This is an authors note, do not review for this chapter, Minato's Legacy has not been put on hiatus or anything, the story will continue.


Before I began writing on this site, I was an avid fan fiction reader. I read a lot of things that were inappropriate for my age, which I am sure many of you have. I must tell you that I turned out relatively sane, and so did many of my friends, however this thing where every adult fic is being taken down is absolutely disgraceful. Here is why I think its wrong.

1. Fan fiction has in its ratings, and MA fiction rating, which is not used, while it should. Clearly, can make it easier on all of us by asking for a membership to be able to read these fics, so why is this not being done?

2. There are some BRILLIANT stories out there that have sexual content in them, there are talented writers who write really good stories that will be taken down because there is a sex scene described in them? This is atrocious.

I am not a fan of lemons, but guess what, I am also not a fan of censorship, and this is the internet, you are telling me that little kids (which I assume is the reason why the lemons got banned) will not be exposed to adult content in any other way, that is really naive.

, you screwed up. I implore you to fix this problem, as fast as possible. Bring back the MA content and do what needs to be done, but for the love of god do not censor every adult story, I would hate to see some good fics get taken down because they had a stupid sex scene in them.



Readers of this note, sign a petition on the forum, just make sure that FF gets the message.