Kristen Baker;

Oh God what had I done? I had pissed off a Vampire. A hot Vampire, but still a Vampire none the less. The same rules didn't apply here. Back in Bon Temps; I had the safety of being under Eric Northman's protection; due to my usefulness to him and whatever he deemed reasonable. No one argued with Eric Northman. No one.

And here I was acting like some kind of virgin vampire wanna-be groupie. I knew better than to piss off a vampire. Although technically; he had been planning on munching down on me ~ he'd soon learn that I was not to be messed with either. Oh yes I had some front now that I was away from him. I was practically fleeing the scene before he caught up to me. The speed of a vampire was a problem for a mere mortal like myself. But am I a mere mortal? What I had done back there ~ that was completely new to me.

I had moved things with my mind before, that wasn't anything new. What was new ~ was the sheild thing. Was it me; or was it possible that Eric had placed something like that on me? Something to ensure that I would be safe when he wasn't around. After all he had told me that I was an asset to him ~ it's not completely out of character for him, nor the realms of possibility.

Glancing behind me; I couldn't see him. Maybe he had given up on me. Maybe he had decided that I was more trouble than I was worth. Yeah like that was going to happen. If I knew anything about vampires it was that they loved the chase, to put it simply. There was no way that I would be walking away from this particular vampire with so much ease. My heart thumped with excitement. I had never been attracted to a vampire before. As that guy goes ~ attractive just didn't seem right. I had no way to deny the attraction that I felt towards him.

Those intense blue eyes ~ they haunted me with every blink as if they were tattooed on the insides of my eyelids. The full lips that were as inviting as strawberry's. The high cheekbones that I swear could cut glass; damn he is gorgeous. Rounding the corner at the end of the dirt track, my new home came into view.

Home. Of all the things that I could call it; home wasn't one of them. I hadn't wanted to come here. In fact I had kicked, screamed and punched my refusal to my parents. It hadn't done any good obviously. Here we were in Mystic Falls. I hated it. On sight. On principal. They had made me leave my friends behind, I was lost without them and now I really was alone. When it came to my parent's working all the hours that God sends, I am left to my own devices. I knew that my parent's had grown up here ~ but they had moved to the Bon Temps area to pursue their careers. They had become extremely successful in their chosen fields ~ my mother a chef and my father an ER doctor. Both jobs came with impossible hours, that didn't leave much time for parenting.

I hardly spent time at home when we were in Bon Temps ~ I was usually at Fangtasia hanging with Eric and his girl Tiana; Tianna had only been turned for about 10 years, she had been 19 years old in her human years, so of course that meant that she would forever be 19 years old. Tiana and I had grown close, she was technically my best friend and I missed her more than anything.

Crawling up the drain-pipe that was situated in the corner of the home extension and managed to land on top of the extension quietly, pulling myself over the small railings that were in front of my window and slid the patio door open, before slipping silently inside. My room was in no way memorable, it was a standard room, thankfully, with it's own en-suite. I didn't have to worry about sharing a bathroom with my parents anymore. Anyway; my boxes were littering the floor, I had yet to make my bed and I wanted to shower before going to bed. Sliding out of the clothes that I had been wearing, I felt safer now that I was in my home. Safer but unfortunately not comfortable.

When I had kept coming home drunk and stoned; my parent's began to lose their temper with me; but it wasn't until I was driven home by the police at 5am in the morning that they realized things were out of hand and decided that it was indeed time to leave our home and move back to where they had grown up. I hated them for doing this to me. I hated them for taking me away from all the things that I knew and loved. All I wanted was to be back home with my friends. I belonged there, I didn't belong here.

Moving under the shower head, I turned it on and felt the calm take over. I stood there just staring at the shower wall thinking about home. Naturally I thought about running away; but my parent's would figure that out and just come take me back here.

After I had stood there for a few moments; I got washed and climbed out of the shower cubicle. Wrapping myself in a big fluffy red towel, I stood in front of the mirror over the sink, and thought about how to make myself look different. If I had to be here, then I may as well make myself over ~ new town, new start, newish me. Obviously it didn't matter where I was; these powers or whatever you wanted to call them, weren't going anywhere. Much to my disappointment.

Slipping into my sports bra and hot pants, I brushed my hair out and then moved back into my room where I got the fright of my life. Stood at the French door where I had entered only half an hour previously, was the vampire from the woods. Stood on the extension roof; hands stuffed in his pockets, remaining stock still like some kind of mannequin; if I hadn't know him and what he was, I would have been terrified to see him standing there. Dressed in black; he was still an intimidating presence. Catching me watching him, he smirked, a condescending grin that showed him as the predator he was.

"Stalk much!" I sarcastically stated, more than asked, but yet he felt the need to reply.

"Cocky much!"

"What do you want?"

"I want to know what you are!" he lowered his eyes to look into mine and there was a dangerous flicker in them. The type of flicker that made me almost stop short; 'almost' being the key word, I was inside, in a house where he wasn't invited, I could be as mouthy as I wanted.

"Yeah well there is a long line waiting for that answer buddy," I moved to my night stand and pulled out my joint tin.

Smoking weed would dull all the 'gifts' that I had. It reverted me to be a normal teenager, but obviously I couldn't always smoke it otherwise I would be a zombie all the time and I didn't want that. So I only ever smoked it if I had a bad day, or if a new 'gift' presented itself to me. Tonight the sheild was a first and it scared me if I were to be honest. I mean, I had enough to deal with. There was the telekentic gift; the ability to move things with my mind, I could see ghosts, that one was a difficult one to deal with ~ you see ghosts don't appear like see through images; they appear real ~ like myself or even you. I can see the past that is linked to specific items; the older the object, stronger the image. I have premonitions; those are most definitely not a walk in the park; blinding headaches that feel 100 times worse than the worst migraine that you can imagine. Is it really any wonder that I smoke weed?

"I will feed my way through that list if I have too,"

"Ohhhh the big bad vampire and his big bad teeth is going to do whatever he wants to get what he wants," my sarcasm was evident for anyone to hear. A long gutteral growl emitted from his chest and made me smirk, "did I hit a nerve?"

"You're lucky you are tucked away all nice and safe in your house,"

"Oh really? Cos if I was out there, you would do what exactly?" I asked, projecting the image of the woods earlier out to him and it seemed like he got the message loud and clear.

"Mmhmmm," he muttered and it shocked me because it was the sound that I always used to make when I couldn't answer a question directed at me.

It occurred to me that me and this vampire might actually be a lot alike. That was a scary thought ~ people always joked that there should never be another one of me around. It was true. I was a law unto myself. If there is one thing that I hate; it's having people tell me what the hell to do. Looking at this vampire; I could see the man he was (well technically he's not a man, but you know what I mean) and he was insufferably stubborn, he had to be right in the thick of all the action, he was always looking out for himself; but I sensed that was more the Vampire inside him than who he actually was, he didn't trust easily; that was down to his brother I sensed.

Ok what the fuck is this? Another gift coming to light? When I looked at him again; he was glaring at me in suspicion.

Damon Salvatore;

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD!" I growled angrily.

I could feel her in there; slithering through my memories ~ watching the things that happened in the past and I didn't like it. Not one little bit. I didn't mind doing it to people ~ because well, I am the superior race.

"Ohhhh touchy much!" her lack of respect and bold attitude was irritating the hell out of me. Why wasn't she scared of me?

Oh yeah, cos she has that bloody sheild to protect her against me. I had to find a way through that. Right now, it was like she was the superior race and I didn't like being knocked off the top of the totum pole, so to speak.

Time for me to reach out and see what was in her head ~ what I found surprised me to be honest. The way she saw herself; wasn't at all in the cocky manner that she had displayed to me outside in the woods; in fact she was rather unsure of herself, she was scared of what she was because she truly didn't know what she was, all she knew was that she was given all of this for a reason but not knowing the reason was leaving her feeling very alone and isolated. To be honest; she felt like a freak. All she wanted was to be like other girls her age; worried about make up, the latest diets, and boys; but she wasn't. In her eyes, she was concerned about the things that she could do, the things that she had seen and the direction in which her life seemed to be going. It surprised me even more to find that she wasn't sure she would reach her 21st birthday.

"GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" she snapped rolling the paper around the weed that she had gathered and licking the edges to secure it in place to make a long, fat joint.

"It's not nice is it?"

"Mmhmmm," she tutted in my own type of manner.

"Why don't you know what you are?" I asked her.

Flashes of a blond vampire invaded her thoughts; Eric Northman. I had heard of him; he was a big deal down in Bon Temps, Louisianna area where he was the sheriff. Here in Mystic Falls, we didn't really have to worry about all the politics that the other's had to deal with in more populated areas.

"You know Eric Northman?" I asked her. Snapping her head up she glared at me angrily.

"I told you to get out of my head,"

"Seriously, how do you know him?" I asked pressing for more information.

"He wants to know what I am, right now, I am valuble to him for certain things that he wants done," she admitted sparking the lighter and igniting the joint at the joined end, a deep drag and she closed her eyes momentarily. "I was under his protection when I was back home in Bon Temps..."

"You are not under his protection now?" I asked mulling that little fact over my head.

If she wasn't under his protection now, that meant that she was free game. It might be a good idea to strike up a similar proposition with her for myself. At least until I could find out what she was ~ it might not be feasible. There was the chance that she may have to kill me, there are many creatures who exist to kill other creatures. For all I knew; she could be someone sent to kill all vampires; kinda like Buffy the Vampire slayer.

"I am nothing like that blonde stick!" she bit at me.

"You read my mind?"

"No you said it just now..."

"No I really didn't," I assured her, "you read that from my mind!"

"Oh this night is just getting better and better," she mumbled drawing another lungful of smoke into her system.

It wouldn't hurt to have someone like her on my side, should I need it. Living in Mystic Falls always seemed to bring some type of supernatural drama; there were very few good guys in this town, and it was difficult to know who to trust and who not to trust. If I commanded that I was her protector then she would have no option but to obey me.

Looking past her, as she sat stock still, to the boxes that were stacked in the middle of the room. Cardboard boxes that looked like they had taken a bit of a bashing to be honest. The name on the boxes was Kristen.

"Kristen I have a proposition for you,"

"Let me guess, you want to place me under your protection?" she sighed finally opening her eyes and looking directly at me; the vivid colour to her eyes made me stop for a second, stop movement, stop thought, and stop pretending to breathe.

"Yes," I sat down on the balcony ledge so that I was facing her, as she sat cross legged on the floor to smoke her joint. "This town has a reputation of being bad for ones health!"

"For ones health!" she mocked, "how old are you?"

"Older than you could even begin to comprehend little girl!"

"Rude!" she shook her head and turned her attention to the ashtray while she twirled the lit end around the ashtray walls. "You don't like me, so why would you offer something like that?"

"Ever heard the saying; keep your enemies close?"

"Enemies? That's sweet, you think I am a threat!" she was laughing at me now and it irritated the hell out of me, but yet there was no way to walk away from her. I wanted to stay and talk to her, I wanted to get to know her and I didn't know why.

Elena Gilbert had only died a couple of months ago ~ I wasn't interested in getting involved with anyone right now. I didn't even know if I would ever entertain the idea of a relationship again. Elena had meant more to me than anyone had even bothered to realize. I had tried so hard to become the man that she saw me as; but I always ended up; coming up short.

My brother Stefen had taken off after it had happened ~ we were happy to assume that since the ritual had gone to plan, Klaus and Elijah wouldn't be back. Stefen needed time, I knew that ~ I wasn't a complete asshole, like everyone seemed to assume I was. My brother had loved Elena with a passion that I hadn't seen in him for years. At least not since Katherine.

"So what do you say? You want my protection?" I asked her, pushing for an answer.

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