15 Years Later

"You wanna rethink that statement big brother?" an irate fifteen year old, easily six foot tall with flaming green eyes, shoulder length brown hair which glistened with blond tips asked.

Her older brother, who stood slightly smaller than her simply smirked. "You gonna make me Danni?"

Danni? No one called her Danni! Her name was Danielle! Ok he was in for it now! She erupted with a war cry and moved so swiftly across the veranda that she was a blur. Danni soon had Robbie in a headlock. He put his leg behind hers and she fell backwards, she pulled him down with her and they were wrestling on the veranda. All too soon laughter was echoing. She rolled put her arm around his neck and grasped his legs with her own. Robbie lost his bearings for a minute then realised he was stuck tight.

"Say it Robbie!" Danielle demanded. He was pinned on his stomach physically unable to move.

Her jerked trying to free himself. "Make me!"

"It looks like I am!" she gloated. "You don't want to be like this when Alesha is here, or I could show her how when she gets here! Big strong Robster pinned by his baby sis. How will you live with the shame!" Danielle cackled.

A car stopped at the bottom of the stairs and Rosie climbed out laughing heartily, the two girls who had came to Rosie as children were there too. Ally now twenty six with a family of her own now and Gloria who was twenty slowly finding her feet in the world. Both still carried scars about what happened to their parents but they were old and faded with Rosie and Max gentle guidance, unconditional love, support and by the family they had gained. Ally and Charlie were still best friends and Ally had been maid of honour at Charlie's wedding. Charlie was god mother to Ally's first child. Both woman looked the same as they had as children, Gloria like her dad and Ally so much like her mum.

Rosie meanwhile picked a baby carrier out of the car, she couldn't help but laugh at her younger brother and sister though she wasn't that surprised that they acted like this I mean c'mon the combination of her dad and Alice's genes would make something wacky! "Hey Danielle he say it yet?" she asked in between laughter.

Danielle smiled and Rosie noted how it was pure Alice. "No, but he will. Won't you."

God help anyone who messed with Danielle, I mean that girl was scary! She looked like their dad but her temperament was total Alice, unlike her mother she was merciless and took no prisoners.

Robbie meanwhile made a mutinous face.

"Tick tick, Alesha will be here soon." and Danielle tightened her hold.

Robbie released an audible breath realising there was no way he was winning this one. "Danielle…."

"Middle name too." she prompted.

Robbie clenched his jaw. "Danielle Andrea Trevanion is the best person in the universe especially better than me. I am nothing compared to her and pale in contrast to her….." he was silent.

"Say it!" Danielle told him, her ruthlessness incomparable to none!

"…toherbeautyandgrace!" he said quickly.

"Slowly. So I can understand." Danielle told him. It wasn't often she got one over Robbie so she wanted to savour this.

He roared in rage and she felt her grip loosen a second.

"Danielle he said it c'mon!" their dad said walking outside.

Danielle rolled off her brother and stood up looking adoringly at her dad. "How was it?" she asked.

Danny nodded. "Great just like I showed you." kissed her head.

Rosie watched their dad and Danielle. There was no doubt who her dad was, father and daughter adopted the same relaxed pose and shared the same disarming grin. Danielle not only inherited physical traits like height, towering over her mother and features like his twinkling green eyes but personality traits too Danielle was the only person she knew who managed to piss off nearly everyone simultaneously but also have them cracking up, and that was her dad all over. Rosie swore she had a hint of Dupe in her too.

Rosie's mind changed tracks when her step mother walked outside grinning. "Danielle is such a daddy's girl." Alice said sauntering outside. "If I had asked her to get off him she would have pinned me instead. With him she looks up at him like he hung the moon and stars, like she has since she was born."

Danny grinned at Alice and winked. Alice felt a familiar flutter.

Robbie meanwhile was on his feet glaring at his dad. Danielle by Danny's side smiling victoriously. "How could you teach her that?" Robbie accused.

"You should know better than to provoke her son. She is too much like her mother to do anything but kill you for it!"

"Hey!" Alice protested.

"You know its true." and winked.

Robbie shook his head in disgust, he was a taller version of his mother.

"Your mum knows some moves. I'll teach Danielle. She can teach you." he looked at Alice. "We'll finally find out who's better." put his arm around his wife's waist. Alice leaned into his side.

At that display Danny and Robbie declared their disgust and left.

Danny and Alice watched as their children walked inside pushing each other. Rosie followed promising to bring the baby out after she changed him. Soon Alice and Danny were alone on the veranda.

"How on earth did we end up with two so different kids?" Alice mused out loud.

"Danielle is a combo of Rosie and Charlie." he told her.

"Scary!" Alice said laughing.

Danny meanwhile had spun her, his arms were around her waist and he lowered his head until their faces were close.

"Can't say I'm surprised she is as hot headed and impulsive and just mad. That night….."

He laughed lowly and kissed her as Rosie walked outside with her son.

Alice pulled from Danny's hold quickly. "How's my baby?"

"Hello!" Danny told her playfully. "We were in the middle of something…."

"Meh." winked then lifted the baby. "Hey there little man, nana's missed you." and she blew a raspberry on his cheek.

"We watched him two nights ago Alice." Danny said dryly. "And he kept us up most of the night."

"You're snoring keeps me up and I don't complain."

Rosie made a 'ooooo' face.

"And how can you not miss his gorgeous little face? Who's nanas bestest?"

"She says that to all of them." Danny told Rosie.

The baby meanwhile was gurgling at Alice while she tickled his, under his chin. Six months old and Arthur, Artie as they called him refused to do anything. He refused to be weaned, he refused to sleep and had a stubborn streak a mile wide.

"He's refusing to eat again dad." Rosie said. "Max wore most of it! He's gonna be on bottles forever at this rate. Summer was easy but Artie…." she shook her head.

"Hmmm I seem to remember another little one, named Rosie who also refused to eat, or walk or do anything daddy wanted. He is just stubborn like his mother." he grinned. "Ah these are the days every parents lives for, payback time!"

Rosie made a face at her dad. "Look at him dad, he's Max all over." And he was put simply his fathers miniature clone.

"You had to come through somewhere, God help you is all I can say!" he chuckled. "How is Summer?"

"She's great, still at her dance lessons at the minute. To be fair I don't think they're working. She still keeps on falling over stuff! She tripped over a table leg the other day." Rosie chuckled. "She's enjoying this though, contemporary dance now. You should see her go!" and showed her dad of a young girl in leggings and a t-shirt dancing away. The girl had Max's face with her mothers brown eyes and hair. Rosie pocketed her phone. "And Max is currently giving Gloria's boyfriend 'the talk'." Rosie exhaled. "There will be hell to pay later!"

Alice winced. "Did she learn nothing from Ally?"

"Oh no, quite the opposite she egged him on, thought it was hilarious. I have no idea how Max didn't manage to scare off every boyfriend Ally ever had."

"Us fathers know that no man is good enough for our daughters. I felt the same!"

Rosie and Alice shard a look. "Poor Charlie!" they commiserated. Danny's protectiveness had went as far as threatening every one of Charlie's boyfriends with actual harm until Alice stepped in.

"Yeah but dad you and Max deciding to double team all the boyfriends is out of order!" Rosie spoke up. "You do know that if you did it once more Charlie and Ally were gonna kill the both of you in your sleep!"

Danny laughed. "Not at all. Just wait til its Summer."

"I pity Danielle!" Rosie muttered. "He's worse not than he was with me!"

"She has Robbie too!" his eyes alight with mischief.

"You heard from Liv?" Alice asked playing peek a boo with Artie.

Rosie nodded. "She's ready to pop soon, Charlie right after."

"Trust you three to decided to have babies pretty much at the same time." Danny declared. "My girls!"

Rosie laughed. "And three boys too, I have to say I was shocked when Liv and Will announced they were getting married. I didn't even know they were dating!"

"I know." Danny agreed. "I remember what they were like as kids and they didn't get along at all! And Charlie has left the nest, a married woman working as a physio. All in all life is going really well!"


Tea time had been and gone, all the dishes were washed and all was silent. Tea had went reasonably well. Liv had called saying that she was having twinges and could Rosie please tell her how to calm down a hysterical Gifthold man who was sure that she was in full labour and quite possibly dying by the way he was panicking. Rosie asked her if he had passed out yet as Max did that with Summer, it had been quite funny looking back. Rosie left with her girls and Artie promising to call in to reassure him. Charlie had called too promising to visit tomorrow, she wanted to tell her mum and dad that she had finally felt the baby move for the first time.

The highlight of the night however had to be Danielle talking to Alesha. Robbie had left before dinner was ready to collect her, Alice had asked Danielle to behave. Danielle had grinned and Alice had this sinking feeling that Robbie was doomed, Danielle however had been as good as gold….until she found five minutes alone with Alesha. She jumped straight in and asked what her intentions were towards Robbie. After that she told the girl in no uncertain terms that only she was allowed to hurt her older brother anyone else did and they died simple. When Alice walked outside poor Alesha didn't know what to do.

Now Danny and Alice finally found some time alone, the kids busy in their rooms and she and her husband were sat by their fountain recreating a moment. They sat on a blanket, Danny had his back against the wall as water trickled about them. Alice sat between his legs his arms wrapped around her stomach, her back against his chest loving the sound of the trickling water in the dark night. She sighed closed her eyes and sighed.

"So sixteen years ago Danielle was created. What did we do huh?" he laughed resting his head alongside hers, his chin on her shoulder.

Alice laughed lowly. "She's the best of you and the best of me you know. Robbie too."

Danny pressed a kiss to her soft black hair. "I can't believe we almost threw all this away!" tightened his hold as the thought of those dark days of the past.

"It was too close." she agreed. "But somehow it all turned out ok. We have out kids, grandkids and all those years have passed and we still have each other."

"ROBBIE!" they heard coming from the direction of the house. Danielle was obviously furious.

"You warned Alesha so I warned Taylor!" they heard clearly.

"I'd better…." Danny began getting up. He kissed her cheek. "I'll be a minute." Alice watched his silhouette as his form disappeared into the distance.

Alice turned around so she was kneeling and sat staring at the fountain, the cold clear water trickled from the top slowly, cold and clear. She thought back on the last sixteen years. Upon arriving home form hospital everything seemed to slot back into place. Eight months after that day she gave birth to their daughter, named after her dad and Uncle Dupe because they ended up delivering her, in the hospital car park no less! She had slight pains at dinner time by one oclock Danielle had been born, she'd been in labour about forty minutes tops! That was in complete contrast to Robert, she'd been walking floors with him trying to speed things up. She had also made peace with her brother after much cajoling from Charlie. She and Danny had just lived their life, they laughed, they loved and there had been no mention of anything that had happened prior to Danielle's conception. They had drew a line under that part of their life and moved on.

Danny approached carrying a bottle smiling. Even now sixteen years later his greying hair tinted brown instead of the opposite she still felt the same. His smile still had power over her. He poured two glasses and handed one to her, settled down.

"Kids ok?" she asked resting against him again.

"Danielle had Robbie in a headlock again."

Alice laughed. "They'll kill each other one day!"

"Anyway." Danny began taking a sip. "I think it's dark enough shall we begin?"

Alice nodded and they looked up at the sky. Danny pointed and they began.




Once a month they'd find the time just to sit and count the stars until they got bored, simply to remind each other of how much they both stood to lose. When finished Danny would tell Alice how much she meant to him and they'd share a kiss by their fountain although since that last night they never went further. By so many peoples standards their life couldn't possibly be described as perfect but Danny and Alice knew better. They cherished every moment together and love burned between them brighter than ever and that was why neither one of them could imagine being anywhere else but here, at their fountain.


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