A fluff piece. I got the idea for it staying up late one night. I do not own Danny Phantom.

His Body

Maddie's POV

I am worried about Danny. I know my little boy is growing up, but I can't help but be concerned. He's been skipping school, exhausted throughout the day, and a few times I've caught him coming home in the middle of the night. And then there are the strange bruises. I found one just under the sleeve of his T-shirt this morning. I went to push it up to get a better look and Danny practically jumped out of his skin. What is he hiding?

Later, I hear movement in his room. I open the door a crack. Danny is awake. He looks like he had just come home. He is taking off his shirt. I first notice the dark marks on his pale skin. They are large bruises, like someone has beaten him. Then I see something else: Danny's body. He has been cautious when he undresses in any way in front of us, probably self-consciousness brought on by teenage life. For the first time in a long time I see my little boy without his baggy clothes. He isn't little anymore. He isn't thin and awkward in his body any longer. I can only see so much in the dim light, but I can see he is muscular in his arms and shoulders. He turns and I see that his chest and stomach are thoroughly toned as well. I can't understand it. Danny doesn't play sports or use the school weight room as far as I know.

Danny pauses what he is doing. He knows he is being watched. I quickly go back to bed with one question on my mind: What is he doing?