Memories of the Writer! Ch9

The light fades, as is by now traditional, and Miku stands with two wings formed of electricity flowing from her back.

Miku: "Now, bitch, it's time to end this!" Flies up at Tei, as Wolfie charges again.

The three figures fly around in the air, occasionally striking at one another, but no obvious major damage is done by either side.

Wolfie: "We won't be able to keep this up for long... we need to move into another plain of existence!"

Miku: "How the heck do we do that?"

Wolfie: "Simple, now that I control time, I managed to accelerate myself enough to get an effective 8 hours of rest. Which of course means..." Points at a charging Tei, "Gate!"

A portal opens up in front of Tei, transporting her elsewhere.

Miku: "She fell for that twice? In one story!"

Wolfie: "Ours not to reason why."

Miku: "Ours just to do and... wait a second!"

Wolfie: "Quick! Through the gate now!"

Miku: "Oh, yes, of course!" Flies through the portal, followed by Wolfie.

Wolfie and Miku come out of the portal and find themselves above a grassy plane.

Miku: "Where are we?"

Wolfie: "A far corner of the Plain of Plainness. Now, unfortunately, thanks to that thing Alice shot me with before, I can't write Tei out of existence, but we should be on more even ground... well, even sky I suppose as we can all fly."

Tei: "Now, I will DESTROY. You will die the DEATH. Sentence to DEATH. Great equaliser is the..." Cut off by Wolfie's attack.

Wolfie: "I told you, you aren't cute when you're threatening people!"

Miku: "Yeah, not like me!" Rushes at Tei, "DIE THE DEATH! SENTENCE TO DEATH! GREAT EQUALISER IS THE DEATH! Desu~!"

Wolfie: "Much better."

The three continue with their fight, which I could describe, but let's be honest, by now, everyone's bored of the random battling, and to be honest, if you've read the original story, you all know exactly where this is going right now, so let's just get there already.

Wolfie: "AHGH!" Tei knocks him out of the sky with a wave of Yandere energy.

Miku: "Wolfie!" In the moment she is distracted, Tei strikes her down too, and Miku plummets to the ground, landing by Wolfie.

Tei: Landing, and smirking evilly, "Wolfie~ I'm going to kill you now, and then I'll have fun with Len all I want."

Wolfie: Dragging himself up and leaning towards Miku, "Miku... please... wake up..."

Miku lies still, seemingly unconscious.

Wolfie: Tears starting to form in his eyes, "Miku... please... I need you to wake up... I haven't even told you... I haven't said I love you!"

Miku's eyes suddenly open wide.

Miku: ""

Wolfie: "Miku, I love you! We can't die here!"

Miku: "Wolfie... I love you too!" Suddenly she throws herself at Wolfie, hugging him tightly, and kissing him.

Tei: "Wh-what? Something's... something is..."

A wave of energy suddenly flows from Miku and Wolfie, filling the area around them.

Wolfie: Breaking off the kiss, "It's... the fabled field... the Tsun-Yan Supression Field!"

Miku: "What? What is it?"

Wolfie: "It's what happens when a Tsundere and her crush confess their love to one another, it's a field that suppresses both Tsun and Yan tendencies, leaving only the dere-dere part."

Tei: "What's... happening?" Falls to her knees, and suddenly her smirk is gone, and she looks sweetly at Wolfie, "Oh dear... oh dear... I almost, did something very mean, I'm sorry."

Wolfie: "Right... yeah you did..."

Suddenly, Wolfie's sword shatters, and transforms into manacles, binding Tei.

Tei: "Eh? What's this for?"

Wolfie: "I'm going to have to seal you away. For your own good, and for everyone else's. This will do for now, but I'll have to make a complete seal later..."

Tei: "I understand... Wolfie... thank you for stopping me, and can I ask just one favour?"

Wolfie: "What?"

Tei: "Tell Len-kun... I love him."

Wolfie: Nodding, "I will... and I promise you won't have to suffer because of me, I won't let that happen."

Some time later, Wolfie's mansion.

Luka: "So you've moved in with Wolfie?"

Miku: "Yeah, it's a really nice place actually."

Luka: "Yeah, I can see that."

Miku: "I'm so happy!"

Luka: "So tell me, I really don't remember much, but what happened with you, Wolfie and Tsukone?"

Miku: Sticks out her tongue and winks, "That's a secret!"

Credits: Wolfie: Der Blaue Wolf

In front of a large fortress-like building.

Wolfie: "Ah, the last pieces being put into place."

Teto: "Yeah, we've all worked out shifts and things, so we're good to go!"

Wolfie: "Excellent, the Great Seal is complete!"

Misty: Mistman_X

Misty: "Hey, Lumi, don't you think we're due some compensation?"

Lumi: "Probably, but Wolfie probably doesn't think we are."

Misty: "True, dammit!"

Lumi: Illuminati_47

Meiko: "For the last time! You two are underage! I can't sell you drinks."

Rin: "Oh~ come on! Just a small one!"

Meiko: "No!"

Len: "Come on Rin, there's no points in doing this."

Kaito: Bursting through the door of the pub, "I... I'm back..."

Meiko: "Kaito! You look awful!"

Rin: "Not much has changed then."

Kaito: "I only just managed to swim out of the Sea of C Major... I need a drink..."

Meiko: "Do you have any money?"

Kaito: "Well I got my wallet back..." Opens the wallet and finds it empty, "Oh f***!"

The Vocaloids: themselves.

Back at Wolfie's mansion.

Miku: "Wolfie! You're home."

Wolfie: "Hey there sweetheart! D'you have a good day?"

Miku: "Yeah, Luka came over and we had a chat."

Wolfie: "That's nice. I've finished work on the seal now, so I'll have more free time now."

Miku: "That's good!" Smiles, "Let's make some pleasant memories then."

Wolfie: "Yeah, let's make these some good Memories of the Writer." Kisses Miku, and then picks her up, princess-style, and carries her into the house.

Let's take one last into various people's minds:

Wolfie's Mind: 'I'm so happy, I'm with my beloved Miku!'

Miku's Mind: 'Oh... this is so amazing!'

Everone Else's Mind: 'Thank goodness, they got a room.'

Writen By: Der Blaue Wolf

Memories of the Writer: Fin

Bis Bald


...Two years later.

Oh, and if you haven't read the original Adventures of the Writer, SPOILERS!

Tei: "Dammit! These tentacles..."

After having Indigrapetion cast on her, Tei is still stuck in the void, being *censored* by the tentacles.

Tei: "Somebody! Help me!"

The tentacles are suddenly cut in two, as Wolfie cuts through reality.

Wolfie: "I promised not to let you be harmed because of me."

Tei stares at him, as she falls through the holes in reality back to the Writer's World.

Tei: "I... don't feel so Yandere any more... I'm saved... thank you, my friend...

The Gate of Fandom.

Key of Anime and Gaming: "Finally! I've been stuck in there for over a year, but now, I've escaped! I will utterly destroy those 'loids for the humiliation of what they did to me!"

Tei Sukone promptly falls on her head.

Tei: "Oh... something soft... meh, I won't ask." Stands up, and walks away, leaving the squashed key behind.