking to you"

Naruto stopped and looked up, smiling, just like Minato.

"You knew my father? Can you tell me prevy sage? Please?"

Pervy Sage. That's what Minato called him.

"Of course I knew your father, after all I was the one who taught him"

Naruto looked at him, his mouth wide open.

"Naruto, what you hear now, you will not repeat to anybody. Is that understood?"

Naruto nodded.

Jiraya payed the bill and together they left the ramen shop.


Iruka Umino sighed. This was yet another of Naruto's pranks. He would have to talk to him someday. His graduation exam was a week away, and he wasn't taking this seriously. If this went on, this time he would have failed.

He sighed again. It was not his fault that Naruto acted this way. He understood Naruto's undying need for attention, after all he had been in his shoes too.

He remembered how he too had ignored him at first, and then he observed how by just acknowledging his presence he had become such an important part of the boy's life.


"What do you mean the Fourth Hokage is my father?"

Naruto was stunned. Apparently the nine tailed fox that had attacked their village years ago was inside of him, he had a mother named Kushina and a father, the Fourth Hokage none the less.

Pervy Sage smiled at him.

"Interesting Naruto..aren't you concerned about the fox inside of you?"

Naruto shook his head. He hadn't even thought about that. Now come to think about it, that was why the villagers shunned him. They thought he was the nine tails.

"I'm not the nine tails right?" he asked Jiraya.

Jiraya shook his head.

"No, you are actually its jailer, you protect the village by keeping it inside you. That was what your father had intended when he sealed the fox inside you, that you be seen as a hero. Unfortunately that was not how it all went down."

Naruto laughed.

After all the vain attempts at convincing people that he was a future Hokage, it was sorta funny to be told that he himself was born to the Fourth Hokage, one of the greatest shinobi of this village, and of all time.

"So, I'm the son of Konoha's Yellow Flash huh?"

Jiraya nodded.

"Well, unfortunately I'm not as good as him. I'm sure my father could have made a fully functional clone when he was my age"

Jiraya smiled. "He could son, but then he didn't have that fox inside him"

Naruto looked up, intrigued.

"The fox inside you messes up your Chakra control Naruto. You have too much of Chakra at your young age."

"Isn't that a good thing?"

Jiraya shook his head again. "People generally develop their Chakra reserves as they grow older. You were born with Jounin level chakra deposits, which is hard to control"

So the fox had been responsible for his poor skills. Interesting.

"What was my mother like pervy-sage?" he asked him.

"Just like you Naruto, just as energetic and youthful"

Naruto smiled.

"You are the last survivor of the Uzumaki clan, who are related to the Senju clan distantly. They are blessed with long life spans and are experts at the art of sealing"

Naruto looked up at Jiraya again.

"I have a bloodline limit?" he asked him.

"No" Jiraya said. "Just a really long life"

"So why are you telling me all this now?"

"Minato wanted this. He also wanted me to train you, and I being your godfather, had to accept."

"Will you teach me clones? I have a problem with them"

Jiraya smiled. His large chakra reserves would make that impossible at this stage, however he could teach the kid another variation, one that would allow him to train at hundred times the original pace, his Uzumaki blood and the Nine Tailed chakra reserves would help him learn this Jutsu with ease.

"I'll teach you better Naruto" he said.

Naruto smiled.


A week had passed, since the day Jiraya had talked to the kid. Naruto had made surprising progress since then, his young age meant he could soak up everything like a sponge. He had effortlessly mastered Shadow Clones, and could call up about thousands without getting tired. He had also mastered tree climbing and water walking, thanks to the clones, this had come to him easily, he had fit in about five years of training in a week, and the kid still wanted to go.

Today were his final exams, the practical variety. The taijutsu and genjustu tests were done by the time Jiraya had arrived, however only ninjutsu remained. Jiraya was confident Naruto would pass this time.


As Naruto walked in, Iruka eyed him apprehensively. He hadn't been able to find the kid for almost a week, and now he had shown up for the test,

"Okay" Mizuki said, smiling. "Naruto, time for your test. Make a clone"

Naruto smiled.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu" he said confidently. Ten identical Naruto's appeared.

"Shadow Clone?" Mizuki asked Iruka surprised.

Iruka was stunned himself. The boy had made ten clones, and these were pure solids.

"You pass Naruto" Iruka said, after he managed getting his voice back.

Naruto smiled as he collected his headband.


Naruto's training with Jiraya continued for one more week, where he made tremendous progress. He had drastically improved his taijutsu, and Jiraya had him sign a contract with the toads.

Naruto still had little trouble summoning toads, but he had managed to call upon Gamabunta's son Gamakichi. Jiraya was pleased with the progress Naruto had shown, he almost wanted to teach Naruto the Rasengan, but that would have to wait.

Eventually Jiraya had to leave, as his spy network had picked up something. However he had promised Naruto that he would return in a month or two, and that he would teach Naruto that jutsu his father had created.

Meanwhile he had given him his book and another one on sealing jutsu's and told him to read it.


The next week was eventful, Naruto was placed on Team Kakashi, which had Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, the best shinobi and kunoichi of their class on the team with the dead-last.

Naruto didn't mind that. Over the last two weeks, his behaviour had changed. He realised that all the time he spent running after Sakura and playing pranks could be better utilised training.

However the test Kakashi had assigned their team proved to be different.

"You want us to grab the bells?" Naruto asked Kakashi. Kakashi nodded.

As the test began all of them went into hiding.

Much to Sakura and Sasuke's annoyance, Naruto had hidden with them.

"There's only two bells, that means one of us will fail."

"It'll probably be you Naruto, Sasuke can never fail" Sakura said, smiling brightly at Sasuke.

Naruto's anger levels began rising. He had a legacy to uphold, by being the greatest Shinobi of all time, he would prove to everyone that he was fit to be called the Fourth Hokage's son, he had no time for fan girls.

"There's only two bells, but there's always a three man genin squad" Naruto said.

"Shut up Naruto, what do you know about all that?" Sakura said, looking at him, anger in her eyes.

"Why don't you shut up?" he asked Sakura. "I'm sure you'll do everyone a huge favour"

Sasuke laughed. The girl was annoying, and Naruto had called her out, something he would never do, then what was this all about, why had he changed.

"We'll have to get the bells together, we can see what to do after we get the bells"

Sasuke nodded. The idiot had a point.

"Got a plan Naruto?" he asked him.

Naruto smiled. He had hated Sasuke before, but he realised why Sasuke was so stuck up, he had a name to live up to, just like him. He had a semblance of understanding as to where Sasuke came from.

"Thanks for listening" he said. Sasuke grunted.

"Wait, I'll see what he can do"

Naruto called upon a single shadow clone, which ran out of the bushes.

"Naruto, clones won't help you with a Jounin" Sakura said.

Naruto smiled.

"Just shut up Sakura, let me do my thing, why don't you come up with a plan if you are so clever"

Sakura was shell shocked. The Naruto she knew would never behave like that. What had happened to him, and what was with Sasuke smiling at everything Naruto was saying.

"Look at the battle" Sasuke told Sakura, as the three of them concentrated on the battle.


So, Naruto was coming at him head on huh? This would be ridiculously easy, he could do it while reading a book.

However Naruto was seething with anger.

"Don't underestimate me" he said fuming as he ran towards Kakashi.

Suddenly he started kicking Kakashi, who was having a hard time blocking Naruto, he dropped the book as Naruto landed a clean hit on him.

The kid is fast, Kakashi thought, he would have to take him more seriously.

The two began fighting in earnest, the book forgotten, even with his skills he was having a tough time blocking Naruto's strikes, while Naruto seemed to know all sorts of backflips and hand stands that let him dodge.

He finally managed landing a hit on Naruto, only for it to poof.

A Shadow Clone?


Back in the bushes, Sakura looked on awestruck. A clone of Naruto's had managed to get Kakashi to drop his book and take him seriously. That was amazing.

All of a sudden eight more Naruto's leapt out of the water, they began launching a flurry of strikes at Kakashi, who looked flustered.

"NOW" Naruto shouted, Sasuke rushed forward and grabbed Kakashi form behind, and effortlessly plucked out the bells.

Now was the tough part. Who would he give the bells to? Sakura? Who probably didn't deserve them or Naruto, who had proved himself.

Naruto sighed.

"Give Sakura the bell" he told Sasuke.

Sasuke was puzzled, why would he do that?

"Oh, I failed twice already, I have no problem doing so again"

"You don't have to" Kakashi called out. He had seen enough, he knew what he had to do.

"That was good teamwork, even though you guys didn't do anything" he said looking at Sasuke and Sakura.

"You pass"


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