Part 11

"Aunt Cait, can I have some more pizza?"

"Yes Le, you may have some more. Just this time you eat it and not Tet."

Hawke walked into the kitchen where Caitlin and her sister were talking. He watched the way she got along with Erin and he smiled. He couldn't begin to believe how much one person could love another until he felt how much love he actually had for Caitlin. She turned to face him. Boy she was getting big. Twins the doctor told them.

"Well Mrs. Hawke I think it's time you got off of your feet."

"I was just about to show Erin the nursery then I was going to sit down for a while."

Dom came in with Le behind him. He was happy to see his 'son' happy and about to be a father twice over. Dom felt that he could die now and he would know that String would be taken care of, Cait would see to that.

"Oh god!"

"Cait...what's the matter?" Erin asked.

"It's time," Caitlin answered as liquid began to soil her pants.

"Time," Erin said noticing the spreading moisture.

Caitlin nodded. Erin went to get a towel and her sister's suitcase. Dom herded Hawke. They all boarded the helicopter and headed for the hospital.

Dom looked back at Caitlin sandwiched between Erin and Hawke. Le served as co-pilot.

Caitlin smiled back at him. The past was finally the past and Hawke's future was looking bright. A new family was to beginning.