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It was late in the night. Crown Prince Iflar was settling in bed for a few hours of sleep. Talks with the OverWorld embassador were not going smoothly. There were many arguments and several fights had broken out. Iflar, dignified as always, would not allow things to go sour. True, the M'arrillians were gone and the Tribal Alliance was no longer needed, but it would be wise to keep the OverWorlders as their allies.

Iflar was barely asleep when he heard something outside his window. He got up and looked and found nothing. He turned to go back to bed. Iflar glanced at the Mipedian mugic on a shelf.

There was a commotion in the hall. The guards were rushing about. Iflar grabbed a sword from his bedside, the mugic from the shelf, and rushed for the door to see what he could do to help.

"Sir, it's Khybon and Jiggorex!" said a Mipedian soldier. "It seems they used a flux bauble to get in."

Iflar ran to where the intruders were. Iflar let the mugic float from his hand and was about to activate it. Khybon saw and attacked him. A Mipedian soldier threw himself in front of the attack and the soldier and Iflar went flying. Jiggorex grabbed the fallen mugic.

"I have it!" the UnderWorlder called. "Let's go!"

Khybon made a break for Jiggorex.

"Stop them!" shouted Prince Mudeenu, who had just joined the scene.

Amongst the chaos, no one took notice to a small dark form weaving between attacks and Creatures. The only one to notice at all was Jiggorex when the form smacked into him. Jiggorex easily sent the form flying across the room.

Khybon and Jiggorex activated the flux bauble and were gone.

Iflar growled in frustration. That mugic was priceless to him. And to have it stolen from right under his nose, too. What a disgrace!

After the soldiers were sent on a search of the Oasis to see if Jiggorex and Khybon happened to still be on Mipedian soil, Iflar went back to his bedchamber. He wasn't sure how he was going to sleep now.

Iflar heard something. He tested the air and turned. On the shelf, right where he kept it, was the mugic Khybon and Jiggorex had taken from him.

Something moved in a shadowy corner of the room. Iflar pounced, but the shadow was too fast. The shadow got out of the way, but nothing more. It went head over heels, coming to rest on its back, scooting away from Iflar as fast as it possibly could. Iflar grabbed what he thought to be an ankle and gave a hard yank. There was a small cry of fear and pain as the shadow was pulled into the light.

It was a human boy! Iflar stared at the human with bewilderment. He appeared to have been born of the Mipedim Desert itself. His skin was the color of wet sand, his hair the color of the dry sand that blew in the wind. His eyes, blue as the afternoon sky, were innocent and wide with fear. His frame was thin, but like the delicate-looking plants of the desert, he was hardy. The arid air dried his hair and skin, his lips cracked. His clothes were dirty and torn. He was sporting a gash on his shoulder that was covered with dried blood.

Iflar looked from the human boy to the mugic on its place on the shelf.

"Was this your doing?" asked Iflar.

The human nodded.

"How?" asked Iflar. "You were not anywhere near them, so how did you get the mugic back?"

The human touched the gash on his arm.

Iflar studied the wound. "Or maybe you were close enough," said the Creature.

The human nodded again.

"You stole it back from Jiggorex?" asked Iflar.

The human nodded again, this time with a little more enthusiasm.

"You must be quite a Stalker to get it back with just a small wound," said Iflar. "It would have been more impressive if you would not have been injured at all. Still, it is impressive that a human stole from a Creature from right under his nose."

The human smiled, his eyes losing their fear. Still holding his shoulder, the human boy got to his feet.

Iflar stood as well. "What is your name, human?" he asked.

The human hung his head.

Iflar frowned. "Speak up, boy," he said. "You have a name, don't you?"

The human opened his mouth to speak. "Not one I like," he answered. His voice was soft as a sigh.

"What is it?" asked Iflar.

"Cockroach," the human replied. "Not a good name, even for a street kid."

"Ah," said Iflar. "We shall have to amend that. What if I give you a name you can go by here in Perim? Would you like that?"

The human nodded. "Yes, very much."

Iflar thought for a moment. He didn't want the name to sound like a Creature's, but he was not sure of any human names.

"What about Teagan?" asked Iflar. "Do you like that name?"

The human nodded.

"I do not know any human names," said Iflar. "I hope that is acceptable."

"Teagan's a human name," said the human.

"Teagan you are," said Iflar. "Now, to other matters. Let me tend to your shoulder."

Teagan shook his head. "It'll close up once I return to Earth."

"Then you best return to Earth," said Iflar.

Teagan took out his scanner and ported away.

It was not long before Iflar saw the boy again. It was night again and he was getting ready to go to bed. There was a soft noise from the window. Iflar looked over and saw Teagan crouched the windowsill.

"What are you doing here?" asked Iflar.

"Thought I would stop by," said Teagan, climbing into the room. "I was wondering what was going on."

"Nothing that concerns you," said Iflar.

"Rumor has it that you are trying to find information about Von Bloot," said Teagan. "Why, I do not know."

"Who told you this?" demanded Iflar.

"Like I said, it's a rumor," said Teagan.

Iflar hissed. "Von Bloot served the M'arrillians. It is unknown what happened to him after their fall. I cannot send Stalkers into the UnderWorld without good reason."

"I can go," said Teagan. "Send me."

"You? A human?" asked Iflar. He thought for a moment. It would be ideal. A human could run at anytime. A human was faster. This could be done quickly. "All right."

Teagan nodded and he was off.

An hour later, Teagan returned. He sat at the foot of the bed and waited for Iflar to wake. Iflar nearly attacked Teagan when he woke.

"Von Bloot is not at Gothos Tower," said Teagan. "I checked M'arrillian territory as much as I dared, but there was no sign of him. If I may ask, what is so important that Von Bloot must be located?"

"I do not want to be surprised if the M'arrillian's find a way to escape the Deep Mines again," said Iflar. "We cannot have another war."

"Aa'une is gone, is he not?" asked Teagan.

Iflar did not answer. "You may go, Teagan."

Teagan nodded and ported out.

This was not Teagan's only errand. He was sent as a messenger to the OverWorld and other places in Mipedian territory. He came and went without a sound and no one saw him. Some were surprised to find messages and packages. Eventually, a system was worked out. A Creature who needed something important delivered quickly would send a message to Crown Prince Iflar and tie a brilliant green cloth to a pole or drapery rod in an open window and place their package next to the window. Later, the package would disappear and a small moonstone would be placed where the package was. The package always made it to its destination, a moonstone with it. The Mipedians began to call this secret messenger Crown Prince Iflar's Moonstone Messenger or Moonstone Messenger for short. No one knew what he looked like, but whoever it was was a great Stalker. They all thought it was one of them, but it was really Teagan who was doing the messaging. Iflar was the only one who knew.

Teagan was greatly rewarded for his service. Iflar would hang a green cloth at his bedroom window and Teagan would come for his errand. He would return when he was finished. Each time he did, there was a plate of fine food for him. He would be allowed to sleep in the Crown Prince's chamber if he wanted to, which he usually declined unless he was too tired.

Iflar was to go to Kiru City. It was not something that the Council wanted him to do, but the circumstances were too delicate not to go. Teagan was informed and was to go to Kiru City as well and wait for instructions after he was finished with his latest assignment.

Teagan, after completing his assignment, waited at night in Kiru City. Iflar was already at Maxxor's castle and he would be staying there. Teagan sat on a roof near the castle and looked for any sign from Iflar that he was summoned.

Iflar was in the meeting hall with Maxxor, Intress, Najarin, Prince Mudeenu, Sobtjek, and Siado.

"We must locate the remaining M'arrillians and find Von Bloot," said Mudeenu.

"My source says that he is not at Gothos Tower," said Iflar.

"Your source?" asked Intress.

"Ah, yes," sneered Mudeenu. "The ever mysterious Moonstone Messenger. Are we ever going to meet your messenger, cousin?"

Iflar smirked at his cousin. "Perhaps," he said slyly. "Maybe even tonight."

"Moonstone Messenger?" asked Maxxor.

Iflar rose from his seat, picked up his plate of food that he barely touched, and took a green handkerchief from his pocket. He opened the window and tied it to the window latch. He placed the plate on the windowsill. Iflar sat back down.

"It is rumored that Von Bloot is in possession of a map," said Sobtjek. "One that has all the secret tunnels leading from the OverWorld to the UnderWorld."

"A page from the Book of Torqmo," said Najarin with a sigh.

"The Book of Torqmo?" asked Sobtjek. "It's only a myth."

Najarin shook his head. "It is very real."

"The Book of Torqmo?" asked Maxxor. "What is it?"

"A book that holds all the secrets of Perim," said Najarin. "Including clues to the Cothica."

Mudeenu perked his ears up at the sound of that. "Really?" he asked.

"The book was deemed to be too dangerous to reside in the hands of one Creature," said Najarin.

"What happened to it?" asked Siado.

"It was torn apart, the pages sent to different tribes," said Najarin.

"How do you know this?" asked Intress.

"Because I tore apart the book myself," said Najarin. "It was too dangerous, even for me."

"So if Von Bloot has the map, he can attack anywhere?" asked Iflar.

"But it's been solans since the map was created," argued Sobtjek. "Some of those tunnels are caved in and flooded."

"But some are still there," said Najarin.

"If we can locate Von Bloot, we can take the map from him," said Maxxor.

"I can do it," said Siado.

Iflar looked at the window. "When you're finished, Teagan, come inside," he called. "I have a job for you."

Mudeenu turned. "He's out there? Right now?" He stood up and began to walk to the window.

"Leave him be," said Iflar. "You'll see him soon enough."

"But we have to locate Von Bloot first," said Mudeenu, returning to his chair. "That will be a problem."

"Teagan," called Iflar. "Have you located Von Bloot?"

"The last I saw of him, he was at Jade Pillar," came a voice from outside. "That was before I came here."

"There, now we know," said Iflar.

"He might not be there now," said Maxxor. "How long did it take Teagan to get here from there?"

Iflar smirked. He turned to the window with everyone else. Teagan swung in through the window, a cleaned plate in his hand. "Not long," answered Iflar.

"Teagan is a human?" cried Mudeenu. He turned to Iflar. "A human has been your errand boy?"

"And an excellent one as well," said Iflar. "Who do you think returned my mugic when Khybon and Jiggorex tried to take it?"

"Tried?" parroted Mudeenu.

"Teagan here managed to get it back without their knowledge," said Iflar. "He had a wound for his troubles, but he still returned it." Iflar turned to Teagan. "How much have you heard?"

"Most of it," said Teagan. "You want the map, right?"

"That's right," said Iflar. "It will not be easy, Teagan."

"I figured that when you fed me before sending me off," said Teagan.

"Go," said Iflar.

Teagan ported to Jade Pillar.

Von Bloot was there with a few of his renegades. They were poring over a map, planning an attack.

"If we take this tunnel here, it will lead straight into Kiru City," said Von Bloot. "We will take the OverWorld capital and then the rest of the OverWorld."

Teagan looked for an opportunity to strike. This wasn't like swiping some cupcakes from a convenient store. This was like stealing the royal jewels. He had to do this for Iflar. Von Bloot was bad news and him having this map would only bring worse things for Perim. He had to get that map.

Teagan took a hiding place near where the renegades set up shop. He would have to move quickly. He picked up a rock and threw it as hard as he could. It pelted off some battle gear and they all turned their attention to the sound. Teagan quickly crept forward and hid under the table.

Von Bloot turned back to the map and started talking about attacking Kiru City again. Teagan began tying laces of boots together and tickling the backs of legs. This caused some bickering between renegades. They would yell at each other, occasionally punching their assumed tickler. It was a bit comical how easily these Creatures could be upset.

"Will you all fall in?" shouted Von Bloot.

Teagan reached up and snatched the map from the table. A Creature cried out and saw Teagan. Teagan whipped out his scanner and was gone.

Teagan sat outside Maxxor's castle, the map in his hands. It showed Perim in its entirety. It was amazing! Teagan took out his scanner and got a scan of it. It could be a very valuable scan that he could use in the future.

Iflar was still in the meeting hall with Najarin. They looked at Teagan and the map in his hands.

"You have it," said Iflar.

Teagan nodded. He looked at it in his hands. What he was holding was possibly one of the most valuable maps in Perim. It held many secrets both good and bad. It couldn't be in the hands of just any Creature. It needed to be possessed by someone who would use it for good. Teagan knew he couldn't give the map to Iflar.

"Give the map to me, Teagan," said Najarin. "I will keep it safe."

Teagan glanced at Iflar. The Crown Prince nodded and Teagan handed the map over to Najarin.

"Thank you," said Najarin, tucking the map away. He left the room.

Iflar turned to Teagan. "You are aware you will have to steal it from Najarin now," said Iflar.

Teagan paled.

Iflar laughed. "Do not worry. It is in good hands with Najarin. Let's get your reward."

Teagan licked his lips. Reward? He was hoping that it was a Mipedian dessert.