A/N: As it says in the description, this is the prequel to 'Adventures of the Writer.' If you haven't read that, this won't make vast amounts of sense. If you have read it then this might make some sense if you squint.

Memories of the Writer! Ch1

Some time ago, when Writer's World was very young, in a certain pub near the edge of Wolfie's fic-zone...

Meiko: "Well Miku, what can I get you?"

Miku: Having just arrived, "Oh~ Gimme a scallion cider."

Meiko: "Here you go." Hands Miku a bottle and glass, "So, I see you managed to throw Kaito off somehow."

Miku: Pouring her drink, "Yeah, I beat him up and took his wallet."

Meiko: "Isn't that assault and theft?"

Miku: "Yeah, so?"

Meiko: "So? So?"

Miku: "Yeah, 'so.' It's for a good cause."

Meiko: "Damn you chaotic good people."

Miku: "Meh, I'm only good-aligned 'cause otherwise paladins try to kill me on sight."

Meiko: "So what is this 'good cause' you nicked Kaito's wallet for?"

Miku: "Keeping him away from me."

Meiko: Thinking, "Okay, I'll give you that."

Miku: "Anyway, isn't it about time that a plot point walked through that door?"

The door Miku indicated swings open at that point, and in strides Wolfie.

Wolfie: "Hello there."

Miku: "Oh hi!"

Wolfie: "So, how's things?"

Miku: "Not too bad, I've successfully got rid of Kaito for a while."

Wolfie: "Oh, cool. You know you should really get a boyfriend, that way he might stop trying to ask you out."

Miku: "Well no nice guys have asked me out, so it's a bit difficult."

Let's take a look into their minds at this point:

Wolfie's Mind: 'Would I qualify as nice? It's hard to tell. Should I ask her?'

Miku's Mind: 'Okay, take the hint. Wait, I wasn't hinting anything. It's not like I really want him to ask me out... well... not that much..."

Meiko's Mind: 'Can't they just work out their feelings, then get a room?'

And now, back to normal.

Wolfie: "So, I wonder when a plot point will turn up."

Miku: "Oh, well now that you're here, it should be right about..."

The door flies open, and Len and Rin run in.

Miku: "...now."

Len: "Miku, Meiko, please help!"

Miku: "What is it?"

Len: "It's Tei, she tried to *censored* me!"

Meiko: "Okay, Len, Rin, I understand that you're in a fix, but you two are both underage, so please leave."

Miku: "May I point out that I'm only 16?"

Wolfie: "Yeah, I'm not exactly 18 yet either."

Meiko: "Yeah, but for convenience's sake, the legal age for drinking in Writer's World is 16."

Wolfie: "Oh yeah... that was one of the laws I passed so that I could go and get pissed without having to worry about fake ID."

Meiko: "So anyway, Len, Rin, I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

Rin: "But Tei's right outside waiting to kill me and *censored* Len."

Wolfie: "Why is she just waiting outside instead of coming in here to kill/*censored* you?"

Rin: "I don't know, but I'm just hoping she doesn't come in."

The door flies open suddenly.

Meiko: "Oh for goodness' sake! Stop throwing that door open so violently people!"

Tei: "My apologies Meiko, but my target is in here." Sees Len, cowering behind Miku, "Lenny! My love!" Leaps at Len, who dodges, "Come here my beloved!"

Rin: "Leave Len alone!" Tackles Tei to the floor.

Tei: "Oh no you don't!" Kicks Rin off her, and draws a knife, lunging at Rin.

Wolfie: "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

Tei: "And why not?"

Wolfie: Grabbing Tei and throwing her aside, "Because Rin has more comedy value than you, so if only one of you is going to survive, it's got to be her."

Tei: "Why you!" Rushes at Wolfie, knives drawn.

Wolfie: "Gate!"

A huge portal opens in Tei's path, and she runs straight through it. The portal closes after her.

Wolfie: "Phew... that was close."

Miku: "Where did that gate go to?"

Wolfie: "The Plane of Yandere, I thought she'd be right at home there."

A muffled World is Mine starts playing.

Wolfie: "Oh sorry, my phone." Answers the phone, "Hello? Oh Misty... WHAT? Oh shit... yes... my fault... I just sent Sukone there... right..." Hangs up.

Miku: "Trouble?"

Wolfie: "Yes, it would seem that something suddenly just started absorbing the yandere energy from the Plane of Yandere, and I think we can guess what's doing it."

Miku: "You don't mean...?"

Wolfie: "Most likely, Tei Sukone is now absorbing the Plane of Yandere's energy, and at an alarming rate."

Miku: "What's going to happen?"

Wolfie: "Imagine your worst nightmare, with superpowers, but really pissed off. With a crush on one of your friends, who already has a girlfriend. That is roughly what is going to happen."

Miku: "Oh... Shit..." Suddenly smiles, "So... we'll have a pissed off Kaito with a crush on Luka?"

Wolfie: "Different worst nightmare, and different friend."

Miku: "Oh... Shit!"

Len: "So what do we do?"

Wolfie: "Well, I can think of two ways of acting. The first is to go kick her ass, the second is to go kick her ass."

Rin: "You just said the same thing twice."

Wolfie: " I know, I started the sentence, but couldn't think of a second thing we could do."

Rin: "Ri~ght... so you just failed really."

Wolfie: "Sort of."

Rin: "Exactly."

Wolfie: "Not quite."

Len: "Um... guys, can we, you know... go beat her up before we have a super-yandere trying to rape me and kill my sister?"

Wolfie: "Oh, I suppose we could."

Miku: "Oh, well you guys have fun."

Wolfie: "Hey, you're coming too!"

Miku: "Why should I?"

Wolfie: "'Cause you couldn't just let your friends go it alone."

Miku: "Yes I could. Give me a good reason why I should go with you guys, I'll even give you three tries."

Wolfie: "You care about your friends."

Miku: "Yes, but I'm not going to risk my ass for them."

Wolfie: "You feel morally obliged to help."

Miku: "No I don't."

Wolfie: "Okay, remind me, what's your alignment?"

Miku: "Chaotic Good." Thinks, "Damn you!"

Wolfie: "Alignment preservation is the best way to make somebody do something."

Meiko: "Isn't that a little cruel?"

Wolfie: "Maybe, but the fate of Len and Rin's relationship is on the line, do you think I can afford to lose the incest jokes?"

Rin: "So you're not doing this because you care about us?"

Wolfie: "Of course I care about you two, you're a great source of humour."

Len: "That doesn't exactly inspire me..."

Wolfie: "Anyway, let's go and assemble the gang!"

Miku: "Who is 'the gang' exactly?"

Wolfie: "Us, Misty, Luka, Gakupo and maybe Kaito so we can throw him off a cliff along the way."

Miku: "Right... I'll call Luka." Takes out phone, "Just make sure that Kaito doesn't go anywhere near me."

Wolfie: "Of course." To himself, "I wouldn't let him near my precious Miku-chama anyway."

Miku: "What was that? Did you say my name."

Wolfie: Smiling and waving his hand, "Nothing!"

Yes, it's back. Fear it.

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