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Sekirei: Legend of "The Fearsome Four"

Now, let's get this story started...

Part 1: Fateful Encounters

Chapter 1: Doing The Right Thing

As the young man stood on the beach in his hometown watching the sun set over the water, he found himself asking questions to which the answers always eluded him. Questions such as, "Is there more to this life that what has been shown to him?" or "What can I do to make a difference?"

That young man's name was Kyle Vale, and he was just an average 18 year old man. He lived in a relatively peaceful town called Traverse City, Michigan, in a country that was anything but peaceful: The United States of America. His height was around 5 feet, 11 inches, his body frame was above average, but not muscle bound either. A nice mix in between and just enough athleticism to get him out of tight spots.

With unruly tousled black hair and ocean blue eyes, he always thought himself to have average looks. He just recently graduated from TC Central High School, which he thought didn't come soon enough. It wasn't easy, but thanks to hard work (and having some brains), he was able to graduate in the top five in a class of well over three hundred students and managed to get accepted to Harvard University, where he was going to major in bio-engineering and minor in business.

However, because the date was June 15st, 2012, school was the last thing that was on his mind. Truthfully, the only thing that had been on his mind is finding ways to enjoy his summer...which leads to where he was at now: The beaches of Grand Traverse Bay.

He found himself coming here whenever he thought about the next big step in his life. It helped him relax and forget about his troubles, which at the moment was the thought of leaving everything he knew in order to make something of himself.

Sitting in a beach chair wearing a simple white t-shirt and blue swimming trunks with white tribal designs along with white sandals, he was thinking about the pros and cons of having to undergo such a change when his phone rang. Looking at it, he noticed that his father was calling him. Answering it, he answered, "Hello, Dad. What do you need?"

His father answered, "Kyle, it looks I'm going to be working late again tonight, so I'm afraid you'll have to walk home again tonight."

"Let me guess," Kyle asked, "Strictly confidential, right?"

"You got it, son. Although it shouldn't take you too long to walk home, considering that we live a few miles away from the beach."

"Alright, then. You know, dad, you should really try to find a way to get some time off for your birthday that's coming up soon."

His father sighed and said, "I know, but to be honest, the last thing I need to be reminded of is the fact that I'm so old. Well, I've got to get back to work. All this paperwork on my desk isn't going to get done by itself."

"Ok, then, I'll let you go. I'll see you later tonight." With that, Kyle hung up the phone.

He thought very highly of his father, who had worked extremely hard to make sure that him and his older sister could live a comfortable life, especially after their mother died when they were younger. Kyle himself didn't remember how she died, but he was told by his dad and sister that she didn't suffer in the slightest.

Normally, the death of a parent would be hard on anyone, and Kyle was no exception. Instead of dwelling on that, however, it drove him to become independent and hard-working. That was especially the case when their father took a job that required him to be overseas from the year 2000 to the year 2008, which left him and his sister to live with their grandma until they were old enough to take care of themselves. But by the year 2008, their father told them that he was going to be able to come back home and they would be able to be together again. However, not too long after he came back home did their grandma die of old age, but like his mother's death, he promised himself to continue being strong and independent.

It was because of his father that he was going to major in bio-engineering at Harvard, the same career that his father had. What kind of job his father had or what he specifically does, he never told him or his sister, always saying that it was top secret information. But it was implied that whatever he was doing, it was extremely important.

Kyle got so caught up thinking about his past that he didn't realize how late it was until he noticed the first stars in the night sky. Cursing himself for losing track of time, he folded the beach chair and situating his clothes into a comfortable position before he started to make his way to the sidewalk next to the road.

That's when he felt it: A great disturbance in the air that managed to bring a chill up his spine, which was saying something considering that he was a person that was very hard to scare. He even recognized it, though he didn't quite know how: Killing Intent.

If there was ONE thing that he didn't like about his father, it was his ability to sense things that he shouldn't be able to, like killing intent or hidden desires, an ability that (unfortunately for Kyle) he managed to inherent. He didn't necessarily blame his dad, though. After all, he had no control on what he genetically inherited from his parents.

Having sensed the killing intent in the air, it made him think of the conversation he had with two of his friends at lunchtime on the final day of high school...

"Hey, guys, did you hear about what's been going on in Michigan lately?" asked Nolan, a rather plain guy with straight, blonde hair to Kyle and Katie, a girl with shoulder length brown hair, green eyes, and an average figure.

"Are you talking about the events surrounding the person that people call, 'The Rogue Sword'?" Kyle asked him.

"The one and the same," confirmed Nolan. "Apparently, the entire state is on high alert regarding 'The Rogue Sword', who's been making her way up north. From what I've heard, she cut down an entire police squad while dodging showers of bullets down in Grand Rapids."

"There's no way that a person can dodge so many bullets," Katie stated . "It's just not possible."

"You're right," Nolan stated. "No person can dodge so many bullets. However, police reports say that 'The Rogue Sword' could very well not be human. There was even a testimony from a surviving officer from the Grand Rapids police slaughter who managed to give a decent description of 'The Rogue Sword' shortly before he died of external injuries and shock."

His interests very much piqued, Kyle gave Nolan his undivided attention as Katie (who was obviously terrified at this point) asked with a shaken voice, "What kind of description did the police officer give?"

Being in full story telling mode, Nolan stood up and said, "The police officer said that it was a woman with ruffled light gray hair, pulled up in a pony tail with matching gray eyes wearing a one piece black outfit with loose fitting brown belts, black stocking boots, and a gray jacket with a long Japanese sword at her side. But, that's not the worst of it. What was the worst of it was the way she would look at a victim before cutting him or her down. The way she would look at her victim and the ever slight grin on her face was described as 'nothing short of demonic, capable of terrifying any person right down to their soul'."

Even Kyle was shivering at this point. If one person was capable of doing those kind of things to trained police officers, he didn't want to see what it would do to a normal person. "Wait, you said that she was making her way up north. Any idea where up north?" Kyle asked him.

Nolan, upon hearing Kyle asking him that, sat back down and replied, "That still remains a mystery. That's why all the major towns in the north, including this one, are on high alert. The mayor's even considered setting a curfew to be off the streets by, it's that dangerous. If I was smart, which I am, I would stay off the streets after sunset." At this point, the bell rang signaling the end of lunch and the start of the next class...

Kyle found himself shivering at the mere memory of that conversation. It was then that he came across a terrifying thought.

"It could very well be that this 'Rogue Sword' is in Traverse City right now, based on the killing intent I just sensed" he thought to himself. "If that's the case, then someone is in danger. But, what should I do?"

He stood in his spot on the increasingly cold sand, thinking over his options. Assuming he could even find "The Rogue Sword", what could he possibly do that an entire police squad couldn't? He didn't like just walking into danger, but he liked the idea of ignoring someone in danger even less. Knowing that he was about to defy common sense, he felt obligated to call his sister and let her know what he was up to.

After ringing a few times, he heard her answer, "Hey, Kyle. Are you coming home soon?"

"Um, not yet, Kellie" he replied. "I just remembered that I have to pick up something of mine from Nolan's house, so I won't be back for at least an hour."

"What about your master level blade lessons that you're suppose to have tonight with Sei Long in a half hour?" she asked him.

He face palmed himself upon hearing that question, completely forgetting about his lessons with his "master".

When he was around ten years old, his father (who was still overseas) and sister insisted on him learning how to defend himself and boost his somewhat low confidence level (at the time), in case of bullies and potential murderers. However, instead of learning something normal like karate or kung fu, he was taught how to wield and fight with a nodachi (a traditional Japanese two-handed sword used by samurai back in the feudal times of Japan) from his "master", Sei Long, who apparently owed their father big time from something that happened before his dad took the overseas job. What specifically, Sei Long didn't say, but regardless he was more than happy to teach Kyle everything he knew. Kyle still shivered whenever he thought about his numerous and intense training sessions that took place three times a week over the last eight years.

Kyle then realized that he could go home first and get his blade that was laying against the wall in his bedroom, so that he would have a way of defending himself. He then realized that Kellie would interrogate him to no end if he did that. Not to mention how suspicious it would look if he was walking around town with a four foot long sword by his side.

"Tell Long that I'll be a little late tonight," Kyle told his sister. "If I don't get sidetracked, I should be back in a hour."

"Is there something you're not telling me, little brother?" Kellie asked. "Are you, by any chance, meeting up with a girl tonight?"

Feeling his face getting hot, Kyle retorted, "You should know better than to ask me about something that far-fetched by now."

"I should, but I have too much fun teasing you," Kellie stated. "Anyway, make sure to be back in an hour. If you're not, Long will have to make your lesson tonight extremely hard."

"I got it, I got it!" Kyle exclaimed, not wanting to know what Long would do to make his already intense lesson harder than before. "I'll see you later, Kellie." He hung up his phone and slid it into his swimsuit pocket.

Despite her constant teasing and nagging, Kellie was extremely perceptive and able to figure out how a person was feeling only by looking at her target, which was something (according to his dad) she inherited from their mother. Personally, he felt that she developed said abilities from acting as a mother figure over the years that she watched over him. It wouldn't have surprised him if it was a combination of both.

Right as soon as he put the phone in his pocket, he sensed another surge of killing intent, this time with a hint of glee, which only meant that whoever was releasing the killing intent was getting closer to whoever the person had their sights on.

Cursing the time he already wasted, he left the beach chair behind (prioritizing the more pressing matter at hand over something as stupid as a chair) and went in search for the source of the killing intent.

Since he figured that the closer he got to the disturbing feeling, the stronger it would get. Going on that notion, he made my way through streets and back alleys, some of which he didn't think existed.

While following the killing intent, Kyle thought about what Kellie was teasing him about over the phone. He always wanted to have a girlfriend, just like any guy would. However, because of his schoolwork and sword lessons, he didn't have the time for a girlfriend. It didn't help at all that he felt shy around other girls and had absolutely no idea what to talk about with them. He was sure that he'd get one eventually, but probably not until he was done with college (which depressed him a little bit).

He put the petty matter side when he approached a dark alley and felt like the air around him was suffocating him. "This is it," he thought to myself. "Whoever is releasing this much killing intent is somewhere around the immediate vicinity." In fact, he had a pretty bad feeling that it was around the corner of what he believed to be the darkest alley in town, which was another bad sign if he had ever seen one. Making sure he took a couple of very deep breaths, he counted out loud to three and whipped around the corner, facing the very dark alley that brought shivers to his very spine.

For what felt like the longest time, Kyle couldn't see anything. No trash cans, no stray animals, not one thing. It didn't help that the street lamp over the alleyway wasn't working. No sooner than he noticed that did the street lamp started working, first lighting the alleyway dark orange slowly making it's way to white. He was so concentrated on the light that it freaked him out when a person came shooting out of the alleyway, huffing and puffing like they've been running for their life. Said person obviously didn't notice him either, due to the fact that the person ran right into Kyle full force, causing both of them to fall to the ground.

Before he could say anything, though, he heard a voice say, "Oh, sorry! I didn't see you standing there! I didn't mean to run into you like this. Are you ok?" Kyle was about ready to chomp this person's head off for scaring him when he looked at the person and felt the air in his lungs leaving him.

Kneeling over Kyle with a concerned look on her face was (in his opinion) the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had dark purple hair that flowed halfway down her back like a waterfall, piercing blue eyes that left Kyle feeling that they were looking straight into his soul like an art piece at an art gallery.

Her skin was lightly tanned and looked to be very smooth, almost as if her skin had the texture of expensive silk. What caught him most off guard was the way her body was sculpted, with curvacious features that rivaled even the best swimsuit models out there, and the way she was kneeling over him wearing a simple white t-shirt and tight fitting blue jeans along with running shoes (doing nothing to hide her curves), he lost my train of thought over what he was going to do next.

Kyle was brought back to Earth when the woman that he couldn't stop looking at said, "Uh, sir, are you ok?"

Trying to say something, he quickly replied, "Uh, yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. No harm done."

As they stood up, he found himself unable to say anything.

"I can't believe how super gorgeous she is," Kyle exclaimed to himself. "I'm at a loss at what to do next. I didn't honestly think I would actually meet a girl tonight, especially considering the situation."

Realizing how they "met", Kyle suddenly asked, "So, why were you running out of the alley like your life depended on it?"

In response, her pretty eyes grew wide and she replied, "I'm on the run from someone who's extremely dangerous. I've managed to avoid danger so far, but I don't know how long that will last."

Not taking his attention away from her, it was painfully obvious that she wasn't lying. One thing was perfectly clear: She was in danger of losing her life.

"Let's go going, then!" Kyle exclaimed. "I'll stay with you until we can come across the police."

She looked to the ground and stated, "Oh, no, you don't have to do that. Besides, you don't know me at all, and I don't want to bother you with something like this."

"You're right, I don't know you at all," Kyle stated. "However, I can't just sit by and do nothing while you're in danger. The least I can do is help you stay safe from anyone or anything that is currently threatening you. It wouldn't be right of me if I let you be in harm's way."

She looked back at me gratefully and said, "Thank you so is your name?"

"Kyle," he stated with a smile. "What's yours?"

"Keisha," she told him with a smile of her own.

In all the excitement of their encounter, Kyle somehow manage to forget about the massive killing intent in the air until it came back in full force and then some, almost as if the person was standing next to him, preparing for the kill.

"WE'VE GOT TO MOVE, NOW!" he shouted. Not bothering with pleasantries, he took her hand and sprinted as fast as he could in the opposite direction.

Once she regained herself, she was sprinting alongside him with relative ease and together they made their way to a park and didn't stop until they were smack dab in the middle of a skateboarding rink.

Confident that the two of them put considerable distance between them and danger, Kyle wheezed, ""

After looking around a bit, she replied, "I'm not entirely sure, myself."

"She's not out of breath at all!" Kyle said mentally. "What is she, an Olympic athlete?"

Finally managing to recover from their long sprint, Kyle looked around and said, "Well, whatever it was, I don't feel any danger at the moment."

No sooner had he said that, he wished he could've taken it back. Out of nowhere, the killing intent hit him with the force of a speeding semi-truck followed by a calm voice saying, "You spoke too soon, I'm afraid."

Knowing that they was going to die if they stood still, Kyle took Keisha's hand and jumped back as far as he could. No sooner than he returned to his feet, he saw the glint of sharp metal followed by the sharp slice through the wind, the tip of a weapon missing him by mere inches. Due to the surrounding street lamps inside the park, the attacker was somewhat visible to Kyle.

"You're an interesting one, young man," the attacker stated with that same unusual calm voice. "It's not everyday I come across someone who can dodge my first attack, let alone someone as normal and boring as you."

The surrounding street lamps finally turning on, slowly but surely, Kyle was able to see the attacker as clear as day. "Oh, no!" Keisha exclaimed, hiding behind Kyle. "She's found me!"

As he looked at this person from head to toe, it was clear that he was in deep trouble. It was a woman who stood as tall as him, with ruffled light gray hair tied up to a ponytail. She had matching gray eyes and smooth white skin (although not as smooth as Keisha's) and had a face of a veteran warrior.

She wore a light gray jacket over a black one piece leather top with loose fitting brown belts and black stocking boots reaching halfway up her thighs. Her scabbard was somehow strapped on her left hip while she held her sword in her right hand, pointing it in our direction. Unfortunately, Kyle recognized the sword: It was a nodachi, and it was clearly a high quality sword.

He gulped and asked, "You're her, aren't you? The one who's called 'The Rogue Sword'?"

With a slight smile on her face, the scary woman replied, "Of course. However, perhaps I should tell you the name that you should really fear. My true name's Karasuba, Sekirei #4."

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