World Devourer

Another day is dawning on one side of planet Dobboth. Another day is ending on the other side. No-one knows that it is to be their last day. For he is coming. And he is hungry.

He strides through the blackness of space. A huge being who dwarves the planet. He puts his hands on either side of the planet, not caring about the billions of inhabitants. They're nothing compared to him. Just ants. And he begins to draw the planets essence into himself. The feeling is wonderful. The agonising hunger is leaving him.

On the planet's surface, everything is black. The inhabitants know that this is their end. Some scream and cry. Some make peace with their enemies. Most cry out to their God. But they all know that their lives are over.

He finishes drawing out the planets energy. He feels satisfied. And on he goes, leaving nothing but rocks and memories behind him. But he doesn't care about the civilisation that has been annihilated. He knows that he must feed, and only populated worlds can sustain him.

He is the destroyer of worlds. He is the World Devourer. He is Galactus.