pg 42...excerpt from Vogue magazine's Stars and Starlets issue, Feb 12, issue 103. Kelly Ripa and the Live! with Kelly logo used with permission from the ABC network. All rights reserved.

"And the winner of the Golden Globe for best actress in a dramatic role is Elena Gilbert for her portrayal of the prostitute transgendered nun in Sister Maria and Change!"

Kelly Ripa, everyone's favorite gossip turned from the monitor to Elena, sitting in a high-backed chair next to her.

Kelly Ripa: Tell us, Elena, what was that like, wining the big GG?

Elena: It was the second best night of my life.

Kelly: What was the first?

Damon Salvatore (Elena's husband and constant companion): That's top secret and probably not appropriate for a morning show.

Elena: (elbowing him in the ribs) Stop it. The best moment of my life was getting married.

Damon: To me (he said proudly)

Elena: No, to the pool boy. But you were a close second.

It's clear to this interviewer that Damon Salvatore, Hollywood's biggest star and hottest hunk, has met his match in his former co-star, Elena Gilbert. While the movie they made together, 'Half-Past Hope' was panned by the critics it has since become an audience favorite, with midnight showings where couples act out the final scene together, the part that surprised everyone, when Nina Dobrev, (played by Elena Gilbert) could be so cold-blooded as to kill the only man that had ever loved her.

In real life, there was a happier ending. After a much discussed slap on the red carpet in Cannes, the couple quickly wed in a Vegas, only their close friends and family among them. Now they live in Malibu with two dogs and a cat. Elena got a plum role in the true-life story of a male prostitute who wants to become a nun. Many scoffed that the womanly figure of Elena Gilbert couldn't pull off a male role, but much like Hilary Swank in 'Boys Don't Cry" she pulled it off to great success and is now a front runner for the Oscar.

Her husband, who usually bounces right to a new project after the old one, has taken a hiatus from acting, preferring instead to accompanying his wife on all her shoots.

"I keep the trailer warm," he told us.

Pgs 43-44

[photo of Elena and Damon running with their dogs on the beach in Malibu]

[photo of Elena in makeup as a man for 'Sister Maria' having a cup of coffee with the film's director]

[photo of Elena and Damon on the red carpet for the opening of Stefan Salvatore's new movie 'Wonderlust']

Pg 44...Hollywood's golden couple might be seen around town or on the red carpet, but they are known for being very private, almost never giving interviews except to Kelly Ripa, whom they partially credit for getting them together. Asked who took most of the credit for their couplehood they both replied in unison, "Stefan." Neither would elaborate on Damon's brothers' central role in getting them together. Sources have linked Damon and Stefan's ex, Katherine Petrova to the drama, but Ms. Petrova could not be reached for comment as she is making a movie in Antarctica spelling for an extended period of time. An anonymous quote from a friend put it succinctly, "We're all glad to see the last of her. Elena, is like, so much better for him. He's actually happy!"

And like any good parent, we're happy when he's happy...

Damon threw down the magazine in disgust. Elena picked it up and thumbed through the rest of it, letting her head rest back against his broad shoulders. They were sitting on the deck in a swing, Elena snuggled up against him, one foot tucked under her.

"Ugh, did you read it? I sound so whipped. I thought Vogue was supposed to be this high-class magazine. That was more like the rags you get at the airport."

"I think it's sweet," Elena replied, engrossed in the spread of Lady Gaga and a troupe of semi-nude male dancers. "You're so devoted to me, you've given up your own career. It's touching to watch you be co-dependent."

"Hesh up woman, I call the shots around here."

Elena rolled her eyes but didn't say anything, but he spotted it and began tickling her mercilessly.

"Stop! I mean it," Elena said as she giggled so hard she nearly fell over.

"Never. Stop. Never," he replied, digging his index fingers under her arms as he maneuvered her to lie beneath him. The swing rocked gently with them.

"Damon," she said breathlessly as she felt his fingertips soften and run up and down her sides as he pulled her closer.

She nuzzled into him, "Don't stop," she said, threading her fingers through his soft hair. "Never want you to."

He replied with a kiss. That was one thing she never had to worry about again. Damon Salvatore wasn't going anywhere without Elena Gilbert ever again.

The End

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