I sighed waking up to my boyfriend's lips pressing agents my skin with the pressure of a feather. His lips moved up my neck. "Will you be here in the morning?" I asked. He chuckled, his long dark hair tickling my bare back. "I will never leave you."

The next day, he was found dead.

I went to school, and was abused and beaten by the school's top students. The teachers looked at me with pity but there was a rule, the teachers did not interfere with the way school was. I went back home, only to find my mother fighting with her boyfriend of the week. I snuck into my bed room, which was about the size of a broom closet. I climbed into the mattress and stared at the pregnancy test screaming at me. The little plus sign was hard to miss, since it was the only thing that was colored in the small room. My best friend, Vee Sky, gave it to me after my first morning sickness. "Tell your boyfriend, he has to know." She told me. But he was dead.

..dead dead dead dead...

Nothing but a corpse under the ground. My stomach was growing rounder and bigger with each day, but… who would help me look after him. My mother was a stripper, half the time, and she barely had money to pay the rent. Vee was just as poor as I was, with two little sisters and two little brothers. Her only older brother worked as a male prostitute to pay for the rent and to feed the children. Vee asked me if I wanted to move in with her, but I refused. A pregnant eighteen year old would not make their lives easier. I looked at the picture on my window sill. There he was, laughing with me. But he was gone. No more. I would have to raise my child by myself.

Vee and I were at the store, working our shift when I could have sworn I saw someone entering the store. The bell rang and everything, but no one was there. "Yo Nora, did someone enter the store?" Tania asked from the back room. I shook my head. "No, no one entered." I walked through the aisles and began to re organize the stuff people shoved in the aisles. I was putting away some spaghetti when I heard my name. "Vee did you call my name?" I asked. "Girl you're tripping. It was probably nothing. Get back to work or mega-bitch will have our asses." I giggled and began to put stuff away. Someone brushed my hair back. I turned around and no one was there. I felt something move inside me. My hand pressed agents my stomach. "Vee… it moved." I called. There was a scuffle and a thump, some cussing and there was Vee, her olive eyes wild. "Let me feel!" she shouted. We both waited for it to move. When it kicked again, Vee screamed happily and hugged me. "If it's a girl name it after me." She told me seriously. I smiled. "Of course."

"I'm so glad you didn't get the abortion. Patch would have been pissed if you got rid of it."

I frowned. "I'm not sure if he would be happy. He told me he would have been a lousy father." Vee laughed. "Yeah he would have sucked. Let's go out after work. I wanna go to the grave of the crappy boyfriend." I raised an eyebrow. "Why, you're not going to dance on his grave, are you?" I asked suspiciously. She rolled her eyes and handed me a bottle of coke. "Nope, were going to chat with a ghost."

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