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Chapter 14: Misfortune at every turn!

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"This is all just happening a little too fast," Minato said to himself.

It had been one week since his encounter (and winging) with Musubi, Sekirei #88.

Since then, he had a very intense (and rather confusing) phone conversation with Hiroto Minaka explaining some of what he called The Sekirei Plan. By the end of it, he was just as confused about it as he was before. The only thing that he managed to get was that he was now involved in something bigger than himself.

After that, him and Musubi had the unfortunate luck of running into the lightning twins from before. After they attacked her and saw the crest on Musubi's back, they suddenly stopped and apologized. Explaining that they don't attack winged Sekireis, they just took off, leaving Minato with a lot of unanswered questions.

However, despite all that, the one thing that really got him thinking was two people he recently met. After running into a fellow cram student and talking with him for a while, they ran into two men who didn't seem real.

Just thinking about the conversation got him wondering almost as much as the lightning twins...

"Oh, my god!" exclaimed Yasaka, a fellow cram student. "It's him! The former legend of the host club I work at now!"

As he pointed the man out, Minato noticed just how handsome he was. It was almost as if he came right out of a modeling magazine.

Suddenly acting flustered, the cram student bowed and stuttered, "H-h-hello, Kagari! Are you going to work?"

The handsome man said, "Ah, I remember you! You work at the host club I used to work at, right?"

"That's right, Mr. Kagari!" Yasaka said excitedly, like it was a blessing from God that Kagari remembered him at all. "And, of course, I know all about you. Your legendary work at the club hasn't been forgotten, even after you left eight years ago!"

"It's been that long already?" Kagari rhetorically asked. "The time sure flies by. And, to answer your question, I had some business to take of today, so I took the day off from my serving job."

He then took notice of Minato, and his eyes got really narrow, like he got really suspicious of him.

It was fleeting, but Minato noticed the slight gesture right away. Of course, he didn't say anything.

"Is this a friend of yours?" Kagari asked.

"Well, he's just a fellow cram student," he said quickly.

All of a sudden, they heard a rather deep voice say, "Hey, Kagari! There you are!"

From behind Kagari came another man as tall as Minato, but with red shoulder length hair and a well-built body. Minato knew right away he was a foreigner, despite speaking perfect Japanese. He also noticed something else about him, something odd. He just couldn't put his finger on it...

Minato was so lost in thought that he barely heard the red-headed stranger say, "Kagari, who are these two?"

Kagari replied, "A fellow admirer and his cram school friend."

The foreigner stuck his hands out and said, "I'm Marcus. Marcus Percival. I'm Kagari's brother-in-law."

Yasaka lit up like a Christmas tree and said, "You're the famous brother-in-law Kagari talks about? I'm so honored to meet you, Mr. Percival!"

The man gave a deep chuckle and said, "Please, just call me Marcus."

Marcus then saw Minato and asked, "And what's your name?"

"Ah, Minato," Minato replied. "Minato Sahashi."

"Minato," the red-head repeated. "It was nice to meet you."

He then looked at Kagari and said, "We have some stuff to talk about and take care of. Shall we get going?"

"Yes, of course," Kagari said. Right before leaving, he looked at the two college boys and said, "Oh, and the next time we meet, let's get something to drink together, okay?"

Yasaka practically screamed, "Yes, definitely!"

When the two left, Yasaka turned towards Minato and said, "That man, if you couldn't tell already, was a legend at the host club I'm working at now. If it wasn't for the fact that he got married, he would still be working there."

He then got a dreamy look in his eyes as he continued, "At first, I didn't think very highly of him, but now I think he's the embodiment of what a guy should be!"

Skirting away from his cram buddy a little bit, Minato asked, "What about that red-haired guy? How do you know him?"

His face got real serious as he replied, "That was Kagari's brother-in-law. A foreigner. Usually, I don't like too many foreigners, but he's a really nice guy. He's also very likeable by the ladies, although he's shown no interest in anyone who has approached him, as far as I've heard. Oh, and he also graduated from Tokyo University four years ago, and in the Top 10, I might add."

Minato expressed a look of shock as he asked, "What, are you serious? I just met a graduate of the same university I've been trying to get into for the last two years, and you tell me this just now?"

Yasaka looked away from Minato and replied, "Yeah, sorry about that. I was so caught up in meeting Kagari that I forgot about that."

Minato, having lost out on a golden opportunity for help, scowled and stated, "Let's get going already."

With that, they kept walking down the street.

"I wonder if I'll meet him again," Minato wondered out loud.

"Meet who, Minato-sama?" asked Musubi, who just walked into the living room of his apartment.

"Oh, no one important," Minato said dismissively.

Just then, they heard someone walking up to the stairs to Minato's front door.

Turning ghost white, Minato said, "That might be my landlord! Quick, Musubi, hide!"

"Okay, Minato-sama!" exclaimed Musubi, who went to hide in the bathroom.

Right when Musubi disappeared into the bathroom, Minato opened the front door to find his worst fear regarding his situation: his landlord.

"Oh, hey sir!" exclaimed a sweating Minato.

"I heard voices in your apartment," he said in a disrespecting tone. "You better not have a woman in there. That would be a violation of your contract."

"Of course I don't, sir," Minato lied. "You must be hearing things!"

All of a sudden, they both heard Musubi shouting, "Minato-sama! How long am I supposed to be hiding in here?"

Trying desperately to remedy the situation, Minato stuttered, "Wait, sir, I can explain!"

However, whatever Minato was going to explain was futile, due to the livid look on his landlord's face followed by him shouting, "You have one week to find another place to live!"

As the door slammed shut in Minato's face, he fell to his knees saying, "I suppose this was inevitable."

"Minato-sama," Musubi said, making her way out of the bathroom. "What just happened?"

"Musubi, we have to find a new place to live in one week," Minato said.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Musubi said. "I must have caused this to happen."

"Don't worry about it," Minato said, not wanting to make Musubi upset. "Besides, I'm sure we can find a suitable place for the two of us. Well, let's get dressed. We've got a lot of realtors to visit."

Four hours later

As the pair were leaving another realtors' office, Minato said, "Wow. That was the fifteenth one to turn us down."

"Finding a place to live is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be," Musubi said.

"Well, we could get my mom to help us out, but I'll have to explain our situation to her," Minato explained.

However, when the words of MBI's President echoed in his mind regarding the Sekirei Plan, he thought twice about that and said, "Anyway, on to the next one!"

That night

Feeling anything but hopeful, Minato and Musubi sat on a park bench and Minato said, "Go figure. All the realtors we visited today turned us down. That's just rotten luck."

In that moment, it had started to downpour on the two of them, as if their situation wasn't bad enough.

Minato then stood up, looked at Musubi, and said, "Tell me something, Musubi."

"What is it?" Musubi asked.

"I'm your Ashikabi, right?" He asked. "Why me? I'm nothing special. I've failed the college entrance exam not just once, but twice. An ashikabi is supposed to be someone special, right? Me? I'm anything but that."

It was silent for the longest time until Musubi looked up and said, "You can't tell, because of the rain, but there's supposed to be a beautiful moon out tonight."

She then looked at Minato and continued, "You're wrong, Minato. You being you is what makes you special, so never forget that. To me, you're the most special person in the whole world."

Just to prove her point, she swooped in on Minato and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips.

As her wings started to glow, she chanted, "By my fists of the contract, my Ashikabi's perils will be shattered!"

During her chant, she was glowing pink, as if activating a deep power. At the end, however, it went away and was replaced with extremely strong winds.

"Well, let's get going, Minato-sama!" exclaimed Musubi.

Minato had no time to react or even say anything as he was grabbed by the hand and took off into the sky (with some help from a tornado that Musubi created).

Eventually, they burst through the clouds and Minato took a glance at the full moon and noticed how good it looked tonight.

"See, Minato-sama?" asked Musubi. "It's just as I said."

Minato, having no words to describe the moment, just took it all in.

However, it was very brief, due to Musubi looking down and saying, "Oh, I'm sorry, Minato-sama."

Chuckling, Minato said, "Sorry for what?"

"It seems I forgot about how we were going to land," she stated.

With that, they started to plummet straight down, screaming like crazy along the way. It would've ended in disaster if they didn't run into a tree first, slamming into every single branch that slowed down their fall just enough to survive.

Still feeling sore, however, Minato sat up, groaned, and said, "Oh, that hurt. Musubi, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," she replied.

All of a sudden, they heard someone say, "Oh my! What's this?"

They looked up to find a young woman with long lavender hair wearing a traditional outfit staring at them.

"Hello," said the woman. "Who are you two?"

"Well, we are," Minato started to say, but never finished as he winced and grabbed his leg, due to the fact that it started to hurt him.

"Oh, you're hurt!" exclaimed the lavender haired woman.

That was the least of Minato's concerns as he looked behind him and notice Musubi's current condition.

"Crap!" he exclaimed. "Musubi, your clothes!"

She looked at them and said out loud, "Oh, they must've ripped when we fell."

Minato was about to say something when he heard someone else say, "Why is it so noisy? What's going on?"

Minato looked in the direction of the voice to find a person standing at the door going to the backyard. The same person that he met the other day: The silver-haired ladies man.

The silver-haired man said, "Oh. Hello."

"Well, that should do it," said Kagari as he finished up bandaging Minato's scraps inside.

"Thanks for that," said Minato.

"Don't worry about it. Miya asked me to do it," replied Kagari as he put the first-aid kit away.

"So, how exactly was it that you got here?" asked Kagari.

"Well," Minato started to say, but then the words of Hiroto Minaka echoed in his mind: "You cannot tell another soul about the Sekirei Plan, so keep your mouth shut!"

"I guess we just blew in with the wind," Minato quickly said instead.

"Wind, huh?" Kagari asked.

"Yeah," Minato said, giving away a nervous chuckle.

Kagari just smiled and said, "Well, I guess we can just leave it at that."

Just then, Musubi and the lavender haired lady walked into the room and Musubi said, "Look, Minato, I borrowed a kimono! What do you think?"

"Wow," Kagari said, "Two beautiful flowers standing side by side."

Minato then looked to the lavender haired woman and said, "I can't seem to thank you enough, madam."

"It's quite all right," she replied. "My husband used to be the exact same way. In fact, you're wearing his sweats."

He looked to Kagari and said, "Sorry about that."

Kagari waved his hand dismissively and said, "No, she's not talking about me. I never wear that. I'm not her husband. He...passed away."

Minato turned his attention to the lavender haired woman and said, "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that."

"Thank you, but it's been a long time," she replied. "Oh, dear! I haven't introduced myself! I'm Miya, Miya Asama."

"I'm Minato Sahashi," Minato said.

"I'm Musubi," said Sekirei Number Eighty Eight.

"Good to meet you again," Kagari replied. "I'm Kagari."

Before anyone could say anything, someone else said, "Everyone, dinner is ready!"

Minato then saw a beautiful woman with long red hair wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and an apron. But, the most notable thing Minato saw was the big belly she was sporting.

"Oh, my!" the red-haired woman. "We have guests."

"Yes, we do," Kagari stated. "Minato, this is my wife, Kellie Percival. Kellie, this is Minato and Musubi."

"Nice to meet the both of you," she stated in a bow, or at least as low of a bow as she could go.

"Oh, wow!" Musubi shouted. "You have such a big belly!"

"Musubi!" cried Minato in exasperation.

"No, no, it's okay," Kellie said with a smile. "My belly's big because my precious unborn baby is inside here."

"Amazing," Musubi said. "Can I feel your belly?"

"If the two of you stay for dinner," Kellie offered. "I've made enough food."

"Actually," Minato said, "We must be going. It's getting late. Miya, I'll be sure to return your clothes as soon as possible."

"Oh, that's a shame," Kellie said. "Well, in that case, have a safe time walking home."

However, once the two were out the door, Kellie stated, "We'll see them again very soon."

"Are you sure, honey?" asked Kagari.

"Oh, of course," she replied. "In fact, they should be coming through the door right about now."

During the married couple's conversation, Minato and Musubi were just heading back to Minato's apartment when Minato caught a glimpse at a piece of paper posted on the fence. At first, he thought nothing of it. However, the moment he realized something, he quickly doubled back and read this from top to bottom:

Maison Izumo

Rooms Available

50,000 yen/month

Please see landlady for details

One look at that piece of paper was all Minato needed to rip it off the fence, run back inside the building, and confirm it for himself.

He showed Miya the piece of paper and asked, "Is this true?"

She giggled and replied, "We can discuss the details over dinner. Our chef, Kellie, makes the best food in the area."

All Kellie could do was blush and smile while Kagari just stared at her in disbelief.

Sure enough, dinner came and Minato thought his taste buds died and went to heaven. Needless to say, it was some of the best food he ever had. And they also discussed the details of room availability, which (come to find out) wasn't that much. He didn't need a guarantor, credit approval, or a co-signer. All he needed was the money to pay the rent and abide by her rules, which was more than enough for him to get on his hands and knees and beg for a room in the board house that was called Maison Izumo.

"Minato, please raise your head," she told him. After he did so, she stated, "My husband was the type of man who never refused a person in need. Welcome home...to Maison Izumo."

Just then, they heard someone say from the other side of the door, "Oh, I'm so hungry."

The door opened, and poor Minato's jaw dropped in disbelief and did his best to avert his eyes.

It was a long, brown haired girl wearing only a pink lingerie top and panties, revealing her very curvacious figure. As she looked at the company that was present, she stated, "Oh, look! We have visitors."

Homura face palmed himself and said, "Uzume, how many times have I told you not to come out dressed like that?"

"At least I'm wearing panties this time," she retorted. "Oh, by the way, Marcus just got back. He wanted you to go talk to him."

Minato then noticed his attitude changing tremendously as he stated, "Is that so? In that case, you'll all have to excuse me."

With that, he left the dining room.

After dinner was taken care of, Minato and Musubi left Maison Izumo to head back. One thing that he wasn't looking forward to was all that packing him and Musubi had to do.

"Minato-sama, I'm so glad that our luck has changed," Musubi said. "We've found a place with so many great people who care about us, even though we just met them. And I can't wait to learn more about how Kellie has a baby inside her belly!"

Minato couldn't help but smile (and cover his nose) as he stated, "I'm glad too, Musubi."

Meanwhile, somewhere in Tokyo, Homura and Kyle were standing by a gate blocking an overgrown garden park with Homura calling someone.

"Hello, Takami," Homura said. "The Green Wall is still closed. However, if action is not taken soon, something bad is going to happen. Just try to keep that in mind."

Once he hung up the phone, he turned to Kyle and said, "Now, why don't we hurry on home before someone catches you? Besides, you have a lot to explain regarding your recent actions."

Kyle could only nod his head as the two of them hurried on back to Maison Izumo.

And the chapter is concluded! Minato, who started out having bad luck, turned it around by finding a place to live! But, what will be in store for him in the future? And just what been keeping Kyle busy? Find out in the next chapter, Chapter 15: Technical Fiasco!

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