"Don't you dare touch him!"

Jane thought back to the look on Maura's face. It was a look of hatred. Jane knew that Maura might never forgive her. She also knew that there was something, something she needed to do that would make Maura forgive her. What was worse, she couldn't think for the life of her what it was.

Jane was sitting shyly in the hospital waiting room. Waiting for Maura. Waiting to apologise a thousand times. Waiting to do anything that meant she was forgiven.

Korsak came in and sat down next to her. "I was just talking to a doctor. Paddy's outta surgery. We gotta let him heal before we cuff him or move him anywhere."

"I don't want to… If he lives… I don't want to convict him. We should just… Let him go." Jane was staring at her feet.

"Are you crazy?" Korsak nearly yelled. "You're saying that we let one of the biggest Boston mafia bosses just walk away into the street!" Jane nodded slowly.

"It's that, or I completely remove myself from his case."

Korsak thought for a moment. "The second one would be better, but we'd still need you to testify about some things."

Jane had looked up from her shoes and was staring blankly ahead of herself. "Then we let him go. For now."

"Why are you saying this, Jane?"

Jane leant forward and looked Korsak in the eye. "If we were to cuff him and move him to a state medical prison, Maura will be devastated. He's her father, and she's never spent time with him. I can tell that she wants to. Not only that, but it will be even harder for her to forgive me, because I will be the one convicting him. If she doesn't forgive me, she won't want to be my best friend anymore. I can't live without her, Korsak."

There were a few moments of silence as Jane realised what she had said, and Korsak took it in.

"We can't arrest him…" Korsak stated slowly "because you don't want to lose Maura…" He thought it over for a moment. "It's better if you take yourself off the case and refuse to testify, Jane. You won't be responsible for putting him away." Jane stared in desperation. "She won't be able to call it your fault for locking him up. Then, all she needs to forgive you for is shooting him. If he lives, she'll likely forgive you easier."

"And… If he dies?" She said hesitantly.

"Then… you killed her birth father."

They were quiet from then on.

Maura was sitting by her father's hospital bed, holding his hand and quietly crying. The occasional sniffle was heard over the beeping of the machine. Paddy shifted a little and opened his eyes. He felt someone's hand holding his and turned his head to the left, seeing that the someone was his daughter. He smiled weakly as she looked up at the noise.

"Dad…" Maura whispered. "You're awake…"

"Maura. You're here." He croaked.

"Why wouldn't I be here? My father could be dying because my best friend shot him and I'm going to be here until you're better."

"Your best friend. That would be Jane." He laughed. "You two… You're…" he laughed again as Maura's concerned look turned to confusion. "You have to forgive her."

"She shot you because you shot at Agent Dean. She was protecting her boyfriend." Maura spat. Paddy removed his hand from hers and placed it on her neck.

"You're a silly girl, Maura. When I shot Agent Dean… I nearly hit you by accident. Jane saw that. She shot at me because I nearly shot you, not because I shot Dean. She wanted me to stop shooting so that you wouldn't get hurt. She never meant for me to fal."

"You don't know that."

"Yes, I do, sweetheart. Want to know why?" Maura nodded slowly, permanent confusion etched on her face when her father chuckled again. "You'll have to find out yourself, I'm afraid."

"How?" Maura whispered, close to tears again.

"Maura, I need you to do something very important for me." She nodded and he continued. "Tell Jane everything."

"Silently, Maura understood. She rose from her seat and kissed her father his forehead. She squeezed his hand and smiled gently. Maura turned on her heel and headed briskly for the waiting room. The first thing she saw was a crying Jane with Korsak's arm around her.

"She's never gonna forgive me. I'll lose her. I can't lose her, Vince!" Jane snivelled. They hadn't noticed Maura enter.

"Jane." Maura's voice came out in a hoarse whisper. She'd never seen Jane cry like this before. She'd never seen Jane cry. Both detective's heads snapped up at the quiet sound. "Korsak." Maura whispered again. "Could you give Jane and I a few moments alone, please?"

Korsak nodded and handed Jane another tissue. "Jane, I'll be waiting in the car." He squeezed her shoulder and she nodded, wiping her eyes off as he left.

Maura sat down on the right of Jane.

"My father says I need to tell you everything." Maura spoke quietly.

"Everything about what?"

"I believe he meant… everything I've ever felt about you." Jane finished wiping her face with the tissue and looked up at Maura, confusion on her face. "I'm just going to say everything, Jane, so please don't interrupt unless it's important."

Jane nodded. "Go ahead."

"The day that I met you, I knew you were different. Everyone I'd ever known had been cautious around me, afraid to hurt my feelings. You weren't. One of the first things you said to me was a playful insult. 'What, are you about to star in a runway show?'" Both women laughed. "When I found out I would be working with you, I was thrilled. You, of all people, know how much I hate social interaction. I assumed I would stay in the morgue, sending files and folders up that pertain to the cases. I was told I would have to go to crime scenes, and I couldn't have been happier. It meant I was able to spend more time with you. Over the past few years, you've been so patient with me. The only times you've ever made fun of me have been playfully. You've brought me out of my shell and helped me to understand linguistic devices such as sarcasm. You alone have helped to get rid of my social anxiety. I trust you completely and with my life, and I know you would never deliberately hurt me. I know that if you did, you'd regret it immediately, but be too stubborn to take it back." Jane laughed again.

There were a few moments of silence as Maura carefully considered her next words.

"Jane, what I'm trying to say is…" Maura took Jane's hand in hers and looked at their hands joined together. "I love you, Jane. The only way I can forgive you for shooting my father is to know you feel the same way. You would never shoot him unless it pertained to my safety. Do you love me, Jane?"

Jane couldn't find her voice. Her mouth opened and closed several times and Maura was reminded of frog face. Finally, Jane coughed and began to speak. "Maura, I…" Maura looked hopeful. "I can't give you an answer right now. I'm sorry. There are a lot of things that I'm going to have to think about to give you one. The one thing I can guarantee…" She squeezed Maura's hand. "The next time you see me, I will have an answer for you. I promise."

Maura nodded slowly. She knew that Jane did have lots to go over. "I'm going to go back to my father. I think he needs company." Both women stood and Jane pulled Maura into a hug.

"He's gonna be okay, Maura. He's a tough man." The smaller woman nodded against Jane's shoulder and the pulled apart. Jane smiled reassuringly at Maura before turning and leaving the hospital.

Jane climbed into the passenger side of Korsak's car. The car ride was silent.

After five painful, silent minutes, Jane spoke up. "Stop the car."

"What?" Korsak was confused.

"Turn the car around! Take me back to the hospital!"

Korsak took a chance and switched on the police siren, doing a U-turn and heading straight for the hospital. He didn't ask questions.

Jane shot out of the car as soon as it stopped. She ran through the hospital, flashing her badge at whoever she needed to. Jane shot through the intensive care unit and stopped right outside Paddy's large private room. Slowly, she stepped through the door and looked at a tear-streaked Maura.

Maura's eyes widened when she saw Jane and filled with hope. Very slowly, Jane walked forward, eyes never leaving the Doctor. When she was nearly two feet away, Maura stepped forward closing the distance. Jane wrapped her arms around Maura's waist and the blonde wrapped her arms around Jane's neck.

Their lips met. Paddy smiled wildly. When the women broke apart, Jane whispered "I love you too." at the same moment Maura said "You're forgiven."

"Take care of my daughter, Jane. If you don't, I'll haunt you." Paddy joked.

Jane smiled and said "It would be my honour, sir."

Maura looked shocked and worried. "Dad, please. I know what you're implying." Maura didn't release herself from Jane's arms. "Please don't leave me. You have to walk me down the aisle one day. You have to meet your grandkids. You have to."

"I'm sure Korsak or your adoptive father would love to walk you. Maybe even Jane's father could. And those kids don't need to know about me or what I did. Mafia boss grandpa."

"Just a thought, Mr Doyle," Jane interrupted, "You have no idea how cool kids find the mafia. You'd be the coolest grandpa ever. Stories about guns and fighting and kicking down the good guys. They'd love you. Not to mention if he's fighting down the cops, with his daughter-in-law being a top-notch detective." The thoughts made her and Maura smile along with paddy.

"Maura, honey." He reached out and took her hand. "I'll hang on as long as I can. You should go home now, sweetheart. You need some sleep."

"I'll visit you every day." Maura whispered.

"We'll visit you." Jane corrected her, making her smile.

Maura kissed her father on the forehead and Jane shook his hand.

The two women left the hospital hand in hand. Jane opened all the doors for Maura, including the back door of Korsak's car, climbing in after her. Maura rested her head on Jane's shoulder.

Jane tapped Korsak on the shoulder twice and said "To the precinct, Jeeves." The woman giggle and Korsak pulled away from the kerb, smiling.