Ok finally got another chapter done. Half is Guerrero's POV and half is Alexandria's POV. Got a few surprises in this chapter, hence the title. I did my best to make sure that Guerrero's train of thought made as much sense as possible. Al is still a little immautre as she is still rattled by things. Enjoy! Please Read and review. I do not own Human Target as the show is owned by Fox.

Ch. 5: Unexpected things

Step-dad wasn't too pleased with the news of the attack when Winston called him from the office. Chance made him stay at his office and to avoid suspicion in case anyone was watching. Alexandria crashed on the couch with Carmen by her side. I think he was tempted to try and lay on her feet on the couch, but he settled on the floor by her side. I told Winston what happened and he wasn't too pleased either. We all eventually settled on a night schedule to supervise the house. Staying with Step-dad helped Alexandria get away from me. I could get some work done on our attackers and who had put a hit on her.

These guys were running in some many circles that it reminded me of the Old Man. Some of the workers were people I knew, but they were nowhere near the area. However, I did learn that this guy's trademark was to kill off the family. My nails nearly went through my palms as I finally got a reason for why my mother was killed when she was doing nothing but living her life. Some of his men had tried to kill me when I was with the Old Man and since they couldn't they got her first. He wouldn't let me go after the guy either or else I would be taught a lesson. Since I was first starting out I was actually afraid of the Old Man and didn't go after them. Looking back on it, I realized he really was an old man and I wasted precious time.

With the info I found, I was easily able to get pictures of them. The problem was that these guys actually were guys under the names of Roman and Draco. I couldn't exactly go after them yet, so I settled on the next best thing of going after our "school official" attackers. I went after my "official" first. I easily entered his place and looked around. This guy handled his place like I food. I just went right through it. Everything was a mess. I found files dating from as latest as last month to things all the way back to ten years ago. Those were not important, but what I did notice was that I couldn't find any computer hard drives or any digital files. Great, this guy was old fashion like Winston, as he only had one kind of source in the apartment. Well, I could be hopeful that he kept all his software in the car.

Speaking of which, I did hear several cars pull up, but none of them were my guy. He finally showed up two hours after I got inside. I was already in a pissed off mood because Alexandria's file was not here. I had my gun out before he even got out of the car and I noticed he seemed in a little pain as he hobbled out of the car. I decided to have a little laugh and I tidied up a little bit, with gloves on of course. I settled in and it wasn't two steps in the apartment and he had his own gun out at me.

"Where's the file?" I snapped.

"Like I'm going to tell you anything." He snapped back. Great, a cocky punk. I hated those. I got out of my spot and slowly started to walk towards him. I had to get my timing right as I heard someone coming down the hallway.

"You give me the file and maybe I might give you a choice on how your interrogation goes." I said slowly. He pointed his gun at me with his arm extended and spun around with a kick to his wrist. I broke it with my boot and knocked the gun out of his hand. He cried out then hissed in pain and then looked up to see me coming right at him. I grabbed him by his neck and slammed him to the ground. I dug my knee into the ribs I broken in our previous fight and I muffled his scream.

"Partners, Roman and Draco." He wheezed out.

"I know that. Why do they want the girl?" I said calmly.

"Company policy."

The door burst open and Alexandria's female "school official" came in.

"Figures." She mumbled and shot my guy in the head before I could react. I grabbed the closest thing I could, which happened to be his bag and the girl put away her gun and came after me with both fists closed. The bag was a cushion for my head and I pushed her off of me and she flew backwards right on her ass. I didn't want to linger so I ran back to the safety of my Eldo. The girl was much better than the guy. She had put away her gun to make sure no other bullets ran out so it would look like a suicide.

It was my shift on the night guard duty and I managed to convince Step-dad to come inside for a few minutes. Alexandria was in her room sketching away. She waved at me with a small smile.

"Hey dude!" She giggled. I arched an eyebrow at her. "Sorry beat you to it." She said. "Did you find any bugs?" She asked.

"No house is clean so far." I answered.

"Do you need to look at my computer software or stuff like that?" She asked.

"No, why?"

"I don't know viruses or something?" She shrugged.

"That's why you get a server that can do that for you." I answered. She looked at me puzzled and then went back to her sketch. So I leaned over to her ear. "That's what the equipment in the van is for." I whispered in her ear.

"I knew it!" She shouted triumphantly and then she stared at me for a moment. "You want to go get some ice cream tomorrow?" She asked suddenly.

"I thought you were sick of me as it was."

"No… maybe… a little." She pinched her fingers together to show. "I don't know, I guess I just want to say thanks and sorry at the same time." She shrugged a little quieter.

"Dude, ice cream's overrated." I said as I started to walk out the door.

"They said it's supposed to be over 90 degrees tomorrow." She added before I left.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I couldn't believe it, but Guerrero took me up on my offer of my favorite frozen treat. What I also couldn't believe was that he ordered a LARGE ice cream, that was my thing, but oh well the guy was skinny as a twig anyway. Not to mention that he looked a little more normal with a sundae in his hands. We sat under a tree for a little shade and I took a bite out of the whip cream.

"What do you draw?" He asked me casually.

"Anything that comes to mind." I answered. "What about you? Do you do anything other than... this in your spare time?" I asked…wait why did I say that? The instant the words came out of my mouth and the look on his face obviously told me no.

"Don't have the time dude." He answered. I looked him over for a moment and I suddenly realized how tense he was. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, after all Guerrero didn't exactly scream social person. Especially when his blue eyes were staring right you. They reminded a lot of my own, since I had blue eyes too, but his just seemed a lot more…for lack of a better word colder.

"You should try and relax at least every once and awhile." I suggested cautiously. He didn't react and instead took a spoonful of his sundae.

"You always have to keep your guard up." He answered solidly. I bit my lip to make myself be quiet and then I started to eat the caramel. I tried to avoid his eyes, but he knew I was looking him over again. When I did look up at him, he wasn't looking at me, but looing over the crowd. I returned to my ice cream as he got up and threw the remainder of his cup out.

"You can't even give your sweet tooth a shot." I joked. He suddenly snatched up my own cup and threw that out too. "Hey I wasn't done yet." I groaned, instead he grabbed my arm and hulled me to my feet.

"Shut up and keep walking." He said in my ear as we started to walk towards his car. I suddenly realized he saw someone he didn't want to see.

"Sorry." I whispered back to him and he let go of my arm as we kept moving. We were almost to the car when some guy came out at Guerrero. He pushed me out of the way as he dodged a punch and slammed his own fist into the guy's stomach. I huddled down at the other side of the Eldo as I knew better than to get into this fight. Even though Guerrero didn't exactly have size on his side, it didn't matter because he knew the moves. Something caught my eye and I looked to see the lady that attacked me at school walking towards us with a gun with a silence in her hand.

"Guerrero! Gun!" I shouted and he grabbed the guy's arm and twisted it. I heard a crack as he used his opponent as a shield. Only the girl didn't fire at him. She fired at me. I tried to back away, but two bullets caught me in my arm and my shoulder. I fell to the ground, screaming in pain. It felt like my arm was on fire.

"Alexandria!" I heard Guerrero shout. I heard grunts and bones crack as I started to crawl away from the scene. I didn't look back as I got to my feet and stumbled away from them. My vision was blurry from the pain and my ears were ringing. I turned a corner and felt my shin explode. I screamed again and fell to the ground. I suddenly heard the faintest click of the girl's heals as she came to finish me off. She never got the chance as I heard gunshots go off, but they might have sounded like explosions to me as I covered my ears. My whole body was shaking and my vision was starting to have black along the edges.

"Hey, hey. Alexandria look at me." I heard Guerrero say as he suddenly came into view.

"Guerrero." I whispered.

"Stay awake dude. Stay wake." He said fiercely. I cried out as he easily picked me up and carried me back to the Eldo. He put me in a seat and he scrambled into the driver's seat. I couldn't keep my eyes open as he sped off onto the road.

Guerrero calls Mike Step-dad because he's really not important to him when he's got other things on his mind...like trying to catch the bad guys. Plus I added a little "bonding time" between the two, even though one doesn't know it yet. Hopefully I'll have another chapter up soon. Hope you like it!