Author's note: yes, its been a long time, but a whole lot has happened. But here's we go. I did not proof it. I re-read everything again and there are a whole lot of mistakes, but hey… at least the story is moving forward.

Chapter 22 Aftermaths

a day after Chise fell into the coma

Tsunade mulled over the information in the stacks. She didn't want to admit it, but…

"Tsunade." She did not turn at the sound of her name. She knew him after all these years. "Did you find anything? Even anything that could be written in code?"

"No Jiraiya. Honestly, I think he took it with him when Sarutobi let him escape." She returned the book back to the shelf. "This is more serious than I thought. If he has information about the kekkei genkai, then they probably have it to."

"I'm not so sure about that," he leaned with his back on the stacks, "He did leave them and conducts his own…experiments. For all we know, he could've known this information before joining them, and used them to try and expedite his own goals. Since he's on his own, he could still have the information with, with them not even knowing."

"But he has Kabuto and Sauske. At the very least, Kabuto might know. With Sauske possessing the sharingan and Chise possessing…whatever she has to unseal… it would make taking down the Akatsuki child's play and obtaining the tailed beasts power nothing. With Naurto's own seal failing…"

"Yamato and I have resealed it."

Tsunade looked unsatisfied. "If we don't get ahold of this situation now… who knows… who knows what could happen. It could be another war… one like we've never seen before. Can you imagine," her voice was as unsteady as it's ever been as she recalled the war which killed her brother and Dan, "all that power, in one person…"

Jiraiya put a hand on her shoulder. "We won't let it get there."

3 days after chise fell into the coma and inside her mind

The apparition of her father floated around inside her mind, finally coming to rest. He heaved a sigh. There is nothing more I can do. Love is breaking down the barriers. I have spent enough time deliberating. I need to choose what to do; release her chakra or her memories. She is likely being hunted. Even though those people seemed like they want to help her, she will need the ability to defend herself. I will need to release her chakra and her memories regarding taijitsu. Ninjitsu and her memories will have to come later. The seal I made will break once she becomes pregnant and all will be released anyway. That might not be far off since love is breaking the seal anyway. He sighed again. At least, at least she became a woman and fell in love. He looked up. At least, at least I can fully be with you now, my love. Chise has no need for me anymore.

With that, her father began to weave an elaborate configuration of signs. It took minutes for it to complete. As soon as he was done, he dissipated.

meanwhile outside her mind

Her room had an unusual amount of visitors. Neji, Kakashi, Lady Tsunade, Yamato and a medic were in the room.

"Her body cannot sustain much longer. A person normally passes after 3 days without water-"

"But she has a feeding tube!" Yamato cried, cutting off the medic.

"I am not saying you have to do it now, but, even if she were to physically recover, she could be brain dead. She could turn into a vegetable. This is something you need to consider, Lady Tsunade." The medic emphasized the last point, making it clear that Yamato was not the intended audience.

Lady Tsunade looked over Chise's body. It was definitely thin and frail. Normally, she would pull the plug on her, but, the seal. She was caught between what was medically necessary and protecting Naruto. She looked to Kakashi, who was, of course, looking at Chise. "Kakashi!"

He snapped his attention to the Hokage. "Are you okay with this?"

"With what?"

"If we have to…"

"Do what you must," he said flatly, refusing to look at the Hokage, but rather, a point near her face on the wall behind her. He understood what the medic was saying as well, and he did not think Chise would want to remain as she is.

"LOOK!" Neji cried breaking everyone from their reverie.

They looked to where he was pointing, on the bed Chise began twitching. He called his byakugan without being asked. "It's flowing!"

"Her chakra?"

"YES. It's powerful… like a flood…"

"She's going to fall off the bed!"


"AGH!" Kakashi grabbed his arm.

"The chakra is shooting out of her like senbon!"

Yamato created a wooden barrier around her bed. It looked like a large wooden coffin. Senbon sliced through it so Neji used his skills to protect everyone deflect the chakra with his own. Yamato called multiple wooden wall to separate them from Chise. Lady Tsunade healed Kakashi as a few tore right through him.

After what seemed like minutes, Yamato peeled away layer after layer, until finally, her removed the box surrounding Chise. Neji saw that her chakra was flowing properly to all parts of her body and she had lots of chakra. Slightly more than normal, but no-where near as much as Naruto. Is this her natural state or is this a result of her chakra being tampered with for so long.

Kakashi was the first to her side, lifting her up, he saw her nose was bleeding. "Chise?" he gently called.

"nnuuughhh," she groaned as her grimaced in pain.

"It's okay, I have you."

Suddenly her eyes flew open, they were glowing. Before anyone realized what was happening, she was on Neji. He screamed and was unable to move once their eyes locked. In one quick motion, faster than Kakashi could see (his sharingan was covered still), she flew to Neji. She somehow removed his forehead protector, wiped her bloody nose with her hand, wiped her bloodied hand across his forehead and pinned him on the wall.

"Did she create a hand sign?!"




And as quickly as it happened, it stopped. Neji and Chise collapsed to the floor. Lady Tsunade quickly ran over and wiped Neji's forehead. Sure enough, the Hyuga branch family curse mark was gone. "It's gone." Kakashi and Yamato looked over at Neji. "Get him a bed next door, NOW!" she ordered the medic. "Get her in bed. I want to know what the hell just happened."

"You can't be thinking of conducting more experiments on her?" Kakashi dared to ask.

"Are you going to challenge me?"

"I think it's best we document what's happened to try and understand it after Chise wakes up," Yamato stepped in trying to mollify the two. His efforts were met with glares.

"Get me Shizune," she ordered Yamato, knowing Kakashi wouldn't leave Chise's side.

sometime later

Neji woke the next day to the full force of a migraine. They could only discern the facts.

It was as if her eyes paralyzed him.

He felt excruciating pain, but it stopped.

He felt as if he had no consciousness while it was happening.

The curse mark was definitely gone.

They were unsure the roll of the blood, or if it was just circumstantial.

They were unsure if she weaved any signs.

They were unsure if the chakra senbon was a technique that she knew or an effect from her seal releasing her chakra.

The Hokage wanted him to evaluate Chise again, to see if her chakra levels remained elevated or if they returned to a "normal" state. They would do periodic checks to see if the elevation persisted or if this was just her normal.

Meanwhile, Chise was floating on the surface of consciousness. She'd open her gray eyes, look at Kakashi, smile, mouth something, and then slowly fade back into sleep. Just as the first time they met, he fed her. This time, it was only broth, fearing anything heavier would be too much for her body to handle.

Much to everyone's surprise and happiness, she recovered quickly. And by recovery, she was able to hold a conversation. She still looked like death and could barely move.

"Do you know what happened," Lady Hokage asked, trying to be as gentle as possible.

Chise shook her head in response.

"What do you remember," Jiraiya tried to ask.

Chise's eyes slid to Kakashi, who was cradling her. "I think the questioning maybe too much for her to respond to. Maybe we should try asking her yes/no questions."

"Chise, your chakra has come back," Jiraiya told her.

She nodded.

"Do you know what happened after that?"

She shook her head.

"You broke Neji's seal."

Her eyes changed to worry.

"It's okay, it was a stupid seal anyway," he laughed.

She smiled softly.

"Are you in pain?"

She nodded.

"Is it your head?"

She nodded.

"Do you hurt anywhere else," Lady Tsunade asked, growing slightly impatient at the pace.

She shook her head.

"Can you talk," she asked.

Chise tried opening her mouth but no sound came out.

"She needs her strength. She's been in a coma and her chakra has returned. It might be likely that she needs to learn to walk again, she can barely sit up without Kakashi's assistance," Jiraiya offered.

Lady Tsundae nodded. "Rest. Work on recovering. See if you have trouble moving your fingers and toes. When that's done, move your hands and feet, then your arms and legs. Try speaking. Nothing will work if you don't start using it. And be sure to eat, more than just soup. We will start giving you soft bland breads, water, juice, maybe even ice cream. Hurry and get better," Lady Tsunade sighed, "Naruto will not want to see you like this."

They watched the Hokage leave. "She is worried about you," Jiraiya explained. "She doesn't show emotion…well, other than anger…that she shows easily. But she's had a hard time showing affection since the death of her brother and her lover. Anyway, she does care about you too."

Chise nodded, and with that, Jiraiya left Kakashi and her alone.

They looked at each other, her arms gently draped on his own. "Do you want me to bathe you?"

She shook her head no.

"Are you that tired," he gently laid her back without waiting for a response. "I'll stay with you," he said as he moved back the sheets to lie beside her.

She, awkwardly, shifted closer to him and he pulled her in closer. "It's so good to have you. I was so scared I was going to lose you too."

She drew a heart on his chest and he kissed her forehead in response. They looked at each other, her eyes widened slightly. He chuckled in embarrassment, "Well, you are beautiful and I do love you, and it's been a while."

She smiled.

"I won't do anything."

She closed her eyes in response.

"You'll be the death of me," he laughed as he gently kissed her. She was much thinner, much weaker, but she was still warm and still smelled of lilacs. They fell asleep, tangled in each other, grateful to be reunited.