Bonus chapter: The Past

Nora's P.O.V.

The school day was going normally, but there was something weird going on. There was a silent exchange going on amongst the delinquents, and I heard the talk of guns, fire and bombs. Everyone ignored it of course, but I couldn't help but be suspicious. Vee told me I was just paranoid, but… I was right last time. My sixth sense was never wrong.

When the bell rang for lunch, I sighed and stood up. Vee hooked her arm into mine. "See, nothing happened so far, Miss Paranoia. C'mon, I think that the cafeteria is serving real meat for once."

"Road kill or genetically altered?"

"Who cares, steak is steak." We were about to step outside when the screaming began, followed by shootings. The sounds echoed though out the building, followed by the sound of shattering glass and the distant sound of sirens.

"Get in!" Vee shoved me back into an empty classroom and we both hid behind the teacher's desk near the far back wall. From the corner of our hiding spot, we were able to people wearing black bandanas and ski mask around there faces, holding guns and shooting at kids everywhere. Some of them missed on purpose while the older looking ones seemed to hit their target every time.

I squeaked and Vee slapped her hand around my face. She was pale and trembling, but Vee was the stronger one in situations like this.

"Shh. Quiet…" a pair of long legs paused just outside the room. I wanted to sob. I wanted to scream. But I have to be brave.

Jev's P.O.V.

I stopped just outside homeroom.

I swear I heard a sound in here.

Slowly, I began to head for the back of the room.

The students were being rounded up in the cafeteria, and if someone tried to get out, we were ordered to shoot on the spot.

I didn't care.

No one did.

To me this is just a game of cards.

Just play them right, and you get what you want.

I stopped ad pointed my gun at the windows.

I hate this room. So many people who criticized me, made fun of me, and that damned teacher… always telling me what to do.

Shooting down the glass, I began to laugh.

"Oi, Patch, are you done in here?" I looked at my older brother.

"… no. give me a second and I'll be over there soon."

"Hurry up then, the Angel of death waits for no one." I headed for the teacher's desk and smiled.

This is where the noise came from.

I'm sure of it.

I kicked the chair out of the way and ducked down to come face to face with…


She looked at me with fearful eyes, her best friend hugging her close. These two have always been together, since the first day of school.

I snapped my gun and pointed it at the girl.

She flinched and met my eyes dead on.

I want her to look away.

It makes things easier on me.

But that's not all I want to see from her.

I wanted her to smile for me.

To laugh for me at best.

Damn, I can't kill her.

She might not know it, but I did have feelings for her.

And I want her trust so bad.

Killing her would mean losing whatever was left of my mortality.

I sighed and pulled back.

"Get out of here. Both of you." I muttered, walking out of the room.

Maybe one day… one day, I might just get my chance.

That's the day I will try. I will try to be there for her.

One day.

Nora's P.O.V.

Once he walked out of the room, we waited a while and could hear everyone down the hall in the cafeteria.

I recognized those eyes. The way he looked at me in shock, I could read his expression. He did not want to kill me.

Anyone else sure, but me…

Vee took my hand and leads me out of the room. "Okay… this is giving me the creeps… C'mon Nora, there's an ice-cream milkshake waiting for us." I nodded.

Minutes later, we were in a diner, drinking milkshakes, and eating brownies. We were both quiet, waiting for the news report to come up on the television.

"This is getting on my nerves… and why on earth didn't that jack ass shoot us?"

I looked up at her. "… Did you see the way he looked at me?" I asked nervously.

She thought for a moment. "Yeah… like he wanted to eat you. Stay away from him, guys like him are always the worst. Sneaky, stealing and sexy."

I giggled. She smiled, happy to get a laugh out of me. "Wonder why they chose today of all days."

Vee muttered, stuffing the last brownie into her mouth. I shrugged.

"Isn't that your brother over there?" I asked Vee.

She looked up. "Yeah, he chose to take on another job. A cashier is better than a prostitute. At least we're finally getting some food in the kids." I smiled. "Nora, tell me we both recognized the kid with the gun."

"Jev Cipriano. Of course I recognized him, he sits in the back and is always watching everyone like a…"

"A big bird of prey? Yeah, but I think he's had his eye on you forever."


"It's true!" she said, razing her hands up defensively. I huffed and looked out the window. Vee sighed and leaned forwards. "Look Nora, whether we like it or not, we're girls, and guys are eventually going to start noticing our titties and sexy asses. And I'm not complaining when its someone I like, but men will start treating women like prey."

I blushed. "Way to keep it mature."

I grumbled. She ignored me and sighed. "This is probably going to come back and haunt us in the future, huh?" we both trailed off, hoping that it would not come true.

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