"Oh, my God!" Jane mumbled as she woke up, light streaming onto her face from the uncovered window. She buried herself underneath Maura's silk sheets, which were no barrier from the bright, morning sunlight.

"Jane, something's wrong with me, I feel sick and my head is killing me! Not literally, of course."

"Maura, that's just a hangover. It's normal." Jane mumbled from under her pillow.

"Good. Can you close the curtains, please?"

"I am not freaking moving."

Maura slowly crawled out of bed and ambled over to the large window, pulling the thick curtains over them and sighing in relief. Jane's head appeared from under the sheets and she sighed.

"So." Jane croaked. "Coffee?"

Maura nodded, reaching into a drawer for a pair of mirrored sunglasses. "Back in a moment."

Jane let herself collapse back onto the bed.

A few minutes later, Maura shuffled into the room, still only in her underwear, and handed a hot cup of coffee to Jane.

"I've never been hungover before." She mumbled as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

Jane took a long, grateful slurp from her coffee mug and sighed contentedly, "Welcome to the real world, Maur."

Maura sipped slowly from her coffee, before deciding that Jane's approach was more appropriate. "Mmmm, God that's good."

Jane's phone started ringing.

"No! No no no! She picked it up quickly and hit answer, silencing the high pitched ringtone. "What? I mean, er, Rizzoli… Really? Oh my God, thank you, Frost. You have no idea how grateful we are." Jane hung up and shoved her phone under her pillow to muffle any more sounds it might make.

"What did Barry say?"

"We have the morning off to recover, but we gotta be in by 12."

"Barry Frost is a saint."

"Maura, you'll never guess what you managed to do last night."

"Oh God, what?"

"You lied." Maura's eyes widened and Jane continued. "You said you didn't like shoes." Her mouth fell agape. "We were all pretty shocked too. Turns out that when you're hammered, you get giggly, then grope-y, and you alternate between the two, and you can also lie!"

"Don't ever get me so drunk that I'm able to say things like that ever again, okay?" Jane nodded. "In fact, I don't ever want to be drunk at all, again." She put her mug onto her bedside table and stood. "Now, I think a nice hot shower is in order, don't you?"

Jane nodded again and downed her coffee, following Maura into the en suite bathroom.

"Okay, what in the hell did you call me down here for? You know we're in the middle of a huge case." Jane said as she stood, impatiently tapping her foot, in the centre of Maura's office.

"You're here because you took me on an incredibly fabulous date, and tonight it's time to return the favour." Maura replied, leaning back onto the edge of her desk.

"But I'm so stressed, and I probably won't be able to enjoy it." Jane argued. Really, she didn't want to miss the Sox game.

"You're going. I promise that what I have in mind will take your mind off the case, therefore easing stress." Maura was adamant that Jane go on this date with her. She'd already made so many plans.

"But… But…" jane figured she may as well just tell the truth. "There's a Red Sox game on tonight, and I don't wanna miss it. It's their last game of the season, and I just want to relax at home with a beer."

Maura stepped forward and lightly wrapped her arms around Jane's neck. "Sweetie, I promise you won't miss the game, and there will be beer. I'll pick you up at seven thirty." The blonde placed a quick kiss on her lover's lips and then moved to sit behind her desk.

"That's an hour before the game starts!"

Regardless of Jane's arguing, Maura was outside Jane's apartment at exactly half seven that evening. Maura had advised jane to wear something comfortable.

Half an hour later, Jane had her eyed shut tight – at Maura's request – as they pulled into the packed-out parking lot of their destination.

"Okay… Open!" Maura said, a smile on her face.

Jane's face lit up like a child on Christmas Day. "Oh my God! You brought me to the game!"

"I told you that you wouldn't miss it!"

Jane was buzzing with excitement as the pair entered the stadium. Jane began to turn to go high up into the stands, but was stopped by Maura. "Wrong way, sweetie."

Jane was ecstatic to find that Maura was leading her to the only two empty seats in the front row, right behind the batter.

Before that took their seats, Jane pulled Maura into a tight hug and kiss. "You are the best girlfriend ever, okay babe? How did you even get these seats?"

"I called in a few favours, that's all!" Maura replied simply. She handed Jane a few bills. "The game starts in ten minutes, and I would like a root beer and something to snack on.

Jane went away with the smile on her face refusing to be wiped off. She arrived back just as the game started and quickly took Maura's hand in hers. Throughout the game, Jane told Maura facts about the players and the game as a whole, in much the same way that Maura would do the same thing – except Maura did it constantly.

The game finished, and Maura drove them off in the opposite direction to Jane's apartment.

"Where are we going?" Jane asked.

"You'll see." Maura replied, a smirk on her face.

A few minutes later, Maura pulled up outside Jane's favourite late-night burger bar. Sally's.

"Oh, you know how to get me, Maur." Jane smiled.