Please note that this is not for anything other than entertainment. I am not claiming to have created already established characters within this fic. One character from True Blood is in this story, it is not a crossover. I have come up with this idea by myself, I am making no monery gain from this. Please enjoy and let me know what you think please? xoxox

I'll Figure it Out.

Written By; HarleyMac.

Date Started; 19/02/2012

Plot line inspired by; The Vampire Diaries & True Blood.


Kristen Pierce;

Being in a new town was depressing; I didn't know anyone, I didn't have any of my friends and my parent's were as helpful as a chocolate fucking kettle. I felt so alone, so lost and almost like I were drowning in quick sand. I didn't know where to go, I didn't know who to turn too and I sure as hell know that I don't want to be here.

Staring up at the stars, I stared at the moon; as it sparkled in it's full, plump enormity ~ high in the sky. The stars twinkled and danced on the black back drop of the night. There were a couple of clouds lazily stretching over the black canvas ~ it was like the most amazing view to experience.

My parent's didn't believe that I could be quite so deep in my thinking. All they could see when they looked at me, was the deliquent, who was forever in trouble. The troubled teen who courted trouble and criminal behaviour. I drank, I smoked ~ more than cigarettes, and I had a mouth like a sailor on me. Just because I chose to express myself with (what they call) profanity, I was a problem teen, a wild child that they couldn't control. However, what they refused to see was that I did all of the things that I did, because I was trying to escape. Escape my existence, my life and all that was happening to me.

I had tried talking to them; I had tried telling them what was happening to me, but they didn't want to hear 'excuses' apparently. If only they could understand that it's not an excuse, none of what I was facing was an excuse. I didn't have the energy to make up excuses.

I had stumbled my way through the small town that is known as Mystic Falls. Of course I had waited until my parent's had given up on unpacking anymore tonight and decided to go to bed then I had snuck out of the house. Finding the town square had been relatively easy compared to where I had gotten now. I don't think that I would be able to find my way back to the square now. For now I didn't mind; I liked to investigate my surroundings; know where there were important things that I might need, find little nooks and crannys where I could hide out should I need too.

I had entered the cemetry a few minutes previously, which was when I had picked up the energy that was following me; and I knew that it meant me harm. However, I was more than capable of looking after myself. So ignoring the presence behind me, I continued out the far end of the graveyard and down to the river; across the tree stump that took me into the woods on the other side.

Carrying on, the presence stayed close but not so close that a mere mortal would feel it. I was used to my own company, more than I was used to actually having company. Of course the fact that I had a little tail, only served to make me mad and in the end, I whirled around without any grace that I would have indeed loved to have. My hand shot out quickly and flicked upwards to the tree trunk where the stalker struggled to get out of the hold, I am indeed much more powerful than he had obviously expected.

"Why are you following me?" I demanded remaining at my safe distance as I watched the man ~ he was attractive, in that obvious, I know it, way.

"Well I was going to have myself a little midnight snack, but clearly misread the situation!" he was cocky. I hated that.

"Vampire!" I hissed.

"Oh lucky me; I have found someone who isn't completely ignorant to the fact that we do exist!" the sarcasm dripped from his voice.

Damn he really was good looking. Dark hair that was obviously in a style that accented his high cheekbones; blue eyes that I swore could pierce glass, ruby red lips that reminded me of blood. A full body that was covered with designer clothes; so he had money and taste, not my taste rightly enough, but taste none the less.

"Like what you see?" he asked his voice dripping with condescension.

"Don't think I have ever met a Vampire who dresses quite as impeccibly as you do." I replied, feeling more daring as I walked a little closer than I had been intending on doing so. "Then again, I have never met a gay vampire before,"

"I am not gay!"

"Oh sorry, hit a nerve did I?" I was feeling pretty smug with myself; I had every right to be.

"What are you?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

"Well that is why I am asking little one," his patronizing tone only served to make me more mad and with a flick of my wrist; he was plastered to the tree trunk. Unable to move anything but his eyes and the growl he gave me; satisfied my inner child. I liked having this power.

Truthfully, I had absolutely no idea what I was. For months I had been trying to figure it out, I scared myself with all the possible entities that I could be. I had a handful of 'gifts', and I didn't know what or where they came from. I didn't know if there were others like me out there and I didn't know if it was something that I could get rid of, or would be stuck with for the rest of my life.

As I watched him; the veins around his eyes began to pop; they were pumping through the skin as the whites of his eyes turned red and I knew that his teeth were sliding down into their sharp points, that were used to rip into the flesh of their victims. I could see the spot where he was clenching his jaw. There was anger sweeping off him in waves.

"When I get down from here..."

"You'll do what exactly?" I asked holding my hand in place; ensuring that he was snared in my hold.

"Rip you from limb to limb!" he growled angrily.

"You're really not inspiring me to let you down now are you?"

"Well you can't keep me up here indefinitely, so when I do get down, I am going to kill you slowly and methodically," there was no denying the venom in his voice and I could feel my stomach lurch and my heart skip a couple of beats, clearly he could hear the change because he started smirking, a patronizing grin that screamed how full of himself he truly was.

Circling the tree; I kept him moving with me. I didn't want to give him an inch; vampire's were sneaky little bastards and he wasn't inspiring me to believe that he was any different. I just didn't know what to do. I was what my parent's called, impulsive. I would act first and then think second. That was exactly what had happened here ~ I had turned and acted, now I was in a bind; I didn't know how to rectify this.

Its not like I could walk around with this vampire hanging above my head. Besides; day time would prove problematic if I did think that was a good idea.

"Feeling a little unsure are you?"

"No!" I bit back quickly, maybe a little too quickly, because the smirk came to his face instantly.

"You know for someone who is clearly powerful, you seem a little dim in your actions,"

"Gee thanks!" I hissed slowly lowering him to the ground. However, I wasn't loosening the reigns on my hold on him.

I just needed to think of a way to deal with this ~ without getting myself killed in the process. If he wasn't so damn good looking, then I would probably find this much easier. I was being distracted by the blue of his eyes; with him being in lust form ~ the blue was a much more deeper shade; like royal blue. It was making me tremble ~ the intent in his stare; it was making me tremble badly.

I was pretty sure that he could feel the effect he was having on me. I had little doubt in what he said about killing me slowly though; so for now, he would have to remain where he was but then just as I came to the conclusion; my hold on him weakened and he fought through the reigns of it and was charging at me within seconds. Ducking down; my hands raised above my head as I waited for the attack to come.

Damon Salvatore;

Before I could stop it, I was sailing backwards through the air and into the tree trunk where she had me immobilized for the past 20 minutes. I was literally seething; no one had ever had this power over me and I didn't like it one little bit. I was the strong one ~ I never let humans get too close and what was bothering me more than anything else; is the fact that this girl, she smelt human. It was the reason that I had started following her anyway; there was no scent of her being a supernatural being.

Slowly she raised her head to look at me; her emerald green eyes met mine and there was a wonderment in them ~ she didn't know what this was and she had never done it before. It was a bright electric blue bubble surrounding her and every time I tried to touch it, I felt the charge ~ it wasn't a pleasent one that's for sure.

"What are you?"

"Stop asking me that!" she spat as she slowly got to her feet. "I don't know what I am,"

"That's hard to believe..." now I was the one circling her; the bubble covered and sheilded her at every single angle.

"Well believe it!" she snapped.

The girl had a small frame; she wasn't skinny but she wasn't fat ~ the curves were obvious from the way that she was dressed. A black and cream corset that pushed her breasts up, a pair of black leggings with a shorter than short denim mini skirt covering her hips and barely covering her thighs. Doc Martins were open but covered her feet ~ it was definitely a look. One that she managed to carry off. The girl was beautiful, that wasn't an issue ~ what was an issue, was the fact that I didn't know what she was.

I like to think that I am knowledgable when it comes to things that are of the supernatural persuasion. This however, was something that I wasn't happy about accepting.

"Lost your tongue?" she asked obviously feeling much more confident, "I can't imagine that happens very often!" she muttered under her breath.

"I am trying to think of all the supernatural beings that I know are real," I replied, "and you don't seem to fit any criteria,"

"What the hell does that mean?" she snapped cocking her hip to the side, her hand on her hip while the other lay at her side.

"You smell human..."

"Of course I smell fucking human, that is because I am fucking human you jackass,"

"You are being awfully glib for someone in your position!"

"You're being awfully hostile for someone in your position," she mimicked back, "at last count ~ I have 2 wins over you,"

I felt the growl in my chest before I could stop myself. What the hell is going on here? She most definitely had 2 wins over me. And I hated that. This girl, was proving to be more of a challenge than I had imagined her being ~ and that only served to make the hunt more tantalising. The smirk spread over my face as I slid my eyes down over her body; that lightly sun kissed flesh at her neck; so plump and inviting looking.

"Stop that!" she bit at me.

"Stop what?"

"Looking at me as if I am the first course of a nightly feast," she had a way with words ~ I admired that.


"So not going to happen!" she pushed her chest out, the pride in her making the air, mouth wateringly tasteful.

Pride was such a poignant scent; it always coated the blood in a addictive taste. Somehow, I had the feeling that this particular girl's blood was going to be coated with something much more than pride. I mean, she wasn't human ~ despite smelling purely human. I didn't understand it. Due to my uncertainty I was becoming quite irrate with the situation. If only I could get through that sheild that she had around her.

"Stop it or you will be going back up in the air,"

"Try it little girl!" I snapped not truly hearing what she had said until of course I was high up in the air and glaring down at her shining blonde hair. Even in the moon light; her hair was the colour of gold. "What are you going to do? Leave me here all night?"

".'t.'..ahead." she stammered and that was when I saw her for what she really was.

A young girl, lost in the woods ~ being stalked by the big bad vampire, and completely unaware of who or what she was. All she knew was that she had this power ~ she was telling me the truth when she said that she didn't know what she was other than a human girl.

"I figure that I will just hold you there until I get far enough away..."

"I have speed little girl,"

"Speed won't help you break through my sheild!" she had me there.

Once again, a wave of utter annoyance washed through me. I was hungry, I wanted food and she was the most appetising meal on the menu right now. My own personal menu. Unfortunately she clearly wasn't going to permit me the chance to taste her. Probably a good idea on her part ~ because the way I was feeling right now; I would drain her in a matter of seconds, just for the sake of it.

Slowly she walked away; still facing me ~ clever girl. I would have my work cut out to get a taste ~ but as I already stated; I am always up for a challenge.

Game. Set. Match.