Autor: Chandniwrc
Title: Doctor'N'Doctor.
Fandom: crossover SG-1/Criminal Minds.
Main characters: Daniel Jackson, Spencer Reid.
Summary: What happened when Jackson was forced to help BAU team with case? And would it be easy case? Spoilers: None. SG-1 after all seasons, CM beginning of season 7.
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Disclaimer:I don't own NCIS or Criminal Minds.

Never fear shadows, for shadows only mean there is a light shining somewhere nearby. – Oscar Wide


Chapter 1

They sat in the plane on their steatites, with folders in their hands. Daniel Jackson was sitting close to Spencer Reid. He was looking at his folder, frowning a bit while he was reading.
"Daniel?" Reid looked at him, not understanding his expression. Daniel had a disgusted look on his face.
"You know them." said Aaron Hotchner. It was more statement than question, referencing the victims.

All the BAU team, except Reid of course, were being careful and were skeptical of the doctor. For good reason too, as they truly didn't know anything about this guy and all they really knew was that he was a dangerous genius working for a top secret military project.

"Yeah," Daniel sighed slightly. "I knew Professor Richard Rickman when I was working at the University of Chicago, so it was some time ago. But, what I read here about him and how he died..." - he paused searching in mind for what to say next. He needed to be careful with what he's said in front of the team – "And besides, he was fascinated with ancient Egypt just like me, so what he was doing at an expedition in Mexico?" he said aloud and cursed in his mind. Daniel knew how they died, or more exactly, by what weapon they were killed and he don't like it. He didn't like it because he knew that it will be a big problem for him and Homeworld Security. Jack wasn't going to be happy with this.

"You see anything like it before? I mean, the local police don't know what kind of weapon the Unsub used." Rossi look at Daniel waiting. He knew that Daniel couldn't tell them anything except for a few things, but Rossi had the feeling that Doctor Jackson knew what happened to these two poor archaeologists.
"Two wounds, one at the chest and second on the stomach, look like... a what? Like someone shot them with some kind of energy? It looks like third-degree burns." Morgan said, not understanding this. He'd seen all the kinds of wounds, but something like this was unusual even for him. He could read from Jackson's face that he knew something, but he couldn't tell them anything. For now, thought sadly Morgan. For now.

"Tell me about Robert Rodrie, you know him?" Prentiss asked. She too knew that something was up with this case. She got bad feelings about it, and about Reid's new friend.
"No, I just heard about him a couple of times, but I never met him." Daniel answered honestly.
Just then Morgan's phone called.
"Talk to me hon." He answered and put Penelope on speaker.
"I just got the call that the local PD found another body. I'm sending you all of information now. They told me that there was a witness that saw the Unsub."
"They give you a description?" asked JJ.
"No, because this witness is not speaking English, or Spanish."
"So, this time it's twenty-one years old student, Enrique Gomez. The same MO and a witness that doesn't speak in English and Spanish. Just great." said Morgan. He fixed his gaze on Daniel, who got himself busy with re-reading folder.
"Why did he leave a living witness? Why didn't he kill them?" asked Reid, confused.
"Maybe he didn't saw the witness or he got distracted?" guessed Daniel.
"Doctor Jackson could be right..." said Penelope and for moment she hesitated. She was the only person that let a particular idea cross her mind. "Doctor Jackson I need to ask..." she threw out quickly and she hold her breath waiting.

"It's Daniel and it's 'no' for your question. I'm not going to steal him away from you and anyway, he won't would go." He answered giving small smile to Spencer. He know that Reid would never leave BAU team, just like Daniel couldn't imagine to leave SGC.
"Ohthankyou" she gasped in the one breath that she let herself take. If she could she would hug Doctor Jackson. He was enigma for her, but a charming and polite one.


First thing that they did after they landed was go to the scene of the crime on the main campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. They were greeted by Doctor Gabriel Lopez, whom had know and worked with the professor and his assistant.

"I don't know what happened," she tell them with a light accent. "I spoke with them in the evening. They have recently found this strange mirror and were working on it."
"Mirror?" asked Morgan. What the hell was going on there? He thought and he looked at Jackson.
"That's right. I have never seen this kind of artifact before. On the one hand it looks like something from ancient Rome or even Egypt, yet on the other hand it could be from Middle Ages Europe." She explained. Daniel closed his eyes and pinched his nose. Please, don't let it be what I'm thinking it is, he prayed silently.
Unfortunately, just as they crossed the doorway to the lab where their dead archaeologists had been working, Daniel saw the quantum mirror that lead to alternate realities.