Chapter 2

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Next day at school

Kim's pov

I was walking toward my locker when I saw jack and Donna arguing again. And every time a guy walks by her eyes go all dreamy. I swear she is only going out with Jack because I like him. Why can't he just see that she is such a witch? As I opened my locker I heard my name being called, and I turned around Jack breathing heavily with his hands on his knees.

"Yeh" Jack I said giggling at him.

"Wait you're not mad anymore" he said confused but smiling.

"No just never say it again" I said.

"Okay sorry" He said looking down at his feet. Then Donna headed over to us.

"Hello Kimberly" She said with pure hatred in her voice. Jack just stared at her.

"KIM" I said with a harsh look.

"Whatever" she said. "Just stay away from Jack he's mine!" she said in a stern voice.

"Look I don't like Jack the way he is my best friend and that's all he will ever be" I said trying not to cry. And Jack was looking back and forth between us. As that was happening Jerry walked through the doors.

"Cat fight" Jerry shouted.

"Jerry!" We all shouted including Milton and Eddie.

"What" he said and then everyone went back to doing their own business.

Then Donna took a step closer to me as I did the same.

"You better watch your back Crawford" She said with a sly grin plastered across her face.

"You better take your own advice Tobin" just as she was about to say something an announcement was made that all the talent show competitors to make their way to 3B. When we were halfway Donna turned to me. (They were opposite the classroom all along)

"What on earth are you doing" Donna said shocked.

"Oh didn't Jack tell you I am in the talent show."

"Oh she said lost for words" Donna said lost for any other words.

"What, afraid you're going to have some competition" I said. "Ahh you poor baby" I said sticking my bottom lip out. She just rolled her eyes.

We walked into through the door at the same time and ended up getting stuck.

"Pretty girls first" she said smirking.

"Okay" I said politely. Then I elbowed her in the stomach and walked through the door.

"What was that for" she said annoyed.

"What you did say pretty ones first, didn't you" I said sarcastic. She just scowled at me.

"Next time you should be clearer. I would have understood I you said stuck up brats first. From the corner of my eye I saw Jack laughing at what I said.

"Oh I am sorry I forgot I was talking to a blonde" she said smirking. Then I saw Jack's mouth drop wide open. I was about to lunge forward for her but then Miss Evans walked in. Miss Evans is my Drama teacher.

"So you all are now going to compete in the talent show" she practically screamed because she was that excited. "There will be two rounds everyone will compete in round one then the top three students will compete for first place in round two. Then we will find out the winner. "Right, now you can go and have some more free time before the end of lunch."

Then Donna raced out of the classroom towards Jack. I knew she liked other boys better than Jack. I know she is just doing it to annoy me. God these are the worst couple ever they must have had ten arguments in the past five minutes. I am just writing all this down in my book. They don't even notice. As I was still writing Donna looked up and a sly grin spread across her face. I managed to put the book away while her Jack pulled her back. Then suddenly the bell went so I didn't have a chance to say thanks.

In Geography Jack and I were sitting next to each other so I decided to pass a note saying thank you from earlier.

Kim: Thanks Jack for pulling Donna away from my book.

Jack: it is okay Kim it seems like that book is very important to you. Donna may be my girlfriend but I know she is horrible to you and it could have ruined your idea for the talent show.

Kim: Well thanks anyway it probably would have cost me the competition. No offense but I don't know why you are going out with her. She is the meanest girl in school, and no offense when a better guy comes along she will probably just kick you to the kerb.

Jack: I know I was excited at first but now I don't know why I am still with her.

Jack and I passed notes for the rest of the lesson until the bell rang. Jack walked to his locker and I walked to mine which was opposite his. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Donna go up Jack she kissed him then left. Then Jack walked up to me.

"Hey Kim ready to go" Jack said to me.

"Yeah let's go." Jack was coming over to my house after school because karate is cancelled. Rudy said he had a date I think, he was probably going through a tunnel and I heard him wrong. Who would want to go out with Rudy? Not even aliens from Mars would want to go out with Rudy.

In the middle of walk to my house Donna rang Jack.

Jack: Hey

Donna: …

Jack: It's ok babe

Donna: …

Jack: K bye

"What did the wicked which want now" I asked gritting my teeth, Jack just snickered at me.

"Oh well we had another argument at the end of school." Jack said to me staring into space.

"Didn't she just come up and kiss you at the end of school."

"Well that's donna for you."

I noticed he looked kind of down. I mean how can a couple have so many ups and downs in half an hour. She must have texted him being ungrateful, again. I won't mention why he is dating her he needs to forget about her.

When he was still staring at his feet I decided to cheer him up.

"Race you" I just stared at him. Then a smirk crept on his lips.

"Okay but we go on the count of three" he said I nodded.

"THREE" Jack shouted as loud as he could and took off into the distance. I just giggled to myself and tried my best to catch up with him.

Once I got to my house I saw Jack panting against the door.

"Wow getting faster Jack" I said with a smirk on my face."

"Haha very funny" he said to me still smiling though. "I beat you this time though"

"Yeah only because you said three straight away."

As we were just about to walk through the door my mum raced through it.

"Hey mum where are you going?"

"Hey sweetie, sorry I have an emergency meeting, hey Jack"

"Hey Mrs Crawford" he said politely with his smile shining brightly. God I love that smile. Keep it together Kim ugh I have got to stop doing that.

"Jack can sleep over if he wants two. Oh and jack please call me Julie."

"Ok Julie and I will have to ask my mum if I can sleep but I would love to."

Yes that is exactly want I hoped he would say the rest of the day with Jack and no Donna I don't think this can get much better.

"Fine by me, bye kids"

"Bye" Jack and I said at the same time.

We walked through the door and jack called his mum.

"What did she say" I asked crossing my fingers behind my back.

"She said yes" he said practically said screaming up and down.

"Happy much" I said with a smirk on my face.

"Hey I was not the one who was crossing their fingers behind their back" a smirk now appearing on his face to.

"Hey I am not the one still jumping like a little girl" I shot back quickly.

"Good point" He said while I while I gave him my Kim Crawford winner smile. He then realised what he just said.

"Well played Crawford well played"

"I know I said still smiling" Then sighed straight after.

30 minutes later

We watched TV then I want to the bathroom. When I came out a Nerf gun bullet was shot at me.


"Play if you dare Kimmy" He said smirking.

So I picked up the gun that was placed I front of the door. And I chased Jack into the spare room. We were both walking around in a circle neither of us wanting to make the first move. Jack tried to shoot me but I dodged it, and did a forward roll on the bed and jumped underneath it. As I jumped down I took the two pillows down with me. I bunched the up the pillows under the bed, and slowly crept out from underneath it.

"Come out come out Kimmy" Jack said in a slight whisper that makes chills travel up your spine. I crawled round the bed and stood up behind him.

"Kimmy" Jack said in that haunting voice of his.

"Jackie" I said in a sing song voice he swung himself round to face me but before he could do anything else I shot him five times so he was out.

Jack was still shocked but swept me of my feet and rested me on his shoulder. I kept squirming and kicking trying to get out of his grasp. He finally dropped me onto my bed.

"Wow you have a really girly scream" he said still laughing about what has just happened.

"Yeah I know, but what's your excuse. I said smirking

"Ha ha ha very funny."

"Do you mind if I do some homework" he asked me.

"No, but can I go on your phone?"

"Sure" he said while tossing his phone to me.


I then looked through his pictures of him and Donna.

Then it started to give me a really good idea for the song.

I started to scribble down some lyrics as fast as i could.

Then Jack said something that gave me an idea for the title and chorus.

"Kim, do think me and Donna belong together" Jack said kind of depressed.

"I don't know, I guess the heart wants what the heart wants"

And the first thing that came into my head was you belong with me so that's what I called it. Now I just have to think of a tune. I then started to hum the tune. I think it's going to be one of those tunes that you can't get out of your head.

"What song are you humming to their Kim" Jack asked me while putting his homework bag in his bag.

"Oh it's a song called you belong with me."

"I have never heard of it"

"Not many people have" I said smiling

"Well it sounds like a great song" he said

"Thanks….. I mean um it is" Jack just looked at me confused but quickly brushed it off.

As Jack walked over to my bed something caught his eyes.

"Hey Kim I didn't know you played guitar" he said very shocked.

"Yeh" I said shamefully.

"How come you never told me?"

"You never asked" I said smirking while he just rolled his eyes.

"When did you start playing?"

"When I was seven and I normally hide it when people come round."

"Why do you do that?"

"I don't know I just do and I kind of have stage fright."

"Well now it's time to get rid of that stage fright. You're going to need to if you want to win the talent show." He said with a reassuring smile on his face.

"What d" and before I could finish he shoved my guitar at me.

"I can't play"

"Come on Kim" he said in a whiny voice "you have been playing for seven years. Now play." He said.

"No I can't play because I don't have a pic."

"Oh, where are they"

"Um on my desk in a love heart pot."

"There you go."

"Thanks. What do you want me two play" because he was taking so long I thought I would suggest one of the songs I wrote.

"Um how about I play you one of my songs I wrote?"

"You write songs?" jack said with a huge smile spreading across his face.

"Yeah" I said lowering my head in shame.

"Ok then play something." my smile grew on my face and I played one of the songs from my book.

Plays dynamite china Anne McClain version

Jack didn't say anything he just stood there with his mouth open.

"Am I that bad" I said quietly staring at my feet.

"Say something then" he still just stared at me gob smacked, but I don't know if that is a good thing or not.

Then I stared back at my feet. Then I suddenly heard a scream.

"OH MY GOD THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!" jack said jumping up and down. He jumped over my bed and ran and hugged me.

"Was I really that good" I said smiling and still laughing at what he just did.

"You better than good, you were incredible" he said pulling away.

As he pulled away we just stared into each other's eyes. Then his phone rang. Jack ended the gaze and said it was Donna glumly. I can't believe it that was the first time me and jack and a real moment and she had to ruin it. Man she is good at ruining everything, well almost everything in my life. But to my surprise Jack just turned his phone off.

Then he turned back to me and hugged me.

"What have I done" Jack said and now he looked like he wanted to cry.

"Jack you haven't done anything wrong" I said then hugged him tightly.

"Yes I have" he said shamefully.

Ugh I can't believe just because he didn't answer he is practically crying.

"Like what" I said already knowing the wrong answer.

"I have been with the wrong girl" he said now smiling at me.

"What do you mean" I said smiling already knowing what he meant.

"I mean this" was all he said before closing the gap between our faces, and kissing my lips around two minutes. A two minutes I never wanted to end.

"I love you Kim" he said with his perfect Jack smile, which is one of the many things I love about him.

"I love you to jack" I said smiling as wide as my mouth could go.

"And guess what"


"I always have" after I said that both our smiles got bigger if that was even possible.

I guess Donna has failed this time. And the best part is Jack is mine!

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