Ok so I haven't written in a while so don't judge because it might be a little iffy. But this is about Alice's (the one from wonderland) REAL story. So picture Alice running in a forest from a thief when she… well you'll find out.

"Help!" screamed a 16 year old Alice as she ran through the cold, dark, and somewhat large forest.

"You can't run from me little girl," yelled Alice's attacker. "I'm faster and stronger than you!"

As she ran her light blue polka dot dress got stuck on a thorn bush and ripped. When she tried to unstuck her dress she noticed a small clump of fur also stuck to the bush.

"Well that's odd, but I must keep running or he will catch me." She thought to herself.

"I've almost got you little girl!" screamed the bandit as he turned around a tree were he thought Alice was but to his dismay she was not there."Well you can't hide forever little girl, I have a house at the entrance of this forest and you will be mine."

When Alice heard this she was frightened but as she kept walking she found were the fur was from, it was from a very large rabbit!

"Stay away from me human your kind has hurt me enough." Said the rabbit as he held a very bloody wound with a handkerchief.

"Well a talking rabbit! This is quite odd!" Alice exclaimed as she stepped closer to the rabbit.

"I said stay away." Yelled the very angry rabbit as he backed into a tree. With this he took out a shiny pocket watch from his snow white fur and pressed it into the tree and like a trap door the dirt under him dropped and he fell into an endless pit.

"What happened?" Alice whispered as she walked over to the hole it was like a huge vacuum appeared and sucked her in and before she knew it she was tumbling downward to the center of the earth.