"Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to day one of operation manhunt. The game where these four ladies get to compete in a constructive fashion to prove who is the better woman. The game will proceed until the target manages to loose his pursuers, and make it back to the Tendo Dojo, which is considered neutral ground. If the game lasts until sundown, the hunters may start another round the next morning. Our target will, of course, be waiting to restart at dawn, as cheating removes the safehouse priviledges of the Tendo Dojo, and the chase proceeds until the hunters get bored.

"If a male helps a female or attacks the target, then the male becomes the new victim the next day. This is the only way that the target may be changed.

"In addition to our four lovely competitors, we have another contestant, who will be playing just for fun for the first round. May I introduce Ranma's mother, Nodoka Saotome.

"The winner for each round will be determined by whom the target thinks was the most dangerous. Contestants wishing to dispute the target's opinion, may pummel him senseless during the next round. Ranma, do you fully accept these rules?"

"I do, with the proviso that there be three seconds before the females chase. The three seconds start when Nabiki holds up her hands to clap. Agreed?" Everyone agrees. Ranma adds, "Oh, and one last announcement before Nabiki starts us off. I'm not the target, my father is."

Nabiki claps. Genma looks shocked at the grinning females for a second, and then runs for it. Nabiki starts up a running commentary "Genma starts with a straight sprint, interrupted by Kodachi's Razor hoop.Genma tries to cut right, But his wife and Ukyou are flanking him. He fakes and goes left, only receiving a glancing blow from Shanpoo's bonbori. Akane lacks the reach but fades to the outside, forcing Genma to try to escape a pincer movement. Oh, he goes into the crouch of the wild tiger this early. It fails, and he gets headblows from Shampoo and Ukyou, and looses a sleeve to his wife's warning cut. Kodachi tosses out a pie. Genma snatches and eats it. Aparently Kodachi planted her tracking device inside, Nodoka removes his other sleeve. Akane gets a solid blow to the solar plexus. Genma uses it to roll clear, and limp four meters from the girls. Kodachi and Shampoo move to flank. He makes a break for it. tripped by a thrown spatula, a tumble and he's broken free, but in the opposite direction from safe ground. More reports as news comes in. Ranma, why is your father the target instead of you?"

"None of them want to beat me up, and everyone wants revenge on him."

"Could you tell the other spectators why the women want revenge on him?"

Well, he ran out on momma when I was six, and took me with him. And the fact that he engaged me to both Akane and Ukyou gives them all reason enough to pound him. Shanpoo especially has to do well, as her great grandmother is judging her on her performance, and Ukyou is still mad at being dishonored and abandoned when she was six. Oh yes, mom knows about the catfist training, which Shampoo is especially upset over. Oh, and for those of you betting, Kodachi is the only one who doesn't know he turns into a panda, but she's got that radar thingie to track him with. And according to the rules, cologne could help whomever she wants, but is using this as a test for Shampoo. I should add, Pops recently insulted Cologne.

* * *

"And that ends round one. To recap, Nodoka was judged the clear winner, having sliced off her husband's clothes piece by piece, leaving him running in his boxers most of the day. The closest point Genma made it to the safe zone was after destroying Kodachi's transmitter. He had gotten by Shampoo, Kodachi and Ukyou, and was heading for the dojo. No one knew where he was, and if he snuck by Akane and his wife, he would have made it, but Cologne stopped his forward progress with a pair of bakusai tonkatsu, and delayed him with the splitting hair's technique, as soon as the contestants arrived, she stopped, and left him to his fate. Tune in tomorrow, when his wife won't compete, but five other Furinken students will also play just for the fun of it, and Azusa Shiratori will be after his boxers, God help her.
* * *
"Ukyou gets an early lead, hitting Genma with a tranque gun concealed behind her spatula. Out of respect, the other girls form a ring around the two, giving Ukyou a chance for a few one-on-one hits. Genma makes a break for it, another dart, this one from Kodachi with another transmitter. Akane gets in Genma's way, and she force feeds him something homemade containing her transmitter. Solid Steel stomach Saotome involuntarily returns the food and transmitter over Akane. Akane never hit Ranma there, well Ranma doesn't need any siblings anyway. Genma unlocks the dreaded Umisenken! But it fails before a rose petal storm, directed by Kodachi's tracking device."