Oh my heart, guys. I cannot WAIT for more episodes of House of Anubis! I NEED MY FABINA. AND JARA. COME ON. I watched the whole first season last weekend and the rest of it after that… hehe.


I personally think the Collector is Rufus. I think he made a comeback and that's why Jerome was so disturbed when Jasper took the hood off of the Collector. Remember in Season 1 when Rufus kept blackmailing Jerome for the Ankh pieces? Yup.


Anyway, a little plot bunny was running loose in my head last week, so I decided to write it. It's an angst fest that turns into fluff. SHOCKER. What can I say? Angst is an addiction, lol. I love it

And yes, it's Fabian, because he's adorable.

Woah I sound waaay creepy. Lol. This is post-season-2, after they hopefully expose Vera and get Trudy back


Ok I'm done.

Fabian's hands shook violently as he ripped open the letter. After a month of waiting, he'd finally gotten the truth. He slid the parchment out of the envelope with vibrating fingers.

Slowly, carefully, his heart pounding, he unfolded the letter.

My dear son, it read.

You know your mother has been doing poorly over these last few months. Her condition has not been well. We thought that this last treatment would cure her, but now, as your father, I must be wholly honest with you.

Dread filled Fabian. When he had returned to Anubis house after the winter break, his mother had been getting better. She had been taking the treatment well, and it seemed to be helping. Fabian had left with his fears eased.

Now, that seemed to be untrue. Fabian was very afraid to finish the letter. 'What happened? Is Mum alright?' he worried. 'What if she…?' No- he could not allow himself to think such thoughts. His mother was strong. She got through absolutely anything. Nothing had never ever stopped Janet Rutter. Fabian had used to call her 'Super Mum' when he was small. To not have a 'Super Mum' around would be very bad.

Fabian slowly forced himself to look back down at the letter. His hands shook harder than ever, and his breath refused to come properly.

…as your father, I must be wholly honest with you.

Fabian, your mother passed away last night.

She loved you so very much. She told us every day during her last week. Yesterday she asked for you. It broke my heart to tell her you were not here. She missed you. The doctors tried everything they could, but they could not save her.

Fabian's whole body went completely numb. He stared at the letter with glazed eyes. 'No… no… she's not… she can't be…' He refused to accept that his mother was gone. His mum, his amazing mum, just could not be dead. This had to be some sick joke by Jerome or Alfie.

As tremors racked his body, he knew that neither Alfie nor even Jerome would sink this low. Even with the extent of their past pranks, neither would be sick enough.

Then, a few seconds later, it all hit him. Indescribable sadness, grief and pain rolled over Fabian like a wave. The sickly potent feelings drowned him, leaving him breathless and suffocating. He ripped the letter up and dropped the pieces to the floor. Fabian refused to see the rest.

A lump blocked his throat, making it impossible to swallow. Tears filled Fabian's eyes, and he tried in vain to keep them back. Everyone else in Anubis house saw him as a pushover and a weakling; he did not need them to walk in and make fun of him for this.

Fabian sat down against his bed, facing the door. The grief pushed him beyond the breaking point without warning, and the tears spilled over. A tiny choked sob escaped his throat, followed by more in quick succession. He wished he were not so weak, so vulnerable. But then again, he didn't want to hide his true emotions behind a mask of phony indifference.

He pulled his knees to his chest like a child would. Resting his head on his knees, he only maintained some shred of dignity by keeping mostly quiet. His whole body shook as he cried. Fabian's breath hitched as he inhaled. Why? Why did his sweet, loving mother have to go? He missed her so much. The pain and the grief clawed at him from the inside, ripping him apart and detaching him from everything he knew. They had been so close. They did everything together. It had always been him, his mum, and his dad- the perfect trio. Now it had been shrunk to two, and that was just not right. It felt so wrong. Fabian shuddered, tried to take a deep breath, and immediately dissolved into another round of sobs.

As the grief coursed through him, the door to his room suddenly opened. Nina's cheerful voice filled the room. "Hey Fabian- we're having dinner in… oh, are you all right?"

Fabian hastily scrambled to his feet and wiped his face. He didn't want Nina to be worried about him. After getting the cup of Ankh, finding the mask of Anubis and getting rid of Senkhara, Nina now did not have to worry about anything. He didn't want to cause her any trouble.

"Yeah, Nina, I'm fine." Fabian attempted a smile, but literally failed when he heard his own voice, marred by the lump in his throat. His voice came out higher and more cracked than normal. His eyes simply would not stop leaking.

She stared at him with concern and pity in her eyes. "No, you're not," she said quietly.

Fabian hung his head as Nina slipped quietly into the room and closed the door. He rubbed a hand over his face, covering his mouth and trying not to cry again. Nina gently put a hand on his shoulder. She felt him shaking under her touch.

"Fabian… what happened?" Nina asked tentatively.

He did not answer right away. Though his head was tilted downwards, Nina could see the tears still running down his face. A deep sense of sadness overcame her. She knew, instinctively, that Fabian had lost someone. She'd experienced this kind of grief when she'd lost Sarah and her parents.

Fabian swallowed and attempted to speak, but only managed a tiny croak. He tried again, and spoke in a small voice, much like a child's.

"Nina, my mum… my mum… she…"

Another wave of overwhelming grief crashed over Fabian, and a new round of sobs and tears began. He felt so ashamed. Here he was- a young man of seventeen, standing in his room with a girl and crying his eyes out. Fabian felt pathetic. He turned his head away from Nina, not wanting her to see.

Nina stared at Fabian, sad beyond belief and feeling very sympathetic. She'd never seen him like this before- he'd always been so strong. Unconsciously restating it to herself, she loved this sweet, protective boy standing before her, pushover or not.

Carefully, she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Fabian's shaking body. He had let go of any ideas of trying to silence himself, and was weeping openly now. Fabian felt very fragile in her arms, as if he would simply break at any second. He hugged her to him, holding on like a lifeline, resting his head on her shoulder.

Nina felt tears come to her eyes. 'Why am I crying?' she wondered. Even as she thought it, she knew the answer. Fabian's grief seemed to radiate from him and into her soul. Nina knew his pain. She didn't remember a lot about her parents, but she had known them enough to miss them when they were gone.

Nina stood with Fabian for a while, comforting him and giving him someone to rely on. Nina knew that Fabian would most likely be a while before he was ready to rejoin the others. Nevertheless, she stayed with him.

After a while, Fabian seemed to be calming down. He gently pulled himself from Nina's embrace and sighed. Rubbing his face, he looked extremely embarrassed with himself.'So much for being strong,'he thought wearily. Nina seemed to detect his self-disgust, and said, "It's okay, Fabian."

Fabian managed a ghost of a smile. He looked at her shoulder and was embarrassed to see that it was wet. "I seem to have drenched your sweater… sorry about that," he said quickly.

Nina glanced momentarily at her shoulder, shrugged, and said, "That's all right, Fabian." A smile graced her face.

"Thank you, Nina," said Fabian softly. He held her hands tenderly in his, and locked eyes with her. He knew he could count on Nina to comfort him. She'd always be here, no matter what. Unconsciously restating it to himself, he loved this smart, beautiful girl standing before him, Chosen One or not.

Her eyes were a very pretty shade of green, he noticed, light like new grass.

"You're welcome, Fabian," said Nina softly, smiling.

His eyes were a very lovely shade of brown, she noticed, smooth like chocolate.

She loved his wide smile, and even the little frown he attained while he concentrated.

He loved her pretty smile, and even the crease between her eyebrows she attained while she concentrated.

Nina pulled Fabian into a hug again, and they sighed- just like you do when you get a really good hug.

His face hidden, he let a few more tears slide into her hair. At the moment, he didn't like God very much for taking his mother from him. But, at the same time, he was thanking Him for giving him this wonderful girl before him-

Nina Martin.