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Chapter 13: Haunted

"Come on James let's just get this over with." She said ignoring the man talking through the inter-com and walking towards the door.

She she turned on her flashlight while she opened the door to find the room that she had been in last time. The room where 'one person died by suicide'

"Well this place brings back memories."

"Memories?" James responded.

"Yeah bad ones."

"Come on through there" She said pointing to the door on the opposite end of the room.

While they were walking a dead body dropped from the ceiling. James got a shock but Heather expected it because that happened before in one of the other rooms.

"This thing is blocking the way we can't go through here."

"Then where do we go."

"There" She said then started walking towards a door that was hidden by a bookshelf. The bookshelf wasn't covering the door completely so you could see it if you looked close enough.

Heather and James moved the bookshelf and went through the door.

"Oh no run" Heather said.

"Why what's wrong there's nothing here."

"Just run" She said.

They took a few steps then they saw it. Red fog started coming from under the door. (A/N: The same red fog from the game.)

They kept running but they ran into a closer.

"Shit" Heather said out loud. Then took out her Handgun and started shooting it in its legs making it fall on its knees.

James then took out his wooden plank and hit it in its head.

"Ahhhh." James cried out in pain. The red fog was slowly covering him.

"Forget this thing there's enough space to run past it now." Heather said grabbing his hand and put it over her shoulder to help him walk.

"I'm fine I can walk." James said and started running beside her.

They turned right and saw a door but before they could get closer to it, the hallway in front of them that was leading to the door got blocked of by a piece of the wall. (A/N: Like in the game)

They quickly turned around and started running. They saw another door, but they also saw the fog. The hallway got closed in the middle seperating James and Heather.

James was on the same side the fog was coming from but he was also on the side with the door. James rushed to the door opened it and ran inside. This room was bigger than the others and it was empty for some reason and it looked worse than the other Otherworld rooms.

"No...no you..." James stuttered as he looked at the monster in front of him. Pyramid Head.

Heather - Haunted Mansion (Otherworld)

Heather rushed through the hallways the fog right behind her. She rushed to a nearby door and tried to open it, but when she tried she saw that the lock was broken.

She turned around and ran towards another door. She opened it and ran in. She closed the door behind her.

When she turned to look at the room she was in she saw a Mental Patient running towards her.

(A/N: All mental patients are female because if you think about it the way I described them in a previous chapter a female one would be scarier than a male. Like the nurses if you see a male nurse you're gonna laugh because its gonna look like a demented crossdresser zombie. Ok sorry last A.N.)

Heather took out her katana and sliced it across the chest then stabbed it in the face. The Mental Patient tried to claw at her face but Heather grabbed its arm and pulled it into her katana. The Mental Patient clawed at her again this time scratching her across the arm.

Heather slashed the Mental Patient across the arm, but the second her katana touched the Mental patient it clawed at her furiously making the katana fall out of her hands.

Heather took out her handgun and shot at the Mental Patient 3 times. It fell to the ground still moving. She walked over to it and kicked it in the head twice killing it.

Heather retrieved her katana then walked into the next room only to find...

Bossfight - James - Pyramid Head - Haunted Mansion (Otherworld)

James slowly withdrew his Rifle that he had strapped to his back. The rifle was strapped outside of his jacket, and the wooden plank was strapped inside.

He aimed the Rifle at Pyramid Head but befor he could pull the trigger P.H. Swung his Great Knife at James.

James ran to the side making Pyramid Head's knife. Get stuck in the wall. James aimed then fired his rifle at Pyramid's chest. He stepped back a little then shot it again.

Pyramid Head got his knife out of the wall then swung it at James. James ran to the side again but he wasn't fast enough.

"Agghhh" James cried in pain. The knife slashed his leg, making him fall to the ground.

Pyramid then swung his Great knife at James head but James jumped to the side falling on the ground but dodging the knife.

Before James could get up Pyramid Head brought his knife down on the ground near James making the room shake. James just barely missed the blow. If he got hit by a strike like that it would have been over.

James got up with the help of the wall. He then aimed his Rifle at Pyramid Head and fired. James reloaded while he had the chance.

Pyramid walked over to James and swung his knife at him. James quicly dropped his rifle and took out his wooden plank. The knife broke the wooden plank shattering it into pieces.

With his leg in this state he couldn't have dodged that so he had to rely on his plank. Pyramid Head was about to swing his knife again but James saw this and jumped to the side.

He aimed his rifle then shot Pyramid Head again. Then he heard it the siren wailed. Everything started turning 'normal' again. Pyramid Head went running for a huge door on the opposite side of the room.

James was trying to keep his balance because of his leg, he tried to grip the wall but he tripped. A loud bang was all he heard. When he fell he accidentaly shot Pyramid Head in the back.

Pyramid Head slowly turned around and started walking towards James.

"I'm screwed" James whispered to himself.

Heather - Haunted Mansion (Normal)

Heather heard the siren and knew the worst was over.

She looked around to inspect the room and saw something on a wall she walked closer and saw a Double Bladed Axe mounted on the wall. She saw something written on the wall on top of the axe in blood. She read the writing on the wall. "Even god slaughters."

"Oh that is just sick" Heather said closing her eyes putting her one hand on her head.

'I might need it Heather said taking the Double Bladed axe off the wall.

It was a axe with a handle as long as the steel pipe. It had bladed on both sides instead of one side like a normal axe. It's blades were a dull silver and had fake blood painted on it. It plain wooden handle.

Heather looked at the painted blood and said

"Well this is a Haunted House what do I expect."

She put the D.B. Axe on another belt loop on the side opposite her katana.

(A/N: Don't ask me why she's putting the katana and the D.B. Axe on belt loops because in the game she has more than 10 weapons and we don't even know how she keeps them all, so don't ask. Sorry last A/N)

Heather continued walking and went through another door.

She saw a double head eating something. She slowly made her way around it trying to be as quite as she could. She was half way past it when another double head came running towards her.

She took out her handgun and before she could even fire the double head that was eating jumped towards her. She took out her katana and impaled the jumping Double Head in mid-air. It impaled itself completely.

Heather put her katana down letting the Double Head slide off. The other monster was running towards her. She kicked the double head off her katana. The other double head was approaching quickly. Heather sliced the Double head across the face as it reached her and was about to bite her.

She got her katana ready and tried to slice the double head but it was too fast and started eating her leg.

"Agghhh shit get off!" She said as she kicked it off with her other leg. She walked over to it again and kicked it again, and again and again until it died. She didn't even care she just wanted it to die, to suffer.

Heather realized what she was doing and stopped kicking. She took a few steps back.

'Is this really what I've become a person who kills without a second thought someone who kills and...enjoys it. This place, it's turned me into a killer. No but I don't enjoy killing and I never will. ' She thought to herself pulling her hair.

Heather heard footsteps and quickly pulled out her Handgun. She saw a crazie. She got up and started shooting it. She shot it in its head a few times and when it got closer she kicked it back then shot it again. She shot it twice in the head killing it.

'Hope I find James soon' She thought to herself.'

Bossfight - James - Pyramid Head - Haunted Mansion (Otherworld)

Pyramid Head walked towards James and swung his knife at him. James was already on the floor so he just rolled out of the way.

James got up gripping the wall for support. He shot Pyramid Head in the stomach.

Pyramifd walked closer to him and swung his knife again. James barely dodged it.

Pyramid Head than tried to stab James but missed and stabbed the wall instead. Pyramids Knife got stuck in the wall, James took this opprtunity to shoot Pyramid as much as he could.

Pyramid Head took his Great knife and tried to stab James again, James moved back but got stabbed in the leg a little. James fell back and shot twice in the chest.

James got up and shot Pyramid Head again.

Pyramid Head ran towards the big door again and exited the room.

"Shit...that was bad" He said to himself as he pulled out a first aid kit (from god knows where) and started dressing his wounds.


Heather walked towards a nearby door and opened it when she opened it she came face-to-face with a mental patient.

The monster grabbed her and started biting into her shoulder.

"Aghhhh" Heather moaned in pain. She pushed the mental patient back then kicked it in the stomach, making it bend. She took out her D.B. Axe and brought it down on the Mental Patients head, Decapitating it.


After James had finished dressing his wounds he proceeded to exit the room. As he got to the door another dead body fell from the roof with a horrible shriek.

James limped back, then exited the room. He walked down a hallway and saw a dead crazie.

"Heather must be somewhere around here." He said to himself.

He continued to walk down the hall. He was about to turn around a corner but bumped into a closer.

James stumbled back dodging a blow from the closer while taking out his handgun.

He shot at the closer 6 times. The monster swung it's arm at him but he ducked. He shot it 4 times then he needed to reload. Luckily the closer died and James carried on through the hallway.


She continued walking and ended up in a long blood filled hallway. She looked at the walls and there was writing on them. She read some of the messages.

"That day when we die"

"It has no mercy."

"That witch will birth the Devil

"Its coming to kill us all"

"The Devil is almost here."

Heather read the strange writing and at the end of the hallway was a door. A door with a weird symbol on it.

"I have to find Claudia." Heather said to herself looking at the messages on different parts of the walls.

Heather reached the door and turned the handle. It was unlocked. She opened the door and went inside the room.

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