I rewatched the episodes with Freakshow for this chapter and I'm hoping I got his voice right. While I was going back through all the notes and watching the episodes, one source mentioned that Freakshow may remember the episode Reality Trip, but Danny stated at the end of the episode that only he, Sam, Tucker, and Jazz knew he was half-ghost and it appeared that no one else remembered what happened other than the trio what happened during the episode. So I worked this under the assumption that Freakshow doesn't remember what happened in Reality Trip.

Freakshow's POV

I love ghosts! Who doesn't? I love ghosts. My audience loves ghosts. My parents loved ghosts. My family especially. They loved them more than me. I even love them more than me. They can do so much: fly, walk through walls, turn invisible, and that's just for starters. My dear Lydia can make her tattoos come alive and make them do my bidding.

My family has been in show business for generations. They used ghosts to make their living entertaining audiences. Apparently I was the only one who could see the true potential of the staff. Ghosts make excellent thieves.

And then I recruited the ghost boy in Amity Park. Inviso-Bill, Danny Phantom, whatever his name is. I had a new act with him. The only trouble was how willful he was. So very willful! All ghosts fight my control at first, but they give up after a time. But not Phantom. He fought from the beginning to the end.

At first, I expected it. He wasn't always around the circus. He wasn't exposed to the staff constantly. But then I got him under my control to rob a jewelry store. He wasn't camera shy, I'll give him that. He purposely showed up on the security cameras. It made things even better! He got the blame and I got away. Or I would have if he hadn't broken my staff!

It had started off so well. But then that meddling goth girl had to go snooping around backstage. She found out the truth. And then she and her geeky friend managed to get out and follow me onto the train. Of course, I had to order my minions to go after them because they stood there and looked stupid! And then once I got up there to finish them off, that brat tricked me into getting my staff knocked out of my hand. Phantom managed to catch it and I tried to get it back from him.

But he fought of my commands! That ungrateful ghost! I gave him purpose in my circus of horrors and he repays me by breaking my staff, which also broke my control on the others. Then he goes and throws me into all the loot they stole and left me for the police.

Now I love ghosts. But I hate that one! I'm not sure why. He's the reason I'm in the custody of the Guys in White – inept fools – before I go back to jail. I can't even remember why the Guys in White wanted of me in the first place. Granted I have knowledge of many ghostly items, but that doesn't seem to be the reason why they wanted me. Now I'm being shipped back to jail. It was a trip for nothing. I guess I just need to hope that Lydia finds me and gets me out of here. I have revenge to plan against a certain ghost boy.