A New Beginning Or The Beginning Of The End

A/N I read the spoilers for episodes 9 and 10 and this idea came to me, I wanna get the first chapter up b4 ep 9, so I will gt this up then I will finish Opposites Attract and finish this. I also have another first chapter of 2 other stories done (my head is so full of ideas atm its unreal) Anyway this is set 6 months after episode 10

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Danny and Alice were alone in the kitchen at Leopards Den. For once the place was quiet and empty, they were enjoying the rare solitude. Danny took her hand and put his arms around her.

"Hear that?" he whispered dropping feather light kisses on her neck.

"What? I don't hear anything." she replied clutching his arms tightly.

"Exactly!" he looked down and smiled. "Nothing, quiet! The house is empty and we are alone. Best enjoy this while we can coz when Junior gets here alone time will be zilch for the next eighteen years!" he may have sounded grumpy as he said that but Alice knew he was as excited as her for their new arrival. Although the baby wasn't planned, a massive surprise actually both Danny and Alice could hardly wait to hold their baby. Their love would now last forever in the child they had created.

"Mmm alone." she reached up and twined her arms around his neck. "I like the sound of that."

He leaned down and kissed her really gently. He was slowly deepening it when Liv stomped into the house. Danny froze as the door slammed.

Liv snorted. "God we leave you two alone for 2 minutes! Is it any wonder you ended up pregnant!" she told Alice.

Alice laughed as Danny released her, she found her hand and smoothing over her slightly bulging abdomen.

"Liv why are you home." Danny asked stiffly.

She ground her teeth together.

"Thabo?" Alice asked.

Liv growled and crossed her arms.

"Why don't you go and find him and sort this out." Danny suggested.

Alice rolled her eyes.

Thabo walked into the house. "Liv." he said softly.


Danny looked at the ceiling pleading with a higher power.

"Hey kids why don't you two skidaddle before Danny bursts something." Alice said grinning.

Liv looked between them disgusted. "Ok."

Just as they were about to leave Dupe and Caroline sailed in.

"Oh for the mother of…..!" Danny yelped.

"Guess who's home!" Dupe laughed.

Danny pointed to the door. "Dupe!" Alice was in stitches by his side.

"Who can go to a spa when I have a fight to plan? We can't leave anything to chance Trevanion, we must win!"

Danny closed his eyes and dropped his head.

"Our 5 seconds of peace was nice." Alice whispered in his ear.

He heard Dupe stomping around the study every few minutes erupting with a war cry. Thabo was trying to placate an irate Liv, somehow he upset her and Nomsa was now in the kitchen muttering about her pots and pans."This place is mad!" Danny moaned.

"It's mad but it's home…" Alice told him kissing his cheek…


As Alice finished that statement Danny found himself being woken by an insistent buzzing. He was loathe to leave the dream, leave his home. He knew as soon as he opened his eyes he would be in London. The thought depressed him. He sat up and turned the clock off. The ringing ceased. He looked around the room, the ceiling and skirting boards were freshly painted. The whole house was newly decorated. As soon as we decorate it'll feel like home Alice promised. Yeah well it had been decorated for weeks and was it home? No! They had lived here for six months and he was genuinely losing his mind. There were too many people here, hustling and bustling by not even bothered whether they bumped into you. The noise was deafening, the traffic infuriating, the pollution choked you. Danny had thought Jo'burg was busy but not this busy! How on earth did Alice prefer this to Africa? I mean the worst was the weather, was London ever warm?

And the house, his home? Yeah right. Alice picked it coz he didn't care! He wanted Leopards Den but he didn't get a choice coz she got what SHE wanted! He loved her, really he did but Christ what was he doing here? He wasn't a city vet any more he was an exotic animals vet. The most exotic thing he got in the surgery so far was a freaking parrot and it bit him! He flopped back down onto the bed seeing a spot on the ceiling he missed while painting. He turned on his side his back to Alice. Africa had got into his blood just as Dupe had said it did and the UK, he hated it. He had tried to make the most of a bad situation but at the moment the only redeeming feature so far was that he and Alice were together….and that was becoming old very quickly. He felt Alice turn over beside him, he was only here because of HER! He pushed the blanket off his body and rose. Decided to go check on little Robbie.

He walked down the small landing into a baby blue room decorated with cars and lorries. He walked to the cot and looked at his little boy. Robert Daniel Trevanion. When he'd been born Danny had thought he was the perfect combination of mummy and daddy. That was how Danny always thought of him even when Alice had been pregnant. Him and her combined to make something more precious than life. The blanket had slipped down Danny pulled it up tucking him in gently. He knew that if he awoke he'd open his green eyes, which had been blue at birth, and squawk at him angrily. He smoothed his hand down his head, his hair turning to a lighter shade of brown. Then there was the stubborn Collins chin. The one his sister had, his Uncle Rowan had it and couldn't forget when mummy had her stubborn head on. She'd raise it and that was when Danny knew there was no budging her, like every time he mentioned going home! To chase away thoughts he continued to look down at his son. He'd been right that long ago afternoon when Alice had told them she was pregnant. It had all came flooding back to him, he couldn't believe how lucky he was. He had amazing kids….he just wasn't where he wanted to be.

"Does little man need anything?" Alice asked.

He turned and saw her wrapped in a white robe. "No he's still asleep."


"I need to shower, I have to go to work." he walked straight passed her towards the bathroom.

Any other time both of them up early they would have grasped the time with both hands, now they found they had a lot of time alone but never seemed to use it anymore. Alice turned and followed him.

He was already in the bathroom with the door closed.

She walked right in. "How long is this going to last?" she was sick of this crap, for the last week he had been withdrawn, barely speaking to her and it was doing her head in!

"What?" he asked adjusting the dial on the shower, not even looking at her.

"Everything! We don't talk anymore. We don't touch. You can barely stand to be in the same room as me. You come to bed so late that I'm asleep and your up and out before I wake up!"

"I'm adjusting you said I'd do that remember?" he couldn't resist the sly dig.

Alice narrowed her eyes.

"If that is everything I'd like to shower, close the door behind you yeah?"

Alice was about to blast him when a cry from Robbie pierced the air.

"Me or you?" Danny asked.

"I'll see to him." she replied.

"Yeah you make the decisions as always." he muttered.

Alice's blue eyes were flaming. "You know what I preferred it when you weren't talking to me!" then slammed the bathroom door.

He followed her and opened it. "Fine by me!" he spat at her back then closed the door.


Danny emerged from their shared bedroom 30 minutes later in jeans and a white t-shirt. He dropped his dirty pyjamas into the washing basket by the machine. It was 7:30, Charlotte was up, she wore a black blazer, white blouse and an unfastened tie draped around her shoulders.

"Good morning Charlie." he told her with false brightness.

"What's so good about it?" she muttered. She hadn't been the same since talking to Dupe last night.

"It'll get better sweetie." he looked at Alice. "You're just adjusting." he approached the coffee maker and poured himself a cup.

Alice dropped a plate of toast onto the table rather heavily obviously annoyed.

Danny ignored it and took a seat beside Robbie's high chair. "Ah porridge, Robbie's favourite." he scooped up a spoon full, open wide for daddy." he made a aeroplane noise.

Robbie smiled and clapped.

"This is station master daddy are we cleared for landing?" he asked in a funny voice.

Robbie opened wide and Danny placed the spoon in his mouth "Good boy!" he praised. Weaning was hard but at 7 months Robbie was doing great!

Alice sat opposite him. "I can finish that."

"It's fine." Danny replied scooping up more porridge.

"Thought you had to go to work."

"Day off, I swapped with Lucy."

"Your still off on Friday right?" Alice asked.


Alice was enraged. "But we were supposed to be…."

"Lucy need it off, it was important." he interrupted.

"We have planned that long weekend for weeks!"

"No Alice you did!" he snapped. "Do I want to go away anywhere? No, so off you go, if Charlie wants to go she can if she doesn't, her, me and Robbie will have the time together won't we little man!" he made faces at his child.

Alice was almost shaking with her anger.

"Plus why would we want to go away anywhere? We have London!" he said voice full of sarcasm. "Nothing beats London!"

She opened her mouth to argue. "You know what? I give up!" she stomped off.

Charlotte too left the table mobile phone in hand. No doubt he'd be getting a call from Rosie later. Danny had saw her texting discreetly. To quote Alice, "I give up." he whispered. Since he and Robbie were alone, Danny finished feeding him his breakfast.


Alice was in their room absolutely seething. She pulled open the wardrobe and yanked out her suitcase. Who did he think he was? She had put so much work into that mini holiday. She thought by getting away they might be able to get their marriage back to where it was before. He was making it impossible! She was rapidly losing patience with everything! She reached inside for her clothes and saw Robbie's blue dummy on the floor by her foot, she hesitated. She couldn't take Robbie away from his dad. Charlie needed him too. She placed the suitcase away once again. What was she gonna do? The man downstairs wasn't her husband and to be painfully truthful she was slowly beginning to dislike him…..that thought scared her. They had promised til death to them part…..was her marriage dying?

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